He lay on top of me with those gorgeous eyes peering into me like never before. He had on a flat-billed baseball cap that he wore backwards that complimented his face. He gently kissed me as I close my eyes and remove his hat. He pulled away and slipped off his shirt; revealing his smooth, hairless chest, his six pack abs, and his beautiful pecs. I look up in amazement as he takes off his shorts and is lying on top of me fully naked. He leans down and kisses my neck. "fuck me..."

I wake up in my dimly lit room, covered in sweat, and a raging hard-on. I look down and my cock twitches slightly, begging for me to wrap my hand around it. I couldn't take it anymore. I grab my cock under my covers and ferociously jerk it. I picture Aidan dropping to his knees and taking in my big cock. Pressure builds at the base of my cock and I feel it start to move. My hand flies from the head to the base with rapid succession as I pleasure myself to the thought of Aidan sucking me off. I feel it travel to the head and squirt out like a volcano. It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced. After I cleaned myself up, I look at my phone and get ready for school. I walk out to my car and turn the engine over. I couldn't wait to see Aidan at school; I wonder what he will be wearing? I hope it's something sexy. Wait, you stupid fuck, were going to school! You can't let anyone know your a homo, so just act cool. As I pulled up to the school and parked my car, there was Aidan, waiting for me. He had on a red t-shirt, white shorts, his hair was absolutely perfect, and he had on a pair of Nike sneakers. 

He's so hot...

"hey, Aidan." I said blushing like crazy. 

"hey, sexy boy." he said with a smile. "uh... No one knows I'm... I'm..."

"what? Gay? Who cares! That's what I say. Hey! That rhymes!!" he laughed. I couldn't help but laugh a little too. I mean, my god, why wouldn't you laugh with him?! He's... Perfect! 

"we still on for that date?" he asked with his gorgeous smile as we walked into our school. "yeah! I thought about a little roast beef place we could go to." I suggested. "the one by the river?" he asked. "that's the one! My buddy's grandparents started it, and my family would go there all the time. Best roast beef this side of the Casper River. Guaranteed!" I said. "sounds good.... But not as good as your cock!" he said. "what?!" I shouted almost too loudly. "I said, 'it sounds good but I think we should just take a walk."' he repeated. 

God, man. Get your head out of the gutter for once will ya....? 

"oh, I thought I heard you say something else." I couldn't help but laugh a little. Could I be anymore embarrassed?! I walked with him to first class and already i feel a boner coming on. Even talking to this gorgeous mother fucker turns me on! I felt my cock swell in my jeans once again, but thankfully, we were at the classroom so at least a table will obscure my snake from the rest of the class. I had to play it cool today; no staring, no nothing. I don't want to be beaten up, and I don't want Aidan beaten up either. As class came and went, Aidan and I decided to go to lunch, when we heard a commotion from the locker room. We walked in to the room and saw the wide receiver, Seth Martin on the floor with the rest of the football team standing around him laughing and kicking him in the stomach and the face. We watched as the team beat the fuck out of one of their own. "fucking homo! Don't ever look at me like that again!!!" the quarterback, Jeff Masterson yelled. "I'm.... Ugh!!! ....Sorry!" he yelled. "get off of him!!" Aidan yelled. The boys looked at him and laughed. "stop!" I screamed. They looked at me and immediately walked away. "c'mon guys... Let's get outta here." a voice said. We rushed to Seth's side; "are you ok?" Aidan asked. "no..." he said in a low voice. He had bruises all over his face, and blood stained his school jacket. We helped him up and cleaned up his face a little bit. "why did they attack you?" Aidan asked. "I... I don't know.... They thought I was looking at them weirdly, b-but I'm not gay..." he cried as we got most of the blood off his face. "I'm sorry this happened to you, Seth. You seem like a cool guy." I said. Seth was a good looking dude; he had big brown eyes, Blonde hair and he stood around 5' 11"

He's really cute.... 

