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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

We are writing this story from the perspective of a group of closely knit young men living in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

This chapter is written from different perspectives.

We use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary. We use "**********" to indicate changes in perspectives.

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Tyler & Brayen


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Thicker than Water -- Chapter 4

********** From Brad's (Dott) Perspective *****************

I woke ... dull groan of the A/C, feel of Brayen's head on my chest, fingers snuggled in my bush; the softness of the sheets. I'm happy but still processing: what was happening between us and inside me. But I was here ... Hopper next to me; ceiling fan whirling above us. I nuzzled my nose into his hair; smelling the scent of sleep and apple ... That's my Hopper, simple tastes; complex bloke. I lay wondering, how long would this little bubble last.

People would eventually find out... shit, at least we had our brotherhood. Will might flip, but he'd support us; we swore that our lives were in each others hands, support and love; seemed like a lifetime ago. We never judge each other ... ever. I put my right hand up; I couldn't see it, but I knew exactly where the scar was.

I felt Hopper's skin ... softness of his cheek, my thumb lazily slipping up and down along its beauty. Deep breath, the smell of us ... this was brilliant.

Brayen snuggled, his leg sliding down on mine; toes twitching. Deep sigh. My cock pushed the sheet up; pleasant ache ... overuse.. We had made love, Hopper riding me, his taunt back to me, backwards; that sensation ... cumming deep inside of him ... awesome ... more incredible than I can ever put into words. Hopper taking the most intimate part of me ... God, I loved him before this; the depth of what I felt now, hurt.

I drifted off ... soccer match: Will hit a cool side kick goal, Hopper falling into me, his hand grazing my balls ... the deepness of his eyes, laughing, patting me on the back, then... Yes, score! Ultimate score. High mark. My Friday footy games, Hopper sitting in the stands; seeing him jump and clap ... he didn't know I saw him there.

'beep beep beep beep...beep beep beep beep' Brayen's four o'clock alarm penetrated the darkness.

I woke.

Hop stirred.

I pretended I was asleep. Hopper reached over; alarm stopped. He put his hand on my chest as he leant over and kissed my hair, thinking I was asleep. I felt him slip from me; sheets tucked up, around my neck; the door opening and closing.

This was heaven.

I could hear Brayen, fumbling in the bathroom; the fullness of his stream breaking the calm of the bowel. Flush. Water and brushing; low hum ... a tune I couldn't quite make out; sounded old though. He was happy, I could tell ... just like me. Shit, what we're we going to do when his parents returned in three weeks ... I couldn't sleep alone; not anymore, ever.

Thinking about that night; dad nearly punching me ... "you faggot" reverberated through me ... wanting to drive up the bluff and just, go over. 'Ah yeh, poor Brad, he just misguided the edge ... such a promising life' people would say. I wiped my eyes; love these guys too much. Love Brayen way too much. Couldn't. So glad I'm here, right now, here with this incredible man.

I heard Brayen in the kitchen; the sound of the straw wrapper from an 'up n go' teasing me. I lowered the sheet, slipping out of bed. I listened to his weird little tune ... lilting, mindless; I never want him to change, ever. I felt the cold of the tiles on my feet as I slowly made my way down the hall ... my eyes, adjusting to the light.

Brayen's eye caught me as I rounded the doorway, "Hey sleepy, you didn't have to get up,"

"Yeah, know," wiping my eyes, "wanted to," pausing, "but don't think that's happenin every mornin," I couldn't help but smile.

Brandy's laugh warmed me.

"Couldn't imagine that!" He pulled out another 'up n go' from the fridge, handing it to me. Pausing, then shoving the straw in; hell yeah, chocolate, my favourite.

"Ya know, this isn't our first real breakfast together, " I offered,

"Yeah, I know. Wait till Sunday morning," pausing, I looked t him, "I can't imagine a morning without you,"

"Awe,," I looked into him, laughing; his eyes held mine, "me either,".

Hop busied himself around the kitchen. Grabbing his lunch and throwing it in his little blue cooler, ice blocks, water bottles; he caught two pieces of toast as they launched from the toaster, buttered them, popping them on a plate; drizzle of honey ... love the way he looks out for me. Totally. I don't know if I ever could do justice to it; certainly, I am the least deserving, but ... mmmm, I will always have this picture in my mind ... my bloke, bouncing round the kitchen, making a meal to start the day.

"Eat," Hop encouraged, plate full.

I took a bite. Honey and butter, it was delightful. "Mmm," I chewed, "delicious,".

I watched Hop skull down the breaky drink; how he managed the energy to get up at four, start at six, work non stop through to three in the afternoon, then hit the gym three days a week, and, look after his property when all he had in the morning was a little 'up n go' was beyond me.


"howz ur day?"

"steamy here, sweatin like a pig," I replied; thumb jumping on glass,

"aye. freezin my ass off, mate," the reply,

"you, dog,"

"ha ha!"

"Gym this arvo or chill."

" play it by ear bro..."

I loved Bray and my texts ... they made the day.

The day dragged along. 'Mate, can you tell me about this shock,", "Mate, pardon, don't know what wiring is best," "Mate ..."

