• Bike Ride and Beach Sunset - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 9

    The marine continues his day with the sexy visitor Greg . . . finally getting around to the bike ride between other male-on-male cavorting, company and complexity.

  • Bike Ride Derailed - PCS Kaneohe Marine Part 8

    The hot surfer I'd met on the beach and fucked in his hotel suite and I continued to play. Then we decided to take a break and go take a bike ride . . . which we didn't quite get to before we were at each other again.

  • Black Box

    Playing spy pickup on the Pakistani border.

  • Blackout

    Nice short hair you got, cropped. Let me feel your face. Bit rough, chin, that's good, that's o.k. Grip my cock, at the base, that's it. Point me shaft at your mouth lad, all of it, all fucking eight inches. Open your mouth wide and push it in, get your throat ready.

  • Boot Camp Runners

    I shoved my shorts and jock down to free my own cock. It wasn't quite hard but it was getting there. My cock didn't snap to like a lot of guys, I guess because it was so damned big it took awhile for that much blood to get down there.

  • Border Guard

    He felt his body rear back, driving his buttocks back and he could feel the knuckles of the man wedged up into his anus. His whole body began to quiver, and his cock seemed like it was burning out of control. The ache became too much as he felt himself coming.

  • Camp Hovey

    The story is about a young soldier arriving in Korea. A sexually conflicted soldier. (Chapters 1 - 3)

  • Camp Hovey - Chapter 4 - The Road March

    My second day at Camp Hovey started off with an early rise after falling asleep rather quickly in my fatigue uniform. I hadn't even given much thought to beating my meat before drifting off. Maybe it was the jetlag catching up with me after the long flight over from the world, or maybe the rumor was true that the Army put something into the drinking water or food to keep us from becoming horny.

  • Camp Hovey - Chapter 5 - House Boys

    As Nelson and I approached the platoon hooch two Korean males were exiting the front entrance to the pale green Q-hut with boots in their hands and arms full of fatigues. I started to break for them, thinking them to be thieves. Nelson grabbed me by the arm restraining me saying, "Those are house boy's not slicky boys."

  • Camp Hovey - Chapter 6 - Lifers and Slackers

    The days after arrival at Camp Hovey I'd spent settling in trying to get a handle on things at my new home for the months ahead. I'd been attempting to make positive impressions on my superiors.

  • Camp Hovey - Chapter 7 - Sergeant Pennington Gets Busted

    My first time pulling CQ with SGT Pennington came and went with no problems. The following day was what the Army calls compensatory time, but in the afternoon there were classes to attend. During the all night session pulling CQ I'd gotten to know SGT Pennington better as well as Ryan the company clerk.

  • Canadian Sailor

    American Sailor Milner hooks up with a hunky Canadian Sailor whom he later suspects is to macho for his tastes, and he successfully eludes a confrontation. Hitchhhiking back to where his ship is docked, he is in the head, and runs into Marty, a very hunky sailor who had tried to seduce him earlier in the day.

  • Canadian Sailor 2

    Sailor Milner discovers that Canadian Sailor Andy is more machismo than he likes. After hitchhiking back to his ship, he is in the head when Marty, an 18 year old very hunky stud comes in with a towel over his shoulder and wearing cock revealing briefs.

  • Caught Red Handed

    A fellow GI catches me jacking off (all chapters, 1-4).

  • Cease-Fire

    Action with the enemy?

  • Chameleon Love

    Trials of a male prostitute in WWII occupied French village

  • Chaz' Choice

    A "rubber-meets-the-road" decision has to be made during a nasty world of spying operation in Portugal

  • Christmas in Reno

    Wild Turkey, gambling and sex in Reno over the Christmas holiday

  • Clayton, The Salesman's Love.

    I was always told not to pick up strangers, especially hitch-hikers the consequences might by totally unbelievable, Man were they ever.

  • Cockpitting

    Flying the friendly skies of Okinawa without leaving the ground

  • Cologne, Eau d' Orange Verte

    A young man is broken in while on a military training course. Unusually, a happy ending; or happy-ish, anyway. The sequel is now online, too.

  • Cologne, Eau d'Orange Verte, Sequel

    This tells what happened after James Graveney and Cocky Sparow split up. James is posted to Belize, still a British colony and under threat from expansionist Guatemala. In Belize, James meets his fate, in the person of Lieutenant Richard Finch of the Parachute Regiment, a strong minded, charismatic younger man who wants a full and committed relationship with James and damn the consequences.


    A meetup for lunch goes in an entirely unforeseen direction when the new commander at the local military base invites you over to his house. Did he mention his wife was out of town?


    Attending the new base commander's introduction party certainly had its perks, including a one-on-one with the commander himself on the living couch and his wife safely away for the day.

  • Converted 1

    When I graduated from High School I did not have enough money to attend college so I decided to join the military and partake of some of their free education. I was a little bored at home anyway since most of my friends had left to attend higher learning institutions. Even my girl-friend was gone to an eastern college.

  • Converted 2

    He gently put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up into his soft eyes as He said"Don't worry about your tests as I am going to make sure you pass all of them, but your going to have to be nice to me and help me out ". It was like someone had lifted a weight off my shoulders and I realized at that time how much the tests had been weighing on my mind.

  • Cop In The Park

    He was packed into his uniform like GI Joe, pants that fit snugly but not too tight, massive thighs bulging inside the pant legs and the tan material stretched around a very noticeable bulge at his crotch.

  • Cuffs and Badges

    Timothy is just a simple man living in a simple town. Timothy soon realizes how people in his police unit get their way with the Cheif.

  • Cutting a Hot Muscle Marine Back to Size

    “Fuck!!! That marine is solid muscle! Just check how ribbed he is. That straight muscle boy is going to moan like a whore tonight. I was ready to fuck hot straight muscle marine ass, just like my buddies.

  • Diary of a soldier.

    Ive been thinking of this the whole day. should I tell him? Should I not? Well, I guess I could tell him. Only because I've known my friend Robbie Porter ever since my first day of boot camp...