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If you have no idea what this story is about, or this is the first time you are reading this series, please read the end of Part 6.

I lost myself in the pleasure and passed out. I woke up in someone's arms. I felt an unusual warmth from the body. I looked over and saw Blake in his demon form. I felt a sudden shock but then calmed down. I wasn't used to seeing him like this. I relaxed and felt happy that it was all just a dream.

"Blake," I said, nudging him gently.

"What baby?" he asked in a groggy voice.

"I had a weird dream."

"I know, I had it too," he grinned slightly and kissing me softly on the lips. His form changed back into the Blake I know him as. "I always experience your dreams."

"I... I betrayed you," I said, tearing up a little.

"It's alright, Kyle," he assured me. "It's okay. I'm not mad. I can't get mad at you no matter what."

I smiled, feeling happy.

"Look, there's something else you need to know about me," he said reluctantly.

"What is it?"

"You'd better get to class," he said.


As I sat in class, all I could think about were the finals. The semester was coming to an end, and I needed to study hard if I was to have a prayer. My mind started wandering and I started thinking about how unusually strange the dream was. It seemed so stupid the way it came to an end and how I felt so much pain from the betrayal. I realized that I wasn't even thinking about other men at all. I only thought of Blake. Damn, Blake was a SUPER HuuuuUUUnk, damn baby!! How was I so fucking lucky to have him? We scheduled to take a trip to Hawaii after finals. It was going to be great. "Down boy," I thought to myself, speaking to my rising penis.

"Kyle?" asked the professor.

"The answer please," he said impatiently.

Being the genius I am, I looked at the board ahead. I contemplated the equation in my head. It was a very long problem that took seconds for me I figure out.

"It'sssss," I mumbled. "The answer is 3 over 9 to the 45th power."

"Sorry but that's..." he paused for a moment, glancing at his textbook. "That's right."

He seemed very puzzled. Even he couldn't get it without looking at the answer. He appeared irritated. I laughed on the inside.

Well, time went by and I aced the finals with flying colors.

So, anyways. Blake and I started packing up to go...

"Blake, where are my briefs?"

"Right here," he said, tossing them over. He held on to one of them and breathed in the smell while holding it close to his face. He let out a sigh of amazement. He loved everything about me.

I blushed and looked away. I continued to pack my suitcase and felt Blake grab hold of me and lift me up. He turned me around and planted his lips onto mine. I wanted to fuck him.



"I wanna fuck you," I said to him.

He grinned and said quietly, "Go ahead."

He set me down and lay down on his back on the bed.

"Fuck me baby, just shove your cock into me and cum inside me."

I got between legs and lay down on his chest. I set my cock on his hole. I breathed in and shoved forward as hard as I could and he let out a demonic screech. The pleasure shot through me. I let my animal instincts take over and just fucked my lover as hard as I could.

"Oh fuck Kyle, harder!"

I grunted and gave him an even harder thrust. He groaned and I felt his ass clenching around my dick.

I fucked him even harder and he loved it.

"I'm gonna cum!" we both screamed.

We looked each other in the eyes and laughed to ourselves. I felt myself ready to burst, and so I did along with him. I felt his load splatter all over my chest in powerful squirts. I loved his cum. It just tasted so amazing and felt so good on or inside of me.

My balls started to boil over and I started cumming, filling up my lover from Hell.

In the aftermath of fucking Blake, I lay on his chest and rested my head on his right pectoral.

The cum he blasted all over me acted like glue. It felt so weird.

We showered and headed out with all of our stuff. The dream portrayed my car perfectly.

We got in and we headed off to my private jet.

We got on, rode to Hawaii, and all was calm and serene.

Upon arriving, we got our room in the hotel, and decided to stop by the beach. It was only 9:00 am, and really warm outside.

We walked out together, in just our speedos. In the year 2018, the beaches of Hawaii gave its guests the right to choose if they want to be naked on the beaches. I was gonna enjoy this... or so I thought.

One the way, we heard a few girls whispering behind us.

One of them whistled loudly at the hunk (Blake) walking by.

He turned around and simply said, "hey," in his perfect and smooth voice.

Three of the girls squealed and started jumping and cheering.

"H-h-hi," one of them, a pretty blond, stuttered in embarrassment, melting in awe of the perfect super-stud before them.

"Nice," her friend said.

"Damn nice," the other exclaimed.

Blake and I looked at each other, straining to hold back our laughter. The girls began snickering again.

"What's your name?"

"Who?" Blake asked.


"I'm Blake."

"I'm Kyle," I added in.

The blonde looked to her friends, whispering.

The three girls walked up to us.

"Damn, you got nice arms," the blonde said to Blake.

He began flexing them and the girls squealed again.

"Hey cutie," she turned to me.

"OH, he's cute," the other two said, turning to me too.

"Hope to see you around," the brunet said to both of us.

Walking off, the girls chatted about us.

I turned my attention to Blake.


"Well, they're interested," he said.

I just quietly mumbled to myself and smirked.

"Hey, you know I don't have any thoughts about them in that way. I only have thoughts about you like that," he said, leaning in to kiss me lightly.

"Okay, sorry," I said, disappointed in myself.

"It's alright," he said.

We started walking to the beach.

I felt jealous for some odd reason...

We finally arrived and there were already six or seven guys and girls completely naked in the sun. I wasn't turned on by any of them. I only became turned on by my super-hunk, Blake. There were also nearly 20 others that were in only speedos, bikinis, or swim trunks.

I set down the beach towel and lay down on my back. I closed my eyes as Blake set himself up and stripped out of his tight speedo.

I could feel his immense body heat from six inches away.

Wait... that was the hot, loose, soft sand. The heat outside outmatched himself.

As I lay there in the hot sun, the sand beneath my towel felt like I was floating on the clouds. I lost myself as my mind wandered around. I soon entered a state of consciousness, whereas no thoughts coursed through my mind.

I awoke as Blake nudged my arm.

"Get up baby," said Blake.

My eyes shot open and I stood up.

"How long was I sleeping?"

"An hour almost," he said.

I got a hard on once I saw his bulging speedo. "Does this beach allow public sex?" I asked Blake. "Nope." We packed up the towels and headed back to the hotel. We got to the room door, and I felt another chill run down my spine. I looked up and saw Blake with a horrible look anger and hatred as he looked at the door. He looked at me and put a finger to his lips, indicating that I needed to remain quiet. I nodded once to single that I understood what he was communicating to me. All of the sudden, his eyes started glowing red. This always startled me somewhat. Right then, a huge set of claws, similar to Blake's claws as a demon, ripped through the door and pulled back, shredding the door away in large chunks.

The sight before me scared me like nothing I ever saw before. Well, I saw Blake like this but you get the point.

The demon was smaller than Blake, but seemed faster.

It looked at me and back to Blake.

"I want him," he said menacingly.

"Too late," Blake retorted. "He belongs to me!!"

"I'm prepared to eliminate you for the cutie," he hissed.

I felt a little smug over the fact that two demons were probably about to have a battle to the death over who gets to keep me. I know however, that I only wanted Blake.

Blake's form changed back to his demon shape and he lunged at the unknown demon. They clashed and I felt a sharp prick to my chest. I felt blood on my hands as I touched where I felt the pain. I looked up and saw Blake looking at me with a horrified face as the demon tossed him out the window. Time seemed to slow down as he got closer to me

"You're mine now," he snickered.

His words seemed to be slow coming out.

I started falling to my knees but he held me up in his arms. I felt scared as the strange demon held me. My eyes closed and I started to black out.



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