Clay stood on the front porch hammer in hand and admired the new floor, the boards neatly set in place, the nails aligned along floor joist underneath. It was the old Harrison place, only a mile from his parents and it sat on sixty acres, forty of which were pasture not grazed in years and the remaining twenty acres woodland that sloped down to the creek. The house had sat empty for several years after Mrs. Harrison passed away and only recently had the children finally come to the agreement to sell. Clay's parents helped him get the loan and he now found himself with a small farm.

It wouldn't be any conventional farm, like those around him growing cotton, soybeans or peanuts. This one would be growing vegetables, fruits, raising chickens for eggs and meat and Clay was even researching bees. No one knew what his real plans were, not the extent of the operation being planned, no one, that is but Joey. It was Joey who gave him guidance, told him how to set up the composting, to find the heirloom seeds and where to find the special breeds of hens. Joey was helping him while he was still at college, sending information almost daily.

Clay went inside the house, through the refurbished living room, through the dining room still unfinished and unfurnished and back into the kitchen. Clay opened his new cabinets and retrieved a glass and once he had poured tea over ice he went out to the screen porch that ran across the rear of the house which his father helped him finish a couple of weeks ago, and for Clay the most important space in his house for he spent most evenings sitting out on the porch listening to the sounds of the night while his mind wandered from one plan or thought to the next, and all of his thoughts always involved Joey. No one knew the ultimate plan but Joey was coming back to live with him and work the farm.

Clay smiled at his imagining of the way things will be, the way they'll live together and as it did each time he let a grimace cross his face for he knew eventually, somehow, everyone would realize the truth. But he didn't dwell on it, didn't let it ruin their plans, willing for them to be ostracized by everyone if it meant they were together. He looked at his watch and realized it was time and he sat his empty glass down and leaned back, waiting, watching the sun descend in the west.

A vehicle turned on to his drive and he sat up in anticipation until he realized the vehicle didn't sound right, was a truck, not a car and he quickly realized it was his father's truck even before he saw it round his house and pulled up behind his own truck. His father came in and sat next to him and for a few minutes they talked about what had been accomplished and what needed to be done. Then they grew silent, just staring out across the property, the old barn that needed repair and the pasture that lay beyond.

"You want me to bring the plow over and turn that pasture for you?"

"No dad, we're not going to till the whole plot, not at first at least."

"Son, you'll need to plant as much as you can. Price of soybeans, wheat...hell most of the crops you can grow are down on price..."

"We're going to do vegetables and some fruits instead and don't need the whole plot at first" Clay said, interrupting his father.

"Oh..." and his father fell silent a moment and Clay knew his father, knew he was preparing how to ask his next question. He could see it forming in his eyes.

"Who is this 'we'?"

"Joey and I, we're going to work the farm together."

His father just nodded, as if he already knew and before either could say anything else a car slowed on the highway and turned into the drive.


Joey laid on his stomach with Clay over him fucking him, hips pumping in a slow steady rhythm, Clay's cock sliding deeply into him. He had arrived and sat on the porch with Clay and Mr. Robinson, gone to his parents for dinner and after catching up with his family came back to Clay's house where they quickly ended up in bed. Joey was home for two weeks between semesters, this spring semester would complete his junior year leaving him one more year.

Clay brought his body down on top of him, their lean bodies so similar in build, Clay only a couple of inches taller, and Clay put his lips to the back of his neck, the warmth of the touch electric and he pushed up with his hips feeling Clay sink into him deeper. Clay ran his hands up Joey's sides till he could hold him firmly by the shoulders. Clay began to fuck harder, to drive his cock with the urgency of his need. Thrusting his cock into Joey, rocking his entire body with each thrus, the bed rocked and squeaked and Joey was moaning, his body quivering, moving to take Clay, undulating beneath him urging him to fuck.

They felt the heat of their bodies, the way they slipped over each other, Clay driving his cock deeply into Joey till Clay felt his body grow tense, felt his cock grow achingly hard and the cum surge through it and he pumped it into Joey as he thrust his cock deeply, each ejaculation driving him to push inward hard. Clay lay on Joey till his breathing settled back down and he rolled over on his side and guided Joey to roll over ready to bring him off. Joey rolled over and his cock was slick with cum and a wet spot was on the mattress where he had lain.

