Tyler felt a strange cold chill go up his spine, as suddenly the noise of the stadium suddenly just ceased. The silence was deafening, as tens of thousands of people suddenly stopped moving, stopped speaking. It was like everyone was suddenly hold their breath, as he could hear the wind blowing across the field, even hear the flap of fabric, as the flags fluttered in the wind.

It was a strange feeling as he saw everyone standing up, many with their hands over their hearts, as the silence took hold. No one moved, not a single sound but that of the wind echoed in the huge stadium, as people stood to pay their respects to the fallen. He wanted to turn, to look at his grandfather, but he couldn't move. He was stuck staring out at the field, at the flags fluttering, the men in uniform standing so still, so silent.

Goose bumps were all across his arms, as he could hear his heart beating. It was strange to hear now, in all that silence, even stranger to realize how he had heard it thunder so much last night, because of the man next to his grandfather.

He felt his body ache, as he wanted to turn, to look at Kelly, to see his face, but he couldn't. He stood there, like everyone else, and all he could do was think about the stories he had heard thousands of times. How his grandfather had spoken about Harry or Ralph from the Bronx, who had his leg blown off by a cannon shell from a tank. He shivered, realizing that they weren't just stories, but part of what the old man had actually gone through. They weren't something to sneer at, to discount.

His 18 year old body shook, as he wondered if he could ever cope with seeing all that his grandfather had seen when his age. If he could have managed to keep going forward, when bullets and cannons were going off, all aimed at you. He felt the fear rising up in his throat, as he wondered how he would have acted if told he had to go fight, go kill some other kid simply because he wore a different uniform, came from a different country.

He jumped as the shots rang out, the volley of rifle fire made him squirm, shake as he looked down at the line of soldiers, aiming their weapons once more. He felt the terror inside, felt the bile in his throat as he recalled some of those stories from his granddad. In the flash of smoke, the bark of the rifles retort, he realized that it was life, not stories he had been hearing.

All his comments about the ROTC kids at school, all his earlier fascination with uniforms came rushing back. The way he would play with his toy soldiers, how he would play at war, when standing next to him was a man who had been to war, had not played at it. The rifles bark made him tremble, as he realized how ashamed he felt, at having to draw straws to be with the man standing like a statue next to him.

As the Bugle sounded, and noise returned to the stadium, he saw how slowly his grandfather sat back down. How old he suddenly looked, when just a minute earlier he looked like he could join up all over again. Yet, as he thought about the change, he also saw Kelly sitting back down. He too looked old suddenly, as if he too had seen and lived through the same experiences as his grandfather.

It was unnerving, as he sat down, no longer hiding his open stare at the two next to him. The similarities were unreal. The thin haggard look of his grandfather's face, echoed across Kelly's younger face. It too was haggard, and he could see the bags under his eyes, as if he hadn't slept in days.

Kelly turned his face, and now their eyes met. He saw the quick flash, just before the eyes seemed to close off, to wall themselves off from him, but it was enough. In that instant, he knew, and he felt the cold run through his whole body. He knew the answers now, as he sat there, ignoring the cheers from everyone around him.

The second half was underway, as he just looked at his lover. Nothing else seemed to exist, as he saw him, almost as if for the first time really. The long nose, a slight hitch in the bridge from being broken in a football game. The little pink scar under one eye, another football related mark.

He saw the eyes flicker, saw them question him, then retreat. Tyler wanted to reach out, to touch his friend, because at last he understood all that had been going on, and it terrified him. His heart ached, as he wanted to reach out, to grab his hand, to hold it in his no matter what those around might think, or even say. He didn't care, as he felt a tear rolling down his cheek. Blinking, he noticed his grandfather was looking at him, his eyes giving him a look of love that only made him shake more.

It was as if he knew, as he looked away, but only for a second. He turned back, to see Kelly, to stare at him and this time the eyes didn't retreat, but held his gaze. There was no wall, no barrier, and he felt the catch in his heart. He knew what Kelly was thinking.

