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Since the late '80s Kristen Bjorn has been bringing us gorgeous, hunky men from around the world. In fact, at a time when most gay porn was an American affair, Kristen Bjorn took us onto the international scene. It's been two years since our last review; there's been a site overhaul and they have dropped DRM protection, so there's lots to talk about.

Kristen Bjorn is packed with handsome European hunks who at the very least are sporting gym-fit bodies, but the best are very well-sculpted and ripped. Among the population of Spaniards, Italians and Eastern Europeans, there's a heavy population of Brazilian men. But really Kristen Bjorn gives a selection of men from everywhere: U.S., Canada, Britain, I even saw some men from Azerbaijan and Israel. And if you're a foreskin fan, this is uncut cock heaven.

Kristen Bjorn's DVDs are well known for their exotic locations with titles like Strangers in Prague, Amazon Adventure, Hungary for Men and Caribbean Beat. The performers suck and fuck in finely-appointed condos, estates and hotel suites; and also in barns, warehouses, country homes, gyms and there's lots of outdoor sex, as well. Kristen Bjorn is king of the perfectly choreographed group scene featuring three or four men, sometimes as many as a dozen. BTW, years ago Kristen Bjorn DVDs were the first time I saw hands-free cumshots (a lot of them).

There's plenty of passionate kissing, cock sucking, rimming and fucking in any position you can imagine, but the Kristen Bjorn sex scene is not only about men having a hot time, but showing off their muscular bodies. You'll drool over ripped abs and bubble butts as much as deep-throat blowjobs and hard ass pounding.

There are 7 video categories on the site: Exclusive Premieres, Casting Couch, Sex Men, Makin' it, Lovers Lane, Movie Scenes and Reality Porn. The tour says there are 900+ videos; I only counted 858, but with so many sections, it's not hard to miscount. Let's talk about the various sections. Exclusive Premieres give members a first look at Kristen Bjorn's latest movie before it's DVD or VOD release and they post a new scene every two weeks.

Casting Couch features 323 audition videos to see how well new candidates look and perform on video before they're hired for more lavish and expensive DVD productions. Don't let the name fool you, these are not grainy testing reels, but full-on productions in intimate home settings and usually featuring a newcomer with an established performer. There's a new Casting Couch episode every week. The Sex Men section features scenes from the studio's latest bareback videos. Lover's Lane is the other with 19 videos filming real-life lovers.

Makin' It gives us 226 behind-the-scenes videos of photo sessions, warm-ups, rehearsals, and other inside looks at porn production. Movie Scenes has 269 videos taken from past Kristen Bjorn DVDs. They used to rotate movies in and out of this section, I don't know if they still do. Finally, there's a small section of 6 videos called Reality Porn. I'm not sure about the name because they're just porn videos with a bit of a story, like a guy borrowing sugar from a neighbor and ending up in bed with him.

The videos are downloadable, DRM-free and offered in MP4 format in a wide range of sizes. Casting Couch movies come at 960x540, but the latest three episodes are also offered in three additional sizes. I don't know if this is something new the site is rolling out or a limited offering on newest releases. The Sex Men videos display at 960x540, Makin' It at 720x530, Lover's Lane at 960x540 and Movie Scenes at 640x480. The quality of each scene depends on the age of the film, but even the oldest videos are still quite watchable. All the videos can be streamed at 760x580 (older) or 1000x580 (newer) in an embedded player. There's also an option to view them at a smaller size and in full screen. For these latter videos, the quality is often quite good, but older movies can suffer a noticeable loss of quality.

Most of the videos come with photo galleries featuring high-quality glamour shots of the models and hardcore action in both digital stills and screencaps format. But there's also a separate Galleries section offering Solo Model Layouts and Group Model Layouts (both carefully posed and beautifully-lit digital stills), Movie Stills (action shots in fixed format) and Behind the Scenes (candid and unposed). The pictures come in too many different sizes to cover - everything from 400x600 to 850x1280 - but what's important is that they now offer slideshows and downloadable zip files.

There are also 556 model pages, which seems to be restricted to those men who have appeared on a DVD. There are some briefs stats - height, weight, dick size, nationality, and sexual position - and a listing of his DVD appearances. There's a member's forum where you can make suggestions or ask questions and Kristen Bjorn actually responds. There are also written interviews with 63 of the models.

My only issue with Kristen Bjorn is that members are limited to 3 video downloads per day, although they do get unlimited streaming. The biggest gripe that we had with this site in the past was their persistent use of DRM, but that's now history. The only other problem that I have with Kristen Bjorn is the lack of consistency. But when a company has been producing content for decades, I'd be surprised if I didn't see different picture and video sizes. I don't know how often the site updates because the episodes aren't dated, but the site says it offers "multiple weekly updates", and I do see updates in my mailbox every week.

Kristen Bjorn's men have been among my favorites in gay porn. I love European men and uncut cock, so I'm really at home here. And while there's nothing wrong with American porn, it's nice to jump over to Europe and see some fresh faces (or new to me). These muscle hunks have beautiful bodies without being too overdone, and many are very masculine. I like the Casting Couch section best because it features a lot of newcomers and the sex is more natural, but pretty much everything at Kristen Bjorn is hot, and the site has added 310 videos in just over 2 years, so they're keeping their promise of multiple weekly updates. With over 850 videos, including brand new scenes and ones from a decade ago, there's lots to entertain you and keep you turned on.

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