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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

We are writing this story from the perspective of a group of closely knit young men, living in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

This chapter begins in the perspective of Brayen; it changes between the perspective of Bryan and Brayen, designated by '*****************'.

We use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.

Tyler & Brayen


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Thicker than Water -- Chapter 3

**************** Brayen's Perspective ***********************

I woke up, warmth surrounding me; Bryan's arm wrapped around, cock resting against my back. I listened to him breathe; smelling him everywhere.

I slowly extricated myself, pulling up the covers. As I walked into the hall, I could hear the Bryan stirring a bit.I stood in the kitchen; dim pinkness of the sun as it slowly wakened.

I put the coffee on, listening to the steady stream dampening as the pot filled; the woody smell of dark roast filled the room. Nothing could have prepared me for yesterday. A deep rumble; Bryan's seed shifted inside. My fingers slowly moved around my shaft; turgid as I relived each touch, taste, smell ... Bryan entering me; spunk spraying over us.

"Mate," a soft voice behind me.

I turned. "Hey,""Why did you leave?"


Bryan stood behind me, his arms wrapping around my waist.

"I woke up the moment you left my arms," lips nibbling on my ear.

"I didn't know," I paused, unsure, "if you would remember, uh,""last 'nite,"

Bryan interjected,"yeah,"

"Hop, I wanted last night to happen for a long time," he leaned into me, arms tightening, "a very, very, long time," he kissed my hair.

I slowly turned around, the shrill of the coffee maker announcing completion. Bryan growled, his strong hands pulling off my Avengers; arms gripping my thighs, lifting me onto the wooden counter. He shucked his Avengers. Laughing, he crawled on top of me; soft lips nibbled my ear, then pulling back to look into me.I could see the sides of his lips elevate, dimples deepen ... soft lips on mine; tongue edging into me.

We bashed for several minutes; hard veiny mass dripping against mine; the light scent of our union last night, more intense as our skin heated. I pressed my fingers into his shoulder blades, pulling him against me ... hungry, needing. Now that I knew what it was like having Bryan deep inside me, I wanted it more ... always, forever.

I leaked some of him ... Dott's finger catching it, pushing it back inside me ... lubing me for more ... of him.

Dott slowly fingered me, "fuck yeah bro," as my pussy lips separated, "y e a h," his finger exploring me, brushing over my prostate; jumping under him.

More leak ... then, another finger, slipping in"uuuuhhHHH" twisting, pushing over my hardening gland, "uuuhhhh",

"You l i k e ?"

"y e a h"

"me too, need to be there," fingers sliding ... empty.  I looked up; Dott's chiseled torso ... pink morning glow; one large bicep vein, pushed out, as he slicked his root.

"Ready?" Pressure; lots of pressure.

"I was born ready," I purred ... trying to relax, knowing how good it felt to surround his manhood. More relaxed than last night.

"Ahh fuck," burning; lots of burning,

"r e l a x Hoppy," Dott tenderly cooing, "y e a h, that's it" as my boi lips parted, Dott's head surrounded, "oh fuck y e a h,". Dott leaned over me, his lips nibbled on my apple; cock head swelling inside me,

"y e a h   so   fuckin tender,".

My cock now fully swollen, jumping with my heart; Dott slowly sliding,

"f u c k," as he fully rooted.

My cunt squeezed around ... squeeze, relax ... squeeze, relax ... squeeze, relax ... Dott's eyes lulled back, mouth partially open ... squeeze, relax ... squeeze, relax,

"y e a h, need this Hoppy," Dott licked his lips, "want this,"

"fuck me Dott,"

Dott slowly slid, until his head was just inside, then deeply pushed as he slowly rooted again ... slip, pushhh ... slip, pusshh.The firm softness of our tongues ... manhood rigidly deep ... tight, wet ... cunt lips, jumping; pulling Dott deeper.

"I want you to enjoy this Hoppy ... just tak'in my time,"

slippp ppuusshh, slippp puuusssh, slippp puusshh ...

"D o t t, " cunt walls squirming around his root,

"that's it, just enjoy me,"

sllippp ppuuusssh, ssllippp puuushhhh ... Dott gently bit my right nipple,


slllippp ppuuussh, ssslliiip puuusshh, ssllliiippp puusshh'

RRRrrrriiing' 'RRRRrrrriinnng' the house phone went off behind me, its shrill intrusion bouncing off the wood.

