I woke up the next morning.

It was Saturday

I looked at the floor and Adam wasn't there. I then turned my head toward the kitchen and saw him.

He was at the stove cooking what seemed like scrambled eggs.

He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and light blue jeans and what seemed like scruffed up working boots.

The toaster made a BING sound and two toasts popped out.

Adam grabbed one of the peices of toast and put it in his mouth. He grabbed the other and threw it at me without looking away from the stove.

I managed to barely catch it.

"Um morning." I said to him.

He didnt say anything, he just tilted his head up a bit which I guess was his way of saying whats up.

I then bit off a piece of the toast he threw at me.

"You going somewhere?"

"Work." He plainly said

"whats your job?" I then asked him curiously

"Contruction some roofing and some mechanic stuff on the side."

"Oh wow thats alot a work."

"Yep." he said not even looking in my direction.

I continued eating the toast.

"Before I go there some rules I have to explain to you." Adam said putting the scrambled eggs on a plate. He came up and handed me the plate and then went back to the kitchen to serve his portion.

"Uh yeah ok." I said attentively

"1 while I'm gone wash the dishes and sweep the floor.

"2 Vacuum the living room

"3 Clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet.

"4 do the laundry and dry then dry the clothes

"Then 5 clean and vaccum my room.

(Wait a minute..... these weren't rules...... these were DEMANDS.)

"Got it?" Adam said quickly.

"Wait hold on what?"

Adam then came up to me and said

"While you're here your not going to be sitting on your little ass all day feeling sorry for yourself. While I'm at work your going to clean the apartment and keep it spotless got it?"

(Does he think I'm his own personal MAID?)

"wait but Adam those aren't rules those are....."

He interupted and said "Got it?"

He was practically in my face staring me down.

"Um yeah got it." I said reluctantly.

He then went to the kitchen and grabbed his car keys.

"Remember....spotless." and closed the front door behind him.

I was still on the couch with the blanket covering my lower legs. I looked around the apartment ,it was a mess ,clothes on the floor dishes on the counter and sink I peered in Adams bedroom it wasnt any cleaner in there and from my vision of his room I could see the bathroom door was opened and no the bathroom wasnt any more spotless.

I let out a deep breath and got up.

I looked at the apartment once more and thought (oh boy this is going to be an adventure. I wouldnt be surprised to find a body in this mess.)

I then got started.

As Adam ordered me to do I sweeped the kitchen and mopped it.

I cleanned all his dishes including the ones that had impossible stains on them I scrubbed each one so they would look nice and shiny. My hands were all pruny after that.

I got out the massive vacuum and cleaned the carpet.

I managed to find a basket to put all the dirty clothes in. I opened the the laundry machine and dumped all the clothes in it ,poured some laundry detergent in it and slammed the thing shut and turned it on.

Next the bathroom. I scrubbed the tub clean. Then cleaned the shower head. I then stood over the toilet dreading the thought of being near it. I scrubbed it and poured some cleaning liquid in it. The bathroom was officially clean.

Last but not least Adam's bedroom. I vaccumed the floor then cleaned his closet and organized it the best I could.

I Stood on top of his bed and with a washcloth a cleaned his ceiling fan even though I barely reached it.

After I did that i fell on his bed and just layed there I was done!

Adams bed was extremely comfy and big.

I just laid there and looked at the ceiling.

I then turned my head a little toward his opened closet. On the top left corner of a shelf that was on top of his closet, I saw what seemed to be a box. Sticking out of the box were magazines.

Curiousity killed the cat.

So I got up and managed to reach the box and placed it on his bed.

Nope no pornos

Just some entertaiment magazines for movies and shows some videogame and car magazines. I went through the box and looked through some of the magazines I was kind of entertained I skimmed through most of them. 10 minutes passed and I was halfway through the box.

I then found some workout magazines just four of them.

I opened them they had various workout routines and some hot looking guys.

I couldnt help it I was aroused by some of these extremely sexy guys with great muscles and drop dead smiles staring back at me in the photos.

So I thought hey maybe I can let out some steam for a bit. so I did.

I sat next to his bed and turned to a page with a very gorgeous guy on it. It was like he wanted to come out of the picture and grab me I wanted him to.

I pulled my dick out and jerked away.

Oh man it's been too long and it felt great just letting some stress out.

I was imagining the guy in the picture. He had short brown hair and his body was nicely toned and muscular with a nice tan and a tempting set of pecs and perfectly formed six pack. And a smile a dentist would envy.

I Imagined him holding me close as he was plowing my ass with his big dick. I could almost feel him ,his dick was rubbing against that special little spot. In my head I was calling his name and moaning and groaning with sheer pleasure.

I kept jacking off to this amazing scene in my head.

I then shot a huge load all over the picture and sighed in relief and content

My eyes were closed.

As I opened my eyes I froze.

Adam was walking in the bedroom and then into the bathroom.

"Adam " I said quickly

He then came out of the bathroom and threw a towel at me. He didnt look happy at all. The usual apathetic look on his face was now in anger.

"Adam I'm...."

He interupted and said "Hurry up we're going to the grocery store." by the sound of his voice he wasnt happy either ,to find me looking through his personal things and then masturbating on his bedroom floor with one of his magazines ruined by my cum. Nope I wouldn't be happy either.

I never felt so embarrased and ashamed.

I quickly cleaned up and washed my hands and got ready.

The ride to the grocery store was as usual an awkward silence but this time it wasn't just awkward it was an awkward silence of shame.

The grocery store was a family owned bodega

It was a decent sized store that was very crowded.

Since it was owned by a latin family, the store was filled with mostly latinos from puerto ricans to cuban and mexican families, minding their own business buying the food they needed.

Adam handed me the cart and said without looking at me with a blunt and stern tone " Get the food thats on the list, I'll get the bread and drinks."

