• The Portrait

    Isaac spent his summers traveling, doing paintings and sketches. This summer he decided to stay in the region and travel the country side for subjects.

  • Watching Movies

    Spencer found the disc two weeks ago and its existence haunted him day and night, interrupting his studies, breaking his ability to focus in his classes, and making his conversations with Ian, his roommate, difficult.

  • The Promise

    The Hamilton's house sat far off the road, down a dusty two rut lane, snaking around a pasture to the old farm house and its out buildings. Inside something happens, a secret between Cody and Ryan, something that will burst out into the hot intense sunlight.

  • Odin

    Hunter searched the city he now called home for those places that had the clothes he liked, the specialty shops that had that special product line and he searched for the night clubs that would capture his imagination and ignite his fantasies.

  • Opposites Attract: Chapter 2

    Tyler loved shopping at the farmer's market, making it a weekly routine. But it was the new farmer in the last stall that really caught his eye.

  • What You Want

    An erotic writing with a different perspective.

  • Summer at the Grain Elevator: Chapter 2

    Brodie and Wesley continue with their job at the Grain elevator.

  • Texas Backcountry

    Colin decides to spend some extra time in Texas driving cross country.

  • Summer at the Grain Elevator

    Brodie was home for the summer and took a job at the grain elevator. He needed something to keep him busy, to occupy his time and not let him think about men.

  • The Play Room: Chapter 2

    Owen struggles with his desires and his hook up with Mason only made it worse.

  • The Play Room

    It started out as a joke, but the idea festered, developed into a plan, and suddenly Mason had himself a little play room.

  • Game Day

    Thomas and Hayden have Thomas' new neighbor over to watch the football game.

  • The Feel of It: Reality Check

    Connor struggles with his desires.

  • The Swamp

    Jaclyn lived by the swamp, worked in it for the Park Service, knew no other place on earth he'd rather be, but every once in a while there was something that surprised him.

  • Break down

    A hot sultry summer day on the farm, with one farm boy stopping to help his neighbor.

  • The Feel of It

    Connor's finds himself in situations both sexual and threatening.

  • Tell Me Your Name

    Brice wakes up in an unknown bed with someone he doesn't know.

  • The Notes

    Simon finds a note meant for someone else.

  • A Farmer's Lust: Chapter 2

    Neal struggling with his own identity sees Justin, the neighboring farmer apparently living with his hired hand.

  • A Farmer's Lust

    Justin struggles with his fears and his desires as his hired hand tempts him in ways he doesn't understand.

  • The Swimming Hole: Chapter 2

    Colton calls Jules.

  • The Rift

    A denial of attraction comes out in the open between Jordan, the farm boy, and Kevin, the townie.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys: Chapter 2

    After graduation a little get a way is in order before each heads off to college.

  • Taking the Back Roads

    Gavin, having to cut his vacation in Miami short, decides to cut through the rural south on his way back home.

  • The Swimming Hole

    Colton, home for the summer, can't take the heat any longer and decides to go check out an old swimming hole.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys: Chapter 3

    Logan keeps stirring things up for this rural community.

  • Fading boundaries: Chapter 2

    Oliver has decisions to make as he comes to term with his attraction for Toby, which challenges his sexual identity.

  • The Hook Up

    Caleb had crossed paths with Graham for years, but never hooking up with him; he always knew he would if given a chance.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys

    Logan moved into rural Alabama and quickly set his sights on two farm boys.

  • Fading boundaries

    Can someone discover they are not as classifiable as they thought. What does it mean; straight or gay?