I walked over to my gym locker and opened it up and took out my gym clothes. What a coincidence that we had gym right now. I slipped off my shirt and I saw Seth go wide-eyed. I see him trace over my body; from my chest, to my abs. I knew he was gay. "see anything interesting?" I snickered. I saw his face go red. It has to be tough to be the only gay football player on the team. "it's ok, Seth. I'm gay too." I said looking at Aidan. "so am I." Aidan added. Seth's face lit up. "so... I'm not alone?" he asked already knowing the answer. 

"is there anyone you have your eye on, Seth?" asked Aidan. He blushed as red as a fire hydrant. "well... There is one..." he said taking off his jacket and placing it on the bench. "who?" I ask. "well... His name's Jimmy..." he said blushing. 


"Jimmy who?" Aidan asked. "Jimmy Anderson." he said blushing even more. "woah...." I whisper. "you know him?" Seth asked. "...no." I choked out. Jimmy's gonna freak....

"hey guys. Hey Seth--woah! Are you ok?!" Jimmy gasped when he saw Seth's face. "yeah... I'm ok..." he said not making any eye contact whatsoever. Jimmy had a genuine look of concern on his face as he slipped off his shirt and stuffed it in his gym locker. I see Seth blush again; I couldn't help but giggle at this. Seth was like a little school girl. I look back at Aidan and laugh. "what's so funny?" Jim asked. "...nothing." I said as I stared into Aidan's grey eyes. Seth and Jim finished changing and soon, Aidan and I were alone. He walked over to me and I leaned against the lockers. "what're you thinkin' about?" I said smiling. "....you." he said kissing me lightly. "Holy SHIT! Slater's a fag!!" I hear and my eyes shoot open to see the biggest loudmouth in the whole school, Charlie Timmons standing there with his big, wide grin on his face. Aidan backed away, and looked at the ground. Soon there was at least 10 people trying to get a look at us. I look around at everyone, then at Aidan, who was turning back to his locker.


I grabbed his arm, spun him around, and laid the biggest, wettest kiss I could muster onto his lips. 

"that took guts..." I hear Aidan whisper after I pulled away. People were just staring, some were cracking their knuckles. I wasn't worried. We slip on our gym clothes and head to the door when we got cornered. Charlie locked the door; denying access from outside. The 5 guys that were surrounding us played on the football team, and the other 5 were just watching. I moved Aidan behind me and stood in between them. "loot at the fag protecting his little boyfriend!" one boy, Billy Jenkins said as he grabbed me. I tried to fight him off, but he was much bigger than me. Two of his friends took me from him and held me up as he punched me in the face. I wince at the pain in my jaw, but my eyes are fixated on Aidan. "you get a choice, faggot. Protect your boyfriend, or yourself." he said as he gave me an upper cut to the ribs. I wanted to fall to the floor, but his friends held me up. I groaned in pain; trying to counter-act it, but it only fuels Billy's rage. "all you gotta do, Is suck my big, fat cock, and I'll leave your boyfriend alone. What's it gonna be?" he asked. Aidan stood there watching as he laid a kick to my ribs and laid me on the floor; kicking me in the face. "don't... Do it..." I scream through the blows. I didn't want Aidan to go through with this. It's not right; I can't let him do this. I curl up and try to block the blows to my ribs, but they find a way through. Bruises start to form, and the pain starts to get worse. "...I'll do it." he said. The blows stopped. "don't listen to-- AAAAHH!" I screamed as I was interrupted by a series of kicks. "on your knees..." he said pulling out his monster cock. "suck..." 

Aidan slowly got on his knees and took Billy's dick in his hand. I watch as he puts his cock up to his mouth. "what the hell is going on in here?!" the gym teacher, Mr. Carson yelled. Billy took Aidan's head And smashed it against the lockers; ending with a clunk. I grab my ribs with my right hand and make my way to him. Everyone scattered, and Mr. Carson found his way to Aidan and I. "you're hurt." I said as he started to come out of his daze. "no... You're hurt." he whispers. Mr. Carson helps me pick Aidan up and we bring him to the nurse. "what happened in there, Slater?" Mr. Carson asked. "...Billy was going to have Aidan... Do things to him...." I said looking at Aidan. That head injury must have been something, because he is having trouble keeping his eyes open. "are you suggesting what I think your suggesting, Robbie?"

"....yes. I am."




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