Fuck, if you don't understand your machine dude, don't expect me to read your mind! Calm down. Good job, just guys that don't have a clue. All part of doing what I do.

I felt sorry for Brayen. Out in the steamy heat ... monsoons approaching; geez, I'd love to strike it good ... yeah, master mate ... rich ... any wish Bray had ... his. Wunderlust ... so what, if you can't hope, why the fuck bother! But, if I ever had the means, Brandy would be all set for life ... every need met -- he could build that house he's always sketching up; detailed floor plans, a reality. He could start up his own painting company, buy land to bring his horse down to Ipswich, or hell, even go back to school to be a general surgeon, just like he's always wanted.

The day progressed. I looked forward to being home with Bray. Backyard circuit workouts, bombing the pool, play fighting, Sitting by the tellie, not listening; just for background. Kissing, time lost as we enjoy each other. Bray's smile ... staring, knowing how incredibly lucky ... he felt the same about me ... our world ... un-fucking believable!!!

The rain was pounding as I made my way back, home. Pelting then wash, as the intensity increased on the windshield.

'SLASH' rain slapped against the cab, as I pulled in; house in front. Fuck, I hated monsoon season.

I couldn't wait to see him ... knowing I'd be with him made the day go by, quickly.


'clink' of the latch; smell of lillies and boganvilla's wraping around me as I walked up to the door.

It was nice being, home.

Everything tingled ... Bray was here; that's what made this a home.

I opened the door; the blast of cool hugged me. It was baffling that Bray turned on the A/C in the living room , his room, his parents room ... but, he left the doors and windows open ... something about being able to hear outside, I dunno. I could hear the distant shower, Hoppy singing that melodious tune,

"Sing bonnie boat like a bird on the Wing

Onward the sailors cry..."


The week continued, Bray and I falling into our daily routines. Evenings; well, we played outside, usually in the pool. I missed my Tuesday workout; a little distracted ... I ended up inside Bray, pushed over the edge of the pool; riding him ... enjoying, us. Falling asleep, my arm around him ... his cute ass pushed against my manhood; me, slowly seeping from him, between us. Yeah, US.

Wednesday went without a hitch; same routine, different customers.

No rain, but soggy; oppressive humidity. I opened the door; Baxter, Gem and Bella greeted me, their licks and tails competing with each other. I turned on the tellie; a buff guy walking along the river, mindlessly talking about, well, nothing. I bounded the steps, entering the kitchen; cold water filling a glass ... hydration! Baxter and Gem roughhousing in the family room; Bella at my feet. I reached down; Bella's ears, silk.

'RRRrrrriiing' 'RRRRrrrriinnng'

I reached up and over the counter, pulling the receiver, "Newsome's"


"Wayne, G'day mate,"

"How are things?"

"Doing okay," I paused, "just, well, dealing with things,"

"Well, you know Sandi and I will support you as will Brandy. Whatever is going on, mate, you in time will come to deal with things,"

I nodded.

"Just realize that if you need either of us, just call, anytime day or night,"

"I appreciate it Wayne, please make sure Sandi knows too,"

"I will," Wayne paused, "and, Dott, whatever you confide in Sandi or me ... well, it stays there, got it,"

"Yes," I paused, "and, I appreciate that ... very much,"

"Is Brandy nearby?"

"No, in fact I thought he'd be here. Must have stopped off on way home from work,"

"Well, let me put Sandi on,"

There was a slight delay, "Brad, hello"

"Hi Sandi, "

" it is good to hear your voice," Sandi chirped.

"Well, I have to say, it is great hearing yours," "I want to thank you and Wayne for allowing me to stay,"

"Honey, you have a place in our home at any time; you are considered a son and we love you dearly,"

I didn't want to be emotional, but my heart skipped, I felt that familiar welling in my eyes. The Newsome's were family, and I loved all of them ... Brandy, well, to a whole different level ... way different. A tingle crept along my spine as I thought about Brandy, naked, cuddled into me; smell of our love making, hugging.

"I love you both too," I managed to say; I never would say that if things were status quo; but, well, they weren't.

"Well honey, Wayne and I will let you go. Please let Brandy know we called,"

Gem and Bella ran toward the door, I could hear their tails; Bella's paws slipped along the tile,

"Sandi, hang on, I think I hear Bray at the door,"

Bray bounded in, I could hear him scoop up Bella, scratching Gem and Baxter, "G'day,"

I put my hand over the receiver, "hey Bray, up here in the kitchen, your mum is on the phone,"

Brandy bounded up the stairs; ah, the most beautiful man was coming up to me. He pecked me on the hair.

"Hi Ma, how is the trip? ... yeah, love you too ... ahkay, go ahead and put dad on," "hi ... yes, doing well ... yes, Dott and I are having a blast together; quality time .... yes, will make sure of it ... ahkay, put her on,"

********* From Brayen's perspective **********************

"Brandy, I need a favor. I have a USQ booster coming up, and I am the venue planner on the committee. Honey, well, I completely forgot about it until I was looking through my planner. I just, well, thought it was in three months and it is in two weeks. Most places of any size book out, and well, now is the time they do these bookings, preparing for the thing. So, would you be able to find a venue large enough for 135 people?"