Dott began to push in harder ... puussSHH twisst, puuuSSHHH twisST,

'RRRrrrriing' 'RRRRrrrriinnng'

A sly smile crept across Dott's face as he reached over me ... the muskiness of his pit driving me wild ... I began to squeeze my cunt harder around Dott's meat,


"Yello, Newsome residence," he said, trying not to laugh as he thrust into me,

"Yah, G'day,"

pppuussSSH twiSST, a low moan escaping my lips; Dott doing everything he could to not break up,

"yeah mate, think he's still here,"

ppuussSSHH twwWiiSSST , Dott held the phone away from his mouth, covered the mouthpiece and lowered his torso back onto me, kissing the skin of my neck, slowly moving up my jawline,

"it's Billy," he whispered,

pppuuSSH twWiiSST, ppuuSH twWSST, ppUUSH TwWSST ... the sound of skin slapping on wood echoed between us,

I grabbed the phone,"Billy," a little too breathless, "what's up?"

"Hey Hop, you sound puffed!"

"Sorry mate, had to run back inside to come to the phone," I glared at Dott.

Dott's smirk grew, enlarging dimples;

PPSSSH Twwst PPSSSH Twsst PPSSSHH TwsTT ... the intensity of his ploughing, increased.

"I should be at your place in 2," (hours), "just have to run by Autobarn for a few things,"

I nodded as I listened, then realized Billy couldn't see me,

"y e a h,"

PPSSH Twst PPSSH Twst PPSSH Twst PPSSH Twst PPSSH Twst ... sweat flew from Dott's brow, wetting my hand and the phone; his eyes were closed ... wet slapping on wood, filling the room. I covered the receiver.

"BWWWWWWOOOOOORRRRR", Dott threw his head back, roaring ... a flood of warmth ... filling me, gurling deep inside, as he continued to pummel me,

"AAAGGGGGRRRRR" ropes of cum spewed from my cock, shooting between us onto my abs, his chest ... dripping onto the bench,

"h o l y m u t h e r " I moaned as Dott continued to pump his seed deep into me, "holy sweet mother".

As our climax ebbed, I remembered Billy! Fuck!

"Billy," controlled pant,

"mate, r'u o'kay?"

"yeah, just lifted a little too much weight," Dott's breath laughing on my neck, his whole body shaking on top of me. I started laughing too, realizing what had just happened.

"hey Billy, gotta go, see ya in two".


Bryan and I sat naked on the deck, sipping coffee, watching the day begin; his legs on either side of me, my head resting on his neck ... a gentle breeze blowing upward; cold on my wetness.

"I'll go pick up Baxter then have a few errands,"

I nodded, not wanting to be out of his arms.

"Completely forgot Billy was coming over," I nudged his cheek with mine, "helping me with the ute lights,"

Bryan took a sip, then said, "no worries," then paused, his arm tightening around me, "but not too long, I need you close,"

Dott kissed my ear, I nuzzled into him, smiling.

"No worries babe ... no worries".

We slowly got up. I used my foot to wipe up a cum puddle, smearing it between the slats; Dott saw, winking at me with a knowing smile; he leaking from me.

"k," Bryan said, "I'll get dressed," pausing then shaking his head, "Hope my Dad isn't there,"

I walked over, putting my arms around Bryan's waist, "me too, Dott."

"You gonna tell Billy?"

"Nothing 'cept that you're here. When you're ready, you can tell Billy as much or as little as you want," kissing his neck.

Turning, his hands on my hips, "thanks Hop," lips pecking mine, "you're the best,".


"g'Day" Billy's voice reverberated along the tiles, boyishly-man.

"hi mate, in here,"

Billy's red locks burst into the room, he trailing; reaching up his hand, mine curling into his.

"Things good?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Work dude, all work,"

Billy's a second year apprentice form worker; he's been working extra hours on new apartment complexes ... the Brisbane River is a happening place. I haven't seen him since last weekend; usually we get together and the three of us play indoor soccer on Thursday nights.

"Sharon's been on the rag, mate," he looked at me shaking his head, "she's got needs and I'm too busy," he shrugged then winked.

"Mate, sounds like she's getting a little lonely,"

Billy popped the side of my head as he walked toward the deck, "keep it in your pants, Hop," laughing, "she's for my donger, only,"

"Ha ha," I followed him outside.