"You got me off already" Joey said sheepishly, smiling up at Clay.

"I see" Clay responded giving a light laugh as he lay back next to Joey. They didn't talk as they settled down and soon Joey was snuggled up to Clay, their bodies intertwined as sleep took them.

They rose early the next day and spent the morning stacking out the plots for the vegetables, determining the layout for the whole pasture and where to do service lanes. They ate lunch at Clay's parents and spent the afternoon going through the barn making a list of what they would need and how much they thought they could accomplish during the two weeks Joey was home. They started tearing out rotted sections, mainly the siding on the lower walls and cleaning out the remaining debris and junk that was still sitting the barn.

Even though the full heat of summer was still a couple of months away the temperatures reached the low eighties making their exertions hot sweaty work. They pulled off their shirts letting their bare torsos feel as cool as was possible in the barn, but the sweat poured down their bodies till their jeans were soaked along the waist. It was nearly six when Clay came over to Joey.

"Hey let's stop for the day. I want to show you something."

"Okay. I'm exhausted anyway" Joey replied as he followed Clay out the back door of the barn. "Where are we going?"

"I'll show you" Clay responded with a light humorous tone.

Clay walked across the pasture following a new stamped down trail in the grass Joey suddenly realized existed. Clay led Joey over the rolling grade of the pasture till he came to the woods and Joey thought of the weekend they explored this section of the property right after Clay had closed on the land, how the main section of woods was fairly open underneath the canopy of the trees but down in the low lying area along the creek it had been overgrown so thickly they had to crawl through sections to get to the creek.

Clay cut through a cleared section at the edge of the woods where the undergrowth along the perimeter was removed and continued down a raked clear path through the woods with Joey following closely. When the grade began to slope steeply down to the creek, the place the undergrowth had been so thick Joey saw the opening cut through it. The trail continued down the steep grade, in one place cut timbers were utilized for steps and soon they were in the sandy bottom with the creek was visible through the cleared path.

"I cleared this out a couple of weeks ago" Clay said without turning around.

"How long did it take you?"

"Not long. When you don't have to be neat and using the chainsaw it doesn't take long to cut a path through this mess."

Joey followed Clay till they came to the creek, the slow moving waters so slick and flat they reflected the surroundings perfectly. The trail with sand raked evenly over it turned and moved downstream and Clay slowed his pace as he let Joey take it all in. The trail led them along the bank of the creek undulating around the trees, cutting over the small rises of ground and through the springs flowing into the creek adding to its flow. Clay led Joey for fifty yards or more before he moved to the side allowing Joey to step up beside him and see the cleared area along the bank.

"The sand bank was wider here so this is where I cleared it the most and the creek is pretty deep too."

Joey saw how there was a beach of sand nearly ten feet wide running for thirty feet or so cleared of all the trees and vines that were prevalent along the creek and he looked out over the creek and saw how the waters grew dark where they were too deep for the filtered sunlight to penetrate.

"It's perfect" Joey whispered.

"Come on...time for a swim to cool off" Clay responded as he began to undo his jeans, then struggled to take off his boots.

They splashed around in the water, rough housed with each other like they did as young boys till Clay came up behind Joey and hugged him close to his chest. Joey looked down at the dark tanned arms crossing over his chest, his fair skin such a contrast and he ran his hands over Clay's arms, lightly, his fingertips barely touching the skin. He could feel Clay against his back, the warmth of his body, the way the sensation contrasted with the cool waters. And he felt Clay's cock, nestled against his ass, hardening, growing thicker, longer, pressing with need against him.

Clay kissed him on the back of the neck and he leaned back to the touch. Clay brought his hand up Joey's chest and took him by the chin turning his head and they kissed. Barely breaking contact, their lips so close they grazed each other when Clay spoke.

"I love you" he whispered and he pressed his lips back to Joey's. He let his other hand move down Joey's chest, over his stomach and down to his cock. Clay let his fingers trace its shape, graze the wrinkled smooth skin and Joey responded, leaned back against Clay as his cock rose up and began to harden.

