"Hey Blake?" I addressed.

"Yeah baby?"

"I've got a question," I said.

"What do you want to ask?" he responded, kissing me on the lips.

"How can you love me so much?" I began. "I mean, you ARE a Demon, right? So why aren't you trying to... you know... kill me or anything?"

"Well, an Earth-Bound Demon gets to love," he explained. "See, there are only 10 in the world, all of which are in the US and the UK, since thats where the 2 true linked gates between Earth and Hell are. I'm one of them. We're allowed to chose only 1 soul mate forever; I chose you. We get to be with them forever and care for them. We get to feel emotion and pleasure, as well as adjust our appearances....."

"Okay, hold up their stud," I interrupted, giggling slightly. "That's good for now."

"Oh, okay... sorry," he seemed ashamed.

"No, no, it's alright," I smiled, staring each other in the eyes.

"Could you um... oh never mind," I stopped myself.

"Just say it, Kyle."

"Could you like... um... well... you know... kinda... like, you know, um..."

"Don't worry, I know," he said grinning.

"What? What do you know?"

"You want me to be rough with you," he said, his eyes glowing red again.

As usual, this made me uneasy... Blake was right, I wanted him to dominate me, rough and hard. Damn, was I kinky or what?

"On your knees," he ordered.

I got to my knees, feeling anxious. He gripped my head, grabbing a handful of hair. He used the other to guide his cock to my lips.

"Open your mouth, bitch!"

I did as I was told, separating my lips slightly, beginning to rethink my whole idea, but it was too late. He rammed his enormous cock into my mouth very forcefully, pushing into my throat. He buried his battering ram to the hilt in my throat. I began a quick and powerful fucking motion.

"Oh yeah, choke on that dick, gag on it," he said evilly.

I was enjoying this very much indeed. I loved how he knew what I wanted, and he knew how to give it to me.

I felt him tense up and he shoved forward all the way and I felt his cock throbbing and I knew he was comming. Once finished, he pulled out and looked at me, still kneeling.

"Stand up, turn around, and put your hands on the wall," he demanded.

I did as he said, putting my hands together above my head. He stepped forward and he put a hand over mine to hold me their, and another over my mouth to silence me. He quickly jammed his rod inside of me, and I moaned through his hand in pure and utter ecstasy. He didn't speak at all, just fucking me the entire time with tremendous force, causing me to begin loose strength in my knees. He noticed this and moved the hand over mine and wrapped it around my legs, elevating me, leaving me in his control.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted. "Oh yes! Fuck me!!"

"Aww yeah! Oh, I love you so so much!"

He began to pick up the pace and I knew that he was getting closer.

"Oh yeah, I'M CUMMING!!!!"

I felt him blast off inside me, and that triggered me to go off.

After cooling down from our sexual high, we decided to shower together.

We walked into the shower and he began to lather me with soap. He was so gentle with me, that I felt myself blush. He saw this and smiled, leaning down to kiss me on the lips. I felt so amazing inside, knowing that out of every single person on Earth. being nearly 7,000,000,000, Blake chose ME.

"I love you, Blake," I said to him.

"I love you too, baby," he whispered in my ear quietly.

He started to kiss my neck and shoulder, being so very delicate with me. I turned around, and he lifted me up, so our faces met in height, and he smashed him awesome lips against mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, searching around. Our tongues danced together for what seemed like an our, when in all actuality, it was only about 10 minutes. We just continued to soak in each other's flavor. Once finished, I realized that I hadn't washed him yet...

"My turn," I said longingly.

He set me down on my feet. I reached over and grabbed the bar of soap. I looked at his amazing abs. I rubbed some suds onto them, spreading the soap to his pectorals. I was so gentle, trying to take my time to enjoy him muscles. I moved down to his perfect cock and balls. I started to rub the soap onto them, taking a LOT of time. He started to get hard, so I took that as an invitation to start sucking him, but I decided to wait until later.

I finished washing him off, and we stepped out, drying each other off.

"Hey Blake?" I asked.

"Yeah, baby?" he said.

"Would you mind if I asked a few more questions?"

"Not at all," he replied, smiling.

"Well, why is it that whenever you fuck me, I don't feel any pain?"

"Because I'm not human, so I can control what other feel physically, but only when I'm in physical contact with them."

"Oh, okay. And how do you manage to always look perfect, muscular, hunky, and hot?"

"Like I said earlier, I'm capable of mimicking any appearance I wish."

"So what do you really look like?"

He hesitated for a moment.

"Um, I wish you didn't ask..."


"Because you might be scared of me if you knew what I truly look like."

"I will ALWAYS love you, Blake," I said. "Please show me."

He closed his eyes, stood up. His color stared to change. His skin became jet black, like the night sky with no start or moon. His eyes flashed open, glowing solid red. His form and shape remained the same, but he also developed a tongue like a snakes, a long tail, with a spear like tip, and horns on his head, about an inch long, two of them. His hair had also changed. It was now jet black as well. His hands developed fang like nails, and his teeth had sharpened severely.

He looked down at me, concerned for my reaction.

I stood up, moved towards him, and looked him right in the eyes.

"You look fine, Blake," I said to him, smiling. "Though, not as hot, but definitely not horrifying."


"Really," I reassured. "You're still turning me on either way."

He smiled slightly. I walked back to the bed and laid down on my back. He came over and set himself between my legs. He leaned down and our lips met. I felt his tongue move around in my mouth. It felt unusual... like something slithering around in my mouth. The thought of being fucked by a demon never crossed my mind, since in our sex, Blake always looked like a human. I was so turned on at that point.

I suddenly felt him impale my on his huge rod. He fucked me at an alarming speed and force. I felt so full on the inside. If he had broken the kiss, the entire dorm would have heard me moaning like a bitch.

"Oh fuck yeah!" he shouted. "Take my fucking cock!!"

He rammed into me so hard, that I came right then and there. I wanted his load in my mouth.

"I want you cum in my mouth!" I demanded.

He was getting very close. He suddenly pulled out, flipped around quickly, and forced his entire shaft down my throat. He began fucking my face like he did my ass. I felt him tense up and he pulled out, leaving just the head in my mouth, and he started to cum. There was so much that I had to swallow at least 5 times. He again buried his mighty dick into my throat and held it there for what seemed like 5 minutes. He was pissing in my throat!!



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