I laid on my bed naked and my hand touched my chest, one rubbing my cock the other squeezing my nipple, I wet my finger and let my hand glide down to my lusting hole. I pushed in a finger and moaned. 

“Oh I just love to see a person in heat” A unfamiliar voice said. 

I stopped what I was doing and dragged the covers over me, I looked around and found the source of the voice, there on my desk a funny looking figure stood not more than a few centimeters tall. Green and grayish in skin and dark red eye's. 

“Who and what the hell are you?” I asked.

“Well someone to make your wish come true” It answered. 

I slowly stood up still naked only the sheet wrapped around me, I walked closer towards the creature and it vanished in a grayish smoke. I turned around hearing him again, to see it standing on my bed table.  

“What do you mean” I asked. And sat down on the floor. 

“I will give you three choices and one will led you to your soul-mate” It answered. 

I sat down on my chair that stood in the middle of the room, and looked questioning at this little humanoid creature.

“What kind of choices” I asked. 

“Pick one, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter or Merlin” He said. 

I still was not sure what this all was and thought it all as a dream what was the worst that could happen I figured, I was probably just dreaming that's it I must be dreaming. I looked at the creature that seemed to smile wickedly.

“What do you get out of it” I asked. 

“Well I get more power” It said. 

I Looked at the creature that still smiled with evil and some sort of greed. The creature sighed and told me he grants wishes in a strange form and each wish gives him more power. I Thought and knew that all this must be a dream, not just that a creature stood in my room no bigger then a pixie. 

“Well then I choose Harry Potter, I love those movie's” I said. 

“Done then” The creature said and disappeared.

I stood up and as I did I felt faint, I fell to the floor and not did the fall end. Before I could feel the impact of the floor it had vanished and I screamed. Normally I would have woken up if I had been dreaming but I felt the pulse speed up and I was scared. This can't be real, but it feels real. I kept screaming. I felt my head getting lighter and as I fell more and more of my memory started to fade, I knew what happened to me as I fell and started repeating my name over and over again. Everything was still black and the fall never seemed to end...

- - - - - - - - - - -


A Little over a year had passed. It had been a nice relaxing time, yet filled with sorrow but fond memories. The war was over and many of us had lost someone. We all tried to cope with it in our own way, good thing was that we had each other. 

I was now going back to school, and so was my closest friends Hermione and Ron just for the fact that non of us had done much school work through the sixth and seventh year of school, not strange when being away the last two years of it. I thought it all was so hard being back yet it was familiar and when I really thought it over I knew I wanted a full education and Hogwarts was the best and had been my home for such a long time. A place I had grown to love and see as my true home, where I meet my friends now counting them as family. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. 

A lot of things had happened since I defeated Voldemort. Mrs Mcgonagall had become headmistress of the school and enjoyed it, after having the school closed for a year it was now open. She had made the decision to make a statue of Dumbledore, that now stood in the court yard. Not all of the school had been rebuild but it was safe enough to have students to come back. Privately much had happened, going trough the will of my godfather Sirius and that of Lupin and Tonks. I had been given custody of my godson Teddy (Lupin and Tonks son), and all their money and both of there houses had been given to me. I lived in Grimmauld Place alone, yes alone. Me and Ginny had broken up for we had made the choice to try to date other people and if we in a few years still had the same feelings for one and other we would give it another go. Teddy was with his grandmother Andromeda for the time I needed finishing up my studies. With Hermione and Ron everything seemed as it had since the end of the war. Still very much in love. 

All of us now on our way back, sitting on the Hogwarts express just like every year and on the way to school. I had thought this part of my life was over, but after Hermione's never ending talk about getting final grades I had caved. Not that I mind going back it was just that all the bad memories, was going to be hard to deal with. Even so it was nice sitting here alone with just Ron and Hermione, the peace of it and the calmness not needing to sign autographs to all the people we meet not that it always bothered me but to be known as the boy who lived again and the savior of the wizarding world, was more then I had been expecting. They wanted signatures from Ron and Hermione to but for them it seemed to have slowed down, for me on the other hand it was never ending and I felt as though I was going crazy sometimes. With all these people wanting to thank me, talk to me and even all the marriage proposals got me a headache. Yes marriage proposals on the streets in fan mail and by announcement in the news, I was hoping it all would end soon and I could have somewhat of a normal life, and do all the things needed for the upcoming tests, everything in school and in my own life that needed to be done. I had quite a full plate of responsibility’s. 

