I woke up in Adam's arms the next morning. I guess you can say that it wasn't a dream. A couple days ago I was kicked out of my parents home, just for being gay,And then to my rescue was this guy whos practically lying on top of me.

Up until recently I never said a word to Adam nor did he say a word to anyone. and out of no where he offers me a place to stay.

Not only that but he saved me from doing something really stupid. A couple nights ago I almost commited suicide and before I could jump he grabbed me from behind and stopped me.

It was 6 in the morning we had school today. Things werent really getting any better at school. Someone decided to write all over my car making a collage of hurtful writing all over it.

I still don't know who did it though.

Adam was warm he radiated some very soothing heat from his body that made me want to go back to sleep.

Adam stood 6'3 a very muscular and broad body he had emerald green eyes and dark blonde hair with some facial hair he had sideburns leading down to a goatee. Right now his eyes were closed.

Last night I lost my virginity to this guy. And I'm not complaining you wouldnt either if you were in my position.

Adam slowly opened his eyes and looked into mine.

He gave me a nearly unoticable smile

I smiled back at him and just said. "Good morning."

He slowly leaned in and lightly kissed me on the cheek.

We layed there silently for a few minutes before we had to get up and go to school.

Adam then pulled me in a little closer to his warm naked muscular body. I kissed his chest that very light and very little chest hair on it.

"How are you feeling?" Adam asked in a low whisper.

"I'm ok I don't know if I'll be able to sit down today though." I said jokingly

Adam just chuckled a little and kissed me on the fore head.

"We might need to get up." Adam then said

"Wish we didn't have to." I said reluctantly not wanting to get up at all.

"Yea but I got practice today remember? And it's your day to be in charge of practice." Adam said

Since I'm the football teams manager I usually helped with practice and today was my day to assist the coach with exercises.

"Oh yeah thats right I forgot." I said

"I like it better when your in charge of practice anyway." Adam said in a tired whisper his eyes were still closed.

"Why?" I asked curiously.

He lightly tapped my ass.

"haha oh thats why." I said laughing.

Adam just smiled with his eyes closed.

After that the alarm went off and we got ready for school.

I was now sitting in Adam's truck. I sat there thinking about last night and the other nights before that. What did Adam think about me how does he feel about me what am I to him?

"Hey Adam?"


"So um what are we now? I mean are we friends or.....?"

Adam didn't say anything he just kept looking forward paying attention to the road.

"Like I've just been wondering thats all?"

"Why do you have to put a label on it?" he finally said.

"I'm not trying to put a label on it, I'm just wondering."

"Stop stressing."

"I'm not stressing can you at least give me an answer?" I asked him with a bit of frustration in my voice.

We were at a red light and Adam slowly turned around to face me and looked at me up and down like he was analyzing me or maybe checking me out.

"Stop worrying about it,just be you okay." Adam said to me with his beautiful emerald eyes smiling at me.

I didn't know what to think. I just sat back in my seat and wondered what he really thought about me. I mean the first kiss the night before said alot.....but I want him to really tell me how he feels,whats on his mind? What am I to him?

We finally got to school and like yesterday my car was still in the parking lot this time there were drawings on it and not very pleasent ones.

Adam just nudged my elbow and gave me a look that clearly said don't let it get to you.

I didnt have a first period class that morning so I headed to the library. Even in the library people were looking at me like I was from some other weird planet.

I wish I didn't have to come out to the football team I wish I just kept my mouth shut. But if I didn't say anything I would probably still be in my car with no food or money.

I sat at a table that was far away from the rest of the other tables in the library. It seems like everytime I come to school I become more and more anti-social.

I sat down took out my sketchbook and started drawing away.

All the sudden someone came and sat down next to me.

He stood 6'6 with black hair and dark brown asian eyes. He was practiaclly a hulk with a big body. His name is Kenny Shiro nicknamed Sumo-man or Sumo for short. He's a line backer

He sat down and started eating his breakfast in the library.

"Whats up Justin?" He said in a kind deep voice. Kenny is the definition of a gentle giant. He was definetly the type of guy you didnt want to mess with though. He was without a doubt the hardest tackler on the team. Anyone he tackled itmediatly would get injured. I've known Kenny since 6th grade he was 6'1 then. He was always a nice guy.

"Hey Kenny." I said to him shyly

"So what are you doing here sitting by yourself?"He asked

"Just drawing." I said

"Sorry about your car who ever did it was probably a real asshole." Kenny said while chewing his sandwich.

"Hey Justin I think it was really cool of you coming out to everyone that took guts." said Kenny.

I stopped drawing and looked up at him while he was still eating his sandwich.

