It was Thanksgiving so the campus classes were all cancelled so students could spend time with their family and friends. I didn't really have any family left. I'm an only child and I always had rich parents. My mom was the only one who took time to do things with me and talk about stuff, but she died when I was 12. My dad had always neglected me, so I usually had no one to talk to after that. My breakfasts and dinners were always prepared by butlers and they rarely had time to talk to me, even if I asked. I went to public schools because I wanted to and my dad said that if I chose to go to a public school rather then a private, then I had to live with it, even if I changed my mind. I got beat up a lot and bullied. It got to the point where I had quite a few broken bones and a punctured lung, luckily I didn't have internal breeding. I tried to hide the pain and act like nothing happened, but it soon got so bad that I had a seizure in class that day. I had immediate surgery and no one came to see me in the hospital except a few girls who felt horrible for what happened to me. The boys who did it to me got away with it when I lied about it because I didn't want them to get in trouble. During all of my birthday parties, only 4 people usually showed up. They were my only friends, the same girls who visited me in the hospital. We all remained very close but nothing ever happened between any one of us. I just wasn't interested in sex. I lost my father at the age of 14. I inherited all the family riches. In total, the money I inherited was exactly $3,276,709,854, and still increasing. When kids at school heard about this, I was instantly popular, but I knew it was only because I had so much money all to myself. My real friends were all telling me that all of those kids were just trying to take abvantage of me. I offered to pay for their college. At first they said no thanks, but I kept on pushing and they reluctantly accepted my offer. I last saw them at the graduation ceremony for high school. And well, here I was in college. This is the continuation of my story.

I woke up Blakes muscular arms, pressed up against his chest. His skin was always very warm, like, warmer than what would be considered human. I enjoyed the feeling.

He was kissing my neck and shoulder gingerly. He noticed that I was awake and turned me over to face him. We stared into each other's eyes. I saw the absolute sincere love for me in his eyes, and I instantly fell in love with him.

I felt an urge to be intamate with him. To be close with him. To be one with him.

He saw this urge in my eyes and moved in towards me and pulled me closer to him, pressing his wonderfully soft, warm, and amazing lips against mine. In that split second, I went directly from straight as a parallel line to straight as a circle; I knew then and there that I was gay.

The feelings running through me were confusing, but the physical feeling was so much better and I loved it so much. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth, dancing with mine.

I felt his massive rod at my entrance. He pulled his awesom lips away and looked me in the eyes.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Do it," I said smiling.

He held me closer and pressed his lips once again against mine. He pushed in and his entire cock was inside my incredibly tight ass. I only felt pleasure from his cock rubbing against my prostate. My eyes shot open from the pleasure as he sarted fucking me with powerful thrusts. Something was different about this... there was only love between us... we were making love, not fucking.

"Ohh yes!" he said after discontinuing our passionate kiss. "Your ass is sooo tight. I've fucked so many asses but yours is the tightest of all."

"Yes... ohhh yeah, fuck yes!" I shouted. "Oh godd, I love you. Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!!"

He started to kiss me again. It was about an hour of amazing love making before he started to get really close to blowing.

"Oh yeah. Ohhhh, your ass just feels sooooo good!" he said. "Oh fuck, I'M COMMING!!"

I felt his cock shoot blast after blast of very warm cum into me. He finally pulled out and kissed me again.

He lifted off and turned around so that we were in a 69 position. He gobbled down my cock in one move. Now, I'm pretty big myself. My cock gets to about 8 inches when it's hard, so I was pretty impressed. I saw his cum-soaked cock in front of me, and it looked delicious. He somehow know that I was about to deep-throat him and gave me a helping-hand, literally. He placed his hand on the back of my head and when I slid my tongue out to rest his hard dick on it, he thrusted forward and forced his entire cock down my throat. I was choking and gagging but he held on to me, keeping his cock in my throat. I was able to breath through my right lung since the surgery of it caused a new hole to have to be made, one which I could breath through on my chest. I relaxed and let him do his thing to me.

The pleasure I got from sucking while being sucked was extraordinary. I was tasting his cum on his cock and I was loving it. He began to fuck my throat. He wasn't gentle because he knew I was enjoying it.

I started cumming and so did he. I has in heaven.



Ray Walker

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