As the bricks had sifted I could see the look of wounder and excitement in Raven's eyes, the same look I had when I was eleven. I got a sad thought as I saw him, yes he looked happy and his gaze was full of amazement yet not knowing who he is or where he comes from had to be hard. I went back to smiling at him as his jaw seemed to drop as he saw the cramped streets of Diagon Alley. I smiled a bit as he grabbed my arm a bit harder. It wasn't as many people as it used to be but still many.

We started walking at that with slow steps at first, as Raven seemed a bit scared. Understandable considering he did not know anything or really knew anyone. He picked up the phase as we walked passed the first shops, he looked at the shops with such excitement and curiosity. I could feel the slight pulling as he saw a new store full of wonders that enchanted him, I knew he wanted to go everywhere to bad we did not have time for all the shops and first we needed money.

"Were are we going" Raven asked.

Well first were going to see if this key will bring us some answers about you Ron answered.

That did not answer my question Raven said.

Well over there, Gringott's Bank. I said. Placing my other hand on his, that was wrapped around my arm.

He looked so mesmerized seeing the giant white building, looking like a cross between a Greek temple and the white house in the U.S.A. It was as seeing myself when I saw the bank for the first time. It was a bit scary but also trilling. The great doors opened before us and I could see the eye's of Raven that appeared to turn bigger, almost like a cartoon. We walked down the long entry hall, there as always you found high desks with goblins working hard and with much concentration. We walked to the last one at the end of the hall.

What can I help you with The goblin said without leaving his glace of the papers he was controlling.

Raven had tensed up at the whiskey like voice of the goblin.

"We would like to visit Raven's vault" I said and reached forth his key.

Well that wont be a problem. The goblin answered in a scary tone.

He walked down his seat by a small staircase and I could see that Raven was about to start laughing, I gave him a look and he placed his hand over his mouth. Good thing to for just as he placed over his mouth the goblin turned his gaze towards us but started to walk immediately. We walked to another room and down a staircase and there they stood the carriage that in a fast swoop would take us to the vaults. The goblin stopped as Hermione spoke.

We have another question She said.

Well what is it then The goblin asked a bit irritated.

We need to know who started the account.

Fine I'll be back shortly wait here and don't touch the carriage.

We waited.

He was back within minutes holding some papers, just shaking his head.

This is very unusual not unheard off but, still unusual.

What is it I asked.

Well it is all anonymous information.

Can I see that Hermione asked.

He handed her the papers, she looked intensely at the writing.

Opening the account; Classified information.
Deposits to account; Anonymous.   

It kept going that way for pages, she handed them back and that was that. We got on the roller-coaster like carriage, Raven kept holding my arm nervous and a bit scared, not as scared as he would be. The carriage started moving and he smiled, but his smile turned into a scream as the carriage went down on a long slide. Just like a roller-coaster it swirled around. We passed waterfalls, cave's and much more, it slowed down and and stopped by vault 249. We all got out and watched as the goblin opened the door, it was a bit rusty but as it had fully opened we all could feel our jaw's dropping.

That's even more than I have I said.

Yeah and what I see more than the Malfoy's Hermione said.

Yes this is one of the vaults containing the biggest amount of wealth. The goblin said.

Is this all mine Raven asked with a shy voice.

Yes and take this pouch and fill it with galleons so we can go get the things you need I said

He grabbed two hand fulls and we left.

Once outside the bank, we all pointed and told which stores he needed to visit the net time we could return here. He smiled and sometimes shook his head. As if he couldn't believe it all.

Well first you should go to Ollivanders Ron said.

I can come with you if you like I said as I felt Raven's grip once more tighten.

He nodded and we went on. He stopped outside and therefor so did I, he took a deep breath and opened the door. Now standing there just waiting, and as always in an instance Mr Ollivander stood before us.

Well Harry long time no see He said.

Yes I'm here to get this guy here his first wand. I said.

Isn't he a bit old for his first wand ? Ollivanders wondered looking at Raven that must be over sixteen at least.

Don't ask just take's time I said and Mr Ollivander's smiled.

