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I'm a 20 something Aussie guy who loves speedos. I like guys and girls but these days I'm having a lot more fun with guys in speedos. I'm a webmaster running www.SpeedoFetish.com and I write the blog www.AussieSpeedoGuy.org.

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Twink Blows me at the Public Pool

2 Apr 2024 1838 readers comments 5 Min Read

Followed a cute young gay couple in to the change rooms at the local pool and received a fantastic blowjob.

Topics: Public Sex, Twink, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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Two Aussie Blokes, Watching Footy in Speedos

21 Mar 2024 1773 readers comments 4 Min Read

Sunday afternoon hanging out with my str8 landlord watching footy. With his wife being away, and him having a 4 day load, things got pretty naughty.

Topics: Straight Men, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Married

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Public Beach Blowjob 3some

11 Mar 2024 1454 readers comments 5 Min Read

I'm horny, hungover and wearing a pair of white speedos at the beach. The older gay couple just down the beach wave me over and our oral threesome gets a hurry along as we nearly get caught.

Topics: Public Sex, Threesome, Outdoor, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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My Little Slut Boyfriend

10 Oct 2023 4460 readers comments 5 Min Read

First trip back to Vegas since COVID and my 22yo boyfriend wastes no time blowing my straight work colleague. What's done in Vegas....

Topics: Straight Men, Threesome, Slut, Boyfriends

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My First Threesome

25 Aug 2023 4223 readers comments 3 Min Read

My girlfriend lets it slip that she finds one of my snowboarding mates hot. This leads to us inviting my mate to join us in the sauna for our first threesome experience.

Topics: Threesome, Bisexual, Oral & Blowjobs

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Dad gets a Holiday Release

22 Jul 2023 7303 readers comments 11 Min Read

A week with the family drives this mid 40's Dad to get on Grindr and find a hookup. He blows his load in my mouth, then I ride him and he ended up bending me over and fucking my again!!!!

Topics: Anal Sex, Daddy, Oral & Blowjobs, Hookups & Dates, Speedos, Married, Grindr

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Holiday Threesome with a Married Couple

30 Apr 2023 3843 readers comments 5 Min Read

I love threesomes and I love bisexual threesomes even more. This experience happened to me a few years ago and remembering the husband being forced to swallow my cum is something remember fondly.

Topics: Threesome, Bisexual, Oral & Blowjobs, Husband

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My New Team Mates Cum On Me

22 Mar 2023 5825 readers comments 5 Min Read

My initiation in to my new Waterpolo team was hotter than I could have ever dreamed. My team mates all came on me and then Coached fucked me hard in the showers.

Topics: Anal Sex, Group Sex, Shower, Humiliation, Coach, Cum, Bareback, Sportsmen, Speedos, Bukkake

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Blowing My Footy Captain

19 Nov 2022 6242 readers comments 8 Min Read

Post game spa results in me sucking off my very straight footy Captain.

Topics: Straight Men, Coach, Cum, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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Sexual Tension at the Pool

15 Oct 2022 2966 readers comments 5 Min Read

I caught him checking me out, then he swum beside me for 250m. He seems straight but maybe he isn't?

Topics: Underwear, True Story

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Fucked with an Audience

11 Aug 2022 3871 readers comments 5 Min Read

A beautiful Sunday afternoon boating on Sydney Harbour results in me being blown, and then fucked on the fore deck with at least 100 blokes watching.

Topics: Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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Fucking Ian, then Fucked by his Brother

29 Jun 2022 4495 readers comments 5 Min Read

My friends introduced me to their two sons. I had already fooled around with one of them, a few hours later I fucked the other one when he outted me as being Aussie Speedo Guy.

Topics: Anal Sex, Beach, Sex, Speedos

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My Four Man Massage

27 May 2022 2155 readers comments 12 Min Read

I was invited to check out a men's massage retreat. To start I was massaged (and blown) by four guys, of course I returned the favour in the hottub later that night.

Topics: Group Sex, First Time, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Lycra

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Beer and Blowjob at the Beach

20 Apr 2022 2439 readers comments 4 Min Read

Eddie surprised me when he offered me a blowjob at the beach. He was recently divorced and I had no idea he had any gay habits. Maybe two blokes having a beer wearing nothing but speedos brought it out of him.

Topics: Straight Men, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Lycra

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Sucking Cock with my new Girlfriend

5 Mar 2022 3790 readers comments 9 Min Read

I wasn't sure how to bring up my bisexuality to my new girlfriend, it just happened after a night in the hottub when we asked a guy to join us for a threesome.

Topics: Threesome, First Time, Bisexual, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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Blowing a Beautiful Straight Guy

18 Feb 2022 6131 readers comments 4 Min Read

I was horny all day Friday and when I got an offer to blow a super hot straight guy, I was happy to get on my knees.

