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Kristen Bjorn is a well-known gay porn director. He made his first movie in 1989 and he's been bringing us the hottest European and South American hunks he can find. But every porn performer has to start somewhere, and usually with an audition reel. KB Castings features audition videos where newcomers are usually paired up with experienced performers. And don't let the name fool you, these aren't slapped-together quickies.

The men on KB Castings are mostly in their twenties and thirties, and they're a mix of established gay porn performers and newcomers or lesser-known porn regulars. Most are European with the majority coming from Spain, but there are some French, British, German and Czech men, as well as 20 black men and a few dozen South American men. Kristen Bjorn tends to favor smooth men, but doesn't shy away from hairy ones or men wearing face scruff. While some of the men have slender, athletic bodies (with and without tattoos), most are sporting well-defined to muscular gym bodies. And of course there are lots of uncut cocks.

While "casting couch" is often a euphemism for "let the director fuck you and you've got the part," the action here is between men wanting to perform in porn videos. The site says that these "interviews" are usually between an established performer and a newcomer, but this isn't always the case. There are plenty of scenes between known performers to see if they have what Kristen Bjorn is looking for.

The men explore the whole menu from kissing and touching to sucking and fucking. These are generally simple sessions in a condo, house or hotel suite that don't often involve elaborate sets, and when the scenes open, the men generally get right to it. These are largely duos, but there are over a dozen threeways. The Casting Couch videos feature condom sex, but the site has imported 19 videos from Kristen Bjorn's Lover's Lane series with real-life couples in bareback action.

There are 346 videos in the member area, and 321 of them fall under Casting Couch section. These are streaming videos in MP4 format and play at 990x550. The picture quality is good to very good and the site has blazing fast servers so that fast forwarding isn't an issue. KB Castings also has 19 Lover's Lane (real-life lovers barebacking) videos, 6 Reality Porn (real-life encounters) and 9 scenes from Kristen Bjorn's latest DVDs.

The scenes aren't dated here, but I do get an email every week with a new Casting Couch video, so I'm pretty confident in saying the KB Castings updates weekly, and sometimes there's a video from one of the other sections, too.

Each episode has a gallery of photos with between 20 and 30 digital stills that display at 853x1280. You can view them online in thumbnail galleries, but there's no slideshow. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file.

KB Castings is a pared-down version of Kristen Bjorn's main site, which features over 900 scenes. KB Castings offers the same Casting Couch videos that you'll find on Kristen Bjorn. Currently KB Castings offers two of Kristen Bjorn's latest DVDs, but I'm not sure if they offer a limited number and swap these in and out or whether they'll continue to add to this section. We'll check back in a few weeks and let you know. There's also a Models section where you'll find 123 men with stats and links to their scenes, but this isn't a complete listing of every performer on the site.

There wasn't much I didn't like about KB Castings. Some will miss the lack of downloadable videos, but the site's streaming servers are robust, so I didn't encounter buffering or playback issues. There are links on the navbar leading to other Kristen Bjorn sites, but these aren't included in your membership. And if you hit your browser's back button from the join page, you may get a pop-up console.

Kristen Bjorn has always featured beautiful men in their videos and KB Castings is a good way of seeing up-and-coming performers and some of your favorites. And many of these Casting Couch men have gone on to become big names in the business; in fact, the member area does have a Famous First Timers section where they highlight the Casting Couch videos of some of their bigger stars like Harry Louis, Lucio Saints, Diesel O'Green and Jean Franko. I'm a hound for Spanish men and foreskin, so I'm pretty turned on by the offering of hunks here. KB Castings doesn't bog you down with a lot of extras and stuff you don't want, just horny and steamy sex between sexy men.

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