"Mom, I, uh, well how do you propose that? What is the budget? What kind of venue are you looking for?"

"Well, it needs to easily accommodate 120-150 people, a few couples you know, mainly from the financial base and the faculty, like most of these functions," she laughed, as if I had done this before, " As far as a budget, usually we plan $150 a person, there usually is a 50 person minimum, so we'd have to arrange for a cheque for that plus a venue charge; lets see I think $5000, in order to hold the place," I could hear her head thinking, "oh, and of course, we'll need good musical entertainment their names are on my desk, in a blue folder, marked 'USQ Booster 2015',"

"I, uh,"

"Now as to the type of place; it has to be eloquent enough for the booster, but not too expensive in taste as to make people think we're wasting their money. You know honey, the heads of the departments invite their most promising students; It is, well, a time for those with means to part with their means in order for these young men and women to succeed,"

"How do... I mean, how am I..."

"Well honey, I am really in a pickle here because so many people are depending on it. The financial means of the community must have the opportunity to see and hear their future. This event needs to allow these young people, to, well, shine,".

I swallowed, hard; heart beat screamed in my ears ... skin, clammy, followed by that cold sensation that creeps ... from the back of your head down your body. "I will make a few calls tomorrow morning. Let me see if I can talk to a few friends of mine. Hopefully I can look at a place or two on Saturday morning,"

"Sweetheart, I so much appreciate it. I was just sick thinking about it. I am so glad we were able to talk. Now, if you need to run anything by me, just call dad's mobile, you know its only two weeks away,"

"Yeah righto, leave it with me, ill plan it all out and you can grab the credit." my neck was hot, I could feel the veins, distended.

"Oh that would be splendid. Just don't go overboard. Honey, you've taken a huge load off my chest, thank you so much,"

"Ma," I shook my head wondering how I was gonna accomplish this, "no worries, really, I'll find something,"

We finished with some pleasantries then dad jumped on to say, "hi".

I slowly hung up the phone. Dott was standing near me, looking. Silence. I looked at Dott, his eyebrow arched,

"Wanna tell me?"

"You wouldn't believe ..." I filled Dott in on the details; his expression one of sympathy. "I'll make a few calls tonight. See if I can at least let a few of my buddies know," I just stood, the reality clicking in ... how the hell was I gonna pull this out of my ass?

I made a few calls while Dott grabbed take out. I left messages, explaining my predicament. As I was finishing, I heard the door; Dott appearing, followed by three salivating canines.

Dott set up the table, he poured me a stiff Jim Beam and Coke, water with ice for him. We sat next to each other, Dott's hand gently sliding along my inner leg; lips occasionally nibbling my neck ... slowly enjoying our meal, together. Chatting about us.

Finally, Dott paused, turning to face me,

"Hopper, whatever I can do to help, even if its just organizing papers, let me know," he finally said, "I know this whole thing's gonna be a shit fight on you,"

I smiled, leaning in, our lips meeting. Slowly we kissed, deep; Dott's tongue exploring the confines of my mouth ... the taste of our meals, melding; toes playing with each others. God, I love this man. My cock throbbed as Dott's forearm rested against it; my fingers nestled below his.


Thursday went by; excruciatingly slow. The heat was unbearable; every pore open. I got ahold of my Aunty Vick, my fathers sister. She said if worse came to worse I could use her penthouse rooftop terrace as a last resort. Sometimes having rich snobby rellies helps. The thing was, until now, I had only planned a BBQ for 25 people; bloody hell, now I had 150!

By lunch break, I was feeling the exhaustion of heat along with the coolness of dread. I had no appetite; just hydrated and moved on.

The day trudged on. Finally, it was time to go home. I drove in silence ... just thoughts. I wanted to concentrate on Brad, not this; why was it always me that got a dump on; this was no small thing ... it was huge. The neighborhoods breezed by ... mindless; I pulled into the garage, not a memory of how I got here. I sat in the cab, the sound of the garage door behind me as it nestled onto the floor. 'ding' as I opened the cab door. I could hear Bella's pants under the door as I approached.

I walked through the house; feet creeping, heavy. I peeled my clothes off; whew, even I couldn't stand it; dumping everything in the laundry room. I went straight to the bathroom; the shower surging to life. My mind, whirling. Suds disbanding dirt and sweat; hot water severing the relationship; sweet smell of soap amixing with apple as I shampooed three times then conditioned. Slowly, I dried off, then methodically brushed my teeth; fingers slipping along the scruff that had quietly emerged on my face. As the towel slipped around me, I chucked; Bella's nose puffing under the door.

Together, Bella and I went into the bedroom ... fresh pair of boardies slid along my skin; sleeveless tee. Bella's paws tapped behind me, bare feet on cold tile, making our way out to the family room. I left the windows and doors closed; engrossed in thought. Tellie on. Background noise. I collapsed on the couch; quickly falling asleep.

'ding' "Dude, soccer xcld. Bummer!" Dott's message glowed.

"Shit, wanted to see Billy,"

'ding' "yeah. gonna hit gym on way home,"

"k, so just eat?"

