• Diary of a soldier.

    Ive been thinking of this the whole day. should I tell him? Should I not? Well, I guess I could tell him. Only because I've known my friend Robbie Porter ever since my first day of boot camp...

  • Do ask, Do tell

    Private Dawson is shocked when one of his comrades comes out as gay but soon gets quite close to him

  • Doctor's Orders

    Synopsis: Captain Mark Adams a doctor in the medical corps has an unexpected patient after surgery, the patient is only too willing to allow the Captain to make a thorough diagnosis revealing more than one pleasant surprise.

  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

    A recent New Paper clipping about DADT. My interpretation of what might or should happen when DADT is put into action

  • Double-Cross Express

    Volunteering for the special spy candy unit.

  • El Presidente

    Neutralizing a Latin president through seduction.

  • Ex Sargent Kendrick and Corporal McGregor

    An Ex-Sargent's hookup with a young Army dude, was one great experience of my life, and the night that followed was a most awesome event.

  • Five-Day Liberty

    A randy sailor can cover a lot of ground on a 5-day Liberty pass.

  • Fort Bent

    The past catches up to an Old West fort under Apache attack.

  • Foxhole Memories

    We were dugin somewhere outside DaNang, Vietnam, and I was scared shitless, Man this is a mess, and my Foxhole started something that made me feel so much better, I wanted to stay in that foxhole with him untill the war was over.

  • Fucking a Policeman, Richard Finch Rides Again

    Now slightly expanded. A second extract from Max Markham's latest novel "Thirteen Clicks to danger." Richard Finch, as handsome, oversexed and outrageous as ever, is now a Member of Parliament. He falls foul of a traffic cop. It is never a good idea to annoy Richard. MP or not, Richard is determined to inflict an exemplary punishment.

  • Fun on a Farm

    A new Army buddy invites me to go with him to his uncle's farm. Adventure on the way, and delight at the farm.

  • Getting My Own Back - Part 1

    Dad was a shit, a bully, cheated on mum, and liked to get his own way. But one day, I got my own way, let me tell you how!

  • Getting my own back - Part 2

    In part 1, I described how I got my own back on my army dad, in part 2, its my dad who gets his own back, on me!

  • Giving a Lift to Sailor on Leave

    Going home for the holidays on Christmas break was something I was looking forward, but the trip became a Holiday treat when I picked up Brett, a Young Sailor on leave.

  • Giving a Lift to Sailor on Leave Pt.#2

    The second installment of the Trip and Holidays with Sal the young Sailor I picked up on the way home for the Holiday's.

  • He's Country and I am Proud

    Danny entered my life one July day and changed my life once more.

  • He's country and I am Proud Part 2 of 3

    Danny entered my life and changed it once again.

  • He's country and I am Proud Part 3 of 3

    Danny entered my life and changed it once more

  • Home On Leave

    Nathan Bender comes home from the Marines a changed man...not a teenage boy anymore, but a man. While he's gone his older brother takes his girlfriend, but he gets over that. What he hasn't quite gotten over is his big brother dominating him when he was still a kid. His ex-girlfriend picks him up when he gets back, and he fucks her before he goes home. He's just finished showering when his brother comes home from work, showers, and ...

  • Hong Kong Leave

    In the second section of my story "My Marine Hunk" I said I had written down how I came to be on a destroyer in Hong Kong harbor. This is the explanation. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Hurricane

    Using a convenient hurricane in fighting gay sex trade.

  • Ian, Fucking an Officer

    A young English officer on official business in Scotland is given a sexual rollercoaster by a muscular and sadistic Scots Sergeant-Major and his friend. The sequel is "Tam, Fucking an Officer."

  • Ice Station Zero - 125

    What the Hell am I doing here, and why? I probably gonna be stuck out on the Artic Ice Shelf with a missing link nerd, who is probably homophobic and thats all I need. I'll just have to make the best of it. But man, was I in for a big surprise.

  • Ice Station Zero - 125 - Part 2

    George and Gerald were really getting into a regular routine at the Station, But now enters a third party, a Frenchman from Canada to be an observer, Boy does he get to observe! and even join in.