• 1st Time fucked a Boy-pussy

    My Introduction to the gay world through my elder cousin brother

  • 2 Best Friends First Time

    True story-2 best friends take their friendship even further one day.

  • 2nd Time With Same Guy?

    This is like pt2 of my other story "it's weird how it happened" a user requested to tell us more so this is pt2.....

  • A Brat's Baptism

    Growing up around sailors and ships, immersed in a sea of masculinity, a boy is indoctrinated into the sacred mystery... igniting a life-long infatuation with cock.

  • A brothers love Ch2

    Taking my brothers cock

  • A Burglar at My Back Door

    His virginity is taken by an intruder.

  • A Camping Trip to Remember

    We all have first time experiences; mine happened with my best friend at the time.

  • A Change of Hearts

    James finally comes to terms with what has happened.

  • A Cherry Tale

    Let me tell you about the first time I fucked another man. We'd been dating a couple of weeks and I really wanted in his pants badly. His name was Tom.

  • A Christmas Miracle - Jimmy and Jesse

    Jimmy's lived in solitude for a long time, finding anonymous sex when he couldn't stand it any longer and had to have it, keeping himself safe from ever getting hurt again. Not from his family who disowned him when he came out, not from boyfriends, the last of which did an epic number on him. But Jesse doesn't wait any longer, and one Christmas night when they are both volunteering at the shelter, he brings Joy to Jimmy.

  • A Crazy Trip to Camp

    I had always thought I was straight until I had this night of wild sex with two guys. It was an amazing night and it changed my life for the better!!

  • A Cumming Out Of A Sort

    We got to the club and immediately went to the dance floor, shedding our coats on the way. The floor was packed with writhing bodies and we joined in the festivities with abandon, not knowing whom we danced with and caring even less.

  • A Cursed Life

    I was really getting used to the fact of seemingly living a cursed life, Nothing was going the way I had planned, But even then, Was it all that bad?

  • A Dad's Secret

    Being a single parent isn't easy, especially with the dad is only fifteen years older that the son. That's the case with me.

  • A Dad's Secret - Part 2

    Unknown to Clint, his son, Luke, sees him and Jack in a sixty-nine on the secret monitors.

  • A day at the Dog Park

    My first hook up with a guy. I met him from an online ad. I was 18, he was 48.

  • A Dinner With Friends Turns Into Dirty Story Time

    Sitting around with friends the other night at dinner, we got on the subject of "first times". At my husband's urging I told a rarely-told truth of my sexual reawakening at a very young age. It turned into a rowdy, inappropriate funtime . . . as so many with a bunch of bromos do.

  • A Dream Just Came True

    A close friend of my daughters just lost his home due to a divorce of his parents, I rented a room to him.

  • A fantasy come true

    An experiance I would like to repeat!!!

  • A Fateful Day

    This was a first time gay encounter and I remember it as if it was just yesterday, and it is one I wish I could have pursued further too.

  • A Father's Love

    A young man, new to the gay world, confesses his life choice to his father, only for his Dad to offer a shock confession in return.

  • A Guys Gotta Do what A Guys Gotta Do

    Chad was a new employee in the office, He was very hot and good looking, but there was something strange about him, He was quiet and introverted and very shy acting, boy was that it a shock to find out the truth.

  • A Holistic Approach

    I go to a 'Men's Sexual Health' meeting for help and advice about my male rimming fetish...

  • A Hooker I'm Not-

    For me it was at an airport. I once went to the DFW airport because I'd heard there were hookers working the bars of the big hotels there. I was in a hotel bar when I figured out that there were no hookers around. The place was kinda deserted and I ended up sitting at the bar beside a guy named Frank from Chicago. He bought me drink and we chatted for a couple of minutes about sports and what have you and then told me, "I came down to the bar for a blowjob." When I told him, "Good luck. There's no hookers around," he just laughed and said, "No dummy, you're gonna do it." I kept shaking my head, "NO," but I still got up when he did and followed him to the elevator and on up to his room. Needless to say, Frank had me pegged and I learned something about myself that changed my life.

  • A Hot Day At The Beach

    A young, hot, handsome, naive teen boy gets taught how to love a man!


    Living in a small town can be both a blessing and yes it can also be a curse. But sometimes a hot fuck can come from a least expected person......

  • A Lifestyle Change

    When I saw him that first time I felt my body react like it never had before when I looked at another man.

  • A Little fantasy

    "What do you mean, if it were OK? It's already not only OK but fun and plenty of men are doing it and more and more married men are sneaking around getting their cocks sucked. All of these guys aren't straight, they're bi or gay. They just won't admit it. If you read the personals, you will see that most of the married men want to reciprocate. What goes on behind closed doors would surprise everyone," he returned.

  • A Loss of Innocense

    The Story of young Kyle's beginning into a much larger world of Man-2-Man sex.

  • A Man Gets Made Into A Whore

    Unknowingly Ben is given feminine hormones. His small cock is unable to get hard now ut he is very horny most of the time. He just wants to feel cocks inside his man-pussy.