Joey pulled the hose from the overhead reel as he watered the plants in the greenhouse. He was half way down its length, the second of three greenhouses the university's Horticulture Department operated. He was trying to concentrate but between his biology class he was struggling in and his constant longing for Clay he found himself so distracted he didn't someone come into the greenhouse behind him. They stood silently at the door watching him pull the hose out as he watered one group of seedlings, then the next. Joey cut the water and began to work the hose to get it to retract back on the reel when he realized someone was watching him and he jumped, startled at not being alone as he thought and he looked over toward the door and caught his breath.

Clay smiled back at him.

"Some guy outside said I'd find you here and that it was okay for me to come in" Clay said as he stood smiling sheepishly.

"Yeah...yeah, it's okay" and Joey set the end of the hose not retracted down on the edge of table and walked toward Clay. "Why didn't you call me and let me know you were coming?"

"I wanted to surprise you."

Joey's job with the Horticulture Department enabled him to get a private dorm on campus, which he acquired just for such moments as the one he found himself in now. Clay and he lying on his bed, their clothes strewn across the room, fondling each other, their hands touching, feeling, caressing as they kissed, lips touching, roaming over faces, necks and down chests. Joey moved on top of Clay, slipped down between his legs, their bodies rubbing over each other, every undulation felt by the other, each touch and Clay slid his hands up and down Joey's back feeling the smooth fair skin, soft to the touch, warm, and he felt the way Joey's shoulder blades moved, felt the valley along his spine, the way it curved to his round ass and he let his hands feel the form of each cheek and probe down in between. Joey pushed against Clay, felt his erection squeezed between them and it made him feel his own hardness, the way his cock was fully erect and he moved in that primitive way, instinct driving him to pump his hips, to probe Clay with his cock, to feel it slide down into place, to nudge up against him and Clay responded by spreading his legs, by raising his knees turning his hips upward, waiting it, needing it, to feel Joey touch him, to press against penetrate him.

Clay felt Joey push against him and he pushed back, an urgency overwhelming him, fueling his desire and Joey penetrated, his cock breached through the tight ring of Clay's opening, stretching him, pain mixed with pleasure and Joey could feel every quiver of Clay's body, the way it grew taunt, muscles pushing, stretching, clearly defined through his smooth dark skin as he clung to Joey, legs wrapped around Joey's waist, feeling inch after inch of Joey sink into him, impaling him, connecting them together, flesh against flesh, bodies interlocked and Joey began to move in Clay, move urgently, forcibly, the way Joey knew he wanted it. The bed squeaked, rocked with their movement, Joey on top of Clay, cock pumping in his hole, each deep penetration filling him, deepening the connection between them. Joey thrusts his hips faster, driving his cock into Clay firmly all the way each time as Clay clung to him.

"Oh...fuck me...Joey..." Clay cried out as Joey held his hands, forcing them down on the bed, holding him down, locked below him, his body open to Joey's fuck, cock moving in him like a piston, slamming inward and pulling out, over and over, touching inside of him, stroking his desires, his lusts, with his own cock so hard it ached as it lay trapped between them, Joey's undulations rubbing it till it was wet, slickly moving between them.

Joey rose up, this body taut, muscles straining as he bore down on Clay, and drove his hips faster, pounding his cock down into Clay. Joey grew vocal, cried out with his exertion, as his body grew hot, the skin slick with beads of sweat and Clay lay back, his body stretched out, his hands still firmly held down as he took Joey's fuck, every thrust.

"Oh...FUCK..."Joey cried out as he slammed his cock all the way into Clay ejaculating his load deep into him. Joey pumped his hips a few times; short jabbing thrusts as he pumped out his load. He slowed down, relaxed his grip on Clay's hands and eased his body back down on top of Clay, his breathing rough and his body hot and slick. Joey kissed Clay, gently, slowly, as he ran one hand over Clay's head combing his fingers through Clay's hair.

Joey eased up, moved up over Clay and soon had his cock sinking into his own hole, his body moving downward taking it, inch by inch, the thick hard shaft slick with pre-cum prying his hole open, stretching his hole till Clay was buried all the way inside of him. His own cock was still half hard, wet and slick with cum and he took it in hand and stroked it, stroked his own desires, inflamed them, as he began to move on Clay's cock, to let it slide through his hole, pulling almost out then sliding all the way back in.

Joey rode Clay harder than usual, moved up and down with urgency, forceful with every move as he speared his hole with Clay's cock, took it all the way filling his hole with its thick long shaft. The bed squeaked loudly with his movements and Clay laid underneath him, hands resting on his thighs. Clay began to push upward, his breathing growing harder and body tensed up and Joey knew he was close and he rode Clay's cock hard and fast, slamming his hips down while he stroked his own cock.

Clay closed his eyes, threw his head back and gripped tightly to Joey's thighs as he pumped his cum into him. Joey kept moving on Clay's spurting cock, kept riding it up and down and soon he felt his own cum surge through his cock, and he soon was spattering Clay's stomach with his second load as he jerked and thrust on Clay's spent cock.

They didn't get up right away, just laid in bed with cum smeared on the two of them and their sweat drying in the conditioned air circulating in the room. They were quiet for a long time, their caresses soft, gentle, same as their kisses. They laid there a long time, talking quietly amongst themselves not hearing the sounds of the floor outside of the door, the sounds of Ryan next door yelling at his beating Charlie in some video game, or Matt running down the hall being chased by Tim. They didn't comprehend any of these sounds, only the soft intimate musings between them, calm, quiet, like the slow moving waters of the creek back home, their special place, its tranquility carried with them even to this place.



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