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For over three decades, Falcon Studios has been entertaining gay men with erotic hardcore videos and hot men, and this site brings their eight DVD brands - Falcon, Mustang, Jocks, Falcon International, Str8Men, Falcon Edge and their newest line called Guys Like Us (a joint project between Falcon and Raging Stallion) - together in one massive site. Falcon's models have always been the cream of the crop, and they consistently set the standards and trends in the gay porn industry.

A few years ago Falcon Studios merged with Raging Stallion Studios, and while each runs their own separate site, they do share Guys Like Us studios, a DVD store and a blog. During the summer of 2014, they acquired Hot House Entertainment, and shortly thereafter Falcon Studios Group emerged as the company managing all three studios. While for a time the sites shared some content, the good news for Falcon purists is that that no longer seems to be the case.

It's difficult to describe the men at Falcon because the studio has been around for over 30 years. That means they've gone through various phases regarding what's hot: blonds, mustaches, big bubble butts, slender and ripped guys or beefcake and chiseled hunks, and there have been plenty of both furry and smooth guys. You'll also find muscle men, beach bums, surfers, cowboys, leather dudes, daddies, pretty boys, masculine hunks, and I could go on and on. Falcon has featured the hottest and biggest names in the adult industry and continues introducing us to sexy new hunks.

Generally speaking, the men at Falcon Studios range throughout their twenties and thirties, but not every guy looks like he spends four hours a day in the gym. Some of the guys are slender with athletic or well-defined bodies, others are built and beefier with more muscle. Beyond that, there's just too much variety to give a detailed and precise description, and like I said, it varies from year to year and across over three decades.

Likewise, Falcon offers a wide variety of sex. About the only things you won't find here are hardcore BDSM and watersports, and there's no bareback sex here except for the videos Falcon produced before the era of safer sex, which are called pre-condom classics. But you'll find horny men sucking and fucking everywhere - bedrooms, hotels, warehouses, locker rooms and showers; indoors and outdoors; in barns, ski chalets, factories, offices - and the men have sex in duos, trios, fourgies and groups with plenty of rimming, cock sucking and hot sweaty fucking.

Falcon Studios offers 2632 videos, which are full scenes from 734 DVDs, and the site adds new videos three times each week. I hate continuing to mention Falcon's 30+ years of filming, but it's important to realize that there's quite a difference in quality over the years - some of the early videos were even filmed in black and white and the older vids were shot on film. The videos themselves play in an embedded player and range in size from 720x480 for older releases with 3 or 4 quality levels to 960x550 on newer videos with up to 7 quality levels including what they say is full HD. The site uses a full streaming server, so fast forwarding or jumping around the scenes is pretty seamless. The DRM-free videos play smoothly, but they aren't available for download. The smaller videos, however, should be compatible with newer mobiles.

You can sort the videos by the various brands, i.e. Falcon, Mustang, etc., or you can sort them by latest, popular or top rated. You can also use the category drop-down menu to find specific things like double penetration, auto fellatio, group sex, facials, dildos or types of men like bodybuilders, black men, Latinos or hairy guys. You can also head into the Models section and see all 2083 Falcon men.

There are also 3345 galleries offering anywhere from one photo to 20 or so. The photo sizes vary depending on the age of the content; the newest are the biggest at 1280x1920, and the oldest pictures can be as small as 474x690. While most of the pictures are production stills or glamour shots, i.e. guys posing or simulating sex, you will also find some screencaps mixed in, and some of those are in black and white. And keep in mind that the older pictures were shot on film and converted to digital; with that in mind, I think the older pics are pretty good.

There are a few issues worth mentioning. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for a recurring trial to another site; if you don't cancel it, you'll be billed monthly, but it's easy enough to deselect the offer if you don't want it. Trial memberships give only limited access to the site's content. When joining the site, you are automatically signed up to receive emails, and you can't opt out till after you join. When exiting from the billing page to the join page, you may get a pop-up, but it's pretty easy to close.

Falcon Studios continues to produce new DVDs every month, and they're still giving members three weekly updates on top of the over 2600 videos already on the site. To be specific, the site offers full members 2632 videos from 734 DVDs, 3345 picture sets and over 2000 of the hottest hunks anywhere from over 30 years of gay porn. You could jack off three times a day and watch a new scene each time, and it would still take you over two years to stroke your way through the entire Falcon catalog. And that's a damned good deal.

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