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Brutal Tops is a hardcore gay fetish sex and BDSM site produced out of the U.K. and the action is quite nasty. One, two, or sometimes three aggressive tops in their twenties use, abuse, and humiliate bottoms in realistic scene play. These sadistic tops hold nothing back in these creative humiliation sessions. We last reviewed Brutal Tops in late 2013, so it's time to head back and see what kind of nastiness has been going on.

The tops are guys in their twenties with a variety of body types from slender and athletic to muscular, and they're mostly sporting uncut cocks. Many of their bodies are natural with hairy armpits, untrimmed pubes and furry chests, although some of the tops are smooth. And these dominant guys are nasty pigs who sadistically use and humiliate their submissives.

One of the things that I liked a lot about Brutal Tops is that the scenes are realistic. One had an older, bald lawyer at the police station to see his jailed client. One of the officers calls his client a cunt and they get into a verbal tussle. These police officers decide to teach this lawyer who is in charge. The lawyer endures a long, humiliating session where these dirty cops order him to service them: licking their armpits, feet, and buttholes and sucking their dicks. They tie him up, fuck his ass with a night stick, force him to do push-ups, spit and piss on him, and finally spit-roast him and blow their cumwads cum on his face.

Brutal Tops works hard to produce creative BDSM fantasy scenes in a variety of settings, so you'll find executives in expensive suits brutalized by car mechanics, military guys, soccer thugs, nasty schoolboys and others. The action takes place in gyms, basements, dungeon playrooms, police stations and jail cells, locker rooms and classrooms.

The action feels authentic and unscripted with lots of verbal abuse. The tops really humiliate these subs and call them nasty names, tell them they're worthless, laugh at them, spit and piss on them, and order them around. The tops don't rely heavily on the latest accoutrement from the local fetish store to humiliate their bottoms. Instead of masking one bottom, they simply put duct tape over his eyes. Certainly there are proper ball gags, dildos, riding crops, straps, and the like, but a submissive is more likely to have his feet strung up in the air with rope than put into a stockade.

To be honest, the member area is not easy to navigate. It took me a while to find the member link; it's way at the bottom of the homepage page past the 10 latest updates and numerous ads for other sites, and the link is disguised as "see all episodes," which takes you to a second page with the member link at the top.

I can't easily tell you how many complete humiliation videos are in the member area because of their complicated set-up. There are 285 sessions, but at Brutal Tops a "session" doesn't mean full video; rather a humiliation scene from introduction to cumshot can be split into 4 to 6 sessions, each lasting 5 to 15 minutes. The site adds a new one of these weekly, based on the dates of the two latest updates, and to further complicate things, Brutal Tops runs a couple of humiliation scenes concurrently and the latest two have been alternating for the last 12 weeks. It's hard to be sure how many full scenes the site offers, although there are 25 subs; with an average of 5 sessions per humiliation scene there are about 50 complete videos.

You can watch the videos in a streaming Flash player showing them at 700x390. The videos can also be downloaded. Each format comes in a different size: MP4s in 432x240, Flash videos at 700x394 and WMVs at 960x540. Older sessions don't have the MP4 format, but a Flash version at 700x394 and WMVs sized at 320x180 and 960x540, and the very newest MP4s seem to have an issue so that I was unable to play them back. For all the videos that are available as MP4s, Most of the sessions have a trailer and a pre- and post-shoot interview video with the submissives talking about the experience.

One thing that I really liked about the member area is that you can search for scenes in a drop-down menu using the top or submissive's name, the type of humiliation, or you can simply click a top's thumbnail to see more of him. I especially appreciated this when I found a top who I really enjoyed.

Each video also comes with a gallery of pictures and these are pretty good quality digital stills or screen caps displayed at 1220x695. There are over 20,000 pictures on the site with about 100 per session. There's no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save the pictures individually.

As I mentioned, the site really could be organized better, but there are a few other things I didn't like. The pictures are branded with a floating watermark that is sometimes right in the middle of the action or on a guy's body. Brutal Tops adds a $1.95 processing fee to your monthly membership, which I find excessive since the site is already expensive at $39.95 a month. Brutal Tops also misrepresents video totals; they say they have 1160 videos, but their total counts each scene's three formats as three separate videos. And last, I was disappointed that the more recent MP4s give a message that says the file is corrupt.

I liked the guys and action at Brutal Tops a lot. I enjoyed the creative sessions that featured various scenes featuring cops, thugs, skinheads, athletes, and schoolboys. And the humiliation and abuse is convincing and believable. The dominants are good at what they do and don't need a whole lot of equipment to humiliate their subs. Once you get used to the navigation quirks, you can get down to enjoying these ball-tingling BDSM sessions. Because a full session can take up to three months to completely play out and each update is often only 15 minutes long, I'm not sure that I'd love being a recurring member of Brutal Tops, but I'd certainly join this site several times a year to get caught up on full sessions; they're worth watching. These tops definitely live up to their brutal moniker.

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