It gave him the willies really, as he couldn't help but look, but keep on feeling what he was feeling. It was just like last night, as he had lain there, exhausted from his orgasm, after Kelly had licked his ass. The way his chest had heaved, the way his whole body had seemed to have exploded along with his balls. Yet it was only the prelude to what was to come. He knew that now, but then he didn't think anything else could arouse him as much as that tongue licking deep inside of him had done. Nor the feeling he had experienced as his cock had shot its load up into Kelly's throat right afterwards.

Yet it had.

They had lain silent, for what seemed an eternity, and then held each other for even longer. He had felt Kelly's heart beating next to his, felt his breath on his face, as his head lay on his shoulder. It was so unreal, so damn relaxing, and yet also stimulating. Laying there he could feel it all, and sitting now, staring over at Kelly next to his grandfather, he could feel it now.

How his hand had once more ran lightly across his stomach. How his muscles inside had suddenly been switched back on, like a light switch. The way the hairs on his chest stood up, infant in size, but still visible, none the less. Not yet totally dark like his hair, but dark enough to cast a bit of a shadow along the hollow of his chest. Enough to be moved by the soft blowing breathe of someone close by.

He had glanced down, to see Kelly's head now on his breast, the soft breath from his nostrils making his small collection of chest hairs sway and move. It had tickled and had made him move a bit, enough of a motion to get the head to tilt up and look at him. The eyes looked so pained, so sad, that for a moment he thought Kelly would cry, but instead a thin smile crossed his lips, and his head turned back downwards, to once more stare at his body. It was eerie, how Kelly was examining him once again, and he found his own hand resting lightly on Kelly's back. It too seemed to have taken a hint from Kelly, and moved lightly over the back, feeling the ridges along his spine, feeling it shiver to his touch. The idea of Kelly being aroused by such a simple touch, made his own body awaken again, made him grow a bit warmer too.

He could feel the kisses on his belly, feel the way the lips just brushed his burning flesh. It was like he was once more burning, on fire. His whole body was again feeling like it was gradually being brought back to life. His weakness was rapidly disappearing, as Kelly continued to lightly touch him, to trace around his belly button, to run the finger just along the very ridge of his skin. Then it would travel down, to play with his pubic hairs. Each touch making him moan again. A bit hoarse this time around, but there was no mistaking that Kelly was wanting more of him, and his body was eager to oblige.

Strange, he didn't think he had that in him, to have multiple orgasms in one night. He had had one, that he didn't believe could ever be topped, yet as he felt the finger running gently over his groin, around the base of his cock, he thought it just might happen. It was like magic, yet he still doubted it, despite the racing emotions inside of him.

His body seemed to be out of his control. His mind didn't even seem to care, as all it thought about was how good it all felt, how warm it was, how damn exciting it was to be touched as he was being touched. Nothing else seemed to matter, and yet deep down in his heart, he felt the fear still there. Kelly had been weird, and yet now was once more bringing him to that point, that moment of sheer pleasure he loved so much.

The hand over his body moved down his leg, making each hair stand on end. Every nerve was once more tingling as the hand moved up and down, and then finally moved back up along his side, to his face. He opened his eyes to find himself gazing directly into Kelly's face.

His heart fluttered a bit, as he saw the face loom closer, then the light brush of his lips touched his own. His body quivered, as the hand moved down his chest, and once more held his cock. It was again hard, and getting harder.

He felt the body move off his, and as he looked at Kelly, he felt nothing but adoration for him. He couldn't think of being without him, of not having him next to his side, dressed or not. It was a strange feeling for him, because he never really believed in love or all that mushy stuff. He believed in sex, in the feelings good hard sex gave him, but existing alone, wasn't a fear he had. Still, being with Kelly had somehow changed all that, without him even really knowing it.

That was why he was so frightened by the changes in Kelly, by the looks he gave him, or the way he would examine him. He could feel the ache in his heart, the very spot in that pumping organ where he held his feelings for Kelly, rested. It was unsettled, anxious, yet as he felt Kelly lean up on an elbow and just stare at him, he could only revel in the moment. There seemed to be so much love in his eyes, despite the other flashes of sorrow, of sadness.