'ding' "yeah"

"k. miss u,"

'ding' "u too! <lips>"


The Friday work day was uneventful; just hot and steamy ... monsoon season is a bitch in Queensland! 2:30pm couldn't have come fast enough; I sloshed my way back to the ute, putting a towel on the front seat.

"finishing here, home then shower," a quick text to Dott,

'ding' "ay ah mate, leavin here early - be home by 5,"

All I could think about on the drive home was Cloudland.

Billy and Sharon had planned this two months ago; Dott and I agreed to join one afternoon while we recovered from a smashing soccer game; the four musketeers. It was going to be a real treat.

Cloudland isn't just a club, it is an adventure. Surrounding a swanky Italian restaurant offering with designer dishes from local products combined with international imports, Clubland has two awesome bars - one made of glass ball bearings, with a collection of boutique booths, dance floors, and DJ spaces. It is the place to see and be seen!

I peeled my clothes off as the garage door was closing; rank, pure rank. I walked through the house, throwing them into the laundry room, going straight to the bathroom; even Bella kept her distance. They day slid off in multiple lathers; apple filling the space as I shampooed out grime and grit.

Bella met me at the door; her usual, nose sniffing the fresh smells. She followed me into the bedroom, jumping up and laying at the foot. I decided what the hell, it was just Dott and me, so I just stayed naked. The cool of the A/C felt extra good after the long shower. I lay on the bed, and, well, just drifted off.

I woke up to the warmest, hottest sensation; Dott's tongue was swirling around my cock,

"Uhh," I jolted awake, Dott slowly increasing his suction, eyes looking up, "f u c k,"

'slrrrp' 'sluurrp' 'sslluurrrppp' Dott was driving me mad,

'ssslrrrp' 'sluurrrP' 'SLllruurPP' 'sluuurrppPPP' twisting around my meat, drool slipping along my ball sac; I couldn't help it, I just spread my legs ... Dott's head bobbing ...

'ssslrrrrpp' 'sslllUURRRP' 'SLLllrrrp' 'slurrrp' 'slurp' 'slurp' 'sLUURP' God I was so fucking close, moans filling the space between us, hips starting to buck,

'sslurp' 'slurp' 'slrrup' 'slurp' 'slurp'

"Ugg Uhh AAAWWWWWWW" hips arched, pushing my meat down Dott's throat,

'WOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH' Dott's cheeks puffed,

'WOOOOOSHHHHHH' Apple bobbing, 'Gulp' 'gulp'

'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' "Oh dude, fuck" 'WOOSH' 'gulp' 'gulp' 'gulp' Dott slowly swirling around my head, scooping every last drop,

"How was your day?" as he slowly got up and lay beside me,

I snugged against him, playing with the buttons on his shirt, "hot! but, not as hot as you!"


I watched as Dott finished the last tie on his shoes. He was ultra sexy in slim black slacks and light blue shirt; tanned and ripped ... I will never get enough of him.


"Yeah, its gonna be fun tonight dude, real fun,"

"I'm driving. You just enjoy yourself Bray; have a hellofa good time, you deserve it,"

I kissed his cheek as he leaned over the counter to scoop up the keys, "just don't abuse me, Mister,"

"Ha!" we both laughed, Dott ribbing me as we headed for the garage.


We pulled up at Billy's. Sarah's car was pulled beside his. We got out and walked up to the door; I opened it and Dott followed me in,


"Hey cutie," Sarah called out hearing my voice; she came out of the kitchen, kissing me on the cheek,

"How's my fav?" I said, pecking her back; red dress hugging toned body,


Sarah reached, putting her arm around Dott's waist, "Hey stud, you good?"

"Yeah, no worries,"

"Mates, gonna have a blast tonight!" Billy bumped Dott's hand then mine, "me, my girl," putting his arm around Sarah, "and my Mates!" Billy was real hot in a tapered light blue shirt and red tie.

"Dude, been looking forward to this all week!"

"We have too," Sarah chimed in, Billy's arms sliding around her waist,

"Ah kay, let's get going," Billy grabbing keys off the hook, tossing them and catching them as he headed for the door.

We piled into the Ute. Dott riding shotgun; Sarah behind Dott next to me. A mindless tune playing as we headed down the street; Sarah's perfume occasionally wafting by me.

Downtown was getting crowded; people out and about. Billy had to go around once, so he pulled to the curb, letting us out,

"Go ahead in and confirm our table, I'll find a space,"

We piled out, Dott helping Sarah. Billy pulled off.


Walking in I looked around at the club. The marble bar on the ground floor joined the restaurant that became a dance floor after 11. I walked over to the tall brunette booby waitress standing by the door.

"Hi there", she said with a big toothy grin, "Did you have a reservation?"

"Yeah Newsom party of four" I confirmed. She ran a taloned finger down the reservations book.

"Yes I have you here, your table isn't ready would you like to wait?" She waved her hand over to the wrought iron cocoon booths by the indoor water feature.

"Love to", Sharon said; we followed her to the booth.

"Can I get you some drinks?" she asked flashing a fake smile.

"Yeah a apple vodka martini for the lady", I recited, "Two Jim Beam and Cokes and a One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale."

"Be right over" she promised.

Will walked in as she was waling away and beelined for us.

"Hopper got your drink" Sharon said and leaned into him.

