• What You Want

    An erotic writing with a different perspective.

  • Summer at the Grain Elevator: Chapter 2

    Brodie and Wesley continue with their job at the Grain elevator.

  • Texas Backcountry

    Colin decides to spend some extra time in Texas driving cross country.

  • Summer at the Grain Elevator

    Brodie was home for the summer and took a job at the grain elevator. He needed something to keep him busy, to occupy his time and not let him think about men.

  • The Play Room: Chapter 2

    Owen struggles with his desires and his hook up with Mason only made it worse.

  • The Play Room

    It started out as a joke, but the idea festered, developed into a plan, and suddenly Mason had himself a little play room.

  • Game Day

    Thomas and Hayden have Thomas' new neighbor over to watch the football game.

  • The Feel of It: Reality Check

    Connor struggles with his desires.

  • The Swamp

    Jaclyn lived by the swamp, worked in it for the Park Service, knew no other place on earth he'd rather be, but every once in a while there was something that surprised him.

  • Break down

    A hot sultry summer day on the farm, with one farm boy stopping to help his neighbor.

  • The Feel of It

    Connor's finds himself in situations both sexual and threatening.

  • Tell Me Your Name

    Brice wakes up in an unknown bed with someone he doesn't know.

  • The Notes

    Simon finds a note meant for someone else.

  • A Farmer's Lust: Chapter 2

    Neal struggling with his own identity sees Justin, the neighboring farmer apparently living with his hired hand.

  • A Farmer's Lust

    Justin struggles with his fears and his desires as his hired hand tempts him in ways he doesn't understand.

  • The Swimming Hole: Chapter 2

    Colton calls Jules.

  • The Rift

    A denial of attraction comes out in the open between Jordan, the farm boy, and Kevin, the townie.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys: Chapter 2

    After graduation a little get a way is in order before each heads off to college.

  • Taking the Back Roads

    Gavin, having to cut his vacation in Miami short, decides to cut through the rural south on his way back home.

  • The Swimming Hole

    Colton, home for the summer, can't take the heat any longer and decides to go check out an old swimming hole.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys: Chapter 3

    Logan keeps stirring things up for this rural community.

  • Fading boundaries: Chapter 2

    Oliver has decisions to make as he comes to term with his attraction for Toby, which challenges his sexual identity.

  • The Hook Up

    Caleb had crossed paths with Graham for years, but never hooking up with him; he always knew he would if given a chance.

  • Fucking with the Farm boys

    Logan moved into rural Alabama and quickly set his sights on two farm boys.

  • Fading boundaries

    Can someone discover they are not as classifiable as they thought. What does it mean; straight or gay?

  • Opposites Attract

    What does a geeky skinny boy in college have to offer? Author's note: Have I gotten too wordy? I guess the voting will tell me the answer.

  • a bed of a different sort

    Quinton thought college was the place where everything was possible, but it was a trip back home for the holidays that really opened things up.

  • A walk in the woods

    Mike came to Alabama to visit his best friend from College, and a camping trip brings back a lot of thoughts neither can ignore.

  • Hotlanta weekend

    Just one more club before calling it quits. It was just enough to push them over the edge.

  • rough night

    A night out at a fetish club night sets in motion a long night of submission.