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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

We are writing this story from the perspective of a group of closely knit young men living in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

This chapter is written from the perspective of Brayen.

We use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.

Tyler & Brayen


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Thicker than Water - Chapter 1

It was a perfectly clear day ... deep blue sky, bright; every blade of grass, full, gently waving in the breeze.

Three boys sat in a circle; gray blue of the fading wood fence ensconcing them; all dressed in singlets and boardies ... barefoot; each had a serious look, determined.

"Who's first?" a boy with the red mop leaned in; large blue eyes encased in freckles.

Silence, each boy thinking.

"Me," said the boy with jet black hair, his feet larger than the others.

The sun glistened brightly, a shiver of light ... then red.

The two boys watching gasped. The blades of grass, speckled with tiny red drops.

"Bryan, did it hurt" the red headed little boy asked, his eyes moist.

"Naw, Billy"

I picked up the knife, pushing it into the side of my right hand. The sting of the blade causing a small gasp.

A trembling hand grasped the worn leather handle, taking the knife from me. "M..m..my turn,"

"k, Billy" I said as his big blue eyes looked into mine, "just do it quick and it doesn't hurt,"

We watched as he crossed his leg, putting his open palm on top ... flash of bright ... trickle of red.

We put our hands together, our blood mixing ... we were now brothers, forever.


I sat in the kitchen, looking out as the sun began to slip behind the mountains; bright hues of orange and pink drifted through the window.

Dott just texted.

Didn't sound good.

He was headed over to my place now.

Oh, yeah, we call Bryan 'Dott' cause he has a circle of hair on his right side that grew in white. It's endearing and something that only we three mates, and Sarah, Bill's girlfriend, use.

I looked at my right hand ... thin line, almost imperceptible. It's funny, sometimes I go days without noticing, then my finger will brush along it, or I'll pick something up ... and, I think of ... us.


I got up, pacing a bit, walking down the few steps to the sitting room. I turned on the telley, plopping onto the couch. Bella, my Maltese-Bichon sidled beside me, laying her head on my foot. I leaned down, stroking her silky white ... at four she's just starting to shake off the puppy.

'Police are attempting to unlock the mystery behind a heavy bank safe that was dumped in a suburban street of Toowoomba,' the perky brunette bobbled,

God I hope Bryan's OK. His text was short, not the casual, sometimes rambling style, he usually has.

Something big was up if he wasn't going to the gym ... something really really big.

'Tonight thunderstorms with a low of 15C, clearing by morning. Tomorrow's temperatures 20C at 6 with a pleasant high of 28C by early afternoon,'

I could hear Gem barking outside; she's my other dog, a five year old black blue heeler-kelpie ... faint sound ... Bryan's 2013 Navara D40 pulling in. Bella was by the door, tail wagging ... she knew the sound of Bryan's truck.

I got up just as Bryan put the key in the door; yep, we all have keys to each other's places. Bryan and I still live at home; my folks are usually away -- Dad's in the RAAF; in fact, mum and dad are gone for the month, visiting South Africa. Billy, well, he has his own place.

"Hey Bro,"

"Hey mate," Bryan sounded very odd; Bella and Gem darting around him as he came through the door.

Bryan closed the door, Bella and Gem following him as he entered the sitting room. He was wearing his usual navy runners and Nike joggers.

"What's up dude?" I asked as he plunked himself down next to me.

Bryan glanced over, shucking the joggers.

He just stopped ... not a flinch.

I saw his head slowly nod ... croc tears running down his cheek ... he began to shake.

I reached over, pulling him close ... he convulsed; sobs like I had never heard before ... ever. We sat, me holding him.

The news gave way to 'Home and Away'; I reached down and clicked the telley off.

"They ... the... they," a huge gush of air ... then ... "they ... threw me out mate!"

I looked into Bryan's face,


Bryan shook his head, eyes rolling like he was trying to find words. He wiped off a trickle of snot ... mouth open ... far away look in his eyes.

Suddenly he jumped up,

"I'm a fuckin poofter!" fist slipping through the air, at nothing.