"I like you as our team manager on top of that your a talented artist man. I don't think you should let the pricks at this school put you down."

I kept looking up at Kenny. He almost sounded like Adam meaning this guy actually cares too.

I almost wanted to cry but I held back the tears and just said.

"Thanks Kenny."

I then felt him slap my back hard and he said."No problem buddy."

Then a few minutes later another person came by and sat down with us.

"Sup guys it's like freezing titties outside."

His name is Davey Jennings, He stood 5'5 with brown eyes he s african american with light dark skin, though he was the shortest guy on the team he had a great body and a baby face. What he lacks in strength he makes up in speed making him one of the fastest players on the team. He was also a running back

"Hey Justin!" Davey said greeting me with a huge smile.

I gave him a quick smile and said hey back.

Davey took my sketchbook and looked at it and he was amazed by the drawing on the paper.

"Wow Justin your art is awsome man you should do this professionally."

I just blushed embarrasingly.

"Thanks" I said.

I was surprised I've known Davey since elementary school we stopped talking since high school since he got busy with sports and family related stuff.

"Hey Justin I never got the chance to say this but I'm sorry with what happened with your parents, kicking you out and everything. I hope your doing alright." said Davey sincerely and than he flashed a huge smile.

I said thanks to him.

Richie Champion who was Ellies cousin came up to the table and sat next to Davey.

Richie reached out his hand at me and I shook it

"You ok Justin?" He asked

Richie was around 5'9 Light latin skin a little lighter than Ellies he had short black hair and a very decently built body Richie was and average player he was decently fast decently strong he was just average but his personailty made up for all his faults. He was also a running back

I've known Richie since pre-k with Ellie and he's always been a friend.

"Yeah I'm good thanks."

He just smiled.

I sat there with Kenny,Davey and Richie. They laughed and joked around and eventually I joined in with them. For the first time I was actually smiling at school I completely forgot about my vandalized car and the people who kept looking at me like I was nothing I forgot about the rude gay comments I forgot it all. Just sitting here with these guys made it all better.

It was after school and I headed toward the locker room I slowly opened it and stepped inside trying not to give anyone eye contact. A hand patted my back it was Anthony Russo.

Anthony is the captain of the football team he was fast on his feet and had great strength. He was italian with spiked up hair bright blue eyes and a killer body.

"Hey man you good? hows everything?" he asked me concernly.

"I'm good I'm staying with some relatives (I lied)"

He smiled and said "thats good man"

Anthony wasn't the typical high school jock you would see in the movies. He actually interacts with people he"ll say hi whats up how are you doing. I don't know much about him but he's always treated me with respect and he was the first person to come up to me and accept me coming out. He's also the teams quarterback

Sadly everyone wasn't like Anthony or Adam the rest of the guys seemed to avoid me and not even look at me I heard some of them whispering about me but I tried to act like I wasn't listening.

I felt like I didnt belong there at all.

I saw Adam changing by his locker, he gave me a quick smile and continued changing.

Adam then walked past me and lightly tapped my ass without anyone noticing.

Adam was one of the line backers and one of the best.

after everyone was done changing we headed outside for practice.

Outside was freezing but everyone was exercising and practicing really hard. I called out exercises and made sure everyone was doing what they were suppose to be doing. The coach was also out there making sure no one was causing trouble.

It was break time and all the guys were just hanging out before we continued with more practice.

From the distance I saw someone staring me down.

His name is Gage Simons he stood 6'3 same height as Adam. He had brown hair and a clean shaved face and ridiculously blue eyes that looked kind but actually weren't he wasnt as muscular as Adam but he was broad.

I never really hungout with Gage and for good reason too. Gage was the typical asshole the only thing he was good at was sports and being a straight up hipster douchebag. He was drop dead gorgeous but that was all he had going for him. Gage was the guy every girl wanted but he already had a girlfriend named Janine Harvey Who was this beautiful shy blonde.

Gage gave me an unfriendly look and then I saw him mouth the word faggot.

I quickly looked away. He had a very intimadating stare.

Davey then came up to me and said.

"Hey Justin I think you need to hear this."

"Whats up?"

"I heard some guys talking earlier in class, they were talking about Gage. They said Gage was the first one to put writing on your car,after he started writing on your car a bunch of other guys started writing on it too and a few girls too."

I looked back at Gage and gave him an angry look. Gage just smiled at me and blew a mocking kiss at me.

Gage then turned around to get back into position. As everyone was walking back to get into their positions, I saw Adam looking at me then Adam looked at Gage while Gage had his back to him. Adam tilted his head toward Gage I think that meant "Was it him?"

I slowly nodded my head at Adam.