"Gorgeous day bro, always something after a storm,"

"It's a bute for sure,"

"Hey, got the spottys for a mate's rate, thanks to Bry," he paused, "and, swung a Nissan wiring kit dude ... bloody sweet,"

"Can't wait to see them,"

We headed back inside, stopping in the kitchen grabbing a couple of longnecks; always easier to work when relaxed. We walked out to the garage, me flipping the light on; rumble of the door.

'Cawww' 'Cawww'

"Damn Hop, haven't got rid of 'm yet" looking at me as the crows lifted into the air.

"Naw, what a piss," Billy pulled the spottys and parts from the bed of his ute, bringing them inside.

We lay them out, then looked carefully along the bull bar.

"Think they'd look good here," I placed my hands on the bar, separating them a bit. Billy stood back; as I glanced at him I could see his head shaking.

"Little more apart," ... I moved them further, finally, "yeah, think that's it"

Billy walked up, his pencil making a little mark where my hands were. The heat of his body near mine caused my cock to jump.

"k, mate, now lets start running wire," as he raised the bonnet.

I entered the cab, crawling under the steering column; I pulled a rubber grommet from the firewall. Billy entered the passenger side, and popped the side kick panel.

"Sweet, this is gonna be easier than I thought mate,"


Slowly we fed wire through, leaving just enough redundancy for proper clipping.   Puffs and sighs, as we took turns crawling underneath then pulling from above, running the wire along the bonnet lift cable. All the while, we chatted; mostly filling each other in on the week, our indoor soccer win on Thursday (20-4!!), among other things.

I watched as Billy shucked his tee, draping it over the edge of the workbench. Billy has a stunning body ... just the right amount of hair; dime nipples, manly tufts of hair in each pit ... feet, long. Package, full. I felt Dott rumble deep inside me ... my cock, engorged ... I pulled a bit, to get it to soften.

As we were taking a blow after mounting the spots, sipping our ambers, I turned to Billy,

"hey, Dott's had a beef with his dad".

Billy turned, his expression serious; voice changing to all man,


"Well, he didn't tell me a lot, but things almost came to a biff," I shook my head, "Guess his dad was prying into his things and found something that really set him off," Billy hung on every word,

"Dott said he tried explaining somethings but his dad wouldn't hear anymore," I looked at Billy very seriously, "his dad told him he'd 'beat the living shit' outta him if he came back,"

"Whoa, more than pissed off," Billy's voice trailing.

"Yeah," I looked Billy in the eyes, "he wasn't handling it well when he came over yesterday," shaking my head. "I told him he has a place and not to rush things," I paused, Billy intently following me,

"Helped him with the few things he brought, then sat at the kitchen table," Billy's eyes never leaving me,

"havin more than a few turps,"

Silence. Billy processing all that I had said.

"How's his mum?" he finally asked, genuine concern permeated his voice.

"Well, when he called her this morning, not too well. I mean, shit Billy, it's her only son,"

Billy nodded. Thinking.

"Well, think she'll get along?"

"Yeah, she's a strong one,"

"Hope so. She's like a mum to me," Billy turned, keeping me from catching the water in his eye.

"Hey," I nudged Billy on the shoulder, "don't let on, k? ... he needs some space,".

Billy shook his head.

"We just have to be there for him, whatever is going on,"

"We're brothers," Billy's voice penetrating, "will always be, mate, brothers".

I shook my head."Oakie dokie, just let me know," taking a swig of amber, then firmly setting it on the workbench. Billy let the amber slide down his throat, a forearm wiping his lips. "Let me know if I can do anything, 'k Hop?"

"Call me any time, day or night, promise?!"

I shook my head,


We finished mounting the spottys, soldering the connections, then tested making a few corrections. Finally, we were done.

"Sweet, huh?" Billy turned to me, the boyish-man voice emerging.

"Totally dude, way sweet,"

Billy helped me clean everything up. As we were putting the last tools away, Billy hit me on the shoulder,

"Hop, better get going. Sharon needs a little time," winking as he caught my eye.

Smiling, I slapped him back on the shoulder, "

Tell her I said hi".


I wiped the ute down, it sheen'd back. The spotty's looked super. I got out the vac and ran it along the bed, then once more inside the cab. I took a deep breath ... mmmm, there is nothing as satisfying as the smell of clean truck!!