"A poofter dude," he was walking in a circle, "a F'N faggot,"

I just sat there. Bryan was the most together, strong, manly man ... no primping, no attitude ... just, well, all man. My mind was spinning.

"I .. I ..," standing up, walking over.

"What happened?"

I followed Bryan up the stairs to the kitchen; Bella and Gem slinking behind me. He reached into the bureau, pulling out a bottle of vodka; walked into the kitchen, pulling out two tall glasses. Bryan strolled back into the dining room, firmly setting the bottle on the table ... screw then pour ... large pour. Slowly he screwed the top on and slid the bottle over to me, followed by a glass.

Bryan took a large gulp, wiping his mouth. His eyes, fire.

"My dad found stuff," he began, taking another gulp, "like ... sex stuff, dude," a smaller gulp,

"on my Mac,"

I took a hefty swig, letting the burn subside before looking over.

"Selfies of me in all sorts of poses," Bryan started, "and some vids a bloke took," a large gulp, then 'burp',

"of me buggering 'm,"

I stared at Bryan, who looked up ... abashed.

"No f u c k 'n way!"


"Dott, I .. I ..," a long sip; burn in throat ... vapors permeating nostrils.

"I never thought ... I mean, dude, your like a man's man"

Bryan poured himself another glass. The elixir softening his eyes; long, dense black lashes surrounding the most beautiful set of deep browns.

I watched his biceps contract as he screwed the cap on, nipples hard under his tee.

"Yeah, well, hate to tell 'ya mate, but your bro is a poof !"

We both sipped some more ... quiet purr of the A/C ... Gem snoring at my feet ... the last few trickles of light peeking through the window.

"Dad threw me out, told me to never come back," Bryan finally spoke, "told me that, if he ever saw me again, he'd beat the living shit out of me, " his hand slapped the table,

"disgraced the family ... his only son ... a faggot,"

" ... saw everything dude. I walked in on him as he was finishing the vid; listening to me unloading in a bloke ... watching my ass twitch as I gave him the last drops"

Bryan took another long swig; his eyes reddening. He shucked his upper runner, letting it fall beside him.

"I'm sorry Dott ... way sorry man,"

"Yeah, me too,"

"Glad you came to me bro,"

Bryan nodded his head, "You're my best bro dude ... where else would I go?"

I got up; Bella and Gem shaking themselves. I walked over and stood behind Bryan; I leaned in, arms hugging his chest.

We just stayed there; me holding him ... A/C humming in the background.

"I'll always be there for 'ya mate, always,"

"Bro," Bryan put his head against my cheek, "luv ya man,"

"Luv ya too," I stood up, slapping him on the shoulder,

"now, before you're totally shit faced, where's your stuff?"

"Back of truck,"

I could hear Bryan rummaging in the bureau, unscrewing the vodka as I opened the front door, Bella and Gem following. I grabbed Bryan's bag then headed inside. I walked up to the dining room, heading right, down the hall. I put the bag in the guest room. I walked up the hall and took a towel out of the closet, hanging it up next to mine in the main bath.

Bryan was singing to himself. One bottle empty, another half full. I had to get him into the shower before he passed out.


"Dude , come on, you can make it,"

I had him up ... staggering down the hall, arms locked around, guiding him. I could feel his heat ... slight musk mixed with Rexona Quantum, subtle whiffs of CK ... tight, muscular torso; my junk swelling.

Slowly we made our way down the hall, Bella following ... shuffles, tap of paws on travertine, shuffles, tap , shuffles, tap... Bryan falling into me; me gripping, pulling him up ... hitting the walls ... shuffles, tap.

I needed a bigger shower.

We passed the guest bathroom, slowly making our way down the hall to my folk's room ... stumbling through, Gem and Bella looking at me quizzically. Finally, we entered the master bath; Bryan's chin flopping on his chest.

I sat him on the toilet seat.

"Bro, gotta wake up," I slapped the side of his face ... beautiful almond brown eyes, opened, lazily focusing on mine.

"k," Bryan tried to get up, I pushed on his shoulder.