Ollivanders went past the counter and to the right between the long shelves and started looking. Just like my first time here you heard him going no and well maybe. I waited as he put forth a few wand cases at the counter not noticing that Raven had let go of my arm. I looked to see him but no Raven, I turned my head back and saw him walking past the desk and into the small crowded passage way that led to the small room at the back of the store. I called for him but he did not reply nor did he come back, what was he doing. Just seconds later he came back holding a bluish and silver wand case, Just then Ollivander came back with a few more selections.

Raven looked as if he was drawn to the box, he held it as it was his and it belonged to him. Ollivander placed the cases on the counter and saw the case in Ravens hands.

O my where did you get that he said looking at Raven.

In the back, I just had to see what was there. He answered.

Those are not for sale. Mr Ollivander's said.

He walked up to Raven and just as he was about to take the box, it glowed and gave him a shock, just a tiny one yet a shock. Raven opened it. Inside a wand formed like a spiral robust at the beginning where one would hold it and becoming smaller towards it's tip.

Wait a minute, isn't that a unicorn horn. I asked.

Yes and it's very rare and out of production. Ollivanders answered.

He explained it was unicorn horn with a phoenix feather core, and the closest wand to be in the same league as the elder wand. The wand I had broken and tossed. He said that they became high in demand and that these kind of wands were really expensive and very hard to make. He also told me that you-know-who forced him to make powerful wands more so then the legal limit. I stopped him for I saw that the memory of his torture was still so fresh. In this Raven took the wand in his hands and just like me a light became visible and a gust of wind felt, the connection had been made and the wand had chosen its wizard. Even stronger of a connection then the one I had for Raven had lifted a bit from the ground, as if he levitated. Ollivander gave us the wand but said we must not show it within the streets of Diagon Alley. We promised and said our goodbyes.

As we came out of the store Raven stopped.

Hm Harry may I walk by myself for a bit Raven asked. Not seeing that he had spotted Malfoy in the corner of his eye.

Well if that's what you want I said with a smile, just meet me here again in one hour.

He smiled and in a hurry he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, which shocked me yet I could feel my skin burn. I looked as he ran away. Feeling a hand on my shoulder I jumped a bit so I turned around.

Oh hi Hermione you scared me.

I need to talk to you She said and we walked to get a cup of tea.


I had seen Draco in the corner of my eye, knowing that Harry did not seem to like him I decided that I needed to be by myself I I wanted to get to know Draco. I saw him walking in to a bookstore called Flourish and Blotts. So when Harry gave me permission to go alone I ran after Draco and walked inside to the bookstore, I glanced with my gaze and saw him walking up to the second floor so I followed.

I Did not know how to aproch him, a hand on the shoulder might scare him. So I did what I thought best.

Hi Draco I said.

He turned his head and looked at me for a second then back to look at the books.

Oh it's you again, are you stalking me or something ? He replied.

No I'm not I just want to be your friend.

As I said it I thought it looked as if I had hurt him. Like that was something that could kill him. Some sort of sadness or was it something else.

Why? Nobody want's to be friends with me.

Well I do.

I smiled to him and asked if he could help me find some books that Hermione said I should get, I handed over the note of book's she had written down. He skimmed the note and looked at me as he read it out loud.

Standard book of spells grade 1-7
A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration
Magical Drafts and Potions
The Dark Forces; A guide to self-protection
Continued guide to Transfiguration
Magical theory
Charms and enchantments   

Well these I can help you find. He said and handed the not back to me.

I walked alongside him as he looked for the books that I needed, after one was found he gave each book and even helped me carry then to the counter. To the register. I found his hard shell to be fascinating and I had the huge urge and need to break through it, I wanted to break it. Wanted to see what I would unwrap and discover underneath. He looked over at me sometimes, but not a smile nor a hint of change in his face. I smiled trying to make him smile at me, but nothing. As I placed the books on the counter Draco jumped a bit from the sound it had made, I looked over at him.

Are you alright I Asked.

Yes, of course He answered, yet a little of a stutter could be heard.

I paid for the books as he packed them.

Well that's all, he said and reached the bag of books to me.

Well thanks I said.

