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Titan Men has been around since the time when we watched our gay porn on VHS video cassettes, and they have launched the porn careers of hundreds of men, many whom soared to superstar status like Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, and Damien Crosse, plus newer hunks including Hunter Marx, Jesse Jackman, and Anthony London. Today, Titan Men has 212 DVDs in their collection with a staggering 1,011 mouthwatering men featured on their site. It's been over a year since we last looked at Titan Men, so it's time to take a look and see what's new.

Titan Men found its way into gay porn fans' hearts by featuring hot, muscular and often hairy men at a time when most porn performers shaved just about everything to land contracts with the big studios. And while masculine hunks with furry bodies and facial hair are still one of Titan's mainstays, you'll also find plenty of smooth men. One thing's for certain though - if you're going to film with Titan, you've got to have a rock-hard body. The men on the site range from their twenties to forties, and there are plenty with big dicks - Jesse Jackman's legendary, heavy-hanging dick should have it's own area code! The studio also went through a period a few years ago where they filmed younger European jocks in their early twenties under the Titan Men Fresh line. And Titan constantly brings us new faces and a wide variety of models - not just hairy men and daddies, but jocks, muscle hunks, black studs, and Latin men.

As far as the action goes, Titan has pretty much done it all. If there's a place you can dream of having sex, they've probably filmed it there - warehouses, garages and workshops; washrooms, bars and backrooms; gyms and locker rooms; kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. And they film their men outdoors - at the beach, on the farm, in the country - you name it. Sometimes a couple of guys are just fucking, sometimes they're playing soldier, cop, football player, cowboy, leather man, or prison guard. And the action is pretty much what you'd expect with lots of kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking, and cumshots, with the men fucking in duos, threesomes and small groups.

But Titan Men also has a dirtier side. They don't shy away from filming some of the hottest, ball-tingling BDSM scenes that include bondage, corporal punishment, pissing, fisting and assplay in the action, not to mention heaps of kinkier stuff like electro play, flogging, gas masks, hot wax, huge dildos, latex, leather, slings, spitting and sounding. The great thing about Titan is that if you're not into a particular scene, whether it's cowboys or BDSM, there's over 20 years worth of other videos to choose from.

There are 1,655 videos on Titan Men from 212 DVD titles. The site adds one full scene every week, and some of the videos, added as extra updates, are DVD extra material including previews, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, vids taken during photo shoots, cumshot compilations and extra scenes, so there's lots to see, but also no way to get an accurate scene count. All the videos are offered in MP4 format in a streaming player that shows them at 920x520 or 960x720. The newer videos come in five resolutions, including two HD versions while the older releases generally come in three standard resolutions. The streaming is some of the best around, generally smooth with good sound. I was happy with the highest HD videos, and the full-screen mode was quite good in most cases. Also the site has a responsive design that's fast to load even on hand-held devices.

Good news is that Titan Men has now added DRM-free, downloadable videos sized at 640x480 or 848x480 (all the ones I downloaded this time were 640x480), so you can add Titan videos to your computer library. Members can currently download from 4 to 20 videos per month depending on how long they've had their membership.

Titan has negotiated content-sharing agreements with Raging Stallion and a couple of other studios like AYOR. So you'll find new movies from these studios in the mix. One thing that I did like is that you can filter the movies on offer so you view all the videos, only the Titan videos or vids from any of the other studios if you wish.

The site also offers 361 photo sets that are a mix of model glamor shots and screencaps of the action. You can download pictures in three different zip files offering you small (682x1024), medium (853x1280), and large photos, which are shown at 1920x1080 or even larger. There's no slideshow, but I wasn't missing it, and you can download individual pics and navigate from photo to photo. I must admit, however, I was a little surprised that with 20 years of filming behind them Titan Men only has 361 galleries -- frankly, I would have expected thousands.

Titan Men members get access to three more of their sites - Titan Rough, Joe Gage Men, and Titan Fresh, plus there's a link to a live cam where you can chat with live guys for free, but you must pay per minute for action or full nudity. There's also a link to the Titan blog, and while some of it is more aimed at marketing the site to non-members, there's definitely some stuff worth checking out.

One of the things that I didn't like is that all of their videos, whether they're full scenes, trailers or behind-the-scenes videos, are all listed together. Too many times I found myself clicking on what I thought was a full scene only to find out it was a 2-minute preview or a cumshot reel. I'd prefer to have the full scenes and extras separated into different sections. And while the site does update weekly, there are no dates shown.

One last thing. I was excited when I heard that Titan is now giving members download access to their videos, and I'm pretty happy with the size and quality now that I've downloaded them. So I feel a bit churlish complaining, but it's worth mentioning that members can only download up to 20 videos per month - new members can only download 4 - and you have to keep your membership active for a year to reach that many monthly downloads.

Titan Men has been producing high-quality gay porn for 20 years, and they're one of the cornerstone studios of the industry. Men don't get much hotter than the masculine hunks, studs and daddies here. And most gay porn performers, whether they're fucking on DVD or on a website, are probably over the moon when Titan Men calls because it means they're among the best of the best. There's a lot of video in this site running from romantic bedroom suck and fuck action to dungeon gangbangs and everything in between. Whether you're looking for deep dick sucking or hard ass-pounding action, or something a little different like a cop bending over a speeder on the side of the highway, or something kinkier like piss play or fisting, Titan Men delivers. The videos stream well or can be downloaded, the photos look good, and the site adds something every week - a full scene plus some DVD extras. One thing for sure - it's going to take you a long time to get through Titan Men's huge library of videos.

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