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Bear Films is the quintessential bear site packed with big hairy men. Most so-called bear sites feature guys who aren't the real thing, but Bear Films gives us authentic bears, cute cubs and daddies. Bear Films is an entire production company dedicated to creating their own hot bear videos and DVDs, and they've been doing it for over a decade. We hear there have been some changes since we last reviewed this site, so let's head back and take a fresh look.

You simply won't find a hotter collection of gay bears anywhere else on the web. The men come in all shapes and sizes from 160-pound otters with furry chests and backs to big-bellied bears. There are cute and cuddly cubs, silver-haired daddies, muscle bears - every kind of bear man imaginable -- and even some chasers, men who aren't bears themselves but who love them. Most of the performers have body hair, some plenty of it; you'll find lots of guys with beards, tattoos and some with pieced cocks; there are also bald men, lots of furry chests and backs, and both smooth and hairy butts. And you'll also find some chubs who aren't particularly hairy plus furry porn stars including some hot daddies like Ray Stone, Alessio Romero and Brad Kalvo.

The action is hot because these are real men who really love sex; they're not just doing this for a paycheck. These hairy men suck and fuck in mostly duos, but there are are a decent amount of threesomes and a few gangbangs with up to five or six men. A lot of the sex takes place in hotel rooms, houses and condos, but Bear Films shoots in California, so there's plenty of outdoor sucking and fucking in backyards, on the lawn, by the pool or at the camp ground. Kissing, sucking, rimming, stroking, and fucking - these bears and hairy men do it all; there's even a few videos featuring some BDSM action.

Bear Films now offer 540 videos in MP4 format, and the big news is downloadable videos are back. The newer downloadable videos are sized at 1920x1080 plus two smaller sizes (good for most mobiles) at good amateur quality or better, while older vids are sized at 640x480 plus one smaller size and look good at their original size but don't enlarge too well. Streaming vids are shown in a player sized at 1378x776, and while the newer videos look good at that size, the older (remember they're only 640x480) lose a very noticeable amount of quality when stretched to fit the player. Bear Films sells a line of DVDs and many of the movies in their member area come from these, but there are also videos that are exclusive to the site.

The site also offers 1,711 picture sets. Many are from the 841 models listed, and many of the newer videos also come with sets of good amateur quality digital stills. The rest are action shoots taken in the classic days of the site, and while the picture section is gone, if you type "Photos" in the search box, it will list every single pic set. The photos are digital stills, the newer sized at 1976x2400 at good amateur quality, the older at a still decent size of 768x1024 at pretty good amateur quality also; the oldest are smaller. Each picture set can be downloaded in a zip file or you can save only the pics you want, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrows to the left and right of each photo.

Full members get access to some extras. First is something new; a collection of videos from AlphaMale Fuckers offered in the same sizes as the site's Bear Films' own videos and also including downloads. There are 36 videos, and the collection updates weekly. There are also 14 feeds that are actually the feed versions of sites from the company that runs Bear Films, and all but one I checked offer 12 videos each. The videos are streaming-only, and there are no dates so I can't tell if the feeds update. The sites range in model type; you'll find hairy men, masculine men and daddies as well as some twinks and Euro guys. Oddly one of the feeds is from AlphaMale Fuckers, but the videos are different than the ones in the collection already mentioned.

Although the site has addressed some of its previous issues, there are still some downsides. The yearly membership price is only listed as "$8.33/month"; the full price isn't listed anywhere, but it should be $99.96 or within a few cents. There's a pop-up on the join page, but it's easy to close. There are a couple large watermarks on the oldest model photos. And as already mentioned, it makes no sense to display the older videos in such a large player as it makes them appear lower in quality.

Navigation has some issues. First off, you can only navigate three pages forward or back at a time, and the newer solo picture sets are as separate udpates when browsing the content. There's rows of fairly unrelated stuff underneath each episode, gallery page and on the model pages, where I found it to be the most annoying as it looks at a glance like more of the model's videos. The model's own videos are in a little strip showing only three at a time, a pain if the guy has 10 or more videos, and there are a couple banner ads below them.

One last thing that bothers me is that the things that gave Bear Films its personality are gone. The events section is gone, which is disappointing since seeing the community of bear events from around the world made this site stand out. The stories have been gone for some time, and now the model info is gone, as well. While I like the full HD videos for the newer scenes, I miss the days when you could not only learn all about the models but could email them, as well.

Despite some missteps, Bear Films delivers some of the hottest real bears on the web in sweaty hardcore action plus some smoking solo jerkoff sessions. If you're looking for big hairy men, this is the place to find them in 540 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. There are also over 1,700 photo sets, and a new video and pic set are added every week. I loved the wide variety of men here from trim otters to bears with huge bellies and everything in between. If you are looking for real amateur bears (as well as some woofy porn stars) and more hairy men in all their natural and unshaven glory, get yourself over to Bear Films - you'll be glad you did!

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