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I'm Caribbean, I have an interest in writing stories that aren't only captivate but relates. I have a split personality he is Zane, I blame all the sexy/erotic stiff on him. Your feedback on how I may grow in story writing would be well appreciated, So don't be afraid to comment or email.

Stories by Zane

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 4

    This is my story, of a friendship that a little more than a friendship... in this chapter I had sex with my "cousin"

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 3

    ... A third person is inserted into this story, things get hot and heavy... until *knock* *knock* *knock*

  • Committed Friendship: Chapter 2

    It's a leading up of my current relationship, we are current living and working in a situation were we stay committed to each other without the pressure of pure RELATIONSHIP. There is a Sex Scene in this part

  • Committed Friendship

    The introduction of Zane's relationship; first we meet one of two his ex's that came between the first time he admired Shain and when they first admitted feeling for each other...

  • The Club

    Zane is Raped by a stranger Until....