We walked out and I told him I needed to head back, he just grunted a mmm and I left. I stopped after a few steps turned around and walked back to him, I thanked him once more, this time with a kiss one the cheek. There I saw it. A new expression in his face, it was shock. Not what I had wanted but it was something and this left me wanting more as I walked away and back to meet up with Harry, Ron and Hermione.


We had just finished sipping our tea and I could see that Harry wanted me to speak, as if he knew what I was going to say but how could he. I had questions even though I knew at some level that I would not get the answers that I made out so easily. I was not sure what to say nor if I should just tell him or ask him. He placed his cup down and looked at me.

Hermione just tell me what's on you mind?

Well I just wondered, I swallowed and continued. Have you noticed Ravens affections?

What do you mean, I don't really know what your talking about.

Well he smiles at you and holds your arm. I said.

Hermione just ask me what it is you want to know Harry asked.

Could it be that your gay? Harry? I answered.

No I'm not and don't want to speak of this anymore Harry replied.

Why did you ask Harry wondered.

Well You seem rather taken with Raven I answered.

Harry shook his head, mouthing the words no, only there was something in his eye's that said more. Sometimes I knew more than about him then even he knew and this could at time be hard I saw it all so clearly. I had known him for nearly ten year, never one had he managed to lie to me. Well not to my face anyway. We swept down the rest of our tea, paid the check and left the tea-parlor. As we stepped outside I saw the aspect of what looked like sadness or confusion, I placed a hand on his shoulder and he smiled. We started walking to meet up with Ron and later Raven outside Ollivander's.

Later on we completed our shopping. With full bags a cage with an owl and many more supplies, we walked back to the train station. We stopped at once as soon we had arrived to the station, we all felt that there was something wrong and in a instant a flash of magic from a wand attacked Ron. He flew away landing on the ground, quickly standing wand at the ready as the rest of us. Even Malfoy had his out.

Out from the hidden came Six Death eaters. Masks on and wands at the ready. Harry stepped forward.

What do you want? He asked.

We want him one said pointing at Raven.

I saw it as a lighting his speed as Malfoy moved to stand in front of Raven with his wand in fighting position. I must say Draco doing that made me suspicious, his eye's had this spark I had not seen before. Normally he was scared or full of pride but this was new and unfamiliar from him, and I did not like it.

Well not to day He said and we all went standing in front of him.

We stood so concentrated and ready for battle that we did not see the bluish energy that in a short of mist swirled around us, as it happened a blast from one of the death eaters wands came towards us but stopped in the air and went out. As if you would blew out a flame from a candle. The energy around us caught our attention we followed it and turned to see Raven in a deep trans, he mumbled a few words and in a bright light we were gone. The light faded, seeing that we had returned to the great hall at Hogwarts.


We had safely turned up at Hogwarts, Raven had fainted but was fine. I placed my hand on my cheek as my mind gave me the image of the kiss Raven had given me. Why did he give me a kiss, it was only on the cheek but still why. All I had done was helping him to get his books. What was going on with me I had actually put my own life at risk to protect him, this was so unlike me. It make me a bit scared I admitted to myself why had I acted as if I cared about him.

Lost in thoughts but all I really knew was that I had to see him tomorrow, I wanted to see him. I had made a plan, I knew what I was going to do but the question was if I had the guts to do so. I went to the new rooms and straight to bed. Not that I got much sleep still wondering and thinking.

I awoke from the little time I had sleep as the sun blinded me and I got up hearing from the common room that Harry and the others already were up. I walked down after getting myself dressed in normal attire, even if normal for me was very formal for some especially as an everyday suit. I choose to not wear the blazer over the simple white shirt, accompanied with a pair of tailored black pants. Hoping this was a bit more everyday that others wore. Why did I care what they thought, I rattled my head for all this time I had been seen as a stupid coward and never had I needed there approval. I walked down to the common room.

God morning Malfoy, you look really well and relaxed Hermione said as they all turned to see who came down the stairs

Did I ask for your opinion? I replied with a snarty voice.

She was just being nice Malfoy, you don't need to be rude Ron said.