I sat quietly in the corner watching out the window as Hermione and Ron were snogging. I missed that, but not that Ginny had been to much on snogging. I on the other hand loved it, holding hands, kissing cheeks and giving a gentle touch of ones thumb rubbing over once hand. I drifted away and dreamed of finding someone that loved it as much as I did.

“Harry Harry!, HARRY!” Hermione said and finally yelled. 

I Jumped up a bit and turned to see Hermione's slightly annoyed look. 

“What?” I asked. 

“Have you decided on which classes to take?” She asked. 

I just nodded but did not reply with an answer. She continued speaking of all the different classes she was going to be in and I listened but I really wasn’t that interested. That was so Hermione the study freak that she was, I smiled remembering the first time Ron and I meet her here on the train.  

I had just turned 19 and would now be at school for two more years, only a few of us had decided to return to finish our studies. Most of whom are from Gryffindor, and only a couple from Slytherin. Besides me, Ron and Hermione. We where about twenty more that was going to finish their studies and getting their N.E.W.T.S. 

The train started to slow down and we would arrive at the station very soon. I could see the dimmed light and felt the bump as we stopped, I stood up and continued talking with Ron about the fact that I had noidea if I would continue with Quidditch. He tried his hardest to convince me, but the appeal of the game had been lost to me, yet the memory of me catching my first snitch brought a smile to my lips. So maybe I would continue with Quidditch, but just maybe.  

As I stepped of the train I heard a familiar voice. 

“Hi Harry” Hagrid said.

“Oh hi Hagrid, why areyou here?”

Well thought we could have a chat on the way up to school

I just smiled and knew the real reason why he was here, he wanted to meet me as he did my first day of school when I started my wizard training and now that the war was over he wanted something familiar and return a bit to what had been. It was a nice feeling and I must say I enjoyed the thought of wanting to return. Hagrid had such a big heart and though he was big and strong he was sensitive and caring. 

So how are you ? He asked. 

Well it's starting to get better and for most of us, yet Molly is having difficulties to accept the fact her son has died. 

Well that's understandable.

I remembered Molly not even wanting to see George for the first three months, the pain of only seeing one and not two of her twin boys almost killed her. Not eating much and being in her bedroom most of the time, she had finally started to become more of her old self. 

How is George doing Hagrid Asked. 

After Fred's passing he was a wreak, but he knew his brother wouldn't forgive him if he did not move on. So he is now working alone in there shop Weasleys'Wizard Wheezes, Ron gives him a hand when he can.

That's good to hear. 

Hagrid and I talked for some time and parted way's as we came to the carriage dragged by the invisible testrals, The creatures that could only be seen by those that had seen death. Now everybody that was returning to school could see them. I glanced over to Hermione and saw she had started to form tears in her eye's. No one wanted to be reminded of all the death we had seen and seeing these beings brought back memories for all of us. Hagrid said his goodbye for he was to big to ride in the carriage and had to walk up to the school. The ones returning would be here on the third of September. Two day'safter school start of the new school year for the ones continuing our studies. 

It took about fifteen minutes before we reached the entrance to the school grounds and still after Sixteen months security was on high alert, there were still many death eaters out there, many in rage over losing and just killing what they can find.  

My mind fluttered back to yesterday's paper on the fact that followers of you-know-who, had gathered his ashes that after I had defeated him. I found it all so weird. Why would they want his ashes, I knew it was probably nothing but my gut said something else yet my scar did not hurt. Still so much connecting to the war and stories about me and Voldemort seemed to keep the news papers hot and sold like hotcakes. 


The boy who lived, our hero did destroy the dark lord and after their match some say that he like paper a thin skin and inside of dust pealed of and swirled into the air. New reports states that by magical means still loyal followers of you-know-who, have gathered his ashes. What this means non knows, but Aurors have been put on high alert.

Maybe there holding a funeral or something more sinister. Nothing is clear but we know that where there is trouble from death eaters and followers of the darklord our hero Harry Potter will be there to save us. 


We walked up to professor Flitwick, and gave our belongings to him. 

“Oh hi nice to meet all of you again” He said.