Adam looked back at Gage then to me he then walked back into position. Adam had a calm angry look on his face as he was heading toward the center of the field where everyone was at.

I saw Adam go up to Coach Roland and The coach just nodded. Adam then went back to the locker room. Was he going to use the bathroom?

Practice was over and everyone was heading to the parking lot I walked out side of the locker room and Adam was waiting for me, with that calm apathetic look on his face.

We walked together to the school parking lot

As we were walking down the stairs to the lot we heard someone shout.


I turned my head to see who was cursing up a storm it was Gage.

A few of the players were standing around Gage's car


Ellie was standing by her car so I went up to her

"Ellie whats going on?"

"Someone slashed all four of Gage's tires."

I was shocked. Gage was on the ground examining his tires his face was pretty much red with anger.

Among all the other guys who were standing around Gage's car, There was one girl

Janine Harvey,she was around 5'6 long blonde hair her bangs covered her forehead and she had bright blue eyes. She looked like a doll she was also a cheerleader but she wasn't the preppy kind. Janine was always quiet and shy though she was athletic she wasn't like the other girls on the cheerleading squad. She stood several feet away from Gage's car she wore a green pladded dress and a light blue shirt and converse and was holding her bag.

Everyone was watching Gage's freak out.

"WHO THE FUCK DID THIS!!!!!??????"he shouted angrily. All the sudden Gage eyes were staring into mine.


Gage started walking toward me with evil intent on his face.

"Gage!" Janine started to say trying to hold him back but Gage just shoved her out of the way.

He walked towards me ,Ellie stood behind me and Richie was about to step in front of us, until Adam came out of no where and stood directly between Gage and me.


Adam just stared at Gage it was a stare off between the two 6'3 football players.


"Maybe your tires are just shitty like you." Adam said calmly to Gage.

Gage's nostrils flared and his face got redder it looked like he was about to burst.


Adam then tightened his fist just in case.


"What are you going to do about it?" Adam said calmly but with a threatining undertone.

It looked like Gage was about to throw a punch.

That is until the coah came running down the stairs and shouted.

"Whats going on here?!"

Everyone stopped and stared at the coach.

"Somebody better answer my question!"

"Coach! Goldman slashed my tires."

The coach looked at me and then back at Gage.

"Do you have proof Simons?"

"I don't need proof he's a faggot thats all the proof I need."

And out of nowhere someone slapped Gage in the face. it was Ellie.

"Bastard! who gave you the right to judge and acuse people?!" Ellie yelled at him.

Everyones eyes were wide open. Ellie just slapped this guy like he was nothing.

Gage was holding his cheek with his hand. He stared at Ellie angrily.

"Little bitch." Gage almost raised a hand to Ellie but Richie stepped in and pushed him back.

Gage and Richie wrestled on the ground. Richie was sadly being beaten.

The coach and Kenny stepped in and pulled the two boys apart from each other.

The coach grabbed Lance with Gage flailing his arms in anger.

And Kenny lifted Richie from the ground and poor Richie had bruises all over him.


I was still standing behind Adam and Adam just flipped the middle finger at Gage.

"Lets go." Adam said

The coach had Gage pinned against his car and he was lecturing him but Gage wasn't listening he was still yelling at me from far away.

Adam and I walked toward the truck and drove off.

Ellie watched us leave the parking lot.

(At the apartment)

I was lying on Adam's bed just drawing, but I couldn't concentrate on what I was drawing. Lances words kept ringing in my head. It's sad how people can hate other people just for being who they are. Reality can be painful and sad sometimes.

Adam stepped out of the bathroom naked with his towel on his right shoulder.

I never get tired of looking at this guy.

He opened a drawer and put on some boxer briefs. Adam walked toward the bed and layed down next to me.

I felt his arms being wrapped around me and he pulled me in.

I love being wrapped in his arms its like his arms have this magical ability of making everything bad in the world go away. Its as if reality had no effect while I was being embraced by Adam.

"It was you wasn't it?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?" He asked in a whisper.

"You slashed Gage's tires didn't you?"

Adam said nothing

there was a few moments of silences until Adam said.

"Didnt you hear what I said to Gage?"


"I told him that his tires were just shitty."

I turned my head to look at Adam his eyes were staring into mine and I just smiled at him.

"You're a very cunning guy you know that?" I told him jokingly.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Adam said nonchalantly

I leaned in and kissed him and he held me tightly kissing me back with his gentle lips.

Adam was about to pull my clothes off until there was a knock at his front door.

We looked at each other with confusion on our faces.

I got up to go see who it was.

I opened the front door and was surprised to see who it was.


