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Straight Men In Trouble focuses on a very specific (and kinky) theme - captured and bound straight hunks who are stripped, humiliated, spanked and finally forced to cum. The men in bondage here are well-built rather than being huge bodybuilders, and they tend to have a few more pounds, which means nicely rounded butt cheeks and well-shaped arms and chests. The men start off the sessions in a variety of attire including business suits, police uniforms, sports gear, t-shirts and jeans, super hero costumes - one guy starts off wearing a kilt.

This is definitely a gay bondage site. Many of the straight men end up tied up - to a chair, a bench, a table, hands in the air - and struggle hard and furiously against the ropes before they realize they're helpless. In fact, many are still trying to free themselves as a sinister man (sometimes wearing all black and a ski mask) takes a scissors and begins to cut away strategic pieces of their clothing while periodically fondling their victims nipples, neck or other parts. In some sessions, the hunks receive a hard hand-spanking, paddling or are whipped with a riding crop. Shame and surrender are followed by forced cock stroking or dildo penetration - or both.

Straight Men In Trouble currently offers 120 full scenes broken into 345 updates. While some updates are full scenes, many are only part of a scene, which means that it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 updates (each about 16 minutes) to complete a single full scene, and since a new update is added once per week, that means it can take several weeks to complete some videos. Good news is that all the videos are downloadable and DRM-free, so they'll play on non-Windows computers and whatever you save will continue to play long after your membership has expired.

The most recent updates are offered in WMV and MP4 formats. The WMVs are sized at 1920x1080 and there's a smaller version sized at 640x360. The MP4s are aimed at mobile users, and are sized at 640x360, so they should work for most mobiles including iPhone, iPad and Android. The older vids are available in a single size of WMV at 720x480 at good amateur quality, and these don't lose too much quality when expanded to full screen. The oldest vids are a bit smaller, at 640x480, and while still fairly good amateur quality, aren't quite as sharp and clear as the newer ones. Sound quality is good, and the videos play smoothly, so there's nothing to keep you from focusing on the action.

Each movie also comes with a set of pics. These are vidcaps of fairly decent quality and similar size to the videos. They're a great way to preview the videos, and the pics can be downloaded invidivudlaly but are not offered as slideshows or zip files.

Overall the site does a pretty good job, and the men and action are hot. There are no real issues, but I'd like to see all the updates as either a full scene or at least a half of one rather than some updates being essentially clips. While not really an issue, some of the older videos could be higher quality, but they're not bad, especially when considering how unique the content here is.

Straight Men In Trouble features masculine straight hunks captured, then bound, humiliated, spanked and forced to get off or penetrated with fingers and toys. The site not only features well-built men in suits, bluejeans, gym attire and more, but includes a few athletic guys in super hero costumes. The site updates weekly with what is usually part of a full scene (it can take several weeks for all parts of a scene to be added), and there are currently 345 updates that add up to 120 full scenes. Each video is downloadable and DRM-free, and comes with a small set of vidcaps. I loved watching the captured muscle men at Straight Men In Trouble as they struggle in bondage as they are tormented and sexually molested.

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