I'm rudely awakened by my radio as it blares through my room. With my eyes still closed, I roll over and pound it once with my fist, thank god I hit the snooze button! I climbed out of bed, not feeling tired anymore and quickly get dressed after taking a shower. I slip on my favorite shirt; a nice Light blue polo t-shirt, american eagle, boxers, a pair of dark blue jeans, and my favorite pair of shoes. I fix my hair and quickly shave off my 5 o'clock shadow before heading downstairs. Oh, right. One more thing, my name's Robbie, and I stand at 5'11" tall and weigh around 155 pounds. My notable features are my abnormally bright green eyes, my jet black hair, and my 6 pack abs I worked SO hard to get. 

As I walked into school, as usual, many girls stop to look at me. "hey, Robbie. Remember me?" the smoking hot Tatiana asked. "Sure don't!" I say walking right by. I hear her scoff and I laugh to myself. Yes, it's true. I have had MANY girls, but all of them just want me for my body, and I sit there thinking to myself, "what, am I just some piece of meat to you? I got feelings too!" it makes me so angry. I soon brush it off and make my way to homeroom. There, I meat up with my best friend, Jimmy. "hey dude." I say grabbing a seat next to him. "'sup bro?" he asked. "I really hope this year doesn't suck! I'll be so pissed." he said. "I hear you. If I fail one more class, I lose my car privileges." I reply casually. As the bell is about to ring, another guy, whom I've never seen before, walks in and sat down at our table. I was taken back a little by this. "hey guys, I'm Aidan." he said. "this guy is fuckin' gorgeous! I'm going to have some serious competition with the ladies." I thought to myself. "so, do I need to guess you guys' names or something?" he laughed. His eyes were so beautiful in a mysterious way. They were dark grey.... "oh, I'm Robbie, And this is Jim." I replied. 

God... Those eyes....

"so, what's the story with this teacher?" Aidan asked. "a real douche, whatever you do, do not ask a million questions, he'll fail all of us." Jim answers. "that bad, huh?"

"you don't know the half of it. One time, this kid asked if he could use the restroom, and he made him pee his pants in front of the whole class!" I added. "damn... I should probably go now then--"

"ok, class. I'm Mr. Harris, and before we get started, on a personal level, it's a real disappointment to have you in my class. Now, let's get my emotional trauma over with, and go over the--" he stopped as he noticed a new face. "oh, and who might you be, pretty boy?" he asked mockingly. Aidan just smiled and stood. "hey, I'm Aidan, and I'm new here, obviously. I moved here from Willow Falls with my dad, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all." he said as he sat back down. Mr. Harris grumbled and passed out the syllabus. "this guy'll be easy." Aidan laughed. 

He's really cute... But why do I think he's cute?

After class, my girlfriend, Holly asked if I wanted a quickie, I looked back towards Aidan who was walking away, and I couldn't be without him. There is something that draws me to him, but I'm not gay. That much is for certain, so why do I feel so... Drawn to him? Maybe sex with Holly will get my mind right. "let's go to my car, babe." I grin. She eagerly follows and I open the back seat door and she climbs in. I get in after her and I get a little comfortable as she unbuckles my pants. She fully engulfs my hardening 7.5 inch dick with ease, and I rest my head on the window. "oh yeah..." I whispered. Holly can suck better cock than anyone; hands down. I close my eyes and all I see is a pair of grey eyes. I look down and all I see is his eyes staring back at me. "UUUUGH!!!" I shout as pleasure builds more rapidly. "you like that babe?" he asked. 

"oh fuck yeah... Suck my cock...." I answer. He wraps his tongue around my cock lovingly and deep throats me as I cum. White hot semen sprays out of my dick and down his throat. I open my eyes and Holly is covered in my jizz. "wow!" she says as she licks the cum off of her lips. "that tastes good, Robbie."

Yeah... Except it was a guy I was thinking about....

She fixed her hair, put back on her make-up and left me in the car as I pull up my jeans. I stagger out of the car and head back to the school. "SHIT! I'm late!" I say to myself as I rush into the building, up the stairs, and into biology class. I sat down at a table. Completely unaware that I was sitting alone with Aidan. 

Seriously...? Can't I get a break?!?

"hey." he said in his dreamy voice. I made contact with those eyes once again. "h-hey..." I manage to choke out. 

God... Why do I feel this way about a GUY?

"hey, I was just thinking..." he began. My head shot around to face him. "do you.. Maybe want to hang out sometime?" he finished. My heartbeat is beating a mile a minute, and I don't know if he can tell that I am literally jumping for joy on the inside right now. "uh... Uh...."

"if you have plans--"

"NO! I.. I can hang with you." I interrupted. He flashed a smile that made my heart jump 3 beats. "cool. How's today after school?" he asked. 

"o-ok." I choked out. 

I can't believe he is hanging out with me! Wait... He's hanging out with me?! What if I....




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