Who asked you to butt in Weasel I answered.

I walked out not wanting to be here or near them more then necessary, I started walking down the stairs and towards the potion class. The class was soon at an end and I had the opportunity to use the classroom for an hour and a half. I walked and wondered how much I needed and could teach Raven, it was just one thing. I had no idea how to teach but that's when it came to me. I now stood outside the potion room and knocked. The door opened within seconds by Professor Slughorn.

Oh its you, nice to see you Mr Malfoy Professor Slughorn said.

Yeah nice to see you to I answered.

So I hear your are going to teach, well that's great you were one of my top student. He said.

I knew who came to his mind when he said it, Harry freaking Potter. He was the best, but I had wondered how he got good at potions. The professor kept talking for a short period and showed me where all the stuff was and he showed me test papers that he had prepared for me to give to Raven. I nodded but did not really need the test paper, I had a new way of teaching. He said goodbye and only a minute later, it knocked on the door, I became nervous not knowing way but I had. Come in I said. The door opened, Ravens head popped out.

Hi Draco it's me, Raven replied.

Yeah let's get started right away. I said.

Have you forgotten we have two weeks off I replied.

I had forgotten and looked down at the floor, how come I had been this stupid. I was still glad it was Raven that had reminded me and not someone else.

"But if you want we can make a sneak start" Raven said and gave me a smile.

I just nodded, seeing as I did a searching gaze within Ravens eyes. We started the lesson and just as I thought it all turned out as I expected. I had let him chose the potion he anted to do, I only gave him tips and showed the page's he needed to study in his book. I told him to read it all three times, everything was going fine but it ended as the class ended and the hardest part of my day I had not yet manage to do. I made the decision to wait.

Now do you want me to show you around I said and put my stuff away.

He smiled and as we left the classroom he grabbed my arm and placed his around mine. I tensed up a bit. I had seen him holding Potters arm like this I relaxed thinking it may just be Ravens nature needing to be close. We walked out from the school, I wanted to show him everything. The courtyard he had already seen, but I showed him the stone circle, the Quidditch pitch and Hagrid's cottage I even showed him the boat house. Most of the castle room such as the library and the green houses. We walked up the stairs and stood at the entrance.

Thanks for everything Draco, this was fun Raven said.

Yeah it was. Showing you around, teaching you I enjoyed it I replied.

Well I will be off see you soon. He said and was about to leave through the door and probably back to the hospital wing.

Raven wait I said.

Yes, what do you want. I replied.

I just, I just I...

Just get it out Draco you don't need to be scared to ask me anything.

I took his hand and pulled him fast into my arms and laid my lips against his, I kissed him deeply and even let my tongue dance with his. Raven broke it off and ran to the hall of moving stairs, I was shocked that I had just done that. But I knew one thing, and that was I had gotten even more confused then before. All I had received from this experience was the wobbling feeling in my stomach that had made me dizzy when I kissed him. I still felt a faint sensation of it and still nothing had I gained. I hoped hard that this two weeks would end soon, for I needed to explore more. I needed to get to the bottom with this, what was it all about. My wish was somehow granted for the time seemed to fly away.


Okay I was going to test this, No chance that Hermione could have a point. Did I fancy Raven. I had not really been into a guy, yet I had broken up with Ginny and truth be told my first kiss did not really give me the butterflies. I had been given the honor to teach Raven DADA (defense against the dark arts), this was going to be fun I had even decided not to hold it inside. Wanting to teach him magic more than the studies behind it, and not learning about evil creature's. But I knew that had to come later.

I walked through the halls and saw Raven coming towards me, with a potion book in his hand, yes even though the we had been off for the last two weeks Raven and Draco had made a sneak start and even now it was obvious he had been at potions with him. The strange feeling I got made me worried for in my mind I thought that I did not like the idea of Draco having more time with Raven then me. In that moment I questioned every feeling I had ever had so I knew that I had to make my test. I meet up with him full of confidence.

Hi Raven, do you want to start right away I asked.

He smiled and replied with a yes.

