Ft Myers

by Runt Bottom

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My boyfriend and I were in Ft Myers on a weekend vacation. We got a nice hotel close to downtown, rooftop pool. We checked in. It was late and we went to our room. It was sweet. Big windows overlooking the river. We put our stuff up and stretched out on the big king bed.

“Lotta room.” He said with a sly look.

“Enough to be thrown around.” I smirked.

“There’s a pool on the roof.”

“Let’s go!” I demanded.

We got there and immediately jumped in.

“Nice and warm..” Jeff said.

“Probably a lotta kids in here.” I smiled.

“Gross.” He said splashing me.

“This is what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna fight?” I said coming at him.

“Bring it little man!” He taunted.

I was a little guy in stature but not in my pants. Jeff was big all over and I loved getting dominated by him.

He dunked me and held me under and I grabbed his cock. He pulled me up.

“That’s not fair.” He said.

“Maybe not but you liked it.”

He just smiled and raised his hand up and he was holding his shorts.

“Okay. Okay..” I said following his lead.

We threw them on the deck. I started floating on my back my hard on in full view. He swam over next to me and grabbed it. I didn’t react. He started jerking me slowly then put a finger in my ass.

“Ooooohh..” I moaned.

“Yeah? Like this?”

“Mmm hum..”

He stopped with my dick and got between my legs and put my legs over his shoulders. I looked down at him just as he put me in his mouth.

“Muuuch better..” I said

He sucked slow and deep, taking it to the base. He put my balls in his mouth and rolled them around then went lower and put his tongue in my ass.

“Oooh fuuuuck me.”

“I’ll get to that, don’t worry your sweet, tight little ass.”

He pushed me across the pool to the edge and sat me up on it. Standing in front of me he started sucking again, pushing me back and down onto my back. He put my legs over his shoulders again and a finger in my ass.

“You’re gonna fuck me aren’t ya?”

He didn’t answer just kept working. Then I felt the tip of his huge tool at my entry point. Slight pushes till he got in position then without warning he thrust in.


“Shut the fuck up! You wanna get caught?”

“Would that be so bad?” I panted.

“Be loud then. See what we get.” He smiled. “C’mon let’s get outta here. Hit the bars. See what we can find out there.”

We played around a lot. Loved three ways and the occasional orgy.  He liked watching me get fucked and I liked him watching me get fucked. I liked it more when he got in on it. One time we brought a guy home. Big dude with a big cock. I had him and Jeff in my ass at the same time. Killer thing is, we had a hidden camera and taped it. Fucking awesome watching myself take two big dicks. Jerked off to that many many times. Another time we went back to a couples house and they fucked Mr in the sofa while Jeff watched and jerked. They had me bent over the arm of the sofa, one guy giving it to me from behind while the other guy laid back on it and I sucked him off. A dick in my ass and one in my mouth while my boyfriend watched. Makes me hard thinking about it.

We walk into a bar. It’s packed and we always got looks. My chest got played with a lot and I didn’t mind. I’m sexual. Very. 

“Hit the bar?” Jeff asked.

“If we can get there!”

We pushed though and I felt a hand go down the back of my pants. I let it go deeper until he hit my hole then into it. I turned to face this got and he was a big military dude. Buzz cut, tight tee showing his massive chest and arms.

“No drink first huh? Right to the action.” I joked.

“When I like something I take it.” He said gruffly.

“Didn’t say I was available.”

“Didn’t say I cared.” I liked this guy.

“I’m with this guy.” I said tapping Jeff oh the shoulder. He turned around.

“Who’s your big new friend?” He said eying him.

“Mark.” He said sticking his huge hand out.

“Jeff,” pointing to himself. “Eric” at me.

“Boys are new.”

“On vacation.” I said.

“Will be careful. Lotta fuckheads in here.

“We can take care of ourselves.”

He got real close to me and bent down. “Oh I’m sure you can. Little dudes are crazy.”

“I’m crazy everywhere not just the bars.” I said sniffing and raising an eyebrow.

“Heh.. take care boys.” He said add he turned and lumbered off.

“Fuck me if let him destroy me.” I said.

“You have a type.”

“What type is that?”

“Big and mean.”

“Tell me you wouldn’t love watching that.”

“I wouldn’t say no. Okay bar. Bar. I need alcohol.”

We finally made to the bar and the bartender was smoking hot. He was shirtless, of course, nicely built and masculine.

“Sup fellas? Whatcha need?”

“White wine.” Jeff ordered.

“Vodka Red Bull for me.” 

“Two very  different drinks.” He smiled.

“We are two very different people.” I said smiling back.

“Different’s fun.”

“Yup.” I agreed.

He turned to make our drinks and Jeff mouthed, “like at his ass.” I mouthed, “I know!”

“Here you go. On the house.”

“Thanks man!” I exclaimed. “I think we’ll be sticking with you for the night.”

“Definitely fine with that. Guys have fun.”

And we did. I like to dance and Jeff likes to look for coke. As he was talking to some guy who was getting very interested in him, had his hand high up on his thigh, I was on the slamming dance floor. I’m little do it’s easy for me to get to the center. I was getting into it when I felt a hard cock on my back. I backed up into it and grinded. Then I felt hands go down my pants and grab my hard cock and start pumping. I pushed back hard and felt solid muscle. Of I could have gotten harder I would have. I turned around and was met with a familiar face. It was mark.

“I told you to watch out.”

“I seem to be handling myself fine.”

