As I woke up, I noticed that Trent was still spooned against me, holding me. Something in my mind told me that his actions towards me the previous night were not out of love, but lust. He wasn't in love with me, he just wanted to fuck me. Plain and simple. I planned to let him.

I looked up and noticed the timer for the car read 00:00:38:blah:blah. I didn't pay explicit attention to seconds or milliseconds.

"Trent, we need to get up," I told him as I grabbed my pill bottle and took my medicine.

"Mmmmm," he moaned, squeezing my tighter against him.

"Now, Trent," I said.

"Not now. I just wanna hold you for a while," he muttered to me.

I sighed at his response in annoyance.

"Trent, get your fat, lazy ass off of me and get up," I said to him, trying to encourage him to let me go.

"Who the fuck you callin' fat?" he asked. "I've got nothin' but muscle on me, and that weighs more than you alone," he laughed to himself.


"I'm up dammit!" he shouted at me.

We got dressed and I pressed another button, which restored the car's original look with upright seats.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to drive my own car now," I said to him.

"Go right ahead," he said to me.

I brought out the light-up glass panel and restored the manual controls. The steering-wheel moved back out and the wind-shield retracted its dimmer, revealing the world outside. The panels inside the car unlit, and I took the wheel, steering us to out destination at a faster speed than legally allowed.

"Why are we going so fast?" Trent asked.

"Trying to get there a bit sooner," I responded.

We arrived in less time than expected.

"All I see here is a building," Trent stated. "Where's the jet and run-way?"

"You'll see," I assured him.

I pulled the car up to a metal gate, where a box was set to the right. I pulled up to it and pressed my thumb to it. It right up green, and the gates opened up. I drove through to an open garage, where a large engine to a jet was set down.

We got out and headed for the garage.

"Anybody here?" I asked.

"Don't know about you, but it's just the three of us if you ask me, Kyle," said a voice, emanating from behind the engine.

"Derek?" I asked.

A large man in a muscle shirt and jeans came forward. He was well built and in his late 20's. He had on a pair of heavy duty gloves, and he was covered in grease.

"That's my name, kid," Derek said, smiling. That voice of his, the country accent, made him even more amazing.

He started walking towards me, and I started walking towards him. We got in range, and he wrapped his powerful arms around me, lifting me up off of my feet, bringing me into a tight hug. After a few seconds, he let me down.

"How are you?" he asked me.

"I've been better, to say the least," I said to him. "I'll tell you about it later, but I want you to meet Trent."

"Hey, my name's Derek," he approached Trent, extending his hand.

"Trent," he replied, taking Derek's hand into his own and shaking.

The released hands, and faced me.

"So," Derek began. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, my um... boyfriend, Blake, was kidnapped and someone left behind a letter, saying they'll kill him if they don't two others as sacrifices," I said to him.

"How's that Blake's issue?" he asked me.

If you pay close attention, Derek didn't rais an eyebrown at me claiming to have a boyfriend, let alone the fact that it had basically speeled out that I was gay. He was just like that. He didn't judge or think twice about someone's state of being.

"They want ME to bring the sacrifices..."

"Ohhh, I see," he said, quietly laughing at his own stupidity.

"Yeah, so Trent here," I said, pointing at Trent. "He's going to help me find them. He seems to know a lot already."

"Well, your jet is ready. I've just finished giving her a complete overhaul and re-painting her. She's as good as new," he said.

"Awesome. Where's the pilots?"

"All ready to go. They were setting up for a test flight, but they won't mind," he explained to us. "I'll have car taken care of. Come with me."

We followed him and he led us to a staircase, surrounded by a foam walk-way. We walked up and he opened the door. We walked through and entered the jet.

"Are you kidding me!?!" shouted Trent. "This is amazing!"

"I'll be in the flight cabin," announced Derek.

"Come with me, Trent," I said to Trent.

I showed him around and when we got to the entertainment area, he stopped, frozen in place, mouth dropped.

"You're shittin' me," he said quietly.

I noticed his staring at the 5ft tall, 7ft wide glass TV screen. It was hooked up to a Quadratic Mk III Dual Diamond Cover Surround Sound system.

"Aw ha ha ha haaaaah," he laughed quietly to himself.

He jumped on the couch in front of the TV, and grabbed the remote.

"Does this thing have porn?" he asked.

"Channels 100 through 450 are all porn," I responded to him.

"Wow... I don't even KNOW 30 different porn videos at all," he smiled. He pressed the power button on the remote, and turned on the porn.

Before me, the TV displayed a cute blond twink sniffing a jock strap in the locker room.

"This should be good," he said grinning. "Hey Kyle, come sit down and enjoy the movie."

"Okay," I said reluctantly.

I sat down next to him and watched.

The twink was still sniffing the jock strap and a hot, built, straight jock came in. The twink looked petrified as the jock stared at him, figuring out what was going on.

"The fuck!! You sniffing my jock?" began the dialogue.

The twink stuttered and the jock came over and snatched it from him.

"This is mine. You like the smell of my cock, huh? Well maybe you'd like a taste of the real thing."

The jock grabbed the twinks shoulders and pushed him to his knees. He pulled out his impressively thick, 8 inch cock, and rammed it in the twinks mouth.

At that point, Trent leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. He leaned down, pushing me down so that I was on my back and he was on top of me, still holding me in his arms. His tongue pushed in mouth and searched around.

"What the fuck?" said a voice.

We quickly got off of each other and looked around. We noticed Derek in the door way to the kitchen, grinning and massaging his bulge through his pants.

"I'm liking what I'm seeing here," he said in an devilish grin.

Trent smiled and motioned for Derek to come over. Trent resumed to kiss me, and this time I was on top, still being held in his arms. I heard Derek come around to us. He started to pull down my pants, revealing my incredible bubble butt. I felt him press his tongue to my asshole as he began rimming me. I started moaning into Trent's mouth. This whole thing took about 5 minutes.

I head Derek removing his jeans. He then pressed the tip of his pre-cum soaked cock onto the entrance of my now gaping hole.

"Hold him down, Trent. Kyle, this might hurt a bit."

Trent strengthened his grip around me with one arm, while holding my head down to keep me from discontinuing the kiss.

I felt a sudden surge of intense pain as Derek started pushing his thick 10 inches inside of me. My head began to get fuzzy with the pleasure and I stopped noticing what was going on around me. I snapped out of my haze when I felt felt the tip of Trent's massive organ pressed into my ass as well. I was is unbelievable pain. The pain soon died off andI started feeling so much pleasure as the two studs began to double fuck me.



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