"Just stay put mate, let me get the shower going,"

Bryan coughed a bit, then laughed, "we'll just do a pommy, dude," ('pommy shower' -- slapping on deodorant instead of using soap/water)

I turned the shower on, adjusting the knob, then closed the door ... swirls of steam leapt up, sliding along the ceiling.

I looked over at Bryan; head nodding, humming a tune I couldn't quite make out.

"Come on mate," I opened the door. Walking over to the toilet, "here, just stand up,"

I slowly helped Bryan up. Once he steadied, I slipped my fingers under his tee, sliding it up ... finger grazing along the center cut of six pack. Bryan's strong hand grabbed my shoulder, as I helped him off with the tee.

"Sorry," I said as he winced a bit, lifting his left shoulder; Bryan has dislocated at least seven times playing footie or soccer.

I knelt down ... slipping my fingers around, lifting the band on his runners; slowly sliding them down, helping him step out. My nose, right next to his meat, brushing over the jock as my hands steadied his legs ... firm, strong trunks, sinews defining each muscle. I slowly got up, hoping Bryan didn't notice the tent in my red boardies.

Bryan stood at 6', taunt muscular body with a torso that v-cut onto tight bubbled ass; deltoids, biceps and triceps, defined; powerful legs tapering into large feet.

I slowly led him toward the shower; Bryan turned, cupping my cheek,

"duuude," voice slurred, "thhaankkk's mate,"

I smiled, Bryan had a little way of saying his 's' es that was so distinctly, well, Dott; his stupor only made it better.

At the threshold I knelt in front, fingers around the band of his jock ... slowly pulling down; beautiful thick veiny mass with defined head ... bush trimmed, large balls low hanging in a smooth sac. I let my nose brush over his tip as I stood; Bryan's hands grabbing my shoulders as he steadied himself ... steam swirling around us.

I faced Bryan toward the shower; he stepped through the door.

"You gonna be right bro?"

He reached out, gesturing as he began to lose his balance. I jumped in, arms sliding around him ... water soaking through my tee and boardies.

Bryan looked me up and down and started snickering, then, laughing. What should have been a piece of piss was becoming harder and harder. Bryan slid down the slick granite panels, legs spread. I watched streams of water sliding along the hard torso, pooling on the ridge of his bush, then, running along his cock ... tributaries forming over his large nuts.

I felt Bryan's hand on my leg, then the string on my boardies being loosened; I looked up, Bryan smiling ... water dripping off his nose onto his full lower lip.

"Well, maate, iff ur gonna sttannd therr," a hiccup, "thenn get nuddy," his hands scraped my boardie off; cock popping up, slapping against my belly.

The side of Bryan's lip arched, his finger slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh ... skin bumping underneath at his touch ... pausing, then caressing the underside of my cock; his eyelids fluttered as he slid back along the wall.

I stripped my tee off, sitting beside him; head resting on my shoulder, arm sliding around me. I moved him around so the shower spray was behind him, then got on my haunches; swirls of vapor ... dancing.

I pulled the soap off the dish and started lathering the back of his neck ... fingers gently slipping up, along the softness of his ears, then down the front, working each deltoid; hard meat pressed against his back, fingers now exploring his chest ... dime nipples, erect at my touch. Softly working under his arms, working lather into his pits.

"Hopprrr," Bryan's voice low, "mmmm" head laying on my right shoulder, "sooo," hiC  hic

"goood," as he stretched his legs, toes wiggling.

My cock pulsed prenut as I heard my nickname, 'Hopper'.

I took the soap and began to lather his belly, fingers slathering along the ripples of his pack; my legs moving to surround him,

"yeeaahh," he slurred as I slid into place, "ge,"

hic hiC

"geeet evrrry pa,"



Heart ... thumping;

hands ... shaking.

I slowly slipped my hand onto his cock ... swelling to a thick 8" as my fingers gingerly wrapped around,

heart, rapping ... hands, shaking ... cock, throbbing.

Bryan's right leg pushed gently against mine, as my fingers slipped down around his massive balls ... hot in my hand.

