• All Sticky and Slimy in His Slit

    His cherry was so tight I just had to jack off in his slit. He had such a lovely deep smooth cleft between his buns.

  • An Awkward Seduction

    Scheming with different scenarios he let the fantasy of seducing Dewayne play out in his mind over and over.

  • Ash (ASH)

    "Are you better, now?" the person asks as he feels the coal ash covered and calloused hand grip his dangling cock, from behind, smearing the ashy chalkiness, shaking the last vestiges of yellow liquid from its limpness, while feeling, another hand, roughly cup and angrily squeeze, the soft bubble-like roundness of his ass.

  • Awareness

    Three guys who were friends since their youth find they do not know everything about each other.

  • Awareness 2

    For two old friends there is a new path but for one it is confusion and fear.

  • Awareness 3

    the story continues... He scanned the parking lot as he drove in fearful of seeing Eli or Hunter waiting for him and relieved when the complex was its normal Saturday night.

  • Backyard Romance

    Jake had shown up without his shirt, and sweat had been glistening on the golden skin. Now, he wasn't sweating, but the naked upper torso was still a delight to behold.

  • Beach Wrecked

    Hunky gay lifeguard plays the beach field.

  • Big Valley: A Lost Episode (BV)

    a different kind of tale of the Barkley men that was not revealed when the iconic television show aired back in the late 1960s...the show is already in progress, so enjoy...surprises await...(and completely fabricated)...

  • Billie Bob

    I was in rural Tennessee when I ran out of gas. It was very rural, even backwoodsy; a place where you probably didn't want to be stranded after dark. It was high noon and hot. I'd turned off the highway at a truck stop and headed into the hill country and I'd misjudged the distance.

  • Boat Ride

    He couldn't take it any longer, and pulled his face back, and as he did, he jammed his index finger deep into the moist hole of his friend. He felt him jump, felt his body surround his finger as he plunged it in deeper, twisting it from side to side as he fingered him hard.

  • Boys of Summer

    Home from their first year away at college, they gathered at the old pond as the long days of summer were upon them.

  • Boys will be boys

    Robbie found them in the barn, doing those things he fantasized about but was afraid to act upon.

  • Break down

    A hot sultry summer day on the farm, with one farm boy stopping to help his neighbor.

  • Bruno gets a Top to Bottom Job

    Every time he tried to struggle his buttocks parted a bit more so I was able to dribble saliva in his open slit and down to his cherry. Billy drove his pink stiffy straight into Bruno's man-cunt.

  • Burnt Up in Ice

    It was freezing outside, my precum pooled there thick on the inside edges of my foreskin a conduit to the cold and it was the sharpest, most precise needle that pushed in from the frozen outside into the inside of me.

  • Confession

    Russell ostracized Dillon, pushed him away and it wasn't the reason he kept telling himself it had been.

  • Confessions

    A young Englishman acquires a farm, a new wife, and a baby that's not his in an unsuccessful bid to escape his past.

  • Confused Cowboy

    In which Jake finds himself

  • Cotton

    This rural place, on the river and the memories it held.

  • Cotton: Closure

    The story continues.

  • Country Boy Seduction

    Since early teenage years I used to enjoy looking at my sexiest schoolmates naked bodies. I did not know why.

  • Country Boy Seduction II

    The boy whom I enjoyed playing and fondling with became my first male lover. He is immortalized in my memory.

  • Country Cousins

    He groaned when I pulled my slick fingers from his hole. I worked Presley's ass a few more licks. Then I pulled out of his hole too. I was nearly bursting with the need to come. I climbed behind the bale over Presley. Martin propping himself up to watch.

  • Country Tryst

    The hot taste of the pre cum making him see lights and weird flashes of dots and other assorted shapes. His mouth opened wide suddenly and the hard throbbing pole was suddenly once more inside the mouth.

  • Cowboy Love

    A young cowboy, spends the night with the man of his dreams

  • Cruising in the Woods

    I decided to try crusing a local park and got more than I wanted.

  • Daddy Bear 3

    It was a good 25 minutes into his walk when he decided to stop and take a break to have his lunch beside the river in a secluded area that hunters know about. He then took of his t-shirt and began to rub sun screen all over his Cub bear body, John has just turn 19 years old in May

  • Deer Camp 1

    Inside I was greeted by an assortment of men of varying ages.The oldest. Ray's Dad, to the youngest, Cole, his nephew.Not everyone was here yet, so it looked to be quite a crowd.End count, 12 men.

  • Deer Camp 2

    With a whimper, Ray dove back onto my dick, capturing my cum in his mouth.My hips bucked into his face, as I emptied my load, into him.I felt him go stiff, than I could feel globs hitting my legs and feet to be washed away by the shower.