Joey pulled away and turned to Clay holding out his hand. Clay took it and let Joey lead him to the beach of sand. Joey dropped to his knees and took Clay in his mouth and slowly pushed forward letting Clay sink all the way into him. Clay ran his hands through Joey's wet hair, fingers combing through the reddish brown hair as he felt Joey movements, the way lips and tongue worked on his cock, stroked it, made it harder. The sun filtered through the trees felt warm against his wet skin and Joey's mouth felt hot on his cock, the way he moved slickly through Joey's lips.

Clay felt stroked, his whole body sensitive to every touch, every caress; he even felt the way Joey's cock brushed against his leg and when Joey's hand moved around his waist, rubbed over his ass cheek, probed down along the crevice and touched him there he wanted it, wanted to feel Joey in him. He pulled back from Joey, his cock, so hard and slick, glistening in the sun light as it flexed up and down and he moved down, sat on the sand, then lay back, legs spread giving himself to Joey.

"Fuck me" Clay whispered and Joey moved to him, stroking his cock to full hardness, the head wet with pre-cum. Joey leaned over Clay, one hand holding himself up, the other holding his cock, aiming it at Clay's hole, his hips swinging forward slightly pressing the head against it and he rubbed it over the tight opening smearing his slickness over it. Clay lay back and pushed upward with his hips and Joey bore down on him letting his cock penetrate, punch through the tight ring of Clay's opening and sink into him, inch by inch and Clay cried out.


Joey moved down on Clay, the contact hot and they began to move with each other, Joey pumping his hips, and Clay undulating beneath him, pushing upward with his hips as best he could taking every inch feeling it fill him. Clay wrapped his legs around Joey's waist, his arms around Joey's back and he hugged their bodies together as he felt Joey's cock work inside of him, stroke his own desires, this locking of bodies together. Clay caressed Joey's back, ran his hands all the way down and held Joey's round cheeks and pulled him down hard.

"Fuck me...fuck me..." Clay cried out, his voice urgent, breathless.

Joey rose up on his hands, his feet sank into the sand, his cock pulled back with only the head plugged into Clay and he drove down, hard, sinking all the way into Clay and he began to fuck, to drive his hips faster and faster, plunging his cock into Clay deeply, forcibly, over and over. It was how Clay wanted it, how he begged for it, this hard physical fuck, man on top of man, cock thrusting inside the other and Joey's body was taut, every muscle evident under his fair skin as he drove his hips up and down. Clay lay sprawled out beneath him, arms thrown over his head.

"Oh...oh...Clay...I'm going..." and Joey slammed down into Clay, drove his cock all the way into him and began to pump his hips in short jabbing thrusts till he was pumping out his cum, his cock pumping through each wad he deposited within Clay till it was pumping back out, his cock slick with it.

Spent, his cock pulled free of Clay, the softening shaft slick with his load Joey moved down by Clay and took his cock. Joey looked at how the dark skinned shaft contrasted so with the fair skin of his fist and the way it looked so thick with his fingers barely encircling it. He squeezed his fist upward and watched the pre-cum bubble up at the slit and he leaned over and licked it off savoring the taste once again. Joey quickly took Clay in his mouth knowing he was close the way he was leaking, knew he wouldn't last long and Joey sank his mouth down the shaft once again. Clay pumped his hips up and down with Joey's ministrations, feeling his cock slide through Joey's lips and sink into his warm mouth.

Clay came quickly pumping his load into Joey's suctioning mouth and Joey took it, every wad till Clay was spent. He let Clay slip from his from between his lips and using his fist he squeezed the last of Clay's load out till it beaded up at the slit and Joey licked it off. Clay fell back his stomach pumping up and down with his breathing and Joey lay next to him. Naked, spent, the two of them lay there a long time, silent, only the sounds of birds surrounded them. Clay sat up circling his legs with his arms and Joey watched him, the way he moved his head looking first out over the water then up at the sky through the canopy of the trees. Joey then let his eyes roam over Clay, over the familiar body, the way his back was curved with his position, the way the sand sticking to his skin contrasted sharply with its dark tone, the hair under his arms dark with wetness and Joey's eyes roamed down looking at how the light hair on Clay's legs was barely visible, even wet, and he realized this was the only person he truly knew. He leaned up on his elbows and looked over the slow moving waters and realized this place may not be their original secret place but this place, carved out by Clay hidden from everyone was their place, here at this water's edge.



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