When Kyle had suggested they go for a bit of 'off roading fun' he had no idea that he meant it literally. Tim had thought he meant go off into some bushes and fuck, not go bouncing around in his 4x4. The instant Kyle had turned off the rocky path or whatever the hell it was, he knew he was in for a rough time.

His stomach was already ready to upchuck, and he was hanging onto the roof  grip like his life depended on it. Somehow he didn't think it was an exaggeration either, the way Kyle was pushing the truck through it's hoops. Man if there was a bump, he would find it, a rise, he would hit it hard, and Tim had lost count of how many times he felt himself airborne.

Finally, they came to a small clearing, where Kyle stopped and just leaned over the steering wheel. His face was constricted, but Tim could see the excitement still in his face. The way his eyes were staring out at the line of trees ahead, the break among them that looked wide enough for a bicycle only. Tim knew Kyle was going to push through it, as he sat back, listening to his heart pound, his chest heaving as he tried to collect himself.

Kyle was 19, and a hell of a stud. All the girls at the community college they attended were wild about him. He had that look, that 'devil look' that made him so attractive, to girls and guys alike. He was popular too, had a decent grade average, but it was his recklessness that made him so damn popular.

He was always in trouble of some sort. Nothing illegal in the sense of it being criminal, just things like pulling the administration's tails at times. The way he would ask loaded questions at assemblies, or simply put forward names for speakers that was certain to rile up the conservative elites of the college. It was all part of his personality, that attracted so many. That and his good looks.

He was one of those gifted with a perfect body. Tall, lean, and well proportioned. Kyle knew how to show it off as well, from the tight fitting jeans that highlighted his amble basket, and well formed butt. Every time he went strolling down the campus walk, people would always turn and stare at him. The way his hair was always unkempt looking, a few days growth on his face, all made him look rugged, look damn desirable.

Kyle knew it too, but he never lorded over anyone. No matter who the person was, he always had time to talk to them, nod to them in passing. He wasn't stuck up, even though he knew that 9 out of 10 that walked past, had thoughts of having sex with him. He thought it was rather fun, specially when the girls would go past.

The way some would simply drool over him, their eyes wanting to devour him then and there, was to him a laugh. Not many knew that he was Gay. Only a few of his closest friends knew that Kyle was into cock, not pussy. Still, he was never rude or gave the slightest hint of his homosexuality. It just wasn't how he was.

College to Kyle, was a time to have fun, to experience things, and he made sure his inner circle of friends helped him enjoy it. One reason why Tim was with him now, catching his breath, trying to get his heart out of his throat. He and the others all worshipped Kyle, his attitude and his philosophy on life. The fact that he was hung, enjoyed sex, and did them all wasn't really a factor.

He was just one of those you couldn't deny. Whether it was to go driving, parachuting, or bending over, no one seemed to object to his whims, his requests.

Now he on the other hand wasn't a leader. Tim realized he was more of a follower, and Kyle was his ideal leader. He would do pretty well anything for him, not because he enjoyed the sex with him, but how he treated him. Kyle was always nice to him, making him feel special. Even when they had sex, Kyle went out of his way to make him feel like he was good.

It wasn't that he thought of himself as ugly, but just ordinary. His body was normal, bit of beer gut, but other than that fairly lean. He didn't have a lot of muscle tone like Kyle, but he could put up a good fight if pressed. His face wasn't what you would call rugged or handsome. His nose as a bit hooked, his eyes ordinary, no little reflection of hidden depths. His lips were thin, pale, as was his skin, despite the time spent outside. He just didn't get that healthy sun kissed look that Kyle, or others had. Still, Kyle found him attractive enough to spend time with him, apart from the others.

Tim turned to see Kyle step out of the truck. He watched as he saw him remove his boots, place them up on the truck floor, while he reached down and undid his pants. It was suddenly very exciting as he stared at his friend, pushing his pants down and then tossing them inside the truck cab. He looked at Tim, smiling asking him if he was ready for the ultimate in fun?

