Toby had been fucked ,forced to drink piss and swallowed cock and cum and now fell into a deep sleep between Ben and Terry the two hairy builders who had used him.

He didn't know how long he had been asleep when he was woken with a long hard kiss and opening his eyes he saw it was Terry.

'Hi you ready for some more cock cos me and Ben are.

Toby looked over to see Ben smoking and playing with his cock ,'Guess you want more' growled Ben wonder how far we can go with you '

'As far as you want' stammered Toby, wanting to be owned by these guys completely.

Terry pulled Toby into his chest and Toby licked the hair for all he was worth, Ben came over and roughly grabbed Toby's nipples rubbing them hard.'We are going to work now but you ain't, best phone in sick cos we want you 'ere when we get back.

Toby did what he was told and phoned work saying he wasn't well and said he would phone when better. Ashe put the phone down Terry pulled him onto the bed where Ben knelt with some of Terry's ties he had found, Quickly they tied him up and made sure he was secure and not going anywhere.

'Right you just wait till we get back and lets see how far you will go Ben said and leaning over kissed him hard ,'come on Terry or we will be late, he ain't going anywhere and will be ready for us later'

The two builders left leaving Toby tied up and awaiting the evening and what they had in store for him.

He must of slept on and off until he heard the front door opening and in came Ben and Terry both sweaty from the day.

'Hi 'said Ben nice day'

'Yes sir' replied Toby wanting them so hard.

Terry lit up and forced Toby's mouth open he blew smoke down the boys throat causing him to gag.'Guess you 'ave never smoked boy well you going to learn alot tonight'

Ben peeled off his shirt reveling that thick hairy chest Toby wanted then Terry did the same, untying Toby, Ben put him over his knee and spanked him hard.

'Please sir its hurts 'cried Toby'

'Good cos it's Terry's turn.

Terry spanked him hard as well and Toby sobbed knowing he was at the mercy of these guys.

The builders stripped and Ben rammed his hot cock into Toby's mouth while Terry played with his nipples then swapping over Ben played with his arse.

'So, how far do you want us to go 'said Ben.

'Sir as far as you want and whatever you want' Toby begged.

'Guess you belong to us now and we will keep you well used and as our slave.

Toby nodded and his night began.



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