Topics: Straight Men, Oral & Blowjobs, Hookups & Dates, Speedos, Lycra, Grindr

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Caught Fucking Myself with a Banana

9 Feb 2022 4035 readers comments 3 Min Read

Couple of horny teenagers are exploring their gay side and end up black mailing each other in to doing some very gay things.

Topics: First Time, Friends, Twink, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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Gay Things Done in Vegas

20 Dec 2021 3284 readers comments 5 Min Read

My straight, married, work colleague get the best blowjob of his life from my twenty year old boyfriend. What a start to our first work Vegas trip since COVID.

Topics: Threesome, First Time, Daddy, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Married, Mature Men

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Random Older Speedo Bloke Blows Me

24 Nov 2021 1654 readers comments 4 Min Read

Ducking down to the beach for a quick swim, I noticed this older guy checking me out in my little black speedo. A wink and a cheeky smile was my invitation for him to come up to the house and to my surprise he did.

Topics: Daddy, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Stranger

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Bare Backed by my Straight Landlord

28 Oct 2021 11350 readers comments 5 Min Read

My Landlord chased me up the stairs to my apartment ripping my towel off. When we got in to the shower he told me he had fucked his wife this morning and he was now going to fuck my brains out. He was so horny and slammed me against the shower wall before I could get a condom. That was the first time I felt cum ooze out of my well fucked arsehole.

Topics: Anal Sex, Bareback, Speedos, Married, Landlord, Fucking

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Jerking Off Before Swim Training

9 Oct 2021 4010 readers comments 8 Min Read

The 18yo Lifeguard tells me how he gets ready for swim training. One can't go getting an erection in those tiny speedos in public.

Topics: Masturbation, Coach, High School, Twink, Speedos, Lifeguard, Lycra

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Alex's First Threesome

17 Sep 2021 4437 readers comments 8 Min Read

Alex is new to gay sex and he is just starting to explore all those sexual fantasies he has had over the years. A threesome was high on his sexual bucket list and I lined it up at the nude beach one Friday afternoon.

Topics: Anal Sex, Group Sex, Threesome, First Time, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos

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My Devil's Threesome in Reno

2 Sep 2021 1849 readers comments 6 Min Read

I thought I was in for my first ever two girl threesome when I was interrupted by a couple who had something more fun to offer.

Topics: Group Sex, Voyeurism, Threesome, Bisexual, Hookups & Dates

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Covered in 5 Loads of Cum

25 Aug 2021 3611 readers comments 9 Min Read

Afternoon at the beach in my pink speedo ends with me covered in cum after blowing four guys.

Topics: Group Sex, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Facial, Bukkake

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My Orgy with Two 20yo's and Two 50yo's

12 Aug 2021 1683 readers comments 6 Min Read

I have a diverse age range of fuck buddies and on Sunday night I invited all of them over for a group session. There were two twenty year old guys, two fifty year old guys and myself... in the middle.

Topics: Anal Sex, Dildo, Group Sex, Daddy, Age Difference, Married, Orgy

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Lifeguard Blows His Mate, and Me

1 Aug 2021 4597 readers comments 3 Min Read

Drying myself off at the pool I notice the lifeguard and a really cute young guy head in to the locker rooms together. I thought I'd investigate and it was just what I expected.

Topics: Public Sex, Threesome, Bathroom, Oral & Blowjobs, Speedos, Lifeguard

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Sneaky Nightclub Threesome

16 Jul 2021 2219 readers comments 9 Min Read

A horny night in the city with two guys I met online. Somehow the three of us managed to suck and fuck each other in the nightclub.

Topics: Public Sex, Threesome, Clubs & Darkrooms, Oral & Blowjobs

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Married Guy Enjoys Free Blowjobs at the Beach

6 Jul 2021 2050 readers comments 7 Min Read

Taking my older fuck buddy to the beach where random guys hookup and blow each other. Everyone involved sucked some cock and was covered in cum.

Topics: Public Sex, Straight Men, Group Sex, Daddy, Beach, Oral & Blowjobs, Anonymous, Married, Facial

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Caught Masturbating at the Pool

2 Jul 2021 4873 readers comments 4 Min Read

This is the second time I was caught masturbating in the locker rooms at my local pool. Can you imagine walking in on two hot young Aussie guys, both wear red speedos and one on his knees with the other guys cock in his mouth?

Topics: Public Sex, Locker Room, Cum, True Story, Speedos

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Taking the Married Guy's Anal Virginity

21 Jun 2021 3163 readers comments 5 Min Read

My older, married, fuck buddy was so horny he invited me to fuck him for the first time. He took 'just the tip' but he liked it and will want more of my manhood inside him coming up this weekend.

Topics: Anal Sex, Straight Men, First Time, Virgin, Married