My roommate

by Runt Bottom

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I was in the shower, on the middle of a good jerking session when the shower curtain was pulled back. It was my roommate, buck naked and hard.

“What the fuck man?!” I said surprised.

He stepped into the shower. “Shut the fuck up.” He said sternly.

He pressed his big chest against mine and took control of my cock. I felt his breath on my face as we locked eyes.

“What the fuck’s happening?!” I thought. I’d had a crush on Jeff since he moved in. He had a sweet body, very well built and not afraid to be naked all the time. I didn’t mind either. He’d caught me looking a few times and grinned it off but now he was here, naked, jerking me off.

He got on his knees and looked up at me then put me in his mouth and got to work.

“Oh that’s nice..”

He sucked harder and deeper, taking it to the base. Licking it starting at the tip then putting my balls in his mouth then his tongue was in my ass. I grabbed his head and pushed hard and he spread my cheeks to get in deep.

“Fuck man. Yeah. Get in there.”

He stopped and put my hard cock back in his mouth and went slow and deep, rhythmic.

“That’s the shit. Keep doing that. Make me cum.”

“Cum in my mouth.” He ordered.

“Fuck yeah I will!”

Constant speed now and it felt damn good. I felt my balls tingle.

“Unngh..” I moaned.

Going deep til he gagged but kept going.

I felt it start to rise up in my shaft.

“Whew, whew.. getting close. I’m close man.”

“Nun hun.” He got out.

“I’m gunna cum! I’m gunna cum! NNNNAAAUGGGHHH!!” I exploded into his mouth. He kept sucking and my body shook and I grabbed his head and fell back against the wall.

“Fuck man. Fuck. That was awesome!” I said.

“Like that huh?”

“Shit yeah!”

“I liked doing it. Would should to do that more often.”

“Deal!” I eagerly agreed.

He moved close again and grabbed my shoulder and smiled. He turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I looked over my shoulder at him. His pecs and biceps flexed and he had a look of determination in his face. I felt his hands on my ass spreading my cheeks. Then a finger searching, searching then bingo. He stopped for a second and looked at me and grinned big. He pushed in.

“Oh fuck. Fuck yes.” I breathed out.

He started going in, deep, and out. Damn I wanted the real thing. Then another finger was in.


He pulled a finger out and positioned himself. Marking the spot, his finger was replaced with the tip of his huge cock.


“Pound away!” I said excitedly.

The first thrust was deep and hard. He wasn’t gunna fuck around. 


He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him as he slammed into me making him go even deeper.


With one hand on my hip and the other on my shoulder he locked in tight.

“Gunna buddy in your ass. You want that.”

“I want it all! Fill me up!”

“I’m there. I’m cumming! AAAARRRRGGHHH!!”

I felt every drop and every throb in my ass as he fired off his huge load. He kept pumping slowly and stopped and kept his dick in me.

“Mmmm.. that was sweet.” He said slowly pulling out.

“You killed me man. Sweet doesn’t even begin…”

“We can do that more too.” Big smile.

“Anytime you want, it’s yours seeing as how you don’t respect boundaries …” I joked.

“You liked it. I know you did. You’ve been wanting this meat for a minute.” 

“Now I got it. Just give it to me man.”

“Deal roomy.”

by Runt Bottom

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