The noise of the crowd, the cheers, boos even, seemed somewhere else, as he sat there, looking at Kelly and Kelly look back at him. He felt his body ache, felt Kelly's own body aching as well. His heart trembled, and so did Kelly's. He felt himself becoming flushed, as he thought about that moment last night, when Kelly finally mounted him, took him on a ride he had never had before.

The simple way he had turned him over, to be on his stomach. How he had done to his back what he had done to his front. The touch of his hand, that traced every curve in his back, that felt every ridge of his spine, all made for a growing excitement that was never ending.

He had leaned against him, had ran his hand under his hair, feeling his scalp, had even bent over him and kissed the back of his neck several time. He had licked at the jaw, then let his tongue work up to his ears, where he licked around the lobe, pushing at it with the tongue.

Then he just ran a finger along the tip of it, then suddenly was nibbling on the lobe itself. He could still feel the teeth as they bit into his flesh, pulling at it, then soothing the ear with his tongue, licked at the inside as well, pushing the tongue all the way into the ear, as it had once been pushed into his rectum. He shivered then, moaned too, as the hand was caressing his back, while his tongue filled his ear cavity, and made him feel weak. His hands had moved outwards, and his legs now spread apart, as he wondered if Kelly would once more delve into his cheeks. If once more he would taste him with his tongue.

As if he had read his mind, he felt the tongue leave his ear, then over to his neck, then under the base of his head. The tongue moved down his spine, lightly pressing against the small ridges of his bones, and down and down it continued, until it licked once more at the top of his buttocks, where his cheeks met his torso.

His legs pushed open wider, as he began to pant a little, anticipating the rush of feelings that would come. Tyler felt the tongue lick at him, then the hands reach out and spread his cheeks, as once more the tongue journeyed down his valley, until it reach the tiny pink hole. Once more it circled, tasting him, teasing him. Then it flicked out, pushing past the weak protest of his muscle. Entry was quick, and easy but not long lasting. He felt himself become deflated, but then he felt the finger now retracing the steps just taken by Kelly's tongue.

The tip of the finger was now around his hole, lightly touching him, circling and then crossing over the pink hole that quivered and puckered, wanting its full attention. He felt his muscles coiling up inside, felt his chest heaving as he struggled for air, as the tip of the finger lightly pressed on the pink hole. He groaned, feeling his body squirm a little, then lift up a bit.

As his hips lifted up, the finger suddenly dove inwards. It pushed past his hole with ease, and he winced a little, feeling the press inside, feeling it twist a little as it drove in quickly. He felt the knuckles pressing between his cheeks, the other fingers resting on the jiggling mounds of his buttocks. The finger probed him hard and then moved from side to side, then back out, then back in. Several hard quick thrusts, then suddenly his hole was stretched wider, as a second finger joined the first. He cried out as both drove inside of him, twisting as they moved down his tender tunnel.

In and out they went, going fast one second, dead slow the next. He felt his body twisting around the two probing fingers, his body squirming as his hands were up at his head. He felt himself moaning, muttering under his groans, begging Kelly for more, begging him to take him.

There was some movement over him, he felt Kelly's body on top, felt his weight as he leaned over and fumbled with stuff on his nightstand, knowing exactly what he was looking for. 'In the drawer' he muttered, as the ache in his buttocks was growing, as the weight of Kelly on top only spurred his desire even more.

The sound of plastic being ripped, of the sudden lifting of the weight on his body told him Kelly had found the condoms. He felt his insides trembling, felt his muscles tightening, and his heart begin to pound even more than before. He felt his teeth biting at his lower lip as Kelly's hand slapped his rump, then pushed his legs further apart. Tyler felt his body in between his legs, felt his knees pressing up against his inner thighs.

