by Runt Bottom

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I’m in the train home from work. It’s an empty car so I start watching hardcore bareback porn. I start stroking through my dress pants. They’re nice and thin. I grab my dick and balls and squeeze. Before long I’ve got a rager going. I untuck my shirt, unbutton my pants and unzip just enough to get access.
Then a guy comes up from behind me looks at me and slows a bit and keeps walking. He sits opposite me and is just watching me. By now I’ve got it all out and full on jerking. His mouth is open slightly and he begins to touch himself. He’s hard fast and pulls it outta his sweat pants. S’a big fucking dick.

He gets up and sits next to me and grabs my cock and I grab his. I look up at the stops and I’m next. I move his hand and button up, grab my bag and stand by the door watching him in the reflection on the window. He’s still going. The train slows and he gets up and stands right behind me, his cock poking me. I can’t believe this. I back up and put some pressure on him. 

“Oooohhh…” he whispered.

My stop came and the doors opened. I exited and he was a few feet behind me  but pacing me. Same on the escalator. I get to the top and he’s right behind me again I start to walk on and he grabs me and forces me  into the janitor’s closet. It’s small. He locks the door. “I’m about to be killed, fucked or killed then fucked.” Whatever was about to happen my heart was pounding. He turned around and faced me. He was a good looking clean cut guy. Short brown slightly hair. Definitely works out. His chest and arms were huge. He walks over to me and drops his pants and forces me down to my knees. I know exactly what to do and I put his massive tool in my mouth and suck. His big hands grab my head and moves it back and forth. Finally he pushes me away and stands me up undoes my pants and jerks them down and rips open my shirt, buttons explode off and takes it off. I kick off my shoes as he takes his shirt off. We’re both naked. He’s much bigger than me and I love it. He turns me around and bends me over a work table and lifts my head back by my chin. I feel him behind me then using a finger searching for my entry point. Successes.


Then pressure, more pressure then it pops in.

“Aaaaahhh…” I try to keep quiet.

He starts slow with long deep strokes all the way in and out. If we get caught please make him cute and wants to join in. Now he’s picking up speed and force, ramming me against the table. Cans fall to the floor. His pumps are slower but harder.

“Unnnh unnnh. Uh uh…”

Then he stopped and pulled out slowly. He came in my ass. Awesome. He turned me back around and got on his knees. Looked up at me with a smirk then took me in his mouth. It was hot. He was aggressive and working hard at his task. I grabbed his head and held on. I could feel myself getting close, building up with pressure from deep inside me until it had only one place to go. I fired hard and I cum a lot. He swallowed it all. Looked back up at me with that smirk.

We got dressed in silence. He walked to the door and looked back at me and gave me a smile and nod. There I was half dressed in the Metro Janitor’s closet with my pants and underwear at my ankles and my dick still rock hard   just trying to take in what the fuck just happened.

I looked for him after that but never saw him again. Which was fine cause there’s no doing that again.

by Runt Bottom

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