Toby was led to the bedroom and pushed toward the bed, he was naked and had just been forced to drink Terrys piss and now felt totaly in his control.

Terry turned Toby around and once again played with his nipples while leaning forward and kissing Toby hard pushing his tongue hard into Tobys eager mouth.

Pulling out he looked at Toby 'Stand still boy while daddy gets ready to give you a treat'he growled and stripped off in front of Toby who so turned on he would do anything.

Terry lay naked and hard on the bed and lit a cigerette, he smoked slowly and smiling rubbed his hairy chest teasing Toby.

'Now boy you can lick daddies body and rub my chest, get me really turned on cos I got plans for you'

Toby did as he was told loving the feel of his tongue running over this perfect body and feeling Terrys hairy chest once again filling his mouth, he licked every part of the builders hairy firm body and delighted in the sounds Terry made of pleasure as his tongue licked the sweaty armpits and hairy arms going on to suck Terrys fingers then going up to his mouth kissed him savouring the taste of his spit and faint taste of smoke.

He then moved to the builders firm hairy nipples and sucked like a baby feeling Terrys hands holding his head down hard.

Terry suddenly grabbed the boy and flipped him over onto the bed and sat on his face letting him lick his hairy arse and moaned as he felt Tobys tongue slipping into his hole,

'God man I am going to fuck you 'ard arder than before and longer till you beg me to stop'

'Yes please' muffled Toby wanting this hunk to do his worst.

Terry moved off Terry and reached out for his belt wrapping it arund Tobys hands he tied him to the bed then raised his legs.

With one hard thrust he entered Toby who cried out with pain but opened up to recive the builders hugh cock as it pounded hard ignoring the cries of the boy.

Harder and harder Terry went and Toby took it all wanting to feel it all pushing deeper and deeper inside him.

'I got a mate'growled Terry 'as airy and ard as me, I want you to be fucked by im and if you do then you and I are going to spend a long time togeather.

'Yes daddy anything you want. you and your mate can have me whenever.

Terry carried on harder and deeper 'We will ave you tied up and used everyway we can,think of that boy two airy builders fucking you both ways.

Toby couldn't hold back as the thoughts filled his head and crying out shot his load as he felt Terry fill his arse with hot cum that filled him over and over.

Lying in Terrys arms while his builder smoked he asked when did he want his mate to come round.

'He is on his way boy I just wanted to open you up and get you wet and ready'

The door bell rang and Terry went and answered it while Toby waited.

In walked Terry with his mate who had removed his shirt and was as hairy as Terry.

Toby was in for a long hard night by two hairy hard builders but thats another story.



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