Thinking about it now, he remembered smelling that sweet scent, the smell of Kelly's shampoo and body wash. It was there, faint but somehow it had filled his nostril, making him drink in the scent as much as possible, while Kelly positioned himself. Odd how he could remember that, even then. Stranger still was how he could recall every detail, every single touch.

How Kelly's hand had gently moved around the lower part of his buttock, how the fingers had once more probed his valley, then tunnel. How he had grunted as Kelly had used three fingers to pry his hole open, to force it to stretch. Then he felt the throbbing pole itself. The head was near his cheeks, the heat from it feeling like it was on fire.

His whole body tensed up, his nerves were tingling, eager for that moment, as he turned his head, lifting it up slightly to peer back over his shoulder. He could see the hair dangling over his backside, see the way the strands wrapped around the gaunt face, even notice how the nostrils were flaring with each breathe Kelly took. It made him sigh, and then he felt his head hit the bed, felt his hands reach out and grab hold of the sheets, bunching some of the material up into a ball in his fists.

Kelly's cock had pushed his cheeks apart, was wedged up against the tiny puckering hole, the sacred barrier to his insides. It quivered as it felt the power of the hard flesh pressing against it. Deep inside, Tyler could feel the throbbing pulse, knowing it was coming from Kelly's heart, and then the pain came to him.

The hard push, the quick penetration lasted a mere instant. Yet as it pushed past his pink hole, his whole body shook. His legs grew taut, his arms tightened, and his fists dug into the palms, the nails digging deep into his skin. He cried out, a sort of whimper more than a cry, as he felt the hard pole slice into him, and stop.

Tyler could feel his muscles shiver, feel them grow accustomed to the thick pole they were suddenly wrapped around. He took a breath, as slowly he felt the pole begin to move further in. He bit his lip, hard as the waves of pleasure were suddenly racing through his whole being. His eyes were fluttering, then they closed tight as the rolling waves continued to race up and down his body. His heart was quickened, his pulse racing so hard he could feel it make the bed tremble a little. The hard beat of his blood rushing through every vein and artery was unreal.

It was like he could feel every drop as it rushed around, going all down his body, back up and through his heart and brain. His head felt like it was spinning, and he could hear himself panting, hear the growing thunder in his ears as his heart switched gears, seeming to go into overdrive.

The ache in his chest was just one of thousands of aches in his whole body. His legs were growing numb, twitching as he began to feel the cock inside. It was thick, thicker than he could remember it ever being. It stretched his insides, as it dug deeper than ever before. It touched him in places that had never been touched. Its power was amazing, as he swallowed, trying to take control, failing as his mind ignored his thoughts.

The sound of flesh smacking into flesh echoed in his ears, and he could feel his body shake as he heard each smack. He groaned, louder as the bed shook to the hard pounding the body above was taking. His mind was caught up in all the emotions that swirled around inside.

Tyler had never felt so full, or so much pleasure. Not even the feelings from earlier seemed as intense as he felt Kelly's cock ploughing into him, digging deeper with each hard thrust. Then it would stop for a second, then slowly Kelly would pull back, the cock moving very slowly back out, making him tremble. Just when he would think he would lose it, when the cock might be taken from it, Kelly would shove it back inside.

He would twist his hips, driving the cock into the sides of his tunnel, into his muscles and nerve endings. His body would shake, his toes would curl up and then stretch outwards, letting the pleasure roll through every part of his body. Sweat was dripping off his forehead, and his body.

He could feel the drops on his back, knowing it was from Kelly. The long blonde hairs would rake his back, as he heard the grunts and groan echo. His whole body seemed to be listening, as he heard his breathing grow harder, more shallow. He felt the ache inside, felt his own cock ache as it was pushed against the bed sheets, each hard thrust into his butt pushing the cock upwards. He felt the heat, the friction, yet he could only think of the joy he was feeling deep in his rectum.

