• Fort Bent

    The past catches up to an Old West fort under Apache attack.

  • Foxhole Memories

    We were dugin somewhere outside DaNang, Vietnam, and I was scared shitless, Man this is a mess, and my Foxhole started something that made me feel so much better, I wanted to stay in that foxhole with him untill the war was over.

  • Fucking a Policeman, Richard Finch Rides Again

    Now slightly expanded. A second extract from Max Markham's latest novel "Thirteen Clicks to danger." Richard Finch, as handsome, oversexed and outrageous as ever, is now a Member of Parliament. He falls foul of a traffic cop. It is never a good idea to annoy Richard. MP or not, Richard is determined to inflict an exemplary punishment.

  • Fun on a Farm

    A new Army buddy invites me to go with him to his uncle's farm. Adventure on the way, and delight at the farm.

  • Getting My Own Back - Part 1

    Dad was a shit, a bully, cheated on mum, and liked to get his own way. But one day, I got my own way, let me tell you how!

  • Getting my own back - Part 2

    In part 1, I described how I got my own back on my army dad, in part 2, its my dad who gets his own back, on me!

  • Giving a Lift to Sailor on Leave

    Going home for the holidays on Christmas break was something I was looking forward, but the trip became a Holiday treat when I picked up Brett, a Young Sailor on leave.

  • Giving a Lift to Sailor on Leave Pt.#2

    The second installment of the Trip and Holidays with Sal the young Sailor I picked up on the way home for the Holiday's.

  • He's Country and I am Proud

    Danny entered my life one July day and changed my life once more.

  • He's country and I am Proud Part 2 of 3

    Danny entered my life and changed it once again.

  • He's country and I am Proud Part 3 of 3

    Danny entered my life and changed it once more

  • Home On Leave

    Nathan Bender comes home from the Marines a changed man...not a teenage boy anymore, but a man. While he's gone his older brother takes his girlfriend, but he gets over that. What he hasn't quite gotten over is his big brother dominating him when he was still a kid. His ex-girlfriend picks him up when he gets back, and he fucks her before he goes home. He's just finished showering when his brother comes home from work, showers, and ...

  • Hong Kong Leave

    In the second section of my story "My Marine Hunk" I said I had written down how I came to be on a destroyer in Hong Kong harbor. This is the explanation. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Hurricane

    Using a convenient hurricane in fighting gay sex trade.

  • Ian, Fucking an Officer

    A young English officer on official business in Scotland is given a sexual rollercoaster by a muscular and sadistic Scots Sergeant-Major and his friend. The sequel is "Tam, Fucking an Officer."

  • Ice Station Zero - 125

    What the Hell am I doing here, and why? I probably gonna be stuck out on the Artic Ice Shelf with a missing link nerd, who is probably homophobic and thats all I need. I'll just have to make the best of it. But man, was I in for a big surprise.

  • Ice Station Zero - 125 - Part 2

    George and Gerald were really getting into a regular routine at the Station, But now enters a third party, a Frenchman from Canada to be an observer, Boy does he get to observe! and even join in.

  • Interviewing a Dictator

    A spy pumps vital information from Caribbean dictator the time-honored way

  • Keesler AFB

    He didn't speak. It was unnecessary. I lay on the bed, looking at him as he placed a pillow under my buttocks. He leaned forward to give me another tantalizing kiss, a touch of tongue on tongue.

  • Latin Lover

    Rico and Wayne, meet in a bar. They later find out that both are in the military. The Marine Corps and the Navy seal enter into mortal combat, and battle to a draw. Their big guns are not to big for either of them.

  • Lost In Transfer

    A young sailor is being transferred from Maryland Naval base to Key West, Florida, however his transportation was changed several times and he was transferred to another airplane and ended out at a Marine Base in Pensacola, Florida. To make thing worse, or better, his transfer papers were lost and he ended up staying at the Marine Base with a bunch of Hunky Marines. On his first night, while sleeping in a semi-dark room the Marine ...

  • Making Things Right

    Great story of how me and some friends went BALD.

  • Marine Corps Farm

    Actually, all of the selected recruits had been kidnapped and were being forced into slavery ...

  • Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales

    A young virgin Marine gets deflowered by the Gunny!

  • Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales - Justin's Awakening

    Justin, the gorgeous young angel in the Corps, encounters his first trip to a gay bar!

  • Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales - Justin's Conquest

    The conclusion. Justin's quest for a missing void finds his true love and everlasting happiness!

  • Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales - The Pool Party

    Justin goes to his first gay bar and is invited to a pool party. For Justin, this is a wonderful experience and he takes full advantage of what life has to offer!

  • Marine Recruiter

    Brian couldn't sleep that night. He couldn't concentrate the next day at school...

  • Marines

    My first story. Please leave comments on what you did and didb't like to help me with my writing ability. :)

  • Me and My GI Joe

    I was looking forward to the military recruiters coming to our high school...