"Cheers mate."

"You like Manhattans right?"

"Not funny.


Light techie jazz played in the back ground as the club began to fill. We waited for about an hour for our table but didn't mind. The lighting created a sense of intimacy; we simply enjoyed each other.

The crowd was strong when we finally made it to our table and ordered dinner. The conversation was good: the past, school, what had happened since school. Dott's and my eyes kept meeting as we looked across the table; it was difficult to say the least.

Finally the question came, the one I enjoyed every time it was asked.

"So Hopper if you didn't have friends in school how did you and Willy meet?" asked Sharon as our deserts came out.

----- 2006 ----

I sat quietly and with nerves overriding my system. Grade 6 English; great, another year, I'd already done a years' worth of time in this new prison.

Well alright, not really a prison I wasn't in juvie.

I was just in another school for another, however many years, until dad's job posted us to some other state. But no friends, bullied for years, relentlessly, it felt like prison. Well my own kind of prison, I dunno what prisons really like. Looking around at Mrs Jacksons english class, first class of the year, I didn't recognize a single face. Yeah alright I did, but I didn't know them cept for one bloke id said 'gday' to in passing. And what do you know, he was in my class.

I popped an earphone in my left ear and hit play while we waited for our teacher to arrive.

Music filled my ears. The gday bloke was pointing at the chair next to me with my bag on it.

"Cool if I sit here uh..." he trailed off. I silently picked it up and dropped It next to me, pushing the chair backwards for him to use. As he parked it next to me, I looked around again. How do I not know a single person here?

"Sorry?" I heard him say.

"What?" I said shocked.

"You said something?" he pressed.

"Sorry I didn't realize I said it aloud" I said quietly.

"What'd you say though?" he pushed.

"I...I just I dunno anyone here" I said, "I uh, I don't really have friends so, hence the bag on the chair." He patted my back and smiled.

"Billy" he pointed to himself then, "Its uh, Brayson, right?" I frowned.

"Yeah"I said slowly.

"You just made a friend mate" he smiled again, "Don't worry Ill look out for ya."

It was then I started to appreciate his handsomeness. Flamming red hair, stopped just above lashes for days, in which sat, two beautiful pools of blue with the faintest fleck of gold, for eyes. Freckles and a light complexion. He was actually pretty hot.

As the year progressed, so did my first ever friendship. We hung at lunch, out of six subjects, we took four together, we went to paintball, he stayed at my place. Through Billy I met some amazing people I was able to call friends of my own. I began to enjoy school, to yearn for the two bus rides and a train ride to get there. For that first year. We met at Bundamba train station and walked to school every morning. When the home bell rang, we met at the back gate and walked back to the station. The days he had soccer and football practice, I would stay back in the school gym under supervision and practice my self defence. Kick boxing, tai bo, muay thai, street self-defense and my favourite, hand to weapon defense.

Most of it I could do on the punching or kick pads. But when I needed a partner, the secondary PE teacher gladly offered his time. Billy and I became close fast.

During the summer holidays of 2006-2007, Billy crushed all eight fingers in a metal folding accident and the moment I heard, I rushed to his house. I cut my hand in my haste but I was there twice a week just to keep him company. My parents sought to cancel their trip to Frasier Island for a week as I was determined to stay home, but his parents assured them they would check on me. Which was a wasted promise as I spent most of my time at his.

Aside from feeding my dogs, at times I helped him change ... I put my arm around him as he wept through the pain and his predicament. It took him a long time to recover, by March his hands were out of the casts, but he was still in physical therapy and while he had other friends, I did what I could ... because I owed him for that day in English.


I was there for his first 16 year old binge drink at a party, and I spent the night shoving water and bread down his throat. I was there for his first hangover and he was there for mine. He came to Gympie with me as did Brad, and we bonded there. I broke my ankle and he was my third leg. I broke ribs and he was my bag boy. My parents went on holidays, he stayed or asked me over so I didn't have to put up with my older sister and her boyfriend.

By 2013 I had a song, tattooed on my right shoulder, to remind me of the moment I made my first friend.


"So that's it?" asked Sharon. Our fourth or fifth drinks arrived, it was around 9:30 and we'd migrated upstairs to the second level bar made entirely from glass ball bearings.

"Yeah, mates ever since", I said, he gave me a look, "Well I mean we've had our fights, but still goin so we got something right."

"Aww you two should get married", she smiled.

"You should get fucked", Will laughed. Kissing her on the forehead, he laughed and we settled onto our barstools.


At about 1:45 in the morning, Dott parked his ute in the front, beside the gate. The evening had cooled things a bit, although the air remained heavy with moisture.

"I'm gonna clean up then get my shower," I mumbled; it was early and the day was finally catching up to me,

"kay, " his voice fell behind as he stopped to scratch Baxter.

I entered the bedroom; pulling my shirt off, hanging it. I shucked my shoes, placing them on the floor of the closet. I emptied my slacks; wallet on dresser, cell phone in dock, then hung them up. I slipped off my socks, then underwear; stepping down the hall to throw them into the laundry room; yeah, tomorrow I had to get stuff washed. I could hear the tellie; Dott rough housing with the dogs. I smiled, how incredibly home this was becoming.