“Yeah and nice to meet you to” We all replied. 

He took forth his wand and whit a sift movement yet full of concentration He lifted the protection shield so we could enter and move towards the great hall. Professor Mcgonagall was surely waiting for us. The younger students had already gone to sleep and surely tired of the first days of studying, we had all found it easier to start after the sorting of houses and celebrations of the school years beginning. It had been decided by most of us going back and Mcgonagall so it was set. No time to be backing out I thought as the shield lowered itself back to keep the school grounds and its students safe. Hermione said that was only up during the night and was raised at dusk.

We walked up to the castle actually laughing at one of Ron's clumsy wordings. It was nice to smile and feel joy for the first time in months, the sorrow was still fresh some times even after all the days that had passed but we got through it. We walked through the courtyard and there we stopped, many of us stopped. In front of us a massive tree story tall statue of Dumbledore stood, I found it to be a great image of him. It made me feel a feeling of pride to have been given the chance to know such a man, we said a few words as we greeted the statue as if he was somehow still alive, As if he stood there to greet us. Now part of the school but it was more just to show respect. We moved on and entered the school walking in a fast phase into the great hall, to our surprise we weren't the first that had arrived yet we were the first on the carriage ride's and not everybody we saw had been on the train. At least half of Gryffindor and half of Ravenclaw had returned. Not so many Hufflepuff's and only three Slytherin's, what we could see. There where at least forty students that had chosen to return. We went to the Gryffindor table and sat down, almost at the same place as we had did every year. It was nice being back and not that hard nor filled with sorrow as I had imagine. 

Minerva stood up and walked to the podium made of that of an owl, I turned as I heard the door open. My eye's seemed to be flying out my head like in that of a cartoon character and I noticed that not only me had entered a state of shock but many others as Draco Malfoy came through, and walked towards the Slytherin table. Few of the students grabbed there wands, but put them down when hearing the voice of the professor. 

“Nice to see you Mr Malfoy, your late” She said.

He nodded and took his seat at his old table.

Mcgonagall cleared her throat and started her speech but as she spoke the floor began to shake, she fell to the ground in a thump. The enchanted sealing turned dark, some of the students screamed as a vortex was seen in a bluish tone and a scream from the inside could be heard. The shaking stopped and from the vortex a person wrapped in a white fabric came falling down, Professor Mcgonagall quickly stood up and grabbed her wand speaking the words. 

Aresto momentum.

The person that we now saw was a guy, had been slowed down in his fall almost still and slowly laid to the floor. We all moved a bit closer and in that moment he opened his eye's and looked around scared to death and did not seem to know anything, he backed away as the professor tried to get closer. 

“We wish you no harm” Mrs Mcgonagall said. 

The guy screamed and a magic blast from within him made all of us fly a few yards away. He passed out from the huge surge magic he just released and we had to take him to the hospital wing in great hurry. 


I hadn't killed anyone and yet they looked at me as if I was a murderer, I hated it yet my mother had talked to the professor, and had convinced me to finish my studies. Yeah the Malfoy family took pride in good grade's and being pure-bloods of course. It had all become much easier without the iron hand of my father, being sent to Askaban yet on a mild sentence.

He had made a deal with the ministry of magic, and would now serve 10 years in Askaban. I had my mother and we were free and had gotten the rest of our estate. I was relived for the pressure of being all that my Father and Lord Voldemort wanted that had almost made me lose my mind and now it was gone, good thing to for any longer I would have became mad and I had no desire of becoming my aunt Bellatrix. 

This was going to be a ruff year and I wasn't quite sure if I had the strength to deal with all the stares and dirty looks. I had made up my mind then and there that I would give it a go but if it became to much I would quit. 

I was wandering back and forth not knowing were to go, all this had been so weird. The first day back, I was a bit relived that the focus was on the guy now laying in the hospital wing and not on me the looks from everybody was as if a knife had been stabbed in my stomach. As I phased back and forth I did not notice Mr Filch walking towards me and I almost got scared as he spoke. 

“Mr Malfoy the headmistress want's you to come to the hospital wing” Argus Filch Said. 

What now I wondered, why would they want me there. I just wanted to get a good nights sleep. Well I took this as a chance to make them all see that I had changed, so I walked towards the infirmary. Up the moving stairs, thinking as I walked along the long hallway to the hospitalwing. 