Kelly pounded his ass for ages, or so it had seemed. Sweat made the bed like a sponge, about ready to explode, and it was how his own cock felt too. Then he felt the cock suddenly leave his body. His legs were man handled until he was suddenly on his back, and he opened his eyes to see Kelly's cock near his face. The hand was moving in a blur, stroking it furiously as Kelly was grunting hard. He looked up briefly, seeing the face constricted, seeing the strand of hair flying all around, as Kelly brought himself to the edge. Tyler licked his lips, realizing what was going to happen.

He readied himself, as Kelly let out a loud hard cry and lurched his body forward. Tyler was ready and while one hand stroked his own cock, the other hand reached out to grab at Kelly's. His head moved forward, and in one easy motion, he felt the cock slide past his lips. As he touched the hot skin, he felt the head jerk, and he closed his eyes, as he wrapped his lips around the throbbing cock.

The cum was pouring down his throat before he had more than the head inside. It was hot, sticky as it rolled down his throat, almost gagging him, but he swallowed quickly as the hard pole shook between his lips. As the first stream was rolling down his throat, as he swallowed again and again, the second stream was already flooding his mouth. He gagged, knowing some was already dripping out of his mouth, rolling down his chin, but he held firm, as the body above pressed down on him.

He swallowed faster, as the thick cream overwhelmed him. His own legs were taut, as his hand flew up and down his own shaft, as he tasted the hot milk from Kelly. As the cock shook in his mouth, as his balls began to sling up, the last of Kelly's milk dribbled out.

Kelly was exhausted, and the cock was pulled from Tyler's grasp. Opening his eyes he saw Kelly leaning back, his body spent. His chest was heaving, like a piston at full throttle. The explosion came, from his own body and he watched his cum fly from between his hand, arching up and over in the space between him and Kelly. He could see the globs of his own cum as it landed on the leg next to his. He saw it strike, saw the leg flinch as his one and only shot landed. He too felt himself falling back, spent and exhausted. His body was soaked by his sweat, as he struggled to breath, but all he could see was vague images.

He blinked, as he realized people all around him were standing up, stretching and moving off. The game had ended, and he looked around, to see everyone shuffling down the cement steps. He felt his grandfather standing up and the moment had passed. Kelly was also slowly getting up off the seat, and in a line they moved down with the rest of the fans.

Tyler had no idea who had even won, as his heart felt like he had just lost a part of himself. He had understood, at last, as he didn't want today to end. Moving along he finally came to the gate, where he stepped aside, and waited for Kelly.

His grandfather moved past first, giving him a strange sad look, almost as if the old geezer knew. For a second he wished the old man hadn't been with them, but he was. Nothing he could do about that as finally Kelly emerged from the throng of people. He stood in front of Tyler, his eyes holding his.


'Wednesday morning'

'Will I see you tonight?'

'Tonight, tomorrow night, and right until I leave, if you want.'

'I want'

'You'll be careful?'


He glanced down at his feet, not sure what else to say. His heart hurt, the ache in his body wasn't from last night, but from the loss he was about to feel. Tyler wanted to reach out, to take Kelly in his arms, but he couldn't. Not with all the people milling around, jostling and pushing. But later, tonight and until he left, he would hold him.

Tears were at the corner of his eyes, as he tried to smile, as Kelly finally broke their contact, moving off to his own car. Tyler instead turned, to find his grandfather still standing there, waiting for him.

'You know?'

'About him joining up? Yep I know.'


'All those trips for candy, drinks, he told me then.'

'I don't he never told me, least not in words.'

'Didn't have to, now did he?'

He looked up at his grandfather, as they came to the car. Tyler saw how he looked at him, with a sense of love that he hadn't seen from anyone in his family. It was strange, but he felt closer to his grandfather than his own mother or father.

Adjusting the seat belt, he stared out, the tears beginning to roll down his face. 'No, guess not.'

'Your grandmother and me, it was how it was with us as well, its real love Tyler, there is no other way to say it.'

He turned to stare at his grandfather. For a second he wasn't sure what to say, then the old man just opened his arms, and Tyler fell into them, feeling them wrap around his sobbing body. At last, he wasn't alone with his secret, as his body shook while he cried.



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