The twinkle in his eyes and the hard bulge in his shorts had his attention, as he nodded, wondering if they were going to do it out here, or in the back of the truck bed. As he watched, he saw Kyle push the shorts off, showing an already fully aroused cock. It looked so good, he found himself licking his lips in anticipation but then seemed a bit confused as Kyle reached back and once more put his boots on.

He climbed back into the cab, and did the seat belt up. Still wearing his shirt, he was stark naked from the waist down, as he grinned at Tim. He started up the truck as he looked over at Tim.


Tim didn't know what to say. He couldn't help but look at the hard cock sticking up, nor could he ignore the roar of the truck engine, as Kyle revved it up. His hand was on the gear shift, as he waited for Tim's reply.

'What? I uh..'

'Come on Tim, let's have the blow job of all time.'

'With the truck running?'

'How else can we go through the bush with it off?'

'While I suck your dick? Are you nuts?'

Kyle laughed as he let the truck jerk forward a little, his face showing his excitement. He really was planning on driving, while having Tim suck on his dick. It really was insane, and yet at the same time rather exciting of a thought. Yet he didn't think he could.

'Come on, you know you like sucking, I am just gonna make it more interesting for us both.'

'But, shit Kyle, I can't do that and not get tossed all around the place, fuck, what if you..'

'Come on, just get into position now, the seat belt will stretch this far, and hold you from being tossed out. It'll be a rush, come on.'

'I don't know man, I mean shit, it's dangerous.'

'Life is dangerous, but we aren't put on here to just be safe, let's have some fun, come on, I guarantee you'll enjoy it.'

'I almost lost my cookies getting here Kyle, I don't know if I can.. I mean..'

'Hey you'll be looking down, not out. Come on, come have a taste, I won't go super fast, I just want to, you know, come on, you trust me don't you?'

It was the one thing Kyle could say that would work. He did trust him, totally. Looking up into his eyes, he couldn't help but begin to share in Kyle's excitement. It would be a bit of a rush, and how many guys could say they sucked another off while four banging through the brush? It certainly would be something to remember later on.

Besides it was Kyle. There really wasn't much else to say as he felt his stomach twisting a little, as it knew he was going to agree. He couldn't help it, the view of that hard cock waving at him, inviting him down was just too much. His whole body shivered as he pulled on the seat belt, as he leaned down and over.

'Don't start till I am ready. You sure you want to do this Kyle? This is uh, I mean what if I bite your cock? That could happen, and uh..'

'You won't, stop worrying, trust me, this is gonna be a time we'll never forget. Just you and me bud.'

He made sure the door was locked, that his body was stretched out, so that he now had his head under the steering wheel. The smell was all Kyle, that made him quiver a bit as he adjusted his body. It was insane, as he stared at the crotch, at the hard cock sticking up from between those legs. Tim could see the hair and how they were sticking up, sort of in anticipation.

Looking down, he saw Kyle's booted feet on the pedals. One on the brake, the other off to the right, on the gas pedal. He saw the legs stiffen as Tim adjusted his body down a little, so his chest wasn't resting totally on Kyle's thigh.


His nerves were on edge, as he swallowed hard, staring at Kyle's crotch. It was now or never, as he found his voice a bit shaky, as he let his hand move forward, to take hold of the base of Kyle's cock. As soon as his hand touched the hot flesh, he felt his body sling back into Kyle, as the truck lurched forward. He felt the rush of air coming up from the truck floor, as the engine roared and the tires dug deep into the grassy dirt beneath.

Leaning forward, he tried to kiss the head of Kyle's cock, but it moved out of the way as the truck hit a bump. He felt his upper body lurch up, then fall down hard onto Kyle's lap. He put his hand outwards, letting his thumb rest on the base of Kyle's dick, the other fingers pushing up against his far thigh. The truck lurched again and he could hear the sound of the engine racing, as he looked at the floorboard. The one foot on the accelerator was nearly all the way down, as the truck moved forward.