It didn't take me long to douche; it was now a welcomed nightly ritual. Every time though, my cock jumped, swelling in anticipation; prostate teased by the churning water.

The shower sprang to life; water quick to warm ... droplets becoming streams, the sound of spray magnified in the confined space. I stepped inside, glass quickly opacified. Spumes of vapor, rising through the mist; soap in palm, lather through my bush.

I pushed my head under the spray, wetting my face; lather in my pits, arms raised to rinse. I turned, "Ahhh". Dott's veiny post was pressed against the glass; fingers wrapped over the top.

"Mmmmmm," moan amplified.

"Get the fuck in here," the door opening; rush of cool, then warm vapor.

Dott pressed himself against me, pushing me into the wall; spray surging between us. Tingles; Dott's fingers sliding along my skin, pushing up into my pits, my arms lifted. Soft lips, pushing through the tributaries; gentle touch, smile on mine,

"I can't get you out of my mind Hop," wet mumble between lips, "You," droplets weighing eyelashes, "drive me crazy,". Dott pressed me hard against the wall, pushing my arms above my head; fingers slipped through mine. Chest thumping, rising and falling; tongue ... erect, pushing; me submitting.

"It was so hot sitting next to you tonight, feeling your heat," my lower lip sucked into moist warmth,

Tongue forced itself into my pit, "Uuhhmmmmm," skin sucked taunt; hair enticed, slowly tugged,

"mmmmmmmm fuck," water pelting, tongue pushing, skin pulling; meat pressed against meat. Just as quickly, Dott dove into my other pit, "uuhhhh fuck!",

"mmmmmmm," he growled, electricity shot through me,

'SLllrrrp' 'SLRrrp' Dott leisurely enjoying me,

'Slllrp' 'SLLrrpp' 'SlllrrRRP' warm spray danced around; his feet on mine; pressed against the wall,

"aaAAHHH," teeth clenching on my nipple, slowly pulling then releasing,

"AAAaaaawwww," other nipple, instant hardness,

"Bray, I," lips sucking gently along my neck, "wanna make love to you, so much," tip slipping along wet skin; body jumping, uncontrollable.

I dropped my arms, fingers scratching along sinews, following taper to muscular globes; slipping, separating ... needing. Dott grabbed my hips; twisting me around; cheek on cold ... water resounding, tongue slipping ... hands separating,

"Awe fuck, " resounding through the narrow space; Dott's tongue pushing into my tenderness, "aaaawe fuuuucckkk ," sphincter surrendering; cock pulsing, pushing prenut,

'slllrrrPPP' 'sllRRRpp' 'SSsllrrp' 'ssllrrrP' Dott eating me,

"jeezus babe, love your fuckin cunt,"

'ssslrrpp' 'slrrp' 'slrp' 'sllrrrpp' electricity separating my cunt,

"so fucking love it,"

'slrp' 'SlrrP' 'sLRRp'

"awe fuck hoppy," Dott's strong hands help me open, I pushed back pulling his tongue deeper; push of prenut ... excited drool; finger in my slit, "mmmmmm" my taste erupting on Dott's buds, "y e a h, so fucking sweet,"

'SLRrrp' 'SlllrrPPP' 'SSLLRRRP' 'SSSSLLRRRP' "mine" 'SLrrRRP' 'SSSlllrrrp' 'SlUURRp'

Dott slowly stood; wrapping his arms around me; tight warmth.

"I'll n e v e r get enough," wet sucking, right ear, "e v e r,"

"Mmmmmm, m e e i t h e r,"

Slowly I turned; throbbing on pulsing, our nut drool slipping down, dripping between our balls; I slid to my knees, pleasant musk with hint of sweet sweat; Dott's bush tickled my nose ... deep breath then,

"Awe sweet fuck," mouth surrounding manhood; creamy nuttiness pushed on my tongue,

"holy sweet,"

'SLRRRPP' 'SlRRRP' 'ssLLRRRP' munching down, "f u c k," hands on my shoulder; fingers slipping along globes, gently exploring; the full flavor of my mate ... tantilizing,

'SLLRRRP' 'SllRRPP' 'ssLLRRP' 'SSSllrp' 'SsslrRRP' 'ssllRRRP' 'ssLLLRRp'

"Slow down hop, can't hold on much longer, " a shiver descended around me,

'ssllRRRP 'poP', tongue darting to slit, pulling drool,

I stood; arms wrapped around Dott's neck; lips sucking lips, fingers entwining fingers, my feet on his.

"Love edging with you," noses touching,

"Mmmmmm, me too," Dott's eyes locked to mine,

I turned, pulling the soap bar; lather working in my hands, softly, methodically, soaping his ears, then his chest; tweaking nipples, hearing him gasp, responding. Kissing, working lather over the back of his neck; hands slipping along torso, defining his back; eyelashes closing, lips parting as fingers explored his pits. Carefully I turned him, finger tracing ass, dipping into his moistness,

"f u u u c k, " finger slipped over prostate, "mmmmmm, careful man, gonna blow you keep it up,"

"mmmmm, not yet mate, not yet,"

I finished Dott's legs, teasingly slipping between each toe, nose sliding in his crevice; fingers locking around manhood, slowly, gingerly squeezing along the veins, pushing nut drool, as I stood up behind him,

"mmmm, love this sooooo much," cooing in his ear,

"y e a h," a breath in the vapor, "me too,".

