Adam and I stopped at this old timey diner. My stomach was literally empty. We sat down at a table that was near the end of the resturant. Our waitress was of the southern belle type, she came up to us with the big blonde hair and ridiculously blue eyes ( had to be contacts) and you ould see her make up and it was alot.

"Hi boys what can order for you tonight?" She said in that high pitch southern accent. "Coke,cheeseburger and a large ammount of fries." Adam said to her quickly. "And how bout you sweetie?" I looked at the menu the prices werent bad but I also realized that I had no money in my wallet. "Um just a sandwich please." I said shyly. "No he's going to have a large coke a large bacon cheeseburger and alot of fries and bring a vanilla milkshake for him too." said Adam. I froze "No maam its okay I dont have that much money." I said quickly

Adam grabbed the menu out of my hand and handed it to the waitress and said. "thats it for us."

The waitress just stared and nodded.

"Adam I dont have any money I can't afford any of that." I said whispering to him. "Don't worry about it." he said unemotionaly. It dawned on me is he paying for ALL OF THIS? "Adam look you don't have to..." "Don't worry about it" he said again only slightly more stern.

I knew I couldnt win this battle so I withdrew. I leaned back in my chair and waited for our food.

Adam just stared out the window. I was looking down at the table.

We just sat there silently. Eventually our food came. It all smelled great. Adam dug in I just stared it all looked great. "Eat." he bluntly said ( Why was I embarasse to eat in front of him.)

I then began to eat.

I then decided to start up a conversation with him since the awkward silence was killing me.

"So our team is getting better by the day isn't it?" (WHAT?! did I just say that?)

Adam just shrugged. and continued eating his fries that were drenched in ketchup.

So I thought of something else to say. "So are you sure its ok with your parents that I stay over?" I asked him

"Don't live with them." he said bluntly chewing on his burger.

"But I thought you told coach that......"

"I lied." He said now eating the fries again

"So you live alone?"

"Yep." He said quickly

I was at a loss he doesnt live with his parents then how....?

"If you don't mind me asking why don't you live with them?"

He then said bluntly and plainly. "Dads a drunk ,brothers a druggie ,moms a whore."

(wow) I said to myself.

"I moved out freshman year." he said

"So you've been living on your own for 3 years?"

"yeah" he said while eating his burger.

"Does anyone else know that you live alone?" I asked him curiously


"So I'm the only one that knows?"


I was surprise Adam doesnt even really talk to anyone but now I'm the only one who knows that he lives alone. I was amazed that he would even share this information with me I mean we've never talked until

"If you think about it we got something in common." Adam said while chewing his food he was nearly finished with his fries.

"We do?" What did he mean by that?

"Yeah our parents suck." he said

"Ha yeah I guess your right." (Oh thats what he meant.)

" You haven't eaten." he said not even looking up at me in fact he hasnt looked up at me the entire time we've been at the resturant.

"oh um sorry." I said shyly

"Just eat." he said bluntly

I was hungry as hell but I couldnt even eat. So much was going through my mind. The memory of my dad screaming on the top of his lungs and my mom crying in the background. It all just flashed right in front of me. I began to shake a little.

Adam just looked up at me. He could see me trembling and he could tell I was on the verge of tears. Adam then called the waitress for the check.

Like the ride to the resturant it was silent. We were headed to Adam's home which I had no idea where it was or even what it looked like.

After 20 minutes of driving we stopped in a parking lot.

As we got out of the car I grabbed my stuff. I looked in front of me and there was a huge apartment building about 12 floors high. It didnt look too bad but it didnt look great either.

"12th floor." Adam said

When we finally got to the 12th floor we stood in front of Adams apartment which was numbered 120.

He opened the door.

As he turned on the lights I got a full view of his apartment. We were standing in the hallway which lead into the kitchen which was right next to the living room. The living room had a large greenish couch with some dirty clothes on it. The kitchen had dirty dishes on the counter and sink. On the side of the living room were sliding doors leading to a small sized balcony with workout equipment on it and a laundry machine. Another small hallway lead to Adam's room and the bathroom was in his room.