He grabbed me under the arm as if we were a couple, and I smiled. Yet I did not feel anything, no flutter in my stomach nor the urge to kiss him. He smiled and we went to the front of the school grounds. Once there I knew this all was going to be hard, The training and my plan. My test.

We went towards the Quidditch pit, and just at the left side of it we stopped. He looked so eager as if he had been waiting his whole life to use magic, a wand. I went sad for a second knowing he had no memories, no family. I smiled and even though he smiled back he had no idea what I was thinking. The lesson started with a all the basics spells from our first three years at Hogwarts. Raven was extremely good, fast learner and seemed to enjoy himself. As the lesson continued I saw something that made me curios about who or what he could be. For many of the time he preformed the magic without speaking the words, and I had the first night here seen him use wandless magi, and powerful at that. We finished our lesson and packed up the books, and as we walked back up to the castle I gave him the assignment to work on his Patronus charm.

Well that's all for today, I said.

Yeah finally, what do I have to do now Raven asked.

Well you have two hours until Hermione's class.

He smiled as we had walked half the way towards the school. This time he had not take me by the arm, it made me a bit sad yet I did not know why. We talked a bit about the training we just did, and Raven really wondered what he was supposed to think about for conjuring his Patronus, when he didn't remember anything. We came up to the castle and walked inside, there we stopped.

See you tomorrow Raven said and was about to leave in the same moment I took him and pushed him to the wall. Pressing my lips against his and after what seemed to be an hour I broke the kiss and said bye and left, leaving Raven light headed and confused. I ha not used tongue but I loved the feeling of kissing him, did this make me gay or bi. I really had no idea now more in thoughts then before. What now I thought and continued walking.


I was now more scared then I was when I first opened my eye's not knowing who or were I was. What was this all about two guy's kissing me under a period of a little more then two weeks, I had felt my tummy bubble from each one yet I knew not what it was. Think if my memory came back and it showed I was not gay or maybe already in a relationship. I needed to speak to someone and I decided that Hermione was the right person to ask for advice. Cant wrap it all in my head.

I walked into the great hall, there many students still sat at the tables eating, or reading. I wasn't sure if I should sit down and eat or just take some food and leave. I still wore the garment I had made but I had fixed it up a bit and the headmistress had given me the Hogwarts crest to be put on my weird dress/t-shirt garment, that made most stare. I sat down at the table, in the same time the sound of wings & sounds of owl's were heard. The post was here.

My beautiful snowy owl named Nadia dropped the paper and landed besides me, even though the other owls flew away. She loved to be with me and usually never listened. I rolled up the newspaper and saw the writing in the first page, there in big letters WHO? A STRANGER OF MAGIC? Right below the headline a picture of me could be seen. I looked with shock and looked around and saw many of the students looking at me I ignored them and started reading.

It happened just two week's ago.
From no were, a boy with no memory
only his name as a Clue to who he is
Raven, The boy is known as. There are
many theory's on where he come's from
and why it is he is so hidden, For according
to Gring...    

I stopped reading seeing the looks more clearly. I left only after eating a tiny bit of chicken and a piece of bread. I was now really uncomfortable, and went out the great hall with my owl on my arm.

I left the castle, needing some air I went down to the lake. Not remembering that I soon had class with Hermione, she had been appointed the task of teaching me Charms and Transfiguration. I sat down on the grass just a few feet from the water, I waved my wand, to make six birds to appear. I watched as the birds swirled around, feeling the breeze from the wind in my hair. I was gone in a meditative state not even noticing Hermione coming down from the castle. She grabbed my shoulder and spoke my name three times before I snapped back.

Oh Hi Hermione I said.

Raven what are you doing here, you should have meet me fifteen minutes ago She said.

I didn't feel well, cant we do it here? I asked.

She gazed at me as if I was nuts, I could see the hint of disorder maybe she needed control. She might be some sort of neat freak, a true bookworm needing some form of structure and order. I tried asking her again, she smiled and gave in. We trained for a sort time. I learned almost everything from first to fourth year in an instant, in both charms and transfiguration.

Hermione I said breaking my illusion of perfected birds flying over the lake.

Yes Raven she said.

Can I ask you something?