Dott slipped behind me; soaping my back, sliding between my mounds ... teasing expectations; slowly working his way down my legs ... first inner thighs, then behind the soft of my knees, cooing,

"ah h h h," he grasp my cock, jacking, lips now on the nape of my neck ... nibbling; tongue darting inside my ear; palm on glass, cascading water, heat against heat,

"f u c k y e a h, ", pressure building in my balls, tingles shooting into my toes,

"f u c k d u d e, need to slow," Dott backed off. I turned, smiling lips; sucking him in.

"grrrr," moan in my mouth; biting my lower lip, "love edging with you soooo much,"

I reached over, grabbing the shampoo.

"Close your eyes," Dott complying.

I worked the lather up; fresh apples, steam, heat. I nudged him under the shower head, then out; my thumbs wiping the excess water from his eyelashes,

"My turn," as I closed my eyes; Dott's fingers slowly kneading scalp; slipping down, behind my ears.

"There," as he led me under the stream; more apples, steam, heat.

We laughed, as conditioner dripped onto shoulders; lips meeting, exploring each other, tongues entwined. Cock heat rising between us; bushes meshed.

I rinsed, Dott followed. I turned the water off; sudden silence ... our breathing reverberating off the heated tiles,

"I want you mate," lips razzing, "all of y o u,"; sound of our tongues, slurping,

I reached out, pulling our towels inside. I put the towel over Dott's head, rubbing him; beautiful eyes appearing; slowly, methodically, gently ... every part of him; he, repeating ... thumbs rubbing my cheeks as he finished my hair; slowly, methodically, utmost gentleness ... every part of me.

We simultaneously wrapped towels around; Dott opening the glass door, ushering me out. I turned, Dott's fingers slipped along my cheek, lingering on my chin, drawing me ... warmth, softness, wetness; neither of us wanted this to end ... deep pressure, building inside, needing release. All of me, needing Dott.

Dott put his finger on my lips, "why don't you finish. Brush your teeth, gargle; all the things you do. I'm gonna go get our room ready," he arched his brows, then a sly smile creeped over his face, as he opened the bathroom door, his finger, lingered on my navel.

I listened as Dott and the dogs disappeared. I squirted Colgate onto the brush; slipping along all my teeth, then slowly brushing ... water trickling into the bowl. I reached for a glass; gargling as I finished. I feel so fucking special ... Dott listens to me, remembering me as I do him. Hmmmm, I love this ... us. A fleeting thought ... my folks returning, quickly pushed from my mind.


As I left the bathroom, I could hear music drifting from the bedroom. The only light in the hall distant; from the night light in the kitchen. I opened the door, flickers of light jumped along the ceiling ... candles all around. Dott sat on the edge of our bed, the glimmer of his smile enhancing, boyishness.

I let the towel slip, walking toward him; 'clink clink', Baxter shifting next to Bella; big 'sigh' from Gem, who was camped by the deck door. Cool ... steady groan of the A/C; 'shimmer' ... candles on the night table; Dott's eyes following me, tongue wetting lips as I approached; slowly, eyes worked their way up, like crazed fingers on my skin. I stepped forward, my right leg slipping between strong legs.

Dott leaned into me, as my finger grazed his ear. Taylor Henderson's 'Burnt Letters' started, as Dott scooted up, fully on the bed; I leaned over Dott, hardness pressed to mine; my hands on the comforter, lowering myself ... lips on lips ... chests pressed, rising and falling together,

"I want you in me," I whispered,

"Totally," Dott rolled me onto my back,

He nibbled, tongue on my ear; tracing the lines, nose dipping, breath entering; I quivered as his tongue slipped in. He leisurely savored; tongue slipping along my body ... stopping, savoring, then exploring; each nipple hard, excitedly erect before he moved on.

"aaah aah aah" dipping into my navel, flicking along the narrow confines, hovering; delicately tracing the rim, "sweet jeezus, Dott," migrating down, nipping along the edge of the forest; the smell of prenut wafting up, veiny mass pressed against my leg; lazily working down, tongue slipping around my helmet, dipping into nut drool,

"mmmmmmm, you taste so sweet baby,"

"aa aah aaah" body shaking as he took me in, sliding to the root, slowly sucking; up and down; nuts contracting in his fingers. Henderson fading, off to the side. Dancing light, hugging us. Dott's cock, rock hard; so fucking turned on; hands gripped my globes, pulling me further into him, "aah f u c k,".

Young Summer, 'Don't You Want Me' began. Dott slipped down, nose touching softly along my shaft, gently sucking in the right nut,

"Holy f u c k," abs contracting, me arching; rolling nut over his tongue, moans oscillating into me ... my legs responding, "awww f u c k," body shaking as the right nut slipped out; slowly sucking in the left ... rolling, moans, legs jumping, body shaking; the sweet ministrations of my man ... incredible.

I needed all of him.

