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World of Men was a site started several years ago by gay porn star Collin O'Neal. He sold the site when he left the business and it has continued for the last while with updates from other producers. Now in early December of 2015, World of Men has been updated with a new design and has moved in a whole new direction. It's now a megasite that lets you pay one price and stream as much as you want. It now contains videos from six updating sites: Bareback That Hole, Bareback Twink, Bear Films, Breed Me Raw, Hairy and Raw, and Sweet and Raw; it also includes three non-updating sites called Brash Boys, Lavender Lounge, and Red Hot Latinos whose standalone sites have been shut down.

There's quite a range of men here. Bareback Twink, Sweet and Raw, and Brash Boys feature twinks and Euro boys from 18 through their early to mid-twenties. The performers here are generally smooth guys with bodies ranging from slender to athletic. Red Hot Latinos offers Latin guys with slim to muscular bodies who are mostly in their twenties. Bareback That Hole and Breed Me Raw bring us mature men in their mid-twenties through to their forties who sport athletic to muscular bodies; you'll find quite a few hairy men here and the fucking is bareback. Bear Films and Hairy and Raw are both packed with bears, cubs, and daddies ranging from muscle bears to big-bellied men. At Bear Films most of the fucking is with condoms whereas Hairy and Raw offers bareback sex. So World of Men's slogan "everything from twinks to bears" really holds true.

The action here is a mixture of bareback and condom sex: of the 1,704 videos on the site, 423 feature fucking with condoms, the rest are mostly raw fucking, although there are also around 100 solo masturbation videos. There's generally not a lot of set-up or story lines here. One video opens with a guy jacking off outside and a masked man sneaks up, surprises him, then fucks the masturbator's ass. In another video a guy driving a jeep picks up two guys walking through the forest; they need a place to sleep, so he offers his home since there are no hotels in the area. As you can see, getting to the sex isn't a complicated affair and many more of the videos simply open with the men making out.

Most of the action happens in home or hotel settings with guys getting off together in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, but sometimes they're having sex in playrooms, bathhouses, gyms or outdoors. Most of the men fuck in duos, but there are 255 group scenes, which includes threeways, fourgies and small groups. Most of the bottoms are happy with cocks, but 22 scenes feature dildo fucking. There's some kinky stuff here as well with a handful of BDSM scenes featuring bondage or leather men playing a little rough, there's some gloryhole sucking, a couple of spanking scenes, some felching (sucking cum out of guy's ass), and lots of cum eating. But most of the action is guys enjoying each other's bodies, sucking, fucking, and shooting their loads.

World of Men has an unusual sign-up process that we don't see much: It offers a free seven-day trial, then your full membership begins on the eighth day and gives you unlimited streaming video for $9.99 for the next 30 days and rebills monthly.

The way the content works is also a bit unusual. The videos are a mix of the permanent collection and revolving scenes. The permanent collection consists of older videos from the six active sites, but it's a bit complicated, so let me explain using Bear Films as an example: any video that's older than nine months automatically becomes a part of the World of Men member area; a brand new video released on Bear Films today is available on World of Men for one week, then it's pulled and returns to the site nine months later. So every week ninth-month-old videos from those six updating sites are added to World of Men's inventory. The three non-updating sites won't be adding any new content obviously, and their entire inventory is featured on World of Men.

There are 1,704 videos at World of Men, and these are offered to stream only in MP4 format, although some of the oldest releases are still in Flash. The videos play at anywhere from 620x470 to 832x470 depending on the age of the release. Obviously I didn't watch every video, so there could be some other sizes, too. The video quality is average to good amateur content and most of it played smoothly in the streaming player. You can also use the full-screen option, which has varying results and even the newest videos suffer some quality loss.

The videos are not offered as downloads, although many have a download option that allows to you purchase them at an extra cost. I didn't buy any downloads, so I don't know specifics about sizes and formats, but they generally cost between $7.99 and $12.99.

All of the videos appear on the home page in the order they were added to World of Men, but there's a sidebar that helps you navigate through each of the nine site's content individually. As well, the sidebar lists eight of their most popular categories: bareback, bears, condom, daddies, hunks, interracial, jocks, and twinks. There is an "other" category that takes you to a page offering over 100 additional sections from tit play to dildo fucking and from kitchen sex to hot tubs - it's really quite comprehensive.

Each video has a description, and most are fairly detailed. On the video page you'll also find the performers, and their names are clickable so you can find more of their videos. You can also rate the videos and there's a tag section that includes applicable categories. You can also use the free form search form to find more of what you like.

The episodes on World of Men are not dated, however those six active sites do add new scenes every week, and as I explained earlier, they're available in the members area for the first week; so it seems we could expect upwards of six new videos a week, as well as whatever other older videos are added back to the inventory when they hit their ninth month.

With such a great deal on unlimited streaming, everything should be pretty rosy, and it mostly is, but there are a few things I should address. The focus here is on videos, so there are no picture galleries. The site has just opened, so they're still working out the kinks. I noticed that some videos didn't have preview thumbs on videos homepage and other videos were broken and wouldn't play. But I've been in touch with the site and they're rapidly getting these issues sorted out. By and large, the site works as expected.

The old World of Men site had videos that were mostly produced by Collin O'Neal, but funnily enough, those no longer appear in the catalog. And finally, a couple of picky things: on the video homepage the thumbnails flip as you mouse over them and this reveals the video title and a play button; you have to wait for this flip action to finish before you can click the play button and head to the video's detail page. The movies auto play, so make sure your volume is adjusted or your co-workers will know that you're watching porn at the office.

One final caveat is that most of the video episode pages have a button that will take you out of World of Men and off to the site who produced the video, to Bear Films, Bareback That Hole, and so on. These are upsell buttons trying to get you to join the other sites. It's not a bad thing if you're impatient and can't wait the nine months to see brand new releases and look at picture galleries.

World of Men offers a wide variety of performers and a good sized collection of 1,704 permanent videos and more videos are being added every week. With undated scenes I can't tell you exactly how often, but the site's management says it updates most days with older content as well as those new releases that pop in for a week. Aside from the big inventory of streaming videos, how can you beat a monthly price of $9.99? While World of Men is still sorting out some minor kinks, I'm giving this megasite two thumbs up.

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