Read Chapter 3 it has been redone so It is in DRACO'S PoV


That kiss had been so intense just a shame Ron had been there, for if he wasn’t I had laid Raven on the ground and made out with him for hours. I had one thing clear I was gay, well bi but man oh man did i feel the need for some gay old time.

I stopped for a second and realized why Ron had left in a hurry, could it be that he had a problem with this. Well that his problem I thought and continued walking. I was feeling so good after that kiss. I went to the great hall in my state of euphoria, Sat down and sighed as the food appeared in front of me. I ate a little but mostly I just sat there thinking if I should tell Raven I wanted to be with him or if Ishould wait and try to be more certain that I really was gay. Well I must be becoming hard from a kiss with a guy made it quite clear.

I went on and walked through the castle, I loved Hogwarts it was my true home. It started to feel more secure yet a lot of people here had there eye's and ears open, still a bit on edge. I did not really look where I was going and bumped into Ginny.

Oh hi Ginny I said.

Hi Harry, what's up She asked.

Well a lot and I just thought to ask you a few things if that's okay I asked.

She said it was fine and asked if I wanted to go to the Quidditch pitch. I smiled and we started walking, I was quiet for the most part and listened at her speaking about the teams and the world cup. I had a hard time figuring out what I should ask her, or rather how I should ask her. We went and took a seat at the benches, I sighed as I sat down.

So what did you want to ask me She said, going for the main point directly.

Well I wanted to ask you if I where a bad boyfriend I said.

No Harry never think that She said and grabbed my hand.

Well was there something wrong I asked.

No, but I always wondered why you never seemed to be in the mood to you know She answered.

Oh I just answered and she smiled. It was quiet for some time and I tried to find something other to say but I guess I had asked everything I wanted to ask.

Is there something more you want to tell me She then asked.

Well, just that I think I'm gay at least bi I replied.

She told me that explained they why he sometimes acted, she told me she thought I was Bi.

She rose up and said it's a good thing we decided to brake up so we could figure things out. She went going and that's when I saw Neville meeting her giving her akiss on the cheek, did they date now or something I wondered. I walked back to the castle and went to the common room, no one was there and I took a seat in the huge sofa that was in deep green color. Good thing it was not made of leather as most of the things inthe slytherin common room, this was still a mixture of all the houses. I pointed my wand at the fire place.

Incendio I said and sparks of fire came from the wand and made the wood in the fireplace start to burn.

I laid down still thinking about everything. Feeling unwell, lost in feelings I drifted of and fell asleep. Only to be awoken by hearing someone running up the stairs, it was probably Ron it sounded like his clumpy steps. Typical of him not to wake me up, now I started feeling anger. Why the hell was he so upset and I knew that he was, he was probably a homophobe. I stood up and walked to the window. Looking out seeing that autum had arrived. It was fall,  the end of September. Almost all leaves in the trees had changed color and the wind once outside felt a bit chilly, some leaves had even started to fall. I sighed and thought that time seemed to move so fast sometimes. Just a week ago we had started teaching again, Raven had become very good and I could almost say I was proud of him. I smiled when I thought about him.

I looked at the clock and saw the time was late and went to grab something to eat in the great hall.

I Thought the whole way there and yes I needed to know more about these feelings but still I was hundred % sure I was gay, well bi. grabbing a quick snack leaving the hall, and went outside. Needing some fresh air I went down to the lake. The wind was chilly and I took in all the freshness, breathing deeply.

Hi Harry I heard a familiar voice.

I looked down by the rocks seeing Neville.

Hi Neville, what are you doing I asked.

He told me he collected some herbs for class, yes he had also become a teacher but only two classes a week so he did some studying to. One of the classes he thought Raven and the second class he helped other students to catch up or just brush up. I sat down and talked some more with him, but I did not dare to ask if he was dating Ginny, I knew he and Luna had broke up but still I didn’t dare. He was soon done and then went to the castle but I remained by the lake, breathing in the fresh air.

After some time had passed I waved my wand saying Tempus Memoria and a faint light of numbers levitated at its tip

the clock had just passed 23.30 I stood up, turned and walked back to the castle. Thinking it might be best to get some sleep.

Back in the common room I went up to my room, this year was good for everybody had there own rooms and that made me happy. Really happy when the clock still moved and I found my self still awake, not being able to sleep would have disturbed many roommates. I laid in bed and looked up in the ceiling, I tried counting sheep’s and even tried a few spells but nothing seemed to work. I turned around, and looked at the wall, the wall to Ravens room. His room was besides mine and across from Draco's.

I grabbed my bulge in my pajama bottoms, thinking I might as well jerk off. I had heard that could help you sleep. I rubbed the outside of my pants and got hard. I let one of my hand glide down and grabbed my hard pole, starting to move my hand up and down.

I moaned and stopped for a second as I realized I thought about Raven, I continued. Moaning and jerking my cock still thinking about Raven. I came fast and hard, I panted and looked over att he wall. OMG he had gotten me that hard and so horny, I cleaned myself up with a simple cleaning spell but still had to take of the pants trossing them on the floor and turned around finally relaxed. I fell asleep.

I woke up an stretched out my arms and back still laying in bed, sat up and put my legs at the side of the bed. I looked down seeing I was naked. Oh that's right I remembered and shifted my gaze to my pajama bottoms that I had tossed on the floor after the nights jerk off session.

I went into the tiny bathroom and took a shower, trying to remain calm, I was totally Bi I i had made it very clear to my self. I loved thinking about Raven's mouth and ass around my cock. I needed to stop those images coming to mind i said out loud as I felt my cock twitch. I got out of the shower and picked out some fresh clothing. A pair of beige pants a brown belt and a red jumper, that was a stiff combo and could be seen as something a fifty year old teacher would wear. What ever I said and dressed my self. I walked down to the common room just as I was down Hermione came down also.

Oh Hi Hermione I said.

Hi Harry, good morning She replied.

Is Ron coming down I asked.

No he has already gone to the great hall She answered.

I sighed.

Harry he is just confused and needs time She said giving me a hug and then left.

Ha he told her about it, no that stupid isnt he. Well if he needed time he would get it but he could act as such a child sometimes. By Merlins beard he could be so stupid, and it often made me mad. I walked down to the great hall and went to my spot and there Ron sat he was abou tto stand up and leave.

Don't bother I was just going to get a plate then leave I said.

I grabbed a plate and placed some food on it then left taking a seat in the huge staircase outside the great hall. I ate my food in a hurry and almost barfed trying to force the food down, how long was he going to act this way. I cast a spell and the plate now empty levitated back to the greathall, I stood up and took a breath, well screw him I have classes to hold.

End of chap 4.....

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