Mouth, a desert; heart beating in my throat ... my mate's fertile orbs resting in my hand ... nose rubbing suds along his ear; chiseled chest, slowly, rising and falling ... Bryan riding the ethanol wave; totally mine.

I scooted back, hands gliding along the smoothness of Bryan's hips ... cupping the muscular mounds, then, slowly slipping my arms under his, wrapping around his lathered torso. Bryan groaning softly, my cheek resting in his wet hair as I held him.

I didn't want this to end ... want and need ... all piling up, inside ... years of hiding how I feel. Pressure building in my balls, aching into my shaft.

I quietly extracted myself, turning Bryan carefully so his side was against the granite. I slithered along him, my hands lathering his massive trunks; muscular lines accentuated in foam ... fingers exploring the soft part of his knees; my meat arching, pulsing ... growing pressure deep within me; continuing down the firmness of his calfs ... black silk matting with froth.

I sat, my back against the coolness of the glass, lifting his right leg; the soft part of his foot resting against my hardness ... each of his toes gilded with fine black silk. Methodically, I lathered each toe ... exploring, learning ... migrating to the softness of his arch, the expanding bulb of his foot, then along his ankle.

I then lifted his left leg, placing mine beside to support him as my fingers slipped between each toe ... slowly, gently soaping ... exploring, learning.

Carefully I rose. Bryan, beautiful, glistening ... man.

I reached up, detaching the shower head; watching as the suds cascaded their way toward the drain, Bryan cooing softly into the granite. My balls full ... cock aching, head flaring; prenut bubbled through my slit.

I latched the shower head then stepped in front, lifting Bryan up; eyelids opening, lashes ... wet, heavy ... pupils, indolently focused.

"Heeyy Hopp," beautiful smile fading into dimples.

"Hey mate, lets turn you around and finish, k?"

hiC   buuurrp ... snickering, "You daa maann, d.."    hiC


I grabbed the soap working up a dense lather, then slipped my hand into the cleft of his globes ... my cock aching, peeing prenut; finger lingering along his bud, twitching on my touch.

I pulled the shower head off, watching as the water trickled along the sculpted globes ... separating, glimpsing his bud quiver as water cascaded by ... pressure building deep inside me, tingles into my meat.

I stood behind Bryan, nesting my shaft in his cleavage, as I reached for the shampoo ... Waifs of apple filled the steamy void ... my cock throbbing, fucking intense pressure ... building. I licked his ear lobe then worked slowly inside,

"mmmm," gentle purring,

"aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh," air slipping past my lips,

WOOOOSSSHHHHH  hot jet of jizz pushed deep into his cleft,

WWWOOOOOOOSSSHHHH    heavy jet, pushing deeper toward Bryan's tenderness, electricity through my slit,

WWWOOOOSSHHHH   strong blast, gurgling around his bud ... nut trickling over ball sac ... then ... splat on my foot,

WWOOOSSHHH WWOOSH Woosh .... splat .... splattt

I closed my arms around Bryan, inhaling his scent mixing with the nutty smell of seed; heavy, in the dense fog.

I slipped my finger between us, scooping nut ... pushing it slowly into Bryan's warmth. Again, scooping ... dipping into his moistness; fingering all of my seed into my mate; breath, hot on his neck.

I slowly nudged Bryan forward, water streaming over him, washing away every trace of shampoo and stray swimmer's.

hiC hic ... hiCC

"Hoopp,"        hic  hiCC

"tt..thaannkks, bro"

I turned the water off, holding Bryan for a bit ... vapor enveloping us. I softly kissed the back of his neck,

"yeah Do," my tongue sticking, "tt,    y e a h, baby"


Slowly I dried Bryan off, dipping into the crevices, saving his manhood for last. I wrapped a towel around him, guiding him through my folks room and down the hall, Bella and Gem following.

I navigated Bryan to the guest room, turning the light on. I pulled the sheets back, towel dropping to floor. I helped him into a pair of Avenger briefs. I gently lay Bryan onto the bed, tucking the sheets around him. As I walked out into the hallway, I glanced back ... soft snoring floating through the room.

I turned the light off, quietly closing the door.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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