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An old romantic, at heart, that loves a good story, loves a sexy young guy and just, well enjoys the world of fiction, over the real world. 

I love a happy ending too, it beats the alternative.

Stories by Gaystoryman

  • A Stranger's Kindness

    The young man looked up, his eyes suddenly looking at him. Ben felt a small shiver inside, seeing the look of gratitude in them that made his heart skip a beat or two.

  • Jim's Boys

    When he walked away from the 65 year old cement & brick building for the last time, he didn't feel any regret. He was excited, because now he could enjoy the fun. He had saved, scrimped and tucked it all away for 35 long years.

  • Fall Off, Get Right Back On

    Jason stared down at him, and Doug felt his body reacting to his gaze. The guy was friggin hot, in every meaning of the word. He was as tall as Doug, but had flowing blond hair while Doug's was more brown in color, and a bit more course.

  • Tough Guy

    God how he hated his parents, for naming him Connie. He could really strangle them, but right now, he just needed to get up, off the ground, and let that bastard Tim feel what is was like, to get a damn good shit kicking. He hated having to always do this, just because his parents liked the name ...

  • Tough Guy: Chapter 2

    With their huffing becoming less noticeable, Connie took a careful look at Jesse, who returned the stare, unflinching. They looked for a few minutes, before Connie finally stood upright, the ache in his chest no longer. He glanced around a bit, to get his bearings, then with a sort of 'follow me' ...

  • Tough Guy: Chapter 3

    He could feel the ache in his groin, at how his body was reacting to the way Jesse was looking. It had been some time, since he had felt this way, but damn, he looked so hot, and then too, the excitement of having gotten away, from dealing with Tim and his crowd. It was like a perfect storm, where ...

  • Tough Guy: Chapter 4

    Jesse stared at Connie, as he felt his hand run across his cheek. Connie could feel his body trembling, as he touched the soft skin, as they looking into each other's eyes. He had never felt this way before, and even though they had blown their wads, he couldn't help but still feel very aroused, ...

  • Tough Guy: Chapter 5

    Connie leaned back, pulling his legs up, under his chin. Resting his head, he felt the cool air, cooling the last remnants of sweat from his body. Still, he could feel the desire inside, for the young man next to him. Truth was, it was partially about the sex, because he'd never really experienced ...

  • One of Those Days: Chapter 2

    It really is one of those days. I mean all the thinking about the wasted weekend, about Tyler, naturally made me late. Even the damn coffee was cold, but I drank it anyway...

  • One of Those Days

    Ever had one of those days, when the moment your brain heard that god awful beeping from the alarm clock, that you just knew you didn't want to get out from under the covers?

  • The Motel: Chapter 2

    It was as if they could read his mind, as Big Brother grinned, telling Garrett could have first crack at Kaylan's puckered hole...

  • The Motel

    Kaylan pulled the car into the snow covered parking lot. The sign had said 'no vacancy' but he didn't care...

  • Just Sex: Chapter 3

    Long strands of hair swept lightly across his chest. A hand was still caressing his chest, and he knew it wasnt Tylers. Another hand was pulling on his cock, jerking it, as Tyler continued to drive his cock in and out of him.

  • Morning After

    The only sound he could hear was the beat of his heart, the rapid breathing of Cully, as he lay there, exhausted. His eyes flickered, as he looked up to the sprawled body next to him.

  • Just Sex: Chapter 2

    His hips moved and the other hand lifted up his semi hard cock which he wiped across Kyles face. It was warm but felt odd as he felt it slap against one cheek a few times, then was pressed over his lips.

  • Just Sex

    His cock ached, as he took the towel and followed the light guy and camera guy. Tito was behind him, urging him forward. Entering the room he saw two other naked guys, all watching some flick on a small television screen.

  • Last Minute

    He was pulling in the stuff from out in front, and Ronny was helping. It felt so exciting that he almost dropped one of the wooden statues he was carrying. To be so close to him, to smell that cologne, and to think he would be coming to his apartment, was giving him a glow he had never quite felt ...

  • The Little Things

    Maybe it was the argument about Chase, or the memories of High School, but this morning Ted seemed to be out to prove something. The way he had taken the lead in the morning Jog, the run to the finish only seemed to make it all the more exciting.

  • Bleached

    Pushing the lock of hair aside, he turned to move on when he noticed the other reflection. The man was staring at him, more aptly at his buttocks. It made Byron smile, as he began to walk away.

  • Snowed In

    A soft kiss on his cheek made him snuggle in even more, as he watched the eyes change color. They suddenly seemed more alive, sparkling even as he waited for Ron's answer, knowing he was just as happy as he was.

  • Trimming the Tree

    While the face was smooth, there were a few tiny hairs showing up on his chest. Jim had noticed them the day Garrett had been bending over the engine of his car, his shirt open. The smooth golden skin had made him drool a bit, but he knew no one else had seen it.

  • Come Out With It

    It was like being burnt by the end of a cigarette or something. Yet as soon as it hit, as soon as the burning sensation grew, it stopped. His body was shaking, as Travis collapsed on top of him. It felt like their two bodies suddenly were melting.

  • Jimmy's Treat

    It was out of character for him, yet in some ways it felt right. His plan had been to maybe do one quickie tonight, then head back after some food, and just soak in the tub for hours.

  • Lonely Boy

    His chest ached, as he felt the tongue licking at his insides, felt it move in and out, moistening further his velvet lining. He felt his legs tremble, felt them quiver as the raging tremors found every single nerve he had.

  • Following The Path: Chapter 3

    Kelly was exhausted, and the cock was pulled from Tyler's grasp. Opening his eyes he saw Kelly leaning back, his body spent. His chest was heaving, like a piston at full throttle. The explosion came, from his own body and he watched his cum fly from between his hand, arching up and over in the ...

  • Holiday Surprise

    Just like Dillon, he enjoyed sex. His own bulge was not exactly small time either. He didn't need to stuff socks down his pants, because when he was aroused, he held his own with those so called 'big dick' boys at the club.

  • Following The Path: Chapter 2

    The mud, the hardships, were all old news. It wasn't that he was unsympathetic, just that he was starting to worry about Kelly. The way he had been last night, the way his touch seemed cold at times, as if he was no longer interested in Tyler.

  • Following The Path

    Kelly had somehow managed to wangle a third ticket, after winning the first two from some radio show. He had no idea how he had done it, but he had. His Grandfather had been impressed too, and all week had been bragging about his grandson was taking him to a football game.

  • Stragglers

    He couldn't help but call them kids, even if they were in the last years of their teens. Working at his daily grind had jaded him, or made him feel his age more than he should. Living alone was part of the problem, the other was that the local gay bar had closed.

  • Off Road Blow Job

    Leaning forward, he tried to kiss the head of Kyle's cock, but it moved out of the way as the truck hit a bump. He felt his upper body lurch up, then fall down hard onto Kyle's lap. He put his hand outwards, letting his thumb rest on the base of Kyle's dick, the other fingers pushing up against his ...