Chapter 2

The door  flew open and there stood Najiv, panting for air. He walked to the closest chair and sat and through his head back.

“what happened?” Zane asked confused

He didn’t speak only placing a finger in the air, his sign for Zane to wait.

“okay” Zane replied

Najiv now calm, walked over to Zane and walked back to the piano where he sat earlier today. It took minutes before Zane noticed that the piano wasn’t playing, so he finally took his eyes from the screen of his laptop but all he could see was slight movements. Between the time Najiv walked into the room and now, the room had become darker, but by the time his eye adjusted he became transfixed. The movements from the other part of the room were hypnotizing. Najiv sat almost on the edge of the seat stroking his hard member, and each stroke pulled Zane closer.
Zane moved through the room and paused just in front of Najiv, taking in the magnificent site of the sexy hunk before of him stroking his truck sized dick. Zane was a virgin but in this moment he wanted to be everything but, he wanted it in his mouth and deep in his tight virgin ass.

“Come here” Najiv said demanding softly,

Zane slowly sat on his lap in between his dick, staring him in the eyes, Najiv took hold of his hands and guided it to his dick. Zane was in shock, it felt bigger than it did today, his dick felt hot, it was throbbing and now slick with precum.

“stroke me!” Najiv demanded

Zane slowly slid his hand over his throbbing member, with every stroke he picked up the pace and squeezed his dick harder. Najiv was enjoying this, with every stroke against his dick, his hips bucked up to meet those stokes moving Zane on top of him, Najiv was fucking Zane’s hands. He slid his hands up zane’s thighs to his crotch and then behind Zane and he stopped.

“take it off, I wanna feel that ass” Najiv said.

Zane immediately got up and turned his ass to Najiv's face and slowly slipped his pants down to his ankle,

“fuck!” Najiv exclaimed, slapping and massaging Zane’s ass.

With Zane bent over, Najiv took hold of his ass cheeks and spread them apart, using his finger to trace circles on Zane’s pucker. Zane shuddered in excitement, he wanted more of this attention, and he got more. Najiv placed a finger in his mouth and got it wet and slowly slipped his finger in.

“Damn! Your ass is tight as fuck” Najiv spoke deep in lust.

Zane was now moaning as Najiv slipped another finger in his ass and finger fucked him hard. Zane’s hard dick was now leaking precum more than ever. Najiv suddenly stopped and spun Zane around and sat him back on his lap. Zane took his position leaning into Najiv ‘s shoulder and pumping Najiv’s  dick even harder, his hips grind up into Zane’s palm and his hand went behind Zane and slipped his finger into Zane’s ass, Zane welcomed this invasion and started to grind his hips onto Najiv's thick fingers. ‘damn’ Zane thought, though he never had sex, he always enjoyed some hardcore foreplay,

“Suck my dick” Najiv interrupted the season of humping.

Drenched in lust, Zane got on his knees and locked sight with the giant in his face, it didn’t matter that he never did this before, he wanted to please this pole, he wanted to see it cum.
Zane blew on the underside of his dick slowly from the base to the head , then slowly licked the back of the head sending shivers up Najiv’s spine. Then Zane took the head in his hungry mouth taking in the salty taste of precum and sweat, and slowly started to slide his mouth down the enormous length. Every time he felt like he would gag he stopped, waited and then slid further down the shaft. He moved as far as he could, but Najiv wanted every inch deep in his throat so he stood up with Zane’s mouth still on his dick, held the back of his head and started to slowly shove his pole deeper in Zane’s throat ignoring his protest.
Zane gasped for air hungrily as Najiv let him off his dick. After a few seconds, Zane slipped his lips over the head of that beautiful organ. He was driven to please Najiv, driven to have his dick deep in his esophagus. He let out a groan followed by small tremors, this was a sign, he was doing something good. Zane came up for a second and decides to go all the way, Zane slip down further, stopping as to avoiding puking and moved on, he kept on sliding down his rod until the plump head touched the back of his throat. Zane gagged then managed to relax enough to let him slide deeper in his throat, until his nose was nestled in his sparse pubes and he felt his mammoth balls touch his chin.

"Fuck! Yea” Najiv exclaimed almost shouting him pleasure

His body rocked in tremor at the pleasure he felt from Zane’s mouth, Zane knew he was doing something right and he wanted to be bold, so he reached for Najiv’s hand and motioned for him to fuck his mouth. Najiv never hesitated, he took his hands and locked his fingers behind Zane’s head and drove his 8 inches of meat in his throat, every stroke harder than the other. Najiv was lost in his pleasure groaning and moaning, fucking Zane’s face. Zane was in his own atmosphere of euphoric pleasure as he began to stroke his own cock.

“mhhhmmmmmm” Zane groaned from pleasuring his own dick.

“do that again” Najiv demand

So Zane groaned more, the vibrations in his throat, sent shivers up Najiv’s spine, he was visibly shaking and fucking Zane’s throat. Zane looked up and saw Najiv's eyes rolled back, Zane’s organism began to build up so his groans became more erratic and so did Najiv's tremors. With three more strokes Zane let out a muffled scream as he shot ropes of cum onto the floor.
Not much longer Najiv's dick started to swell.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum” Najiv groaned, pulling his hard dick for. Zane’s mouth
And with a loud groans and shaking, his dick exploded inches from Zane’s face, reliving him of sweet nectar, 6 thick ropes of sweet cum, now all over Zane's face. And Zane tasted some and wiped it off.

“Fuck that was great!”

“Thank you, that was my first time” Zane professed, “its late, we need to go” he continued
“true but my knees are weak so give me a sec”;Najiv agreed.

Zane got up and cleaned him self up, they both locked up and headed home, with no more exams and no more classes the last day was a great one. They were choir mates and that was Najiv’s last day at school, it never progressed from there, there was no need for emotions, so Zane truly coughed it up as experience.

To be Continued…

Present day : Najiv Joined migrated and joined the US Marine Corp

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