I woke up and opened my eye's, in front of me I saw people I had never seen before. Not that I would remember if I had. It was as if everything had gone blank, all I could remember was my name. I opened my mouth to scream as the elderly woman spoke. 

“No don't scream, we wont harm you” The older woman spoke. 

I tried to find my breath and calm myself, I looked at all the people around me and all smiled towards me, it was actually a bit creepy. 

“So now that your calm, what are you doing here?” The Older woman asked. 

I have no idea I answered. 

Well what have happened to you then she continued. 

I don't know

They looked at me with confusing eye's and all wondered, including me what this all was about. 

I don't remember anything, nothing just my name I said. 

Well what is it then?


The older woman smiled and walked away to talk to the woman that had to be the nurse, dressed in white and light brown colors and arranging bottles. The three other people that stood beside the hospital bed I laid in introduced themselves. The guy with dark wild hair and glasses, slim build and quite tall told me his name was Harry Potter. The other guy a little bit taller than Harry more buff in his body with curly shoulder length red hair, was named Ronald (Ron) Weasley.The girl named Hermione had brown wild and untamed curls, a slender physic and not all that curvy. 

So you really don't remember anything  Hermione asked. 

No it has all gone blank I replied. 

The older woman, that I knew now was called Minerva Mcgonagall, came back and sat down on the chair that was placed next to the bed. 

So I have decided that you are welcomed to stay here, you clearly have a strong connection to magic. But I have no idea how to get you the needed supplies but I think these three can help you, and she looked at the three people standing on the right side of the bed. 

She locked her eyes seeing a key in a thin chain hanging around my neck, She asked to see it and as I gave it to her she seemed to be a bit shocked, yet happy. 

“This is a Gringott's key is it not” She asked.

I don't know, what is Gringott's ?

It's the Bank in the magic community, and yes professor it is Hermione said. 

Then we might be able to figure out who you are Mcgonagall said and smiled. 

She took the key and left but asked the three beside me to follow her, for a quick chat. They looked a bit wondering but walked right after her, the door shut and I felt sleepy again. 


We stopped as the professor stopped and turned around she fumbled on the words, but told us she had made a choice that would influence us quite a lot. She told us that all the classes we would be taking had not found  time enough after the normal school students time. It would take some time to make it all be just right. So we did not have to share the classes with the ordinary students. 

Well in the mean time. I had a idea for you to brush up on your knowledge She said. 

What is it Ron asked. 

Well Raven has as you know as of a few minutes ago been invited to study here and he is far to old to start from the bottom and I would like you all to teach him.

We did not quite understand what she was trying to tell us, but of course we would do it when we had the time to. The wondering light in our eye's made the Professor sigh. 

I want you to be his teachers, instead of studying She said. 

But how can we that is not possible I said. 

Yes it is, I will make arrangements so that you will be given key's to the classroom's that you need in his studies, also a change in your sleeping arrangements has been made.  

Hermione lit up and smiled she was such a brainiac and had always wanted to be a teacher. If she couldn't become an auror, or reporter this was her next dream. 

You don't need to follow curfews and will have same rankings as any other teacher....

She broke of as we heard foot steps and looked to see that it was Draco coming towards us, he stopped and looked at the professor. 

What is it Professor? He asked. 

The Professor filled him in on what we had just been told. Me and Ron both looked at each other and knew if he was going to be a teacher that would led to trouble. He grinned at the professor's idea, and gave a spiteful look over her shoulder towards me, the professor continued.

Now that we are up to speed the part I was going to say is that all of you share a common room and so in some way you are roommates. Everybody including me looked at one and thee other knowing that this might be a bad idea. But one different you all will have separate bedrooms that have been conjured for each of you, and minor bathrooms. Your new abode is behind the doll painting, and the pass-word is Honey Milk. 

We all accepted and the professor walked toward her office. Leaving us with Draco, and I could feel the tension in the air. Filled with something, that could not really be described. It wasn’t anger nor hate or maybe it was, it could not be placed, yet the tension was a bit chilly. Draco started walking. 

Excuse me Draco said. 

What are you going to do Ron said without thinking. 

You little git, I was going to introduce myself to OUR new student.

