Toby looked up at Terrys mate. he was has hairy if not more than Terry and had a good stubble and a cheeky smile.

'I'm Ben you must be why my mate looks nackered in the morning' growled the hairy guy 'Well there are two of us now and Terry has told me you like it rough guess you'll do what we tell you eh'

Toby nodded and knew he had no choice but looking at both guys wanted to be used and to please.

'He likes to lick me hairy chest mate proberly like yours' Terry said rubbing his hand over Bens chest.

'Yes please'said Toby.

'Beg boy and you'll get to lick all over but I need a piss first'

Ben pulled down his zip and pulled out his cock, it was thick and big dripping pre cum standing over the willing Toby he pushed it into his mouth then filled him with warm piss groaning with pleasure.

'God boy take it all' he said pulling the boys head up and shoving his cock in deep till the last drop filled the eager mouth.

Pulling out he pulled Toby up and forced his face into his hairy chest which the boy licked for all he was worth.

'Terry tells me you love him smoking well now you're in for a treat'

Pushing Toby back on the bed Ben and Terry tied him down then Ben stripped. two hairy naked men standing there was almost too much for Toby and when they lit up he was close to cumming.

They blew smoke over him then Ben pulled his nipples to the point of Toby crying out it hurt but begging for more. Terry bent forward and kissed the boy filling him with spit and smoke then Ben did the same rubbing his stubble over Tobys face.

Terry and Ben took turns fucking Tobys mouth kissing him and rubbing their hairy bodies over the boy.

Then Ben raised Tobys legs and spitting on his hand he wet his massive cock then forced it up his tender hole, Toby went to cry out but Terry filled his mouth with his cock and the two hairy guys fucked Toby from either end then swapping over they carried on over and over only stopping to smack his arse which was red raw.

Harder and harder they fucked till Toby was filled by hot cum from either end.Without touching his cock he too shot his load.

Lying between the two builders after licking their chests he felt safe.The two builders smoked and chatted about Toby 'Nice lay you got here mate'said Ben.

'Cheers mate but es ours arn't you boy'

'Yes sir whenever you want' and they did every night Toby got fucked in everyway and kept two hairy builders very happy.



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