"Hola!" she said loudly she gave me one of the biggest hugs I ever recieved from her.

"Ellie what are you doing here?" I asked

"Um duh visiting you." She said with a big beautiful smile.

Ellie walked into the apartment with bags of food in her hands, as she stepped in Adam walked out of the bedroom with nothing but his boxer briefs.

"Aye dios mio que miraglo." Ellie said as Adam walked out showing his broad muscular sexy body.

"UM?" Adam simply said.

Ellie turned around to look at me and then back at Adam.

"Did I interupt something?"

Adam and I blushed.

"Holy shit....... um ok so maybe I should have called or something first?"

An awkward silence filled the apartment.

"Wait a minute?" Ellie gasped she then pointed at Adam and shouted."DOES THAT MEAN YOU'RE GAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?!"

"Way to put it out there Ellie." I said with my head shaking.

Adam looked away from Ellie and went back into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry omigosh so are you and Adam.....?"

I didn't say anything, I didn't have to, Ellie figured it out like it was tattooed all over my body.

"Oh I brought some food I was thinking about making some arroz con pollo and tortillas." she said holding up the bags of food.

I helped her with the bags and set them on the counter.

Adam then came out of the bedroom wearing athletic shorts and a workout shirt with the sleeves cut off the shirt revealed most of his pecs and abs. He then stepped on to the balcony and started lifting weights, Ellie and I cooked.

"So hows everything between you two?" she asked in a whisper.

"Good, Really good actually."

"How is he in bed?" she asked with a naughty smile on her face.

"None of your business Ellie thats personal."

"So you guys have been fucking!" she said happily.

And of course my face blushed bright red.

She just hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said.

"So are you guys going out?" she asked me

"To be honest I don't know what we are but....just being here with him just.....makes everything better you know. He's done so much for me and I thank him everyday for just being there." I said to her

"Do you..... want to be more than friends with him?" She asked

I thought about it and said.

"Yeah I think I do."

"You think?"

"No Ellie I know I want to be more."

Ellie just smiled at me.

"Ellie how did you know where I was staying?" I asked her curiously.

"I have family members who work at the bodega down the street they've seen Adam several times and so they told me where he lived and so I decided to come visit since a certain SOMEONE doesn't answer my calls." she said looking at me.

"I told you my phones been cut off."

The food was finally finished and Ellie went on to the balcony and told Adam the food was ready.

Adam came in a few seconds later and joined us.

"MMMMM Ellie this is amazing." I said happily eating the arroz con pollo (Rice with chicken.)

"Hehe cooking is my thing of course it's amazing." Ellie said smiling.

"So you like the food Adam?" Ellie asked Adam.

Adam just ate the food on his plate, even though he had that nonchalant apathetic calm look on his face he seemed to be enjoying the food.

After everyone finished eating we just hungout in the livingroom Adam didn't say anything but me and Ellie caught up since we haven't talked very much ever since I got kicked out of my parents house.

Ellie and I sat on the couch while Adam layed on the floor.

"I can't believe that asshole almost hit you."I said to Ellie.

"Gage is a pussy he wouldn't hit me." Ellie said to me.

"He didn't seem to mind shoving Janine out of the way to get to me." I said

"Hope she's okay."

"Yeah me too, I like Janine she's different from all the other girls on the squad."said Ellie

" So why is she with someone like Gage Simons?" I asked curiously.

"I don't know maybe she's just one of those girls who loves douchebags." Ellie said quickly.

"Hows Richie he got beat up pretty badly against Gage." I asked concernly.

"Richies fine he can handle himself." Ellie said reasurringly.

We talked for hours. We laughed and joked around, I was happy to just hangout with Ellie it was like old times.

After awhile it was time for Ellie to go back home. I gave her a hug and she gave me one back.

Adam was just leaning against the doorway and Ellie looked up at him.

She gave him a hug also and whispered something in his ear but I couldn't hear what she was saying to him.

She stepped on her tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek.

"Bye boys try not to make too much noise." She said that with a wink and left

I watched Ellie as she entered the elevator. As the doors closed she waved goodbye at us.

I was waving too. I then felt Adam hold my hand and he lead me back inside the apartment.

He locked the door behind him. And with his massive strength he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom.

He layed me down on the bed ,with his warm body on top of me.

He leaned in and kissed me and I kissed him back.

"What did Ellie say to you?" I asked him

He just smiled at me and said."I can't tell you It's a secret."he said winking at me.

He then said in a seductive whisper.

"So where were we again?"

"I think you were about to take my clothes off." I said smiling up at him.

"Oh yeah." Said Adam with that gorgeous smile on his face.

TO BE CONTINUED.....................................



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