I just did as he told me. I gathered the food on the list such as fruits some vegatables and some other miscelanious items.

I felt embarassed. I couldnt believe that I wasn't more careful. Adam must be thinking some really bad things about me right now. I wouldn't blame him.

While I was in deep thought I accidently ran my cart into another persons shopping cart.

I itmediatly said sorry and when I looked up at the person I was about to apologize to......I froze.

For a second my heart stopped.

The woman who was holding the other cart had short black curly hair and pearl earrings. She was tanned skin and had bright brown eyes and a beautiful face. She was wearing a dark brown dress and a white buttoned up shirt.

I stared at her like she was a ghost.

The woman....my mother just stared at me.

"M..mom......" I managed to say.

She looked at me her shocked looked suddenly turned into a stern angry look.

"Who.....are you calling mom?" she said coldy. Her words hit me like ice needles.

I was speechless I felt my body trembling a little.

She was about to push my cart out of the way with full force. Thats when Adam seemed to come out of nowhere and held her cart frimly in the front so she wouldnt go anywhere.

My mother stared at Adam with an frustrated and angered look on her beautiful face.

She try to push the cart but Adam just stood there firmly holding it ,he didnt budge. He just looked at her and said.

"Your son is trying to say hi to you.....say hello back to him." He said in a deep authorative tone.

My mother quickly looked at me and then looked back at Adam with a snobby look on her face. It was a look I never saw before.

"I have nothing to say to him." She plainly said

"Then you don't deserve to be his mother."He said to her in an angry voice.

My mother froze and just stared at him like she was struck by a shocking and sad epiphany.

Adam quickly grabbed my wrist tightly and pulled me and the shopping cart behind him.

It was like I was catatonic. I dont even remember going into Adam's truck and driving back to his apartment with him. I don't remember going into the elevator to the 12th floor of his apartment. It was a blur.

My mothers face was burned into my mind.

Not only her face but her words. (Who are you calling mom?)

I was sitting at the kitchen table in Adam's kitchen it was just a small round wooden table.

I was staring at the dinner plate in front of me. I couldnt eat.

It was already 11 o clock at night. I was laying on the couch looking at the ceiling.

Adam was standing by his bedroom door. He walked toward the couch and sat down and said with his deep voice.

"Just sleep ok, I'm not going to say forget about it but don't let her put you down."

I didnt answer him. I continued to look up at the ceiling in my so called catatonic state.

Adam got up and went to his room he didnt close the door he just left it open.

And then all the negative thoughts came pouring in like ice cold water in a tub.

(Why......please someone tell me why.....what did I do.......to...deserve this? I can't....even feel the ground beneath my feet ...anymore. What's the purpose of all this .......)

I was sitting up now with my body on auto pilot.

(My mother ,my father......they told me they loved me they always have......but why don't they love me anymore??????.......)

I was up walking now toward the balcony sliding doors.

(I know why....it's because....It's because I'm......This thing ...this unnormal thing.....

I opened the sliding doors.

(Yeah thats why....they don't love me because I'm not .....normal.....I'm not normal I'm not normal I'm not normal I'm not normal I'm not ........normal.)

I stepped out onto the balcony. My fathers screaming face and my mothers crying flashed in my head.

(I'm not normal I'm not normal I'm not normal.....)

The teams faces looking at me like I was a plague and the kids at school laughing and gossiping amongst their friends flashed into my head also.

I put both my hands on the balcony railing wall which was just cement.

(Why am I like this? why am I different? why is this happening?)

I put my left knee on the balcony railing. Followed by my right knee.

(I don't want to be different I just.......want them to love me....to just love....me)

I'm standing on the balcony railing staring down from the 12th floor my body was stuck in auto pilot at this point nothing mattered nothing at all.

(Everything,everyone it's all......pointless.......it's not going to matter......they'll all be happy they won't care if I'm not here. No one loved me in the first place, so why should I stick around???????....)

I slowly put my arms up and close my eyes.

(If this is what everyone wants then.....I'll do it for them......Goodbye everything and everyone one......here I am .....granting your last wish.)

I put one foot over the ledge.

"SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!"

I was pulled down with full force from the balcony's cement railing and then thrown onto the living room floor. Adam grabbed my shirt and pinned me to the floor with his face close to mine. He peirced my soul with his furious gaze and screaming voice.


My fathers face flashed before my eyes and replaced Adams face with his.

"Dad..." I said to Adam in tears.

Adam froze and stopped screaming.

"Dad please stop screaming at me....." I begged quietly as I balled and cried like I never cried before.

Adam realized what he was doing and stopped but still held the collar of my shirt.

My hands were over my eyes and I cried like a child. The moon shined into the dark living room gleaming on Adams back.

Adam just looked at me as I had my hands covering my waterfalled eyes.

I whimpered my vision was dark and watery. I realized what I had almost done and I was thankful I didnt go through with it.

Adams body was hovering over mine, I heard him breathing heavily since he was trying to calm down.

"Adam I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry please I'm sorry....." I said to him with a shaky voice.

All the sudden I felt my body being lifted up from the floor.

Adam picked me up with his huge warm arms and carried me like a child in his arms,to his bedroom.

He slowly laid me on the bed, with me still crying and whimpering.

He lifted the covers and pulled them up to me.

Adam closed the bedroom door and sat in front of the door, just watching me.

"You...saved me..." I said quietly.

Adam just leaned his head against the door and said nothing.

I cried myself to sleep.

Adam stayed up and just watched me sleep.

He sat on the floor against the door just thinking. He thought about alot of things, too many things, things that eventually made him sleepy. I was one of the last things he thought about just before he closed his eyes and went to sleep. But I wasn't a thing to him I was......a person.




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