I sat In the nurses office as the nurse examined the back of Aidan's head. "how could I let this happen? I'm supposed to protect him..." I thought to myself. All I could think about was the sound of Aidan's head bouncing off of the lockers, The way he slumped over like a dead fish, it was completely terrifying. "are you sure you don't need a doctor?" Jimmy asked with his voice full of concern. "yeah, I'm ok. I'm more worried about Aidan." I said looking back at the closed door. "you guys are spending more time together than you and I ever have." he chuckled. "you're not gay, are you?" he added. "n-no... It w-was the way h-his head hit off t-the lockers..." I said stammering through my words. 

Does he know...? Can he tell...?

"I'm just bustin' your balls, man. Relax." he laughed as he threw his arm around my shoulder. I saw Aidan come out of the nurses office with an ice pack on his head. "are you ok?!" I said a little too concerned. "yeah, I'm fine. Just a little bump on the head." he said chuckling a little. 

"o-ok..." I answer. I say goodbye to Jimmy and walk down the hall towards our lockers. "are you sure you're ok?" I asked again. "I already told you, Robbie. I'm ok." he said holding an ice pack on the back of his head to bring the swelling down. He walked over to me, placed the ice pack on the floor, and kissed me lightly on the lips. "I just... Don't want to.... see you hurt...." I said between kisses. We backed off each other and made our way to the parking lot.


"so, are we still on for that date?" I asked shyly. "only if you want to..." he grinned. I noticed a stirring in my pants a little and I think I knew what he meant by 'if I want to.' He kissed me o the cheek and I walked him to my car. We climbed in, fastened our seatbelts, and headed towards my house to hang out.It was raining out a little, and I need to be extra careful. I don't want him to get hurt. But, even as I'm driving, I noticed just How hot Aidan was out of the corner of my eye. The way hat his mysterious grey eyes peer Into my soul, the way he captivates me when he smiles, the way--



"Robbie....?" a light voice fills my ears. Almost like someone is trying to talk to you from far away. "Robbie..?" it said again. I open my eyes, and I see a police officer standing over me as he moves a little flashlight over my eyes. Rain is falling; pelting my body as dark, gloomy clouds fill the sky. I look over to the car; all crushed and broken. The car flipped 7 times, and I was thrown from the car. We were hit by a big rig with a driver who was driving while intoxicated. They put me in the ambulance and took me to the hospital. The pain was excruciating. The EMT told me that I had a broken leg, 3 broken ribs, and a head concussion. They gave me morphine and I started to relax. I soon find myself falling asleep.



"ugh... My head..." I whisper as I look around the room, spotting my brother and some girl standing next to him with her hand in his. I guess she's the new girl, Jim and Seth were standing by the window, and my grandpa sitting in a chair by the bed. "were so glad you're ok, Robbie." Mark said with a relieved look in his eyes. "we were really worried." Jim added. "I'm ok... But... Where's Aidan?" I asked. Nobody answered, all they did was give me sympathetic looks. I got out of the bed and grabbed my IV rack and walked out of the room. "Robbie!" my grandfather yelled. I frantically searched the halls, looking for his room and totally ignoring the agony my leg was feeling right now. I

 need to find him; I need to make sure he's ok. I looked on the nameplate on the last room. "A. Michaels" it read. Michaels is Aidan's last name!!! I pushed the door open with all my might and see him lying motionless, with his parents weeping over him. "A-Aidan....?" I meekly said. His father turned around and saw me. "you must be Robbie..." he said turning back to Aidan. "i-is he...?" 

"he's in a coma... But he'll live, thank god." he said as a tear fell from his cheek. "he talks about you all the time, Robbie. He doesn't get attached to many people." his mother added as she stroked his cheek lovingly. I hobbled my way over to the bed. He looked so grey, and so helpless. I kissed him lightly on the cheek. "I-I love you..." I whispered in his ear. I turn back and before I can leave, he stirs. Nurses flooded the room and one helped me to a chair. "AIDAN.. You need to relax, honey. We'll get this tube out. Don't worry." one nurse said as Aidan calmed himself. She slid it out and Aidan started coughing. "Wheres......Robbie?" he asked coarsely. I sprung out of my chair; totally disregarding that my leg was broken, and I hobbled over to him as the nurses took vitals and took him off of life support. The only thing that is connected to him is the heart monitor and a blood transfusion. "Robbie...." he said smiling lightly. "you're ok...." he said. "I'm glad you're ok, Aidan. I-I don't know what I would do without you..." I said taking his hand in mine as He smiled weakly. tremendous guilt washed over me at that very moment. "what's wrong?" Aidan asked.

"I could have stopped this..."

"don't say that... You could have never stopped that truck..." Aidan said assuring me that it wasn't my fault. "I did this to you... I hurt you Aidan." I replied. "you couldn't have known that the truck wouldn't stop." Aidan replied. "I... I feel..." I begin, but he pulls me in for a kiss before I can finish. "it wasn't your fault, Robert." he said sounding serious. "I'm sorry..." I said. "it was just a freak accident, baby. Don't think like you hurt me; you didn't." he reminded me. 

"I... Just can't help but feel really guilty... I'm so sorry Aidan..." I whispered as tears fell from my eyes. All of a sudden, my leg shot with pain. I grab it as a nurse brought me crutches so I could stand. I pulled myself up and placed the crutches underneath my armpits. "I'm just glad your here with me, Robbie..." he replied hoarsely. I knew that from the moment i saw him that he was something special, but now I know for sure. 

"I will always be here for you, Aidan."




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