Joey sat on the bank of the creek, the water dripping from his hair and trickling down his chest as he let the hot summer air dry him. He sat in the shade and watched Clay sitting at the water's edge absentmindedly working a stick in the water back and forth. Clay sat in the sun, his darker skin getting darker as the summer wore on and his light brown hair getting bleached streaks of blonde. Water dripped from Clay's hair and ran down his back. Joey watched each rivulet, watched how they cascaded down his back. He looked at Clay's nakedness with his smooth skin, followed the indention of his spine down to his ass. Portions of his ass had sand stuck to it, the white sand contrasting sharply against his skin.

Joey eased up and slid down behind Clay, ran his hand over Clay's back, slipped it around his neck and turned his head around as he moved to him bringing their lips together. Gently they kissed and Joey pulled back and scooted up behind Clay wrapping his arms around his chest.  He positioned his legs on either side of Clay and the contact was warm, this touch of flesh against flesh and Joey felt himself respond, once again, and he hugged Clay tight to his chest.

"I leave in two weeks to go back..." Joey said when Clay interrupted him.

"I know...I just wish..." and Clay stopped, letting his voice die in the quiet.

"I'll come home every weekend I can and you have to come up when you can" Joey replied.

"Okay" Clay whispered, leaving much unsaid.

It was always this way between them, had been from the beginning. Neither could discuss the way things were between them, and for awhile it was alright, this silence, but now that Joey was going to college and Clay was still here working on his family's farm what was unsaid seemed more important than ever before. It haunted each of them, made them melancholy when they were apart.

Joey thought often how the two of them progressed from friends, young boys who played games, trampled through the woods, rode bicycles for miles through the countryside and then one day things began to change, and what that first act was Joey didn't know and doubted Clay knew but over time there was the touches, the embraces, all male bravado that on the surface seemed like any other horsing around that young guys would do, but with Joey and Clay it was different and when they grew older, and the other boys started to flirt with girls, going out on dates, Joey and Clay spent their free time together, just the two of them. Joey looked back at how obvious it was, the way they felt about each other, this unspoken thing that seemed to grow more intense even as they became separated by his going to college.

They were seniors when everything changed.

Joey slipped his hand down Clay's chest, over his stomach, the smooth skin slick with the wet coolness of the water and Joey let his fingers comb through the fan of pubic hair over Clay's cock, felt the way the hair tickled his fingertips. Clay pushed back against him as he always did, so sensitive to the slightest touch around his cock and Joey let his fingers move down to Clay's growing erection, felt the thickening shaft fill his hand as he slowly stroked it.

As Joey fondled Clay, caressed his skin, stroked his cock, he remembered their first time. It was in this same place, along this creek that ran along the back of Clay's family's farm, a private place away from prying eyes. They had been horsing around in the water, trying to duck the other and they tripped and fell in together, their bodies crashing against each other and when they rolled into the swallows, where the soft sandy bottom cushioned them they lay tangled together. Clay had been on top, his naked body pressed down on Joey's and the contact suddenly became sensuous, and they felt themselves respond to this contact, their cocks grow hard and Joey had rose up and kissed Clay, pushing his fear aside.

Joey remembered Clay's reaction, the way he looked shocked at first, during that longest of moments, then he had smiled just before he leaned down and kissed him back. They had been clumsy, too quick in their ministrations and even so, it was still one of the most important moments in Joey's young life. They had touched each other, let their hands roam freely over the other and in the end they had taken it in their mouths till they knew the taste of the other.

Joey grew erect with the feel of Clay's body between his legs, the way their contact warmed him and he stroked his hand down Clay's erection, felt the familiar curve of his cock, the way it arced upward, the shaft lined with one vein that snaked its way up its length. He felt the spongy head, the way it flared out and he rubbed his thumb over the slit smearing the bead of liquid that had pooled in it and Clay sucked in his breath at the touch. Joey put his lips to Clay's neck letting them slide over the smooth skin along the edge of his hair till he got to his left ear.

"I want you...I want you in me..." Joey pleaded and he moved back and let Clay lie back on the sand, his feet still in the slow moving waters of the creek. Joey reached out for the bottle of lube they had carelessly tossed on the bank and held it over Clay's cock, it already hard, and he let the liquid pour thickly along its length. Joey tossed the bottle aside as he used his fingers to smear the lube over Clay till he was slick and glistening in the bright light of the sun.

Joey moved over Clay, his own hard cock rubbing over Clay's stomach leaving a slick shiny trail over his skin. He straddled Clay, reached down and held up Clay's cock and let his body ease down to it, his opening coming down to the flared head and rubbed over it, stroking his desires, his needs, and he rocked his hips back and forth rubbing his hole over the head of Clay's cock. Clay rested his hands on Joey's thighs, the touch warm, soft, caressing and Joey moved his hips till he felt Clay nestled up tight to his hole and he let his weight ease him down over the slick cock. This, his second penetration of the afternoon, was so easy, the way he could take Clay, letting it slid all the way inside of him.