Suddenly he took my shaft all the way in; heat of his mouth, strong hands on my hips, legs gripping his back. The sounds of slurping, wet sliding; mingling. Deep deep pressure building, nuts contracting, shaft pulsing,

"AWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR" 'WOOOOOSH' Dott's cheeks puffing, 'WOOOOSH' 'WOOOOSH' slight gag then more puffing 'WOOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' 'woosh' wsssh'

Summer continued, softly floating around us. I looked up, Dott's eyes met mine, a low growl reverberating. I rolled onto my back pushing a pillow under me. Dott's strong arms lifted my legs, separating me. Hot lips on my pussy, then pressure ... more pressure; warmth, wet ... Dott pushing my nut deep inside, holding his tongue as I adjusted; keeping it all inside.

Dott crawled on top, strong arms on either side of me; beautiful silhouette, Dott over me; soft light, hard excitement; wetness.

"ahyeah, that's it Hop, y e a h," as the heat of his head pushed against me; heat on my hole, warm breath on my lips,

"y e a h, just relax baby," pressure, deep pressure, "just let your pussy relax, y e a h, oh sweet fuck, y e a h," head slipping in, my cunt clenching, "oh y e a h, I can feel your heart babe, beating with mine ... you are so hot, so amazingly hot,"

"y e a h, " I breathed, my cunt walls involuntary, rhythmic; eyelids fluttering, shaft penetrating ... cunt sucking, pulling mine into me.

"fuck me Dott," I begged,

Dott lifted his head, looking into me, cock arching then swelling inside, "Nah bro, I'm gonna make love to you,"; my pussy lips tightened around Dott's root.

I nodded; warm sensation from my core to my tips, "I love you mate aye."

"Yeah, I've heard that," brilliant smile, softest face; nose brushing mine. I squeezed then relaxed, a low moan escaping, "mmmmm,"

"Hop, man you're so fuckin tight, mmmmmmm," Dott's lips on mine; me responding,

Slow, sensual ... twisting ever so slightly, Dott slid back; throbbing hardness on my prostate, warmth pulsing through me; then, slowly I was filled to the root, "aahh, yeah, just like that Hop ... me and you,",

The room was silent, the minutest 'hsss' of the candles ... distant droan of the A/C,

Opening rifts lilted over us; Dott's face glowed ... Sofia Karlberg 'Crazy in Love' starting,

'Iyaa look and stare

'so deeyp in'your eyes,

Iyaa touch 'n you more and more every time,'

"yeah, Hop, so fucking crazy over you," slowly slipping, cunt walls sucking; wanting to be full forever,

Such a funny thing for me 't try to ex pplain,

How I'm feeling nn my pride iz the one to bla 'a aa mame y e a h'

Slipping, sucking, uhhh full throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,

'Just how your love can do what no one else caaan (can ... can)

Got me looking so crazzy ryght now, your love'ss

Got me looking so crazzy ryght nooww'

"Here, lift your leg," Dott pulled my right leg up, "now straighten your left one babe,"

"Uhhhh," as Dott went deeper, separating me, "y e a h,"

'Got me hopin you'll page me ryght now

Got me hopin you'd save me ryyght now,'

Slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,

'Looking so crazy in louuve's,

Got me looking, got me lookin so crazy in lya uve,'

Slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,

Pressure building deep inside; cock slit pulsing with nut drool ... no words, just immense warmth,

Slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,

Dott's lips on mine, tongues tenderly exploring ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,

'It's the wayAYYy that you know what I thought I knneww,

It's the beat that my heart skip'when I'm with yoO o'uuuu,'

Dott lay me back, lifting my right leg to joint the other; toes dancing on the back of his head,

"Awwe Hop, I can never tell you enough," slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing,


"Sssshhh" sucking my lower lip in between his, gentle sucking,

slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing, slow twist ... slipping, sucking, throbbing, slow twist,

'Got me looking so crazy ryght now, 'ur touch

Got me looking so 'cRazy ryght noowow'

slipping, sucking, throbbing ... slipping, sucking, throbbing, slow twist ... slipping, suucckking, throbbing, t w i s t ... Dott's eyes closed, breathing increasing ... taunt muscles, quivering six pack; warming deep inside me,

'Got me looking, got me looking so crazy in luuaa aa AAAAAAAAAA


"Fuck I'm close, so   f u c k i n g   close," voice scratchy, deepened

slipping, suuccking, throbbing, t w i s t ... slip, suck, throb ... slip, suck, throb ... slip, suck, throb, my cunt jumping around thickening meat,

'Got me hopin 'ya save me right nayaaanoww

Looking soo 'crazy in luve's'



"Awe mate, y e a h, Oh God, y e a h,"


"Ugggghhhhhh" cunt convulsed, 'SPLaaaatt' rope of cum pulsed onto my chest, "Uggggghhhhhh" 'SPPLaaaaTT'

'FFFFFOOOOSSSHHHHH' Dott sucking on my neck,

'SSPPplatt' 'Fffoossh' 'Fffoosh'

"Mmmmm," Dott's tongue circled my lips,

"perfect sweetheart, fuckin perfectmmmmmm,"

'Woah oh Woah oh

Woah oh

Oh no no'


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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