'Cawww' 'Cawww'

"Fuckin pissers," I mumbled as the crow's swooped overhead,

The grrrrrrr of the garage door was followed by the soft lilt as door hugged the pavement. I started back into the house; its smell bringing back last night and all of this morning. I walked through the dining area, then down the hall. I pulled my tee off, shucking my boardies as I entered my room; both thrown into the hamper. I leaned down, smelling the pillow ... Dott's smell, everywhere ... instant hardness. I slipped a finger between my legs, bringing the wetness to my lips ... the tingle of our love quickly jumped off my buds; I tasted more. I needed him; wanted him ... wanted to be, all, his.

I walked across the hall to the bathroom, closing the door. I spread my cheeks, sitting on the cold toilet seat ... a russshhh then another as the remnants of Dott's fertileness fell into the water ... yellowish globs, pooling in the bottom; I would learn to absorb all of him, every last swimmer. I peed, letting every ounce of the amber fill the bowl. Mmmmm, even my piss smelled like Dott ... he was all through me.

The swirling drone of water was overtaken by the spray, as the shower came to life. I stepped in, feeling the warmth surround me. I lathered and washed every inch, knowing that I was washing what belonged to Dott; feeling sexy, alive ... wanting. The freshness of apple filled the space, as I washed my hair, moving down, shampooing my bush as well. Warm pulsations ... water rinsing me clean. I turned the water off, standing in the steam.

Slowly, I dried off. I walked out; the coolness of the A/C causing my balls to retract as I made my way back to my room; hmmm, our room. I picked out a fresh pair of red boardies and a navy blue tee. As I finished tying my boardies, Gem and Bella's bark signaled Bryan's return.

****************************** Bryan's Perspective **************

I drove along, Baxter snoring quietly against my leg; hand gently rubbing his ear. Dad wasn't at the house, mum and I spent a little time ... she loved me, no matter what; hmmm, I needed that. I couldn't tell her anything; I'm sure Dad in his brashness had told her that I was a poof. Fuck him. I was me. I ... I ... jeezus, fuck ... I'm in love. There, said it to me. Fuck me.

For the last two years I knew; I knew it was Hopper. I'd watch him kick boxing, fluidly melding into tai bo; watching his face, the lines of his body ... falling in love with my brother ... not saying a word, never giving a clue. I smiled; hell, Hop was even teaching me how to fight ... bloody hell; I started to laugh ... I am so incredibly, fucking, happy.

Baxter snuggled a little closer; knowing me better than I know myself.

I thought about how effortlessly Hoppy rides his horse; galloping, jumping fences ... taking the fuckin time to teach me; feeling his body surrounding me that first time, in the saddle -- hoping he wouldn't notice how incredibly flustered he made me ... heart, speeding.

Seeing him floating in the pool, his cock resting on his nuts, all accentuated by the wetness ... his smile, his fuckingly boyish smile. I wiped the tears away ... hell, I was happy, so fucking happy. For the first time ever ... really happy.

I chuckled. Yeah, I saw Hop in the stands while playing footy; never told him. I thought it was just him being a brother ... hmmm, now I know; its cuz he loves me, too.

My heart raced when he called me 'babe' this morning; don't know he realizes it ... sure it just slipped; but I know ... I know babe how much I need you.

I slowed down as I turned onto Hop's street, my mouth dry as I pulled up. God, I never, ever, want to fuck this up ... ever! Never want to say anything, or do anything ... that would ... hurt ... us. Okay Bryan, pull your shit together ... just pull your  s h i t    together.

Blood pulsing in my ears as the truck engine fell silent. Baxter awake, a low growl as Gem and Bella's distant greeting reached his ears. I looked down, Baxter smiling. I opened the door, Baxter stumbled out. I unlatched the gate, he taking off to greet his friends.

Pulling another bag from the back, I locked the truck and headed inside.I opened the door ... the cool air rushing around me; the smells of this morning causing my meat to pulse. I could hear Hoppy as I rounded the corner, heading down the hall.

I almost walked past, but no, I wasn't in the guest room ... I was in our room. I turned, my bag hitting the floor as Hop raced into my arms; mmmm, he smelled so fucking awesome.

"Shower for me?" I teased,

"Yeah, as a matter of fact," his lips warm against mine; my hardness pushing into his.

Hoppy is the best kisser ... knows just how to touch me, time his tongue, smile on my lips ... touch my ear.

"Miss me?"


