• Pirates Tavern

    Something warm and wet touched the outside of my hole and I nearly came as it worked its way into me. The hard cock in my mouth twitched and I felt hot liquid gush down my throat making me choke.

  • Prisoner

    The two powerful black men had immense peckers that Billy could barely get his mouth around, but it would do him little good to scream out because the prison was really run by the gangs and no guard would take a chance getting in the middle of a little friendly fucking.

  • Prisoner cell block Q

    As a new resident here in Cell Block Q you will be shaved clean, and will be expected to remain smooth at all times until you are notified personally by myself otherwise.

  • Private Compartment

    Vic watched the young man until he was standing there totally nude! Seth Kilmer had an incredible body, long and lean, with not a hint of fat, and a long thick cock hanging between his taut thighs.

  • Punished by Police

    He stood up quickly, put one hand on the middle of my back and slapped at my right arse cheek with his other. Smack. Smack. Smack. And then he changed hands and attacked the other side. Smack. Smack. Smack.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 2

    I could feel Mike's fingers scraping against my raw arse cheeks and realised that the dildo was all the way in. My breathing calmed as he rested there, letting me recover, and slowly the pain subsided. I adjusted, I relaxed and then all I felt was pure ecstasy.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 3

    All their eyes were on me as I looked around the dimly lit room. I noticed that the other guests were of all ages and sizes. A huge bear of a man, in police uniform, was sitting in what seemed to be the prime seat.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 4

    the policeman shouted to a younger man in police uniform who obediently stripped the dining table bare. Then he put his face right against mine so that I could smell his breath and he said to me, 'get over there and bend over the table. You are in deep shit boy.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 5

    He was still looking into my own eyes when he put his tongue out and started to lick the top of my dick and pulled my foreskin down gently. I let out a moan of pure pleasure with the feeling of his tongue as it caressed and slid round my knob.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 6

    Thinking of daddy and what might happen made my cock stiffen. I lathered more soap into my hands slipped a finger right up into my arsehole. I let out a sigh as my knuckle scrapped against my cheeks.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 7

    His mouth opened up making mine do the same as his tongue slithered over my own. I could feel myself sweating as I inhaled his masculinity. I drank on his saliva as his kissing got passionate and his tongue searched the inside of my mouth.

  • Punished by Police: Chapter 8

    It was an uncomfortable drive as my backside still felt red raw from the spanking that Ian had given me the night before; I had to keep changing my seating position in the car to get comfortable.

  • Ric

    Under his suit he was naked. His dark skinned chest was smooth, no dark hair like on his head where his hair was tight and curly. His dog-tags hung round his neck and rested between his well tight pecs.

  • Robot Sex

    Jet said, offering his paper uniform to the robot. She took it in her hand and shredded it easily. She slid a rope out of her pocket and backed him against the small bed. In a moment he was tied to the bed, squirming in the chill air.

  • The Principals office

    Just hearing him make appreciative comments about his oral abilities drove him into a feeding frenzy as he sucked wildly on the head of the nine inch prick, desperately trying to coax out a gusher into his needy mouth!

  • The Russian

    His crotch rose before me, white briefs bulging with what he had inside; the outline of his cock, fat and semi hard, the rim of its head showing clearly beneath the cotton. His jeans were at his ankles, he kicked them off.

  • Delivery Sex

    I got behind him and mounted my attack, quickly shoving my tool inside his tight wet ass. After about three pumps I was not able to hold back, we both screamed as I shot my hot load up his sweet brown ass.

  • Diary of a House boy

    Mr. Foxx keeps me completely naked at all times in the apartment, sometimes the person on the other side of the door gets a big surprise when they see me standing there in the altogether, but more often than not they can't keep their eyes off my usually hard pecker!

  • Diary of a House boy: Chapter 2

    He just smiled when I told him how I blew this unknown person who then returned the favor to me, in fact, he got so excited hearing about it he had me lay face down on the bed so that he could fuck me in my tight ass!

  • Dream

    And then there was someone else in the room with me; another presence. He was as golden as the sunlight, as youthful and as keen as me but more perfect, more desirable. He was someone I had wanted for many months, someone I knew I couldn't have; someone whom I had to have.

  • Dream fuck

    My cock twitched and I could feel my sperm dribbling out of my cock-head, flowing like a river down my shaft over my tightening bollocks as his tongue worked itself deeper into me. He moved his tongue in circles and then darted in and out lubricating every inch of my insides.

  • Family fun

    O-oh my god, Carol gasped as a little dribble of cum ran down her husband's chin, you've turned him into a real fucking cocksucker!!! Reluctantly Art let the big dick slip from his lips, and after wiping the cum from his chin, he turned over and waited on all fours for Rod to take him from behind!

  • Fond memories

    These bamboo canes were once the masters of men and I can feel my backside tingle at their memory. I pick up a wooden ruler and with a growing bulge in my tight black trousers I stand up and walk over to them.

  • Footballer voyeur

    Pedro crouched a little, holding onto the railing for balance and peering through the ironwork. The nerd had removed his hand and Pedro could see a lump in the track suit. The nerd clicked onto a new page, the picture on the screen went white.

  • Gangsters Paradise

    With one hand Paccino was tugged and caressed Rodrigo's bollocks, simultaneously he slipped his other hand into his pin stripped jacket and drew out his snub magnum. Then, looking at the man who stood back in the shadows.

  • Gay Ted

    In a moment a finger entered my ass. I felt heat spreading throughout my ass as a large probing finger entered my ass and began wiggling inside my rectum. His mouth suddenly made contact with my dangling cock, sliding up to take over half of it's length.

  • Getting off over the phone

    Mark's seven inches of meat was now in the process of erecting itself big time as Jack asked him the most intimate of questions about his body and sexual likes and dislikes, and without even thinking about it, he pulled out his hot and began jerking it, while replying.

  • Glen

    At length Glen felt his buttocks being pulled wide apart and the warm firmness of a large knob probing his anus. He sighed with anticipation. This was bliss. The man still didn't hurry, he teased for a while, but then Glen felt him tense slightly. Two hands gripped his hips.

  • Gus

    In fact, it was the very smell of Gus that excited me more than anything. The rich aroma of manly sweat that literally oozed out of him - not least of all in bed. It was under his arms that the smell was most intense. Trapped by those thick, dark, curly hairs.

  • High Dam

    My shirt was pulled back, my trousers dropped and three pairs of hands began to stroke, pummel and push. It was Matt who first crossed the boundary of decency. He put an arm round my shoulder, forcing me to lean back onto him, while his spare hand closed over my genitals.