I was still really worried about Aidan. The hospital kept him for a few days for observation, while I had to return to school. The crutches were a pain to get around with, but I think I'll manage, and for the first time in 2 years, I needed a ride to school. I called up Jimmy and grabbed a bite to eat before getting dressed. I wore a light blue t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and the cast on my leg and my bandages underneath my shirt. The leg doesnt hurt that much, but my god do my ribs hurt like a mother fucker. Once Jimmy dripped me off at school, everyone stopped and stared; like they had never seen someone on crutches before. As I made my way down the hall, I got a lot of "are you ok?"s. It was really creeping me out. "hey, Robbie!" I recognized the voice instantly. Billy. I rolled my eyes while my back was turned. "that was some beef you took with that accident." he said kicking my leg cast a little. I winced at the discomfort. "what the fuck do you want?" I snap as I glare at him. "chill out bro. I just was wondering when your little boyfriend will show up. Got unfinished business wit him." he sneered.

"he didn't do anything to you, Billy. This is between you and me. Leave him out of this." I said standing with the crutches. "awwwww... How cute. He's protecting his little faggot boyfriend." he laughed as his friends shared high fives and laughter. I grew angry with them, and very quickly. "can't you just grow up?" I hollered. "god, who cares If we like each other? It doesn't affect your life in any way! So, just leave me and Aidan alone." I shout. Everyone was looking at us, and I see Billy back off. "c'mon boys, lets get away from the faggot." he said as he turned and walked away. "I'm not one to try and bully; I don't take that shit well, and if you bully my family or my friends, you deal with me." I holler after them as they walk away. "whatever faggot!" Charlie hollers back. Everyone just stared at me; watching what I will do next. I look over the crowd and head towards my first class. Jimmy was already sitting in his usual seat. 

"hey bro." I said placing my backpack on the floor and sitting down on the chair. 

"hey. How's the leg?" he asked checking his phone.

"hurts..." I said quietly. "wait, did I hear Robbie Jameson say 'it hurts?'" Jimmy said in disbelief. "yeah... I am human..." I said laughing. "so, whats the deal with you and that Aidan kid?" he asked. I knew that this will be the hardest decision I'll ever have to make. Tell my best friend that I'm gay, or keep lying to everyone? I sighed a little and made my decision. 

"Jimmy, Aidan and I... We... Um...." I stammered through my words; I didn't know how to word it. I look at him and I saw him looking at me quizzically. "I'm... Gay Jimmy..." I said looking into his eyes. He looked stunned but no different. "so, you and Aidan..."

"yeah..." I finished awkwardly. 

"oh..." he said looking back at his phone. "your still my friend, right?" I asked. He turned to me and slapped me. Hard. "don't ask such a stupid question like that again. You hear me?" he said with a serious look on his face. "yeah..." I said rubbing my cheek. I got where he was coming from, but I guess I was just worried I might lose him, and I can't lose him. He's my only true friend. All my other friends are only friends with me because my parents had taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy, and that I got it when I turned 18, which was last Friday. Most people dont know how hard it is being rich in high school. All of the other kids look at you and are green with envy. They think you have it all when our rich, but really, all you have is money; everyone else likes you because you have money, and not because they like you for you. So, when I graduate, I'm going to start a career which I can give something back to the community, and that's what my first class will help me achieve. My first class is an elective I chose last semester, which was criminal justice, because I hope to one day be a police officer. 

The only reason Jimmy took this class was because he needed an elective to graduate, and I don't even know what he wants to be one day. He's constantly changing his mind. Today, we had a test, but luckily, I already know everything there is to know! I constantly listen to the police scanner, I have read countless court rulings and cases; everything from Miranda v. Arizona, to the Matthew Shepard Case, and I read about every single law and protected constitutional right there is, and last but not least, I also understand the legal system, the fruit from the poisoned tree concept, due process, and a lot of other things. Once I graduate, it's straight go the police academy. I just hope Aidan is still with me when that time comes. As class drew to a close, and I get up out of my seat, I see Billy talking with some guy I've never seen before. He must be new or something, but was he pretty hot. Not as hot as Aidan, but definitely not far off from Aidan's level of sexiness. He notices me staring and flashes me a fast, yet entrancing smile. Once Billy walked away, I made my way over to him. "couldn't help but notice you standing there, so, my name's Robbie." I said extending my hand. 

God that came out wrong... SHIT!

"Bennett." he answered as he smiled slightly. "new here?" I ask. "yeah, just moved here from Angel Pine." he said leaning against the wall. "cool, bro. That's near the mountains right?" I asked quickly looking him over. "yeah. Just north of the turnpike." he said. He was pretty good looking. He was pretty thin, but I can tell that he must have a pretty nice body; probably tanned slightly, and pretty defined. "see something you like, bro?" he asked. That brought me out of my gaze and back to reality. "n-nothin'. Sorry dude." I said covering my ass. I saw his eyebrows raise a little, then he spoke; "you know, I'm pretty open to trying new things." he said winking at me slightly. "ummm... I-I have a boyfriend..." I said looking down. "oh..." he said kind of depressed. "but... If things dont work out, give me a call, yeah?" he asked as he handed me a piece of paper. "s-sure!" I said taking it. 

This guy is really cool! I just hope I don't do anything stupid....

Bennett flashed his gorgeous smile and soon left; Leaving me there with his number, and a huge boner! There was something about Bennett that I find so sexy, but, my heart belongs to Aidan.... I hope....




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