"How did things go with Billy?" Hop's finger traced my jaw, then pressed against my lip,

"Really good Dott, he's concerned but doesn't suspect a thing," he paused looking into my eyes, "I know he's worried and I think it's cause he can't imagine what would set your dad off like that,"

I nodded.

"but, he's fully on board with not interfering,"

I nodded.

"even asked about your mum,"

I couldn't help myself, the tears just started ... I felt myself heave as Hop's arms encircled me ... holding me as I let it all out. We just stood there, until I was done.

"Hey, gotta show you the spotty's!"

Hop took my hand, leading me down the hall, through the sitting area and into the garage. As the lights came on, there they were; perfectly mounted on the bull bar.


"Yeah, really cool, huh?" Hoppy's eyes danced as he looked from me to the ute and back; a proud daddy. He rushed around, entering the cab. The spotty's came to life. I smiled ... genuinely big, as I watched Hoppy ... a little kid, with his proud new asset.

I love him so much, it hurts.I slipped my arms around him as he approached, the warmth of him ... his scent ... absolutely, wonderful. My lips on his ear, mmmm he tastes soooo good; my fingers slipping around the small of his back, his hardness pushing into me ... soft firmness; his tongue slipping along mine.

The taste of Hop making my meat drip; deep fullness in my balls ... my fingers exploring the softness of his skin, the nape of his neck; feeling his moans puff along my lips.

I lifted him; his arm gripped my neck, his legs sliding around my hips.

"I need you," my voice different, deeper, like I was watching another guy,

"I need you Mr Newsome,"    "Bad!"

I walked around to the back of the ute; Hop's legs disengaging as I lifted him over the back gate, then, crawling in. I could feel his chest rapidly rising against mine as I pushed my weight down; his legs arching over me, resting on my ass. My meat pulsed against his; wetness seeping through my boardies into his; his seeping back. The firmness of the black mat against my palms ... reaching, pulling, throwing Hop's tee over the side; pulling his boardies off ... arching over him as I pulled my clothes off; my cock drooling ... needing ... wanting, him.

I lifted his legs, pushing them up; ankles on either side of his neck ... the heat of his pussy against my throbbing head; prenut, drooling over his tenderness. His breath, hot against my lips; my cockhead feeling his heart, pulse, as the tip broached his sphincter.

"ahhhhh," my babe moaned under me

,"h o p p y, I need you," Hops sphincter gave, I slipped in ... the most incredible moist warmth, sucking on me ... drawing me deeper; our heartbeats in sync.

"Ahhhh, oh, sweetness," my words mere breaths as Hoppy fully encircled my cock, tugging all around it ... his mumblings louder as I swelled deep inside him ... my balls pushing against his, "ah sweet, so incredibly sweet," ... Hoppy's tongue drove itself into me, swirling heat; his hips gyrating, twisting my cock with his pussy,

"Oh baby," I screamed as the tenderness of his cunt worked around me,

"sweet jeezus," has he thrust his hips back and forth, my cock a spear, pulses of nut pushing through ... spraying, slicking; the sounds of our love admixed with the groans of the ute.I pulled Hop up, imbedded in his tenderness, turning him slowly; he stable on all fours.

I gripped his ass in my hands, a thrust 'WOOOMMMP' our balls gangling together,

'WOOOMMMP' the ute straining, shocks groaning,

'WOOOMP' WOOMP' WOOMP' 'WOOMP' 'WOOMP' 'WOOMP' the sounds of man and machine ... two men, one.

"I ," WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP, "w a n t," WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP, "y o u,"


WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP WOOMP hoppy's little grunts, gibberish ... grunts, gibberish


'WOOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH'  intense ejaculation ... cunt sucking, squeezing all around,

'SHHHHHHRRRRRRPPPP' a violent splash ... mat then leg,

'SHHHHHRRRRRRPPPPP' Hoppy climaxing,

'WOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH' Jeezus yes, oh fuck yes,


'shhrp' 'shhrp' I couldn't speak; I just rested on him, nose on the wetness of his neck.

Slowly I felt myself slipping, Hoppy's cunt lips sucking as my head popped out.

We lay, him flat against the mat, me on top. My fingers slipping between his; only sound ... our breathing.

****************************** Brayen's  Perspective**********

"Hi ma, yeah things are good. How's Cape Town?"