We let him pass but kept an eye on him as he went inside, we heard them chat just for a few seconds. And was bumped out of the way as Draco passed us, in a great rush. I growled and tried to calm down I just hoped the rest of the year would be better and that his attitude would change, but Ron had pushed his buttons so I could understand that he passed us without asking for us to move. 


He introduced himself as Draco Malfoy and seemed to be a bit rigid, astiff posture and a faint smile that did not seem sincere. I excusedmyself for I needed to sleep, he bowed his head slightly and movedout from the hospital wing. I drifted of to sleep. 

Only an hour or two had passed since I had fallen asleep before I woke up and feeling rather up beat I got out of the Hospital bed, I knew that it was in the middle of the night from looking through the huge windows in the wing. Not remembering anything nor knowing were or who I was got my curiosity to take over. I realized I was naked and took the thin blanket or sheet that I had with me, and within seconds I found a needle and a pair of scissors. I draped  the now made long dress liked t-shirt with striped bottom. Flowing as I walked that let my legs be seen sometimes. I walked out and slowly looked at my surroundings, pictures of sleeping people that sometimes seemed to move. I did not really know where I was going and I found myself being in the place I had fallen to, I looked at the magic selling that had the night sky with it's stars shining bright. At some times you could see the image of a star falling. I found some table wear left and touched it, not knowing what would happen I felt a surge of power draining  from me to the Spoon's  They slowly started to levitate and I smiled. 

Within my mind I order or wished them to swirl around me, and so they did. I giggled and could feel myself levitate up and I burst out in laughter. Not knowing that four pairs of eye's was watching me. The sheet swept in the air and I walked like I had no weight at all. 

I looked at the fire holders on the walls and in a instant they burst out with fire. I laughed again. 

I came back to the ground, and let everything go back to normal. I wanted to see more of the castle. I walked outside and went towards the huge stairs. Still not knowing that people followed and watched me. I went right and came to a courtyard, there I stopped and looked at the huge and what I could see new statue of a old man. Long beard and a prideful posture, he seemed wise and smart loving but not afraid to take risks. I bowed not knowing why, but felt as tough I had to as if the image made of the old man deserved it. I walked back inside to look at some paintings.

I stood for some time and looked at the paintings, I smiled and found it wonderful as they moved and talked. Some sleeping others speaking to me, and then a small scream left my lips as the stairs moved. Then I laughed, I left the stairs in a fast movement and walked along yet another hall to end up in a tower. 

I read the sign / The astronomy tower. 

I walked up the stairs and as I reached the top I could see the entire grounds and beyond. I stood by the railing and looked for a short time and breathing in the fresh air, I walked back. I wanted to see more of the school grounds. 

I walked and stopped for I had heard a sneeze,  I turned around waiting. But nothing, so I kept walking  maybe I had just imagine it. I found the huge doors I knew lead to the outside, it was highly bolted. I wonder why the courtyard had not been bolted it seemed to led out side but behind this door more of the ground could be explored. I felt the surge of magic & looked at the bolts that twisted around and the doors opened. I stepped outside and looked around. I really found this castle so beautiful and grand. 

I could feel the still left crumbles of a newly fought battle, and as if I had a vision I heard screaming voices and tears of sorrow. The color of blood, I snapped back to reality as I heard that sneeze again. I turned.

“Who's there?” I shouted.

“Sorry it's just me” Hermione said and walked forth. 

I looked a bit with anger towards her and directed my eye's behind her.

“No not you, It was a man that sneezed” I replied. 

Out came Draco, and he had on a crocked smile and walked towards both me and Hermione.

What are you two doing fallowing me I asked

Well I was just up for a stroll and saw you so I became curious Draco explained.  

And you thought sneaking after me would be the best instead of just walking up to me and say hey. I replied. 

Don't lie Malfoy!, Raven The headmistress asked me to keep an eye on you, and she must have asked Malfoy the same thing. Hermione explained.

I looked at Draco who did not deny it. I walked back inside and the both followed me, just a few steps I saw both Harry and Ron coming towards us. 

Oh you too? I asked. 

They explained that they were going to just check on me at the hospitalwing. I smiled and thanked them, that I did not fully believe for the look Hermione had given them said something different.  Draco and Hermione sneaking and spying on me I found odd even if the Headmistress had told them to keep an eye on me. We all walked a bit and suddenly stopped there standing professor Mcgonagall stood. 