Joey thought of their first time, this penetration of one by the other, and how it had been Clay who went first, letting Joey fuck him. They had been in the barn at Clay's and it was raining, and they found themselves in the seed storage room where it was dry, secluded, quiet and soon they had gotten naked and Clay had gotten on his hands and knees with Joey behind him, roughly, painfully penetrating him but he had loosened to the penetration quickly and soon they had found themselves in rhythm.

They quickly learned the other, the way each liked to be taken, Joey liking it easy, the initial penetration slow, whereas Clay liked it rougher, quicker, the fuck more physical and they never shied from giving the other what he wanted, even now, this second time of the day, Clay lay on his back letting Joey set the pace, slowly moving his body up and down, sliding the tight ring of his opening along his shaft, stroking it, milking it. Clay watched the lean body of Joey move up and down, the way he held his head back when he moved downward, the way his body grew tense, the skin tight over his muscles. Sweat beaded up on Joey, his body hot inside and out and soon beads of sweat trickled down his body and Clay ran hands over Joey's chest smearing the sweat, rubbing over his nipples till they were hard nubs sensitive to Clay's every touch.

Clay sat up and hugged Joey to his body feeling the heat of him, the slick wet skin press against his own as Joey moved up and down on his cock. Clay pressed his lips to Joey's chest kissing the warm skin and he dragged his tongue over to one nipple and nipped it lightly till he felt Joey quiver in his arms. Joey wrapped his arms around Clay's neck and worked his body up and down, his own cock rubbing along Clay's stomach leaving a slick trail on his skin. Up and down, over and over Joey rode Clay's cock letting it sink deeply inside his hole.

"Oh...Clay..." Joey whispered as he took Clay.

Clay held Joey tightly and rolled their bodies over putting Joey on his back and he on top and Joey quickly wrapped his legs around Clay's waist, his hips turned up with Clay sunk all the way inside of him. Clay shifted up, his body hovering over Joey, and he watched Joey's expression as he began to fuck, began to drive his cock with a steady rhythm, to pump his hips sinking his cock deeply into Joey. Clay moved his hips in a slow steady movement, thrusting deeply each time as he felt Joey's hole grip his cock, milk the shaft as it slid in and then outward. Joey grunted and moaned as Clay sank into his hole each time.

"I love you" Clay whispered and Joey opened his eyes, startled at Clay's admission, for he rarely said anything while they were having sex. Clay looked sad and Joey knew the last year had been tough with him in college and Clay feeling left behind, no matter how often he had came home, how often they called each other or touched base on some social network and now, the end of summer upon them, their time running out, and he reached up and stroked Clay's cheek and smiled up at him as he felt every move of Clay's body, every way they were connected, the contact of skin on skin, the penetration of Clay's cock and the way even Clay's sweat dripped down on him.

Clay began to move faster, his hips pumped harder and Joey knew he was ready to cum, and he ran his hands up Clay's sides feeling the taut muscular body moving over him, pumping thick hard cock into him, deeply, filling him, and he savored the feel of Clay between his legs, the way he was moving, thrusting into him.

"Give it to me" Joey whispered and Clay began to grunt in his stifled way that was so familiar to Joey as his body slammed down on him, shoving inward hard, fast, and Clay raised is head up and grunted loudly as he slammed into Joey and Joey knew he was pumping his load out, pushing it deeply into him. Clay slowed his thrusting, slowed to a gentle pumping motion feeling his cock slide through his cum inside of Joey.

Clay pulled back and moved down beside Joey letting his legs slip into the creek's edge and he took Joey's cock, held it up, the wet head glistening in the bright sun light and he ran his tongue over it. Joey gasped at the sensation of Clay's tongue moving over his cock and when Clay shifted up and let Joey's cock slide between his lips and sink into his mouth Joey inhaled deeply as he pushed upward with his hips. Clay moved up and down the shaft, lips locked tight to it, stroking it, milking the pre-cum out of the head and Joey balled his fists up tight and felt his need to cum rise up quickly, felt his body tense up tight. Clay recognized Joey's state, his impending ejaculation, and he moved his mouth to the head of Joey's cock, his tongue working over the spongy head till Joey was bucking up and down, pushing his hips upward trying to sink his cock into Clay's mouth. Clay sucked on the head as he felt Joey pumping his hips upward in short jabbing thrusts and soon his mouth filled with Joey's thick load. Clay swallowed it and when he let Joey's cock slip from his mouth as he fisted the shaft bringing his hand upward till the last of Joey's load beaded up at the slit and he licked it off.

Clay rolled over on his back next to Joey and they lay quietly, their breathing slowly returning to normal and the sun warm on their exposed bodies. There was no breeze, the air hot and humid but the creek was cool and they both lay with their feet out in the slow moving waters.

"Clay?" Joey asked in barely a whisper.


"Did you really mean it...what you said?"

Clay was quiet for a moment then he rose up on one elbow and looked down at Joey.




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