"Good honey, we're having an unbelievable time. We met this couple, the Andresen's, and we've been clipping about, seeing sights together. The weather is perfect!! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, always, " it sounded as though it was a great trip, "Billy came over and helped me with the Spotty's,"

"How do they look?"

"Awesome ma, really awesome,"I could hear laughter on the other end of the phone.

"Good son, now, here's your dad, love you!"

"Love you!"


"Hi dad, sounds like you and ma are having an Ace of a time!"

"Yep, really enjoying ourselves,"


"Uh, dad, something you need to know," I paused, I could just see him assume the questioning stance,

"Go ahead,"

"Bryan, uh Dott, is staying here for awhile,"

"What happened?"

"Well, its complicated, but basically he had a huge barney with his dad," I paused for effect,"and,""well, he came over to talk to you; completely forgot you were on Holiday," I paused again, "so I did what you'd do ... just listened," I paused again, "think he just needs a little time to work things out,"

There was a longer than usual pause,

"Well then son, I think you did the best. You stick with your mates, but, " he paused, "don't interfere with the specifics. Let things play out between his folks and him,"

"Yes Sir,"

"and, Brandy, if his dad or mum need to speak to me, make sure you give them my mobile,"

"Yes Sir,"

"Okay, well, we'll call you midweek. Call us if you need anything,"

"Yes dad,"

"Love you son," I could hear mum saying the same in the background,

"Love you too, bye"

"Bye bye"

I hung up the phone. Dott was looking at me; I hadn't noticed that he had sat down while I was talking.


"No worries, Dott, no worries. Dad and ma are good. Dad just told me not to interfere,"


"With what ever is going on between you and your dad,"

Dott smiled. I couldn't help smiling back. Yeah, if only dad and mum knew the true details. I sat next to Dott, my fingers slipped between his,

"I'm really glad you came here," I looked into his eyes, "instead of somewhere else,"

"Hoppy, I couldn't go anywhere else. I had to come here," he pecked my cheek, "I had to be with you,". He looked deep into me, "I didn't know, I really didn't ... if you'd throw me out ... treat me the same as my dad ... but, I just had to let you know ... first,"

"That bloke ... you know, the one your dad saw," I looked into Bryan, I needed to know.

"Pure sex mate, nothin more," he slowly smiled, then looked at the table shaking his head, "and, not a very good lay either,"


"yeah, really,"I paused, letting some time slip in.

"Dott, any, uh, anyone else?"

"Naw, just him,"I nodded. More silence.

"but you did cum in him?"

Pause. "Yeah, I did mate," another pause, "sorry,"

I nodded.

"I think it was the first time for him," he slowly said, assuring.

Dott then turned to me,"and, you?

"I could feel the flush creep up my neck then dryness creep into my mouth.

"Yeah ... a few," I swallowed hard, "mostly just blows, but there were two blokes who fucked me,"

Dott nodded his head, waiting.

"All older. Hell, one guy was 46yo ... RAAF lifer," I looked into Dott, "over the side of a table behind the sauna,"

"was he careful?"

"yeah," I pecked Dott's cheek, "your the very first ... the very first to fill me,"

"good!" Dott smiled, his dimples sinking deeply, "hope I'm the only,".

I smiled back.

"Hey, why don't I go for some grab ... say, fish 'n chips?"

"Yeah, sounds good," I got up, walking into the kitchen. "Then we can spend a little time in the spa,"

"Brilliant," Dott got up, turning, "just us,""Yeah, just us,"


We sat in the dining room, licking our fingers, passing the chicken salt and ketchup; just enjoying being together. We laughed about Billy's 'blue balls', Bryan interjecting that Sarah was probably walking funny by now ... we both broke up with that one.

"Just like you?" Dott's eyes lingered in mine,

"Yeah, just like me,"

We finished. I cleaned up, deciding we'd have some Jim Beam and Coke. Bryan went back to the bedroom, reappearing totally in the buff; two large beach towels in his hand.

"Mmmm, I like that,"

"Do ya?" turning, so I could get a good view of his ass,

I handed Bryan his drink. He put it on the counter, and helped me out of my boardies and tee. We walked down the hall, then outside onto the deck; Baxter, Gem and Bella following. Bryan put the towels by the spa, pushing the lever; the sound of jets, slight hint of salt chlorine. He put our drinks on the stone; easy reach. A gentle breeze blew in Lillies, admixed with Frangipani and Boganvilla. The sun was cresting on the mountains; warmth against the skin.