He closed his eyes briefly, as he held the cock, and let his head quickly take the hot flesh into his mouth. He felt his own body shaking, from the trucks wild motion, as he tried to lick at the cock in his mouth. He felt it suddenly drive deep into his mouth, making him gag, but he held on. He forced his throat open, as the cock was suddenly reaching for his stomach, then just as quickly was almost out of his mouth.

His body was moving from side to side, as he opened his eyes, feeling terrified. He watched Kyle's crotch come rushing up to his face, even as he felt his own body lurch upwards as the truck hit a bump. He felt himself being tossed up and out, but then was suddenly falling back down and to the other side. He began to slide forward, as the truck seemed to be lifted up on one side, and still he held the cock in his hand.

Leaning forward, he drove down, taking the whole cock into his mouth, He wrapped his lips around it, while he reached forward to wrap his hand on the soft flesh of Kyle's far thigh. His fingers dug into the flesh, feeling the muscles move and shake. He could feel his legs pump, feel the muscles tighten, as Kyle applied some brakes, then release, the other leg throbbing under his chin, now tightening, as Kyle hit the gas, or moved it to push the clutch while shifting.

The truck was bouncing all over, as he tried to suck on the hard pole. It was banging inside his mouth, one second against his cheek, then suddenly forcing itself down his throat. In another moment it was falling out of his mouth, his lips desperately trying to hold it inside. He could feel his tongue trying to lick at it, at times missing the hard shaft entirely. With each bump, he would feel the cock drive in, and gag him.

Finally he managed to get his hand underneath Kyle's crotch, to push up on the balls, and the cock. He heard Kyle moaning a little, a small grunt as well, as the truck lurched from side to side. He was twisting and turning th wheel, his legs moving from brake pedal to gas, to clutch, to gas, to brake. Each jostle made his whole body rise or fall, twist or turn, along with the throbbing cock in his mouth.

Tim buried his face into Kyle's groin. He took the whole cock into the mouth, pressing his nose up into the space between the belly and leg. Kyle groaned loudly at that point, as they hit a deep rut, and bounced. He kept his face buried into the crotch, kept the cock in his throat, his lips holding tight. He felt the man's body shaking, felt the truck twisting, so they would slide, so that Kyle's cock would bang against the side of his throat.

Tim gagged a bit, but held him tight, sucking. There wasn't much else he could do, as he knew that trying to move his head up and down wouldn't work. He knew the cock would fall out, that he might not get it back inside, so he held it tightly, just sucking on the whole pole.

He heard the bang, felt the truck swerve to skid on its side, then felt the truck come to a stop. Dust was filling the truck cab, as he slowly lifted his head up off Kyle's hard cock. The motor was still purring, but Kyle had the truck stopped, as his hand moved off the wheel, to push Tim's head back down onto his cock.

Tim let his mouth close over the cock, slide down the throbbing pole, until one more his nose was buried into the soft groin. He could smell the sweat, smell Kyle's body wash soap even, as he began to slowly pull back up, his lips wrapped tightly around the flesh. Kyle's hand grudgingly let his head rise up a little, before pushing it back down.

He could hear the heavy breathing, as he let his head bop up and down. The truck's purring engine off in the distance, as Kyle's moans were filling the truck's cab. Kyle's hand was rubbing his back, reaching out and grabbing his ass cheeks, as he sucked on Kyle's dick. His whole body was shaking, as he kept moving up and down the hard pole, feeling it thicken even more, as he licked at it. Grabbing hold with his hand, he held the cock from his face, turned slightly to one side, then ran his tongue all along the underside of the cock. Kyle moaned even louder, as the tongue licked up and over the cock head.

Tim felt his own body shaking, but not from the truck's wild motion. The truck was motionless, it was the adrenalin being pumped through his body, as he felt the cock in his mouth again. He let his lips grip it harder, felt his fingers circle the base, as he moved his head up and down the hard cock. Kyle's moans were nearly constant now, his legs were spread apart.

