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I have good news about Southern Strokes - after a several-year break in production, the site started filming new content again in the early spring of 2018. This site launched in 2008 from the rural United States and filmed Southern first-timers stroking their cocks on camera and exploring guy-on-guy sex. For a long while the site was recycling old content after it stopped filming, but after it was purchased by a new company a year or so ago, we started seeing movement again. First there was a redesign, then the announcement that they were filming new scenes again. So let's get inside and see what's going on with this previous fan favorite.

On the original Southern Strokes, the guys range from 18 to their late twenties. They're mostly amateur jocks with great physiques from slender and athletic to ripped and muscular, and you can expect plenty of good-looking guys. They're at the prime of their sexuality, oozing with horniness and testosterone and willing to explore their urges. The majority of the guys are true amateurs, and some of them got their starts here and went on to have successful careers in the industry.

The performers in the original part of the site are a mix of straight, gay and bi-curious, and many of them truly are having their first guy-on-guy sexual experiences. Each solo video opens with a short interview that lets us meet the guys and hear a little about how they came to be filming at Southern Strokes. One of my favorites is Connor, a stocky, blond 21 year-old who just had his first sexual experience with a guy six months before he made his video. He was going to school and plans to become a doctor. He was at a party, got a little drunk and ended up relaxing on a bed with another guy. He says they kind of just looked at each other and it happened. They started kissing, then they swapped blowjobs and shot their loads.

At the end of March 2018, Southern Strokes released their first new scene since the new owners took over. It's a jack-off session with a handsome bearded guy named Jackson Reed. He's got a gorgeous ripped body, a bit of ink, and he jacked his dick indoors after teasing us poolside. Since then, they've added seven more new scenes - one jack-off and the rest are hardcore duos. Not exactly porn stars, but not new either; I saw Declan Moore, Grayson Lange, Seth Knight and Aiden Ward in the line-up. The newest scenes are all bareback whereas the older scenes were filmed with condoms. The site also mixes in bonus content from another site, which is also bareback, but more about that in a bit.

Throughout the site you'll find guys kissing and touching before they move into sucking each other's cocks, doing some rimming, and fucking in a variety of positions before they cum. Many of the older scenes featured real straight guys in their first gay sexual experiences, so sometimes they were mostly being serviced, but other times they were doing it all full force. Either way, the action didn't feel faked to me, and it's always hot to see guys who are really turned on. The newer scenes have dropped the straight-guy and Southerner motifs and are largely bringing us guys sucking and fucking in locker rooms.

There are 420 videos at Southern Strokes and they're offered to download in MP4 format. And by the way, this is more good news because for a while before out last review the site offered only streaming, so it's great that downloadable video is back. The newer scenes are available to download in three sizes -- 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360 -- while older ones come in two sizes at 640x360 and 960x540. These are amateur productions with good sound and lighting. You can also stream the videos in two speeds, but newer ones offer three, and they played for me at 1166x656. They played well and most had good picture quality, although the oldest ones aren't as crisp. There's also a full-screen option and most of the scenes fare okay, although the newest ones are quite good.

Each episode also comes with a set of pictures. Most of these offer good amateur quality digital stills that are shown in galleries on the same pages as their corresponding videos. Most of the pictures are sized at 960x640 and show off the guys and the action well. I believe pictures for the newest scenes are good-quality screencaps sized at 2400x1600. You can save the pictures individually and there are downloadable zip files, too. There's no slideshows here, but there are forward and back controls on the viewer.

Members do get some extras. Southern Strokes includes 57 videos from a European site called Twinks in Shorts, which features most guys with athletic bodies in bareback suck and fuck action preceding an erotic massage. Your membership also includes the feed versions of 12 bonus sites from this company's network of sites and each offers you 12 videos, so that gives you another 144 videos to watch.

Every site has issues. There's no way to tell if the yearly membership recurs as it doesn't mention this on the join page, billing page or the site terms. While the site has added downloadable videos again, they increased the monthly membership option by $10, but they lowered the quarterly one by $10. You may also encounter a pop-up on the join page asking you why you haven't joined. Now that they're filming new content, gone is the issues of recycling old content. And the site has been updating this way since the beginning of April 2018. Be aware, however, that they mix in the Twinks in Shorts bonus scenes with their own videos, so while they appear to be adding two new scenes every week, one is a new original production and the other is a bonus video.

One last point is that Southern Strokes used to be unique in featuring solely guys from the Southern United States. The new productions, however, may feature the odd Southerner but most of the guys aren't Southern. The site's new direction is America guys in athletic situations like locker room sex or poolside, and the performers tend to be more porn regulars rather than amateurs and first-timers like before, so it's almost like this is two different sites; the original site with good-looking Southern amateurs and the new version, which is pretty much a hardcore gay site.

It's great that Southern Strokes has started producing new content again, and they've brought back downloads after a long while of offering streaming only, so the year ahead looks promising. The site always delivered hot and horny amateur guys and I like that a lot, however the newer scenes feature more familiar faces and less amateurs. While the site's direction is changing, most of those original Southern guys were the real deal, and many truly had their first gay sex on camera. You can expect to find lots of good-looking guys with sexy athletic bodies in the over 400 videos. I highly recommend Southern Strokes - I love the real Southern amateurs in the original 400 videos, and with new scenes rolling out weekly, there's even more reason to take another look.

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