Bryan slipped in, bubbles clinging to his chiseled body; his hardness pushing above the churning water.

He helped me in; I nestled against him ... nose nuzzled in the muskiness of his pit hair.

*************************** From Bryan's Perspective *************

I was with my babe. I smelled his hair, lingering in its softness. I put my toe through his, between his big toe and the second; he squeezed ... mmmm, absolute heaven. I reached around, gathering our drinks. Funny, I never drink; but last night, it was the only thing that made it bearable. Now, I just wanted to share a part of Hoppy. I couldn't get enough of him. We sipped our Jim&Coke's, toes entwined, warmth on our skin ... oranges fading to pinks then purples ... jets massaging us, bubbles swirling all around.

Hoppy reached between my legs, his fingers slipping around my nuts; our lips gently locked ... my tongue slowly entering the warmth of his mouth; tasting him ... cock throbbing its response ... Hoppy responding, encircling his fingers around it.

"I can't think of a better place," I whispered in his ear, "in the whole world,"

"Me either,"

"You know, its hard for me to say what I really feel," I finally said, my lips nibbling along the back of his neck.

"I know," arm slipping around my waist, tongue outlining my ear, "I feel the same,"

"Hmmmm, that's nice," my toes wiggling between his, "way nice,"

We put our drinks down; my fingers slowly explored Hoppy, every crevice, line, hair, muscle ... mapped; his smell, intoxication; his breath, sweet; his taste ... uhhh, so wonderful. I never thought it possible to feel this way ... so wanting, so completely for him. I carefully crept along his throbbing hardness, stopping to explore his slit; tasting his excitement ... tingles on my buds. I lay my head on his chest; his heart beating against me ... my Hoppy ... all mine.

"I need you," whispering into Hoppy's ear, "so bad,"

"Mmmmm, me too," a sly smile crept across Hoppy's face, as he straddled me; leg on either side, my hardness against his heat. The sun, surrendering; Hoppy a deep purple hallow. Pressure on my cock head; prenut spraying over his pussy lips. Needing. Wanting.Hoppy's heartbeat on my cock head; his sphincter, sucking ... then, cock head slipping past; jets swirled around us, faint chlorine ... lillies ... boganvilla. My baby ... so sweet, so tender. The most fucking awesome tightness ... sucking all around me ... heart beating, slick skin, intense pulsations ... Hoppy's moans on my forehead.

Jeezus, I love him so much; completely. I can't imagine not being here. I never want to lose him ... us.I arched my hips,

'THRRMP' ... tender cunt spasming around me,

'THRRMP' eyelids fluttering, eyes rolled back,

'THRRMP' mouth open, breaths panting,

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' the warmth of Hoppy's tight cunt, pulling me ... enjoying, us.

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' prenut pulsing through my shaft, spraying into him,

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP'  God, there is nothing better than being inside him ... us, totally one.

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' the final rays of sun slipping away ... jets all around us; faint chlorine and lillies,

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' THRRMP' 'THRRMP' Hoppy moaning, unintelligible gibberish, tongue wetting his lips, cunt swirling around my manhood,

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' such immense pressure, deep in my balls ... my baby batter, churning, needing, wanting,

'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' 'THRRMP' Hoppy's eyes suddenly open, cunt squeezing HARD around my shaft, moans turning to screams,

"AAAAAGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR" head arching back, the most intense vise, my heart throbbing against his,

'SPPPLLLATTTT' on my tongue,

'SPPPLLAATTTTT!' dripping off my chin; Hoppy's flavor filling my mouth.


'WOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH' my seed violently spewed out, deep into my man,

'WOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHH' as my hips arched, prostate convulsing,

'SPPPLLLAATTT' on my chest, screams reverberating off the wall behind us as Hoppy reached the peak of his climax,

'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' 'WOOOSH' my prostate seizing; my life filling Hoppy ... my precious baby, God ... love him so completely

.'Woosh' 'Woosh' 'Wosh' I want him, need him ... be a part of him ... US ... ONE.

Forever.Hoppy collapsed onto me; his forehead on mine ... our chests, heaving ... legs loosening around me. Last faint rays of sun ... gone. The smell of our love, swirling, heavy ... pushing away the chlorine and lillies.

I love you Brayen Newsome. I love, you!

I cannot imagine a more perfect moment. Me and Hoppy. One.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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