Adam threw his keys on the counter and took off his hoody. Underneath his hoody was a sleevless shirt revealing his big muscular arms. He threw his hat in his room and showed me the apartment. I put my stuff by the couch.

It was pretty messy but what do you expect.

"Nice place." I said to him

"Better than living in your car." Adam said as he could probably could tell I wasnt impressed.

It was already 10 o clock at night it was friday.

"Showers in my room , if you wannna take one go ahead." he said in his deep voice.

"Um ok thanks." I said bashfully I opened the door to his bathroom its decently clean but not entirely .

I was about to turn around to get some clothes and under wear from my bag when Adam stood by the door and handed me some clothes. They were his.

"Um." I started to say.

"I brought you a shirt and some shorts and some underwear." Adam said quickly.

(Wait he wants me to wear his.........)

"Don't worry they're clean."

I just looked up at him he was looking back at me.

I took the clothes and said thank you. He closed the door behind him.

I turned on the shower on and got in.

The water felt great. I had my head against the wall in the shower ,the water was pouring down my head and all over my body.

As I stood there another flash back came back. My Father was yelling in my face screaming faggot faggot faggot and every other offensive word that meant gay. My mom was crying at the kitchen table.

I eventually snapped out of it when the water started getting cold.

I turned off the water.

As I got out I dried myself off with one of Adam's towels.

I picked up the shirt he handed me earlier. It was a grey shirt with an upside down smiley face on it (What a perfect shirt to match my mood.)The shirt smelled like some kind of body spray from one of those clothing store like hollister or abrecombie and fitch ,whatever it was it smelled good. I realized once I put it one it was a few size bigger but I didnt mind. The shorts were dark red and his boxers briefs were a dark blue. I couldnt believe I was about to put HIS boxers on. I felt like a girlfriend wearing her boyfriends clothes.

I finally put them on and they were very comftorble and snuggly. To be honest My ass looked really good in them. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a decent body a normal swimmers body tanned skin due to my half white half spanish heritage (Spanish from my mothers side) And my short black hair which is usually spiked in a small fauxhawk but was now halfway damp.

I walked out of the bathroom and went into the living room. I noticed the couch was cleared off from all the clothes. The couch had my pillow and a big blanket on it.

Adam was outside on the balcony smoking a cigarette. I mustered up the courage to go out there and join him.

The night was cool and there was a slight breeze.

Adam was completely shirtless and was only wearing black boxer briefs his calves were massive. He had a very broad back, you could just tell he works his ass off to keep his body in shape. Speaking of ass he had a very nice looking one and to be honest I was tempted. It was the bubble butt of bubble butts ( Oh man what did I get myself into?)

But of course I had to resist the urge.

I stood next to him as he continued smoking.

"Thanks for the shower Adam."I said to him

"No problem." Adam said apathetically while smoking the cigarette.

"So when did you start smoking I've never seen you smoke." I asked him curiously.

"Just started." He said


he didnt answer.

I was standing pretty close to him and he was radiating some body heat. Surprisingly I started getting use to standing next to him it was kinda comforting.

As I was standing next to him I stared at the ground, for past week I felt like my whole world shattered in an instant I didnt even know what to do next.

"Stop looking at the ground there nothing to look at down there." Said Adam out of nowhere.

I turned to look at him and he continued.

"Theres better things to look at when you look up."

He was staring straight and I turned to look in his direction.

It was beautiful, I completely forgot that we were on the 12th floor over looking the entire city. The lights of the city gleamed like miniture sunlights, the sound of cars passing by and small traces of music were in the air. And the night was clear you could see every star in the sky it was as if the sky itself was saying hey yo look up! I never knew this town looked so amazing at night.

All I could say was "wow."

"Told you." he said. I think this was his way of cheering me up.

Adam flicked the cigarette over the balcony and went inside.

I followed him in.

