Toby had woken that morning wrapped in Terrys hairy arms not beliving the night before but by the feeling in his arse he knew he had been fucked hard and long.

Terry woke up and looking at Toby smiled,'I got to get to work mate but have a little time flip over'

Toby did what he was told and although his arse was tender wanted to please Terry.

He heard Terry spit on his hand rubbing it into his cock then spat on Tobys arse pushing in a finger to open him up,

Toby braced himself as he felt Terrys cock enter him and a pain shot through his arse but was soon replaced by pleasure as he was once again fucked hard.

'Shit man you have a tight arse'groaned Terry as he fucked harder and faster suddenly thrusting deep and filling Toby with hot cum wad after wad.

Pulling out he turned Toby over and wanked him off pulling his face into his hairy chest,'Tonight mate you gonna get it arder and more besides that, you ear me'

Toby gave a muffled yes as his face was buried deep in Terrys sweaty hair on his chest then cried out as he came.

They both got showered togeather then left for work.

'see you in the pub at 8' Terry said as he made for the building site puffing on a cig'

'Ok' Toby replied already counting the hours.

The day passed slowly and Tobys arse felt well used he wondered if he was up to being fucked again but something in his head told him he would have little choice and that excited him.

At last the day was over and after showering and changing Toby made for the pub.

Sitting with 2 beers he waited for Terry who walked in dead on 8.

'Hi mate you been 'ear long?'

'No just arrived got you a beer in'

Toby was so worked up and it didn't help the fact Terry had chosen to wear an open neck shirt showing alot of chest hair.They spoke of their day the Terry went for a smoke returning with a couple more beers.

'You sure are hot Toby I ave thought of last night and this morning all day,wore this shirt to let you see my 'airy chest,get you worked up cos I reckon were in for an 'eavy night'

'Well I am worked up alright have thought of you all day as well what are you planning

'Well one more beer each then you will find out now get to the bar boy Daddys thirsty'

They drank thier beer and Terry smiled 'Right lets go,

Toby didn't need telling twice and they made for his flat.

Once in Terry pulled Toby to him and kissed him hard forcing his tongue down his throat then forced him too his kneees.

Undoing his flies he pulled Toby onto his hard cock 'Don't suck' he said just wait then swallow. Toby could hear the excitement in Terrys voice as well as a tone of strictness, all of a sudden a rush of piss filled Toby. He had never had this done before and he tried to pull away but Terry was strong and held his head firmly filling him so he had no choice but swallow.

Once finished Terry pulled out 'Now you are mine you've drank me piss and will lots more now strip' Toby undressed and faced Toby who had removed his shirt.

Standing behind Toby he rubbed his chest into his back while playing with his nipples.

Toby groaned,'you take anything I want to do' Terry said and call be daddy'

'Yes daddy anyting begged Toby as he was led to the bedroom.

To be continued.



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