He looked at me and his jaw tightened. “Doin’ real fine.” He said still holding me. I look over and see another guy watching so does Mark. He unbuttons my pants and unzips me, pulling out. I look back at the guy who’s grabbing his crotch and rubbing himself. He’s drop dead gorgeous.

“Off the floor. Follow me.” Mark ordered and I obeyed.

We made our way off the floor easily cause he’s huge. Walked past the bar and up some stairs. The din of the bar faded. Looked like a store room. Empty kegs and advertising lay around.

He stopped and faced me, towering.

“Take your clothes off.” He said forcefully.

I started to do so and he said, “Slower.”

I pulled my pants down to my ankles looking at him the entire time. He was looking at me like a piece of meat. Bent over and took my shoes off and stood up.

“Socks.” He sternly reminded me and I pulled them off.

I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it on the floor. He looked at me for a minute.

“Nice. Real nice. Come here.”

I walked over to him standing defiantly. He smirked.

“Take my clothes off.”

Where to begin? I started with his boots. They were heavy and smelled like oil. Then his shirt. He made no effort to help except to raise his big arms. His chest was massive and hairless save a light treasure trail which I followed to his zipper. He, like me, doesn’t wear underwear and his tool sprang out. I didn’t react just pulled his pants down and he stepped out if them. I knelt there in front of him. It felt like he took up the whole room.

“Put it in your mouth.”

I looked up at him. He could annihilate me. I licked the tip a few times then put him in my mouth. I took it slow going down as far as I could until he grabbed me head and forced it down. I gagged and he didn’t care, he just kept fucking my face.

“Get it sloppy, punk.”

I laid on the slobber.

“Stop. Turn around and get on all fours.”

He was gonna fuck me. Fuck the shit outta me and I was there for it. I did as instructed and waited. He got down behind me and spread my legs farther. He grabbed my left hip and with his right searched for my hole. Then a finger went in.


“Shut the fuck up.” He growled and I tried. What would he do to need if I didn’t. The thought scared me and turned me on more.

Then another finger went in as he started pumping, losing me up. Then the top was there and replaced the fingers. He put it in slow and deep, pulling me to him with each push. He was huge and giving me every inch and it was all I could do to stay quiet. He started to pick up the pace.

“Mmmf. Mmmf.” He low moaned. “I’m gonna shoot my load in your ass. You want that boy?”


“I said shut the fuck up!” And he started pounding me harder. He was killing me. “I’m close, I’m close.” His movements become more animalistic. “Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m coming i…I.. NNNNAAAUUGGHHH!!” He fired off in me . I could feel his cock pulse with every squirt. He filled me up and keep going finally stopping. I felt him pull out and rub his cum on my back.

“Done with you.” He said and pushed me to the floor.

“Get up. Go tell your boy what you did here. Tell him you got dominated like the little bitch boy you are.”

“Oh I will. He’ll be jealous.”

I got dressed, still sticky and went back down. Everything seemed different. Like who’s next? I didn’t want my ass to rest. Found Jeff back at the bar with our bartender.

“Where’d you go?”

“Just got railed upstairs by Mark.”

“I can never tell when your joking.”

“Oh I’m not. Out happened and it was awesome!” I was giddy.

“Big Mark ?” The bartender asked.

“I goes.”

“He must like you. Doesn’t fuck just anyone.”

“That’s my boy!” Jeff said.

The bartender smiled at me and kept smiling. I smiled back.

“Another on the house for our little fuck boy.”

“Getting be drunk huh?”

“That’s the plan.”

We stayed there talking with Mitch, the bartender, till closing. Heavy flirting happened.

“Well we’ll go and let you close up.”

“Or you could stay.” He said with a grin.

“Sounds good!” Jeff said.

We hung around until everyone left and watched Mitch close up. He got done and poured more drinks and locked the doors.

“It’s just us.”

“When do we get naked?” I said in all seriousness.

“Now if you want.”

I  was brick naked in a second. Jeff and Mitch weren’t far behind me.

“Ever been fucked on a bar?” He asked looking at me.

“No but I think I’m about to.”

“Yup.” Jeff said.

I climbed onto the bar.

“Lay on your back.” He said and I did.

He got up on it and between my legs which he put over his shoulders.

“You ready.”

“Fuck yeah! Stick it in me!”

He slid it in and got to work. Jeff climbed up and sat on my face. I stuck my tongue in his ass.

“Yeah eat that ass. Get in deep!” He backed up then put his cock in my mouth. I looked at our reflections in the more over the bar. It was like watching porn. 

“I’m getting close man.” Mitch said.

“Me too.”

“I’m gonna do it. Right now! AASGGHHH!!” There was one load.

“Takes my load!” Jeff ordered add he unloaded down my throat. He pulled out leaning es string of cum from the tip to my mouth. I looked so him and swallowed.

“Fuck yeah! You got it on your ass and mouth!” Jeff yelled.

Mitch pulled out and smacked my ass with his spent dick and I just laid there.

“That. Was. AWESOME!!” I let out.

“You guys are always welcome here. You just bring that sweet sweet ass. That’s tire cover.”

“One I’ll happily pay.”

We got dressed and headed out Nick to the room.

“You really got fucked by that big dude?”

“I don’t think fuck is the right word…”

“You take his load?”

“Of course.”

“Would’ve loved to see that.”

“Well tonight’s the first night, more can happen.”

“I like your attitude.”

“And my ass.”

“Definitely your ass.”

Which he used for the rest of the weekend.

by Runt Bottom

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