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I'm Caribbean, I have an interest in writing stories that aren't only captivate but relatable. I have an alter ego he is Zane, I blame all the sexy/erotic stuff on him. Your feedback on how I may grow in story writing would be well appreciated, So don't be afraid to comment or email.

Stories by Zane

  • My Cousin's Thug Friend : Chapter 4

    Devonté's now heated dick, causing his body to shake from the built up lust and wonder of sex. He could fight the urge for sex but his dick couldn't. He kissed Ash's neck before nuzzling him self....

  • My Cousin's Thug Friend : Chapter 3

    Man he turns me on so much, I just want another chance to be in that pussy again! The way he milked me, throbbing and pulsing on my dick, it was so rhythmic, so warm, so tight. Here's chapter 3 enjoy!!

  • My Cousin's Thug Friend : Chapter 2

    This felt exhilarating, the way he fucked into my mouth, hard and determined, it was as if he was fucking pussy. He moaned louder with each stroke, fucking deeper into me, he'd shudder when I moan.

  • My Cousin's Thug Friend : Chapter 2

    "Fuck! I wanna fuck you so bad right now!" he hissed, undoing his pants, letting it fall to the floor. * Re-uploading a revised version.. pleasant viewing

  • Private Math Sexsion

    "fuck! That feels so good!":I exclaimed, placing my face on the bare ground so I could use both hands to spread my ass open for him. He loved this renewed access so he fuck me with his tongue much better.

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 4

    This is my story, of a friendship that a little more than a friendship... in this chapter I had sex with my "cousin"

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 3

    ... A third person is inserted into this story, things get hot and heavy... until *knock* *knock* *knock*

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 2

    It's a leading up of my current relationship, we are current living and working in a situation were we stay committed to each other without the pressure of pure RELATIONSHIP. There is a Sex Scene in this part

  • Committed Friendship

    The introduction of Zane's relationship; first we meet one of two his ex's that came between the first time he admired Shain and when they first admitted feeling for each other...

  • The Club

    Zane is Raped by a stranger Until....