He lifted his head up, and once more licked at the underside of Kyle's cock. He could feel the vein underneath and the blood rushing through it, as he licked down to the very base, then he pushed the hard cock up against Kyle's body, as he let his mouth kiss each ball, then push them up against the cock.

Tim's tongue licked out, tasting the very root of Kyle's cock. The body trembled, as he licked further, pushing his tongue between the clenched cheeks. He taste Kyle, as his tongue licked between the cheeks, along the beginning of Kyle's valley. The balls were pressed up against his forehead, as he brought his tongue back upwards, licking at the very root of Kyle's cock.

Kyle's groin began to shiver, as his tongue licked hard against the flesh. He felt the raspy edge of his tongue, rake the sensitive skin, curl up and poke at the underside of Kyle's balls. He felt Kyle's hand grip his hair, twist strands around the fingers, then lift upwards. His head was quickly yanked up and then the flat of the hand was pressing him down, forcing him to take the cock back inside.

The moans were constant, but were mixed with his own slurping sounds, gurgles. His whole body suddenly grew taut, as he felt the groin pushing up, the hand pushing down. His body shook, as he felt Kyle's body beginning to tremble, shudder as if it was about to explode. His eyes closed, as he let Kyle guide his head. Tim felt Kyle's balls up under the cock, felt his nose being pressed hard into the groin, as Kyle yelled, as he arched upwards with all of his might, straining the seat belt.

The cock in his mouth suddenly seemed like it had swelled even more. The head reared back, or so he thought, but then the hot thick cream was suddenly filling his throat. He gagged several times, as the hot milk filled his throat, dribbled out the corners of his mouth. He tried to swallow, but there was so much, it was impossible to take it all.

He felt the body underneath shudder, felt the rolling tremors working their way through Kyle's body. Then he felt his own body shaking, as the hand tightened even more around his hair, twisting and pulling at the same time. Yet while he felt the pain, he ignored it, as he continued to swallow the hot milk, to take as much as he could. He could feel gobs of it dripping out of his mouth, rolling down his chin, as Kyle shook.

He felt the body sink back into the seat, felt the hand loosen its hold on his hair, and he lay there, exhausted as he felt Kyle's body heaving. Glancing up he saw him leaning back, his head tilted back. His chest was heaving still, as was Tim's. He slowly pulled himself up and off of Kyle's lap, to once more sit in the seat.

Looking out the windshield, he noticed the truck was on a slant. It had ridden up on a huge rock, and his side of the truck was right up against the trunk of a huge tree. Ahead was nothing but trees, and he realized just how close they had come to doing some real damage to the truck, and themselves.

'Told you it would be a rush'

'Yeah, now how the hell do we get off this rock?'

'Climb out the rear window, onto the bed, then we can see, but I know what we'll do next.'

He had that look in his eyes that made him tremble. It was the same look he had when he first suggest Tim suck him while he drove. All he could do was rub his own crotch, feeling his cock throb.

'What's that? Or should I ask?'

Kyle grinned at him, slapped him on the shoulder, then leaned forward and gave him a hard kiss full on the mouth. It was the first time he had kissed him that way. It made him ache, as he leaned back, watching Kyle undo the seatbelt.

'You can ride my dick, while we drive, I mean talk about a ride, huh?'

'You are totally fucked man, you want me to sit on your lap, your dick up my ass, and you driving through the bush? Fucking hell, that is nuts.'

'Yeah, but you know you wanna try it, don't you Tim?'

Tim shook his head, as he undid his seatbelt, and slid open the small window in back, and began to lean forward, to crawl out.

'Yep' was all he said as he wiggled out, feeling Kyle's hand slap his ass. He already was feeling the thrill building up inside, as he slid out into the truck bed. Looking back, he saw Kyle sticking his head out of the window, a huge wicked grin across his face. Time knew he had been serious, and the ache in his ass told him he was going to go along with it too. He couldn't help it, after all, it was Kyle.



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