"I setup the couch for you so whenever you want to go to sleep go ahead." he said

"Thanks" I told him

Adam waved his hand and turned out the light in the living room. He went to his room and closed the door.

I sat on the couch and looked around the room. It seemed like Adam cleaned the apartment up a little (Just a little) while I was in the shower.

I sat up on the couch and grabbed my pillow and held it against my chest with my knees against the pillow.

My mom and dad, I always thought they were the type of people that I could trust. They always told me I could talk to them about anything. I guess telling them I was gay wasn't one of those things.

Without realizing tears started flowing down my cheeks. I then buried my face in the pillow and started to cry.

Adams bedroom door opened.

I lifted my head from the pillow.

Adam was walking towards the kitchen. He grabbed some water from the fridge and walked toward the couch and sat next to me.

He just sat there silently and sipped some water.

"Adam I dont....I don't even know what to do anymore." I stared saying out of nowhere. I couldnt hold it in anymore.

He just sat there facing the wall sipping more water.

"Its funny I always thought my parents were the two coolest people. My dad he works for an architect company and my moms a painter. That night I was sitting at the kitchen table with them eating dinner,I helped my mom cook that night. All the sudden I gathered the courage to just.......tell them and then I said Mom .....Dad.. I'm gay."

It seemed like Adam was listening but I couldnt tell cause now he was looking up at the ceiling holding his water bottle.

"After I said that my father started screaming he grabbed me by the shirt and pinned me against the wall, My mom she...she started crying hysterically. My dad was shoutung in me face, he just screamed....he then said you have 5 minutes to pack your things and get the fuck out of my house he dragged me upstairs and threw me in my room so that I could pack. I grabbed a few things and then I felt him grab my shirt again he almost threw me down the stairs. My mom was on the floor crying. My dad threw my car keys at my face and told me to get out. He literally threw me out. and then......." I stopped cause the next part was too painful.

Adam was still looking at the ceiling his water bottle was empty now.

"....And then I heard my mom screaming..... "


at this point I was crying.

Adam finally spoke and said " Your parents are assholes."

I looked at him shocked with tears in my eyes, he said it so bluntly but I guess he's just a blunt person in general.

"Any mother or father who throws their kid out, just for being who they are, is not fit to be a parent in the first place." He said

I was shocked to hear him say that.

"Fuck your parents they don't deserve you." he said coldly and with a blunt tone.

I was speechless.

"You deserve better, you're better than that, dont let anyone especially your parents tell you otherwise. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and grow some balls, last time I heard I thought gay guys loved balls so grow some."

I couldnt believe that those words were coming out of Adam's mouth. I was surprised.

Adam threw the water bottle across the room into the kitchen and it landed in the trash can.

He got up and went to his room and shut the door. I heard him open the bathroom door and then shut it. He was using the bathroom, guess that water bottle went right through him.

There was a moment of silence in the apartment.

Adams bedroom door opened again

The moonlight was shining through the sliding doors leading to the balcony making it the only source of light in the apartment. The light from the moon gleamed on Adams muscular body. He had an amazing six pack and great pecs his chest had very little light hair on it and a v leading down into you know where. His body was a marvel it looked like armor

Adam was holding a blanket and a pillow under his arm.

He threw them on the floor and layed on the floor facing the wall and away from me.

I didnt know what to say.

"Um Adam......Thank you." I said to him in a quiet voice and with dried tears on my cheeks.

"Goodnight." He said bluntly.

I slowly went under the covers and I looked at Adams broad back. I think this was another one of his ways of trying to cheer me up. I guess he didnt want me to feel lonely, so he brought his stuff in the living room so I wouldnt feel that way.

I smiled a little and thought. He's not a bad guy he's a little intimadating a bit blunt and sarcastic and a lil apathetic but he's....really nice in his own way.

I layed my head on the pillow and slowly closed my eyes. For the first time in a week I was able to go to bed.....smiling.

well that is until he started snoring.

TO BE CONTINUED................



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