Of course you can she answered smiling.

I sat down in the grass where I had been when she arrived, she took a place next to me. I tried to tell her everything, asking her to promise not t say anything to anyone. She listened and I could see that some of the time it was as if her eyes were about to flew out. I had not mentioned any names. I stopped and waited for a response.

So what's the problem she said.

The problem is that I don't remember anything, what if I not even gay or if I will still feel this way I feel when I might return to my old self.

Well you cant think about that, besides who are these two guy's ? She asked.

Well promise not to say anything to them nor any other I replied.

I have already said I wont.

Well it's Draco and Harry I spit out.

She looked at me and smiled, but it took her some time before she answered.

Just go with it but, don't let it go to far before you chose one of them.

She rose from the ground and started walking. She stopped and turned around.

Raven remember that your not a game that the guy's should play with She said and kept walking up the giant hill, towards the school.

I sighed, it had made me feel better speaking to someone but I remained confused, not knowing where I belonged. How was I supposed to know where and to whom. I stood up and walked alongside the lake, I turned left as I reached the forest edge. Walking up a slop passing the tree called the weeping willow. I stopped, wanting to see if it was as terrible as everybody said. It rustled its leaves and one of its branches reached out to me, I gave it a stroke and it rustled again. I jumped a tiny bit but smiled, not that scary of a tree. I kept walking now towards the castle on it's other side. I circulated the grounds a few times still lost in my own mind. A huge field opposite side of the castle then the lake, there Hagrids nice cottage could be seen. I kept walking to end up at the pitch, the Quidditch pitch. Not that I knew what Quidditch was but I decided to walk down to it.

The closer I got the clearer the image became, people in the air and a ball flying around. I could see as I got closer they were on brooms, they all were flying and I felt a longing to be in the air to be a part of it. So that's why I had to by a broom when we were at diagonally. I kept walking closer and there in front of me I saw Draco , I was about to hide but something inside me stopped me and I made a move I never thought I would do.

Draco hi, can we talk I said with volume.

He turned and looked a bit tense as he saw me.

Okay what do you want ? He said with a bit of an attitude.

I pushed him up against a wooden pole, one of many that held the arena up. I pressed my lips onto his. I had to know if this feeling was good or bad. He did not push me away nor did he do much else until I felt his tongue trying to find a way past my lips. I let it in and hour tongues danced for almost fifteen minutes. I felt a chill, a wonderful chill as he placed his hands on my lower back pulling me closer. I broke the kiss and walked in fast phase almost running back to the castle.

I knew now that I liked kissing Draco, the only one that I had to kiss again was harry, I needed to find him. If I did not like kissing him, my choice would be much easier. I had almost reached the school, that's when I saw Ron and I knew Harry could not be far behind. I looked past him and saw I was right, there Harry came walking up to Ron's side. I walked towards them with confident moves. Noticing that not only Draco became tense seeing me.

Hi raven what's up Ron asked when I had stopped in front of them.

Oh nothing I was just looking for Harry

What is it Raven Harry said a bit nervelessly.

Well I was hoping we could speak in private I answered.

You don't need to hid anything from me, what Harry knows I know Ron said smiling.

Okay I said and grabbed Harry's shirt pulling him in for a kiss. Not the same as with Draco not even tongue but it was long and wet, moist. I ended it sighting Ron's look of shock and kept going to the castle, once inside I knew this was going to be harder then I had thought. Both had given me the feeling of passion, enjoyment and pleasure. Still it was not the same.


I had my eyes set on Harry, I still couldn't wrap my head around what had just happened. He shook his head, seeing on his expression that it had been a chock for him yet I had questions.

Harry what the hell was that I asked.

Oh that was nothing, I don't know what your talking about He replied.

Harry he kissed you and you, I mean you looked like you enjoyed it.

Oh that well it is nothing Harry replied.

I was about to say something but Harry went on walking down to the pitch. I followed and decided to drop it.

