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47 year old bearded and inked guy who loves to bottom especially for bigger guys.

9 Votes

Autosexual session

28 Nov 2023 560 readers comments 2 Min Read

Talking a shower and giving myself some love.

Topics: Masturbation, Shower

43 Votes


20 Nov 2023 2438 readers comments 3 Min Read

Interesting ride home.

Topics: Public Sex, Rough Sex

33 Votes

House party orgy

21 Oct 2023 3172 readers comments 6 Min Read

House party orgy.

Topics: Group Sex, Bareback, Orgy

155 Votes

Fucked by my crush

20 Oct 2023 7235 readers comments 7 Min Read

I finally got my straight crush to fuck me.

Topics: Straight Men, Bareback, High School

41 Votes

Train ride

19 Oct 2023 2132 readers comments 3 Min Read

Commuting can be fun.

Topics: Public Sex, Travel, Anonymous

42 Votes

Fun that the adult bookstore

18 Oct 2023 2252 readers comments 3 Min Read

Spending a night at the bookstore.

Topics: Big Dick, Bookstore, Oral & Blowjobs, Domination

25 Votes

On the Water

18 Oct 2023 1761 readers comments 2 Min Read

Three guys on a boat.

Topics: Big Dick, Masturbation, Threesome, Oral & Blowjobs

38 Votes


16 Oct 2023 2680 readers comments 21 Min Read

Two guys meet on the beach and one gets fucked for the first time.

Topics: First Time, Beach, Travel, Holiday

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