“So how are things here” She said.

Just a few minutes later we sat in her office. 


We explained everything and the headmistress just nodded and listened with great interest, and stood up from her seat as we had all said our part. Yet Raven sat still not saying anything, he seemed a bit angry still and confused at the same times. 

Well this has all been interesting to hear and as of tomorrow you all have two weeks off.

Weall smiled except Hermione that wanted to study for her NEWT'S, which she probably still would do at evenings. We all found it a great joy yet all of us wondered why. But we all kept our mouth shut, and then we all looked at Hermione that stood up.

Whats you reason for all of this She said. 

Well Miss Granger, you Mr Weasley and Mr potter will take Raven to diagon-alley.

Then what I'm I here for Draco asked. 

You shall show him around the grounds tomorrow. 

We all nodded.

Raven you should go back to the hospital wing please wait outside I want a private word with these four. 

Raven nodded and walked outside the office. 

Now I wonder what she could be wanting with all of us, She smiled and said there was nothing to worry about. She handed us papers and key's. I knew that this had to be about the fact that we were going to teach, we becoming teachers. Hermione's smile seemed so wide almost as if she would break her face.  

I have something more to tell you. The headmistress said and took her seat. 

What? We all said. 

I have talked to the council and if you do a good job in teaching him you all will pass your NEWT'S, and fill in the subjects you wont be teaching in and Hagrid as offered to have a extra lesson for Raven in care for magical creature's, so now you can focus on the things you excel at and give Raven as good of training as possible. She handed Hermione Raven's Gringott key.

We were excused, but not before she told us that there were new sleeping arrangements. As we where now told that also Raven would be given a room with us, for there seemed to be no more space in the other dormitories.  We and the rest of the few that came back had to share a new house that was called the high's dorm. The painting have been changed we would now go to the twin's of sadness and joy. We got the password and went moving after getting Raven, We decided to follow him back to the hospital wing.

“So is everything alright” Raven asked. 

Yes and tomorrow we will take you to diagon-alley I Replied. 

He smiled and walked back in to the hospital wing. I found it all to much and even the fact that Malfoy was going to share the same common room was more then fair, all this felt like some sort of test. We came to the top floor and told the password to the two twins. One crying, one laughing. 


The portrait opened and let us go through, once inside in the new commonroom. We all felt as we were home, even Malfoy looked a bit at ease. The mixture of the different houses colors blended perfectly. The dark red walls with brown furniture and deep green curtains by the windows and carpets, the dirty yellow ceilings and even darker floorboards. Silver & golden details on everything and touches of blue here and there. All houses colors in perfect harmony, it was quite nice not to be in the old dorm I had started to become bored of the same things and colors everywhere. 

we heard someone walking down the stairs and looked as if we thought someone had broken in. 

“O Hi, were have you all been” Neville Asked and yawned.

Oh did we wake you I asked. 

No not really, he said.

We all asked were we should go, not knowing where to sleep. He said that the girls on the left and boy's on the right. Just as always we all thought. But once we came up the stairs a long hallway could be seen, me and Draco moved along but did not say a word. Ron still kissing Hermione  good night. Draco went trough one of the doors and I walked a bit further to find my door, a door with the name HARRY on it. 

I opened the door there all was as the old common room. A small sofa inred-brown color and the bright red colors draping the windows, the huge bed in dark wood with red covers with golden details. This was so Gryffindor and home, this was my home and now for at least two more years. 

I Woke up as the light of the day glanced through the window and blinded me. I rubbed the sleep away and rose up sitting in bed seeing that all my stuff had arrived. Even the new owl I had gotten, I had morn Hedwig for a long period and decided it best to get a new owl. Hedwig's bravery still was a big part of the fond memories I kept in my heart and the thought of getting a new snow owl was hard so I got a barn owl this time. Her name was Henny.  She was a good friend and just as loyal as Hedwig had been.  I loved Henny just as much I had loved Hedwig. I yawned and then flew out from the bed realizing that we are going to Diagon Alley. I got dressed in a hurry and went down to the common room, where Malfoy already sat. 

“Hi Malfoy” I said.

He did not answer.

You can at least say hi I said a bit irritated.

He turned his head giving me a look that said more then words, like daggers saying LEAVE me ALONE. Malfoy stood up and we both turned our heads as we heard someone coming in from the outside. There he stood in a different shape of his dress like garment that was made from his sheet, newly showered and combed hair. Weirdly I felt my heart bump, he was beautiful. I stopped myself, I cant go around thinking of another man as beautiful. Well he looks good that you can think,right? I thought to myself. I shook my head, getting rid of the pattern my mind had taken. 

Good morning Raven said with a smile.  

Both me and Malfoy said good morning at the same time, giving each other alook a look I had seen before and that was called competition but what had we to compete about. The war was over and non of us played Quidditch nor would we share any classes at least not this year. I had to shake my head once more, also noticing that Draco shook his abit. What had he been thinking. 

Ron and Hermione came down hand in hand and we went towards the station.We could have taken the Fire place in the headmistress office using floo powder but taking the train we would get a longer day of talking. It was just one thing that made us wonder, and that was why Malfoy was coming along. 

Are you also going to Diagon Alley I asked. 

Why do you wonder 

You don't have to be rude Malfoy Hermione said. 

Shut up mud... Malfoy trailed of and stepped on board the train in silence.


As I boarded the train I thought I would get some part of my memory back but nothing, I sighed then shrugged my shoulders and continued on board. I took a seat as next to Hermione as the train started, I was really exited for this trip. I loved the feeling of riding the train, and all the magic I had seen also guessing I would see more was so much fun. I looked over Harry's shoulder who sat next to Ron and I saw Draco sitting alone. I guess he had decided to come along, maybe he to needed to shop. 

So have far is it until we reach the station I asked. 

About Fifteen minutes Hermione answered. 

I looked at the clock on Harry's arm and saw what time it was, it took almost two hours from the school station to the next stop. As I waited for those last minutes to pass I looked over to where Draco sat, All alone reading a book. I stood up and walked over to him. I took a seat next to him and as I did he lowered his book feeling the impact but not seeing anything. 

He turned his face to me which made our noses almost touch, We both froze in this pose for a short time before I pulled back. He blinked his eyes a few time and returned to his normal prideful gaze. 

Hi did you want something He asked. 

Well I thought you might like some company I said and smiled. 

He made a hum and continued reading his book. I sat besides him for a few minutes and felt the train slow down. I stood up and excused myself, walking back to the others. I took my seat besides Hermione again and waited as the train had almost stopped. 

Why did you go over to Malfoy She asked. 

Well I thought he might like some company I replied not seeing the weird look I got from all of them most of all Harry. 

We all walked of the train and I walked so I stood next to Harry and without thinking I placed my arm around his arm, saying I'm ready to go smiling at Harry. I had not seen Ron and Hermione's look of shock as I had placed my arm in a hook like motion with Harry's arm. Harry smiled and let me keep my arm around him, we walked a bit to end up outside a building which sign could be read -The Leaky Cauldron- Hermione opened the door and I grabbed Harry's arm tighter. 

You don't have to be scared Harry said smiling to me.

But it's so creepy here I replied.

Yeah that's true, but it's part of its charm Hermione turned around answering. 

I looked around and could see the dark wood that held up the roof, the creaking floorboards, aging windows and the huge table in the middle of the room. On the right side of the bar, private bouts under the stairs that at the far end by a fire place lead up to the second floor. We continued walking, I had started to slow down but walked normally again as Harry smiled at me. Suddenly we stopped. 

Hi Harry A female voice spoke. 

We turned and Harry let go of my arm and went over giving the girl a hug.

Nice to see you Hanna what are you doing here?

Well I have started working here, and I'm in negotiating to take over.

Wow that's great, what about Tom

Well he is getting old and want's to retire, but has trouble letting go. 

Well just give it some time. Hermione said. 

Yeah, well have nice day I need to continue my work. 

Hanna smiled and waved to all of us, and I for some strange reason wanted my arm around Harry's again, He walked back to me and made the move. He lifted his arm hooking it so I could place my arm around his once more, I smiled and saw him smile back. Non of us saw the suspecting eye's that watched us, looks that came from Hermione. 

We walked past the bar and into an empty room, all that stood there was a few barrels. I looked around and though for some time that they had become nuts. Ron lifted his wand and tapped the brick wall in frontof us, in counter clockwise order. Just after he stepped back the bricks began to rotate and move away.


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