I stopped. Harry turned and looked at me, I told him I needed to go back inside but the truth was that I still felt a bit uncomfortable. I had so many thoughts as I turned back to the castle, could it be my best friend was gay. I found it all so hard to believe. Oh just think if he have had fantasies about me. It all caught up with me, like it crept under my skin. I shivered with a slight hint of terror and disgust. I just couldn't deal with all of this right now.

Back up inside the school I walked straight to the great hall. There at her usual seat she sat, I walked up to her and sat down beside her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Oh Hi Ron, weren't you and Harry

Yeah I was but I felt a bit off and left I responded.

Why? She asked.

If I tell you promise you want say anything I replied.

She just nodded and I told her what had happened and the things harry said.

So? Hermione said.

Didn't you hear me I think he might be gay I replied.

Yes so do I but I will not pressure him to come out She said.

I'm not sure if I can accept him being gay I said.

Yes he is our friend, our family and we don't stop loving family She Answered.

It is all to much. I replied and rose from the seat.

She called to me but I did not turn around. She was a wonderful girlfriend and I knew she was right but I did not know if I could fully except this I needed time. I walked up the first steps and came to the tower of moving stairs, I went on quickly after all my years here I had figured out the timing of it's movement. I came to the fourth floor and went through the halls I needed to walk and think I just became angry if I was in one place for to long.

I walked for about an hour and ended up in the astronomy tower. Here I could relax I sat down and not knowing or feeling I was sleepy I started drifting of.


I called to him yet he kept walking, I packed my books and went to the library. If he was going to be this pig headed I sure wasn't going to stop him, I knew that he found himself to be prejudice and a bit closed minded. I thought it best to leave him with his own thoughts.

I walked up the main stairs and to the right and kept walking not thinking to much about Ron, yeah he was a great boyfriend and sweet yet clumsy and as said before pigheaded. I walked into the open doors to the library, and there at one of the table Raven sat.

Hi Raven I said.

He looked up and smiled a vague smile, sighing as he placed his head back on his hands that leaned on the table.

Is this about Harry & Draco I asked.

Yeah he answered.

Would you like to talk I asked.

No, but can you do something for me Raven replied.

What do you need I asked.

Well I wondered if you have time to night and teach me flying He answered.

I sat down beside him and replied yes, I wondered of course why he wanted to learn to fly. He did not answer but I thought it might be good for him, he maybe needed it to think or just clear his head. I knew that if I had lost my memory I would not have the strength to keep going. I went to leave the books in the proper places and said to Raven that he could meet me in the courtyard. He smiled and thanked me, I left him there even though I had asked if he wanted to come along.

I was planing on going to the new dorm, but saw Harry walking towards the great hall, down the main stairs.

Harry wait I called.

He stopped and turned.

Oh hi Hermione what is it he asked.

Have you seen Ron She asked.

No, it feels like he is avoiding me Harry replied.

were are you of to I asked.

I needed to eat something, see you later maybe. He replied and kept walking.

I sighed and wanted to give him a big hug. But I knew he was even more harder to talk to once he was in this mod than Ronald. I had not told him everything that had been said. I kept looking for Ron, I looked in the dorm no Ron I looked at Hagrid's and by the lake. By the courtyard and the great hall once more. I walked towards the astronomy tower and heard snoring, that echoed trough the hall and the metal inside the tower. I followed the noise and there on the floor against the wall Ron was sleeping. I bended my legs to get down on his level.

Ron, wake up I said. Giving him a light nudge.

Oh hi Hermione, he said yawning, rubbing his eye's

He stood up and kissed me with a lot of passion, as he did every time he had been asleep. Tongue's playing and the moist lips moving around, it all made me dizzy. His hands on my waist, I felt his manhood get hard and I broke the kiss.

Not here I said.

Whynot Ron sighed.

Well if you come back to the dorm with me, we can have some fun.

He smiled and grabbed my hand almost starting to run towards our dorm.We came to the painting and said the password now running to Ron'sbedroom. It was wonderful, not as the first time but I enjoyed itmuch. Yes we were driven by our hormones and to have had this sexualtension build up since our forth year made all this so much more wildand uncontrollable. It ended in Ron rolling of me after a last push,both of us sweating and panting for air. We both fell asleep aftersome cuddling.

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