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Hairy and Raw opened in 2011 and is the dirtier younger brother of Bear Films. The site is going strong, still featuring weekly updates with sexy furry men, gay bears and chubs sucking and fucking in raw sessions. We just reviewed the site last summer, but since then they have added back downloadable videos, and they're offering a considerable amount of bonus content, so let's get caught up.

Walk into your local bear bar and you'll find a mix of muscle bears, daddies, big-bellied hairy men, and probably some cute cubs and horny otters - that's the best way I can describe the men of Hairy and Raw. The performers range from their early twenties to older men in their forties or fifties. The men aren't always hairy, but many are, and there are also lots of beards and other face scruff that come in all shapes and sizes. Many of the guys sport tattoos, and a few have pierced nipples or cocks.

There are lots of first-timers here, full-figured men who have fantasized about getting naked for the cameras but who would have been shunned by the rest of Pornland. In fact, when the site first opened six years ago they mostly filmed amateurs with the odd familiar face from bear porn. But these days, there's almost an equal split between amateurs and porn stars, maybe even more of the latter. That means you'll recognize many porn performers including Stephen Harte, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Steve Sommers, Brad Kalvo, Lanz Adams and Marc Angelo.

The action at Hairy and Raw is a mix of duos and quite a few threesomes, and you'll also be treated to some horny foursomes and fiveways. And these men don't hold back, either - there's lots of kissing, dick sucking, ass eating, plenty of raw fucking, and of course they blow their loads all over each other. There's cum gobbling, too, but not in every scene. And it goes without saying that the men don't use condoms – all the action is bareback. While there aren't many solo jack-off sessions, you will find a few.

There's a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions with men fucking in bedrooms, living rooms, hotel rooms and by the pool. The site regularly films scenes with men in leather gear like harnesses and jockstraps, having sex in playrooms with a sling, a St. Andrew's cross or a fucking bench. There's a series of videos set in the Bear Riders Motorcycle Club where several bears get their asses fucked on their motorcycles, and there's another series featuring guys in puppy play complete with dog masks and tails screwed into their butt holes.

Hairy and Raw currently offers 319 videos and updates weekly. The good news is that the site now offers downloadable videos again in two sizes of MP4 from 1920x1080 to 640x360. Older scenes are only available in one size of 640x360 but in two speeds. You can also stream the videos; the player size varies depends on your screen size. I have a 26-inch monitor and they played as big as 1580x890. The quality is pretty good on the new releases, and they're generally offered in three qualities. Older videos are only offered in two speeds, and I found the quality to be fairly good, so the videos generally fare decently in full-screen mode. The majority of the videos are full scenes, but there are some two-parters here and there. The videos are also mobile compatible.

It's hard to tell exactly how many picture sets are on the site because there's no dedicated photo section. Each video has a set of pictures, but there are also another 136 sets mixed in with the video updates, so I estimate there are 490 galleries. You can find pictures in several ways - each model's page shows all his available videos and galleries; clicking All on the navigation bar will show you all of the videos and photo mixed together in one section; and finally, most episode pages have a video and a picture gallery. Most newer episodes do have pics but the very oldest scenes don't. The newest pictures display at 1800x2400 and the older ones at 1066x1600, but there may be smaller sizes, as well. You view the pics in galleries, and while there are forward and back controls, there's no hands-free slideshows. You can download entire sets in zip files or save them individually.

Members get access to some extras. There are 35 bonus videos from Bareback That Hole, and while this section shows weekly updates, the Bareback That Hole section doesn't grow; rather videos are rotated out so there are always 35 scenes. Members also get access to the feed versions of 14 sites also operated by this company, and each offers 12 videos. I don't know if these are changed or updated or whether it's a static offering. But the good news is that the videos generally play in the same large player, and five of the 12 bonus sites feature masculine hairy men.

There are a few issues. The price of the yearly membership is only shown by its monthly average; the full price isn't given on either the join page or the billing page. You can only navigate three pages back or forward at a time, which can be inconvenient, and it's frustrating that the standalone picture sets are mixed in with the video updates. I was also disappointed that while there is a model index, the models' individual pages have no profiles or info, just links to their pics and videos, so we don't get to learn more about them.

One last issue arises; the marketing company who runs Hairy and Raw also manages a number of other sites and there's quite a lot of content sharing between these half dozen sites. So it's possible that you may have seen some of the Hairy and Raw scenes on other sites.

If you like hairy men, bears and cubs, and sexy daddies, you'll already know that the pickings are slim out there in Pornland, so Hairy and Raw is a good place to satisfy your cravings for bears, big men and bareback sex. The site has grown quite a lot since it opened seven years ago, and they're still adding a scene every week. Adding in the bonus content from Bareback That Hole, there's 354 videos, so you'll have plenty to watch, and don't forget about those 12 feeds, many of which also feature bareback fucking and hairy men. Hairy and Raw is a fun and dirty site and I'm thrilled that they're letting